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About Ajoudaniyeh Neighborhood

Within Tehran’s District 1, Ajoudaniyeh is widely regarded as one of the city’s most desirable areas. The high price of the land in Ajudaniyeh, in addition to the region’s generally pleasant climate, contributes significantly to the exorbitant home price there. The Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood is widely regarded as one of the most costly neighborhoods in Tehran’s northern section. Ajudaniyeh has a long and illustrious history, and it is one of the areas in Tehran where evidence of human habitation can be found dating back many decades. It is stated that an adjutant from the Qajar era developed Ajoudaniyeh, and even now, this region is referred to as Ajoudaniyeh. We at Tehranoffers will explore this neighborhood and determine why Ajoudaniyeh can be your future district in Tehran!


HistorAjoudaniyeh neighborhoody of Ajoudaniyeh District

During the reign of Naser al-Din Shah, the quarter that is now known as Ajoudaniyeh belonged to a particular adjutant of the monarch. Naser al-Din Shah appointed Agha Reza Khan Iqbal al-Saltaneh to the position of Minister of the Qurkhaneh (Arsenal – Ammunition Center). Iqbal al-Sultaneh served as a special adjutant to the king in the beginning, and after some time had passed, he was promoted to the position of Special Photographer. In addition to that, he worked for a period of time in the court of Naser al-Din Shah as Shah’s accountant.

Reza Khan Iqbal al-Saltaneh purchased the lands of the Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood from all of its previous owners. Because of this event, the neighborhood became known as Ajoudaniyeh, and to this day, we still refer to it by this name. After a period of time, this region was transferred to Ali Reza Khan Azod al-Molk, and eventually, a man called Chitsaz purchased these territories.

The Exact Location of Ajoudaniyeh Neighborhood

Within Tehran’s 1st district, Ajoudaniyeh is regarded as one of the city’s most hospitable areas. This residential area may be found to the east of Niavaran and to the west of Darabad neighborhoods. The Alborz Mountains can be found to the north of the Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood, while Eftekhari street can be found in the east, Pasdaran street and Zainali street can be found to the west, and Movahed Danesh highway and Jahanbakhsh Nejad street can be found in the south. According to these explanations, Ajoudaniyeh is located in a spot that provides excellent access to the communities of Niavaran, Darabad, Bu Ali, Araj, and Farmaniyeh.

Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood

What Makes Ajoudaniyeh A Perfect Neighborhood for Living In

Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood is one of the areas in Tehran that may be reached in a reasonable time from the roadways in the city’s northeast. Access to Ajoudaniyeh may be gained by Artesh Boulevard, the Imam Ali Highway, or Bahonar Street. On the other hand, owing to its vicinity to these highways, the neighborhood of Ajoudanieh provides extremely excellent access to the places and communities that are located in close proximity to it.

The Imam Ali highway gives residents of Ajoudaniyeh access to the neighborhoods located to the southeast of Tehran. The Artesh Highway gives residents of this area access to the communities located to the north of Tehran, including Shahrak Mahalati and Tehran Pars. Along with providing access to Ajoudaniyeh, Bahonar Street also connects places such as Dezashib and Tajrish. These motorways make the Ajoudaniyeh district a well-accessible neighborhood in the north of Tehran.

Ajoudaniyeh Metro Station

The Aghdasiyeh metro station, which can be found to the south of Ajoudaniyeh, is the one that is the most convenient for getting to and from Ajoudaniyeh. On the other hand, Ajoudaniyeh has convenient access to the metro lines as a result of the fact that the Nowbonyad metro station is regarded to be the metro station that is located the closest to the Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood.

Arsh Shopping Mall and Park Center in Ajoudaniyeh

The Arsh Shopping Center, which can be found to the north of Ajoudaniyeh, is widely considered to be among the finest shopping malls in all of Tehran. The street Pour Ebtahaj is where you’ll find this particular retail mall.

Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood

One of the most excellent shopping malls in Tehran is the Ajoudaniyeh Park Center retail mall, which can be found on Jahanbakhsh Street, near Sebari Street. The Park Center retail mall is one of the better shopping complexes in Tehran, and it also has a variety of excellent amenities for leisure and tourism.

Niloofar and Shatranj Parks

Chess Park (Shatranj Park) is located in Ajoudaniyeh, and despite the fact that it is a relatively small park, its name is quite widely known. The Chess Garden is widely regarded as both one of the most inviting green spaces in all of Tehran and one of the city’s most picturesque spots for photographers. At the intersection of Sebari Street and 13th Alley is where you’ll find this fantastic park. One of the mountain gardens that is located in Ajodaniyeh, and can be found to the north of this area, is called the Niloufer garden. Niloufar garden (Park) is the place to go for those people who live in this region and have a passion for climbing.

Ajoudaniyeh Is One of Tehran’s Best Neighborhood Based on AQI

Ajoudaniyeh has a cool mountain climate thanks to its location on the slopes of the Alborz mountain range. In addition, its abundance of gardens contributes to Ajoudaniyeh’s relatively new air quality when compared to that of other places.

The lifestyle of Residents in the Ajoudaniyeh Neighborhood

The conditions of life in Ajoudaniyeh are very desirable. Ajoudaniyeh has accessible entrances as well as reliable public transit. The recreational opportunities and amenities in this area are likewise of a high standard. Some of the retail complexes in this district are among the finest shopping centers in all of Tehran. On the other hand, those who live in the Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood enjoy excellent access to some of the most popular tourist destinations in Tehran, such as the Tajrish Bazaar and the Darabad Recreational Center.

Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood

The fact that Ajoudaniyeh residents have easy access to Tehran’s retail malls and other points of interest has ensured that living in this neighborhood is far from dull. In addition, over these years, the climate in this region has been delightful. Since the Qajar period, Ajoudaniyeh has been home to a large number of gardens, some of which are still in existence today. The presence of these gardens has a direct impact on the weather in Ajoudaniyeh.

Best Blocks of Ajoudaniyeh Neighborhood for Living In

The Ajoudaniye neighborhood may be found at the foot of the Alborz mountain range and has a rather steep slope. The single significant thoroughfare in this area is named Ajudanieh Boulevard, and it is the roadway that meets Movahed Danesh Street at an intersection. Movahed Danesh Street is widely regarded as one of the most significant thoroughfares in all of Tehran. In addition to Ajudanieh Street, which runs south to north, there is also a confined street known as Mishaq that runs north to south and is responsible for linking the northern and southern parts of the region.

The main street in this neighborhood has many side streets that branch off of it, most of which are dead ends. From the south, you may access Artesh highway; from the southwest, you can access Bade’i street; from the east, you can access Imam Ali highway; and from the north, you can access Darabad street. Through Masjid Jame street, this neighborhood is able to access the Artesh highway.

The Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood is known for being one of the most costly in all of Tehran. In this neighborhood, you may find about every design and size of home imaginable. These units may vary in size from 80 all the way up to 300 m2. In this region, you may explore buildings that have just been erected all the way up to ones that are forty years old. The cost of apartment rent in Ajodaniyeh is comparable to that in other parts of the city and is determined in large part by the number and quality of the property’s facilities. Prices for luxury villas in this neighborhood are rather expensive regardless of the size of the property, while prices for luxury tower flats and penthouses are much higher.

Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood

Tehranoffers; We Are The Best In Ajoudaniyeh Neighborhood

As you have seen, the Ajoudaniyeh neighborhood is one of the northern sections of Tehran. As a result of its closeness to the foothills of the Alborz mountain range, it enjoys a climate that is relatively free of pollution and pleasant even during the warmest months of the year. Ajoudaniyeh has become one of the most prosperous and pleasant places to live in all of Tehran, thanks to its high-end amenities that can be found in the region. This region is home to a significant number of diplomats who work for the embassies of various nations.

You may rely on our assistance in any situation in which you anticipate needing to remain in Tehran for an extended period of time (or even a brief one), whether for business or pleasure. We show you the most desirable homes in this region and do our best to negotiate the best possible price. You won’t have any trouble communicating with any of our representatives since they are all well-versed in the English language. At Tehranoffers, we prioritize your convenience above everything else.

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