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About Kamraniyeh Neighborhood

A prosperous and upscale suburb, Kamraniyeh can be found in one of the most northern districts of Greater Tehran. It is located in a region known as Shemiran, on the slopes of the Alborz mountain range. The neighborhood of Kamraniyeh is well-known for its luxury high-rise buildings, expensive flats, and enormous mansions. Kamraniyeh neighborhood can be found inside Shemiranat County and within District One of the Tehran Municipality. Its focal point is Kamraniyeh street. In recent years, the real estate market in Kamraniyeh has become one of the most expensive in all of Tehran, rivaling those of Farmaniyeh, Niavaran, Zafaraniyeh, and Elahiyeh.

Kamraniyeh neighborhood

Kamraniyeh neighborhood is also the residence of a large number of famous people and nobles from Iran, as well as embassies and officials from other countries. The name Kamranieh comes from Kamran Mirza Nayeb es-Saltaneh, who was the son of Naser-al-din Shah and used to hold a significant amount of land in the region. One of the first areas in Tehran to have a telephone system installed was Kamraniyeh. In addition, Tehran Pet hospital, the country’s first veterinary clinic for animals, opened its doors in this area in the year 2004.

History of the Kamraniyeh Neighborhood

In the late 1800s, the oldest son of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, Kamran Mirza Nayeb es-Saltaneh, seized the grounds of Kamraniyeh from the villagers who had been farming there. These territories were known as Kamranieh. After that, he gave the order to construct a magnificent garden in place of the farmlands, and he called the new garden Kamranieh. It implies that Kamran is the owner of the estate. The garden in Kamraniyeh had a wide selection of plants as well as a greenhouse that was used to shelter delicate blooms from the harsh winter weather.

Kamraniyeh neighborhood

For constructing the garden, two gardeners from Austria were engaged to watch after the garden at all times. After their father, Kamran Mirza, passed away in 1929, his children slowly began selling the acres of the Kamraniyeh garden to affluent people living in Tehran. The new owners constructed villas so that they could use them as vacation cottages when they purchased the property. Few of the gardens have really been spared from development. Nonetheless, residential skyscrapers and newly constructed flats have taken the place of the majority of the gardens.

Kamraniyeh’s Location and Air Quality

In the north, Kamraniyeh borders Niavaran; in the south, it borders the Sadr Expressway; and in the east and west, it borders Farmanieh. South Kamranieh and North Kamranieh are the two different sections that make up the Great Kamraniyeh. The community of North Kamraniyeh may be found on top of the Kamranieh junction, whereas South Kamranieh can be found just beneath it. Kamraniyeh’s intersection with Farmanieh street and Andarzgoo Boulevard is known as the Kamraniyeh crossroads.

The neighborhood of Kamranieh, which is situated on the foothills of the Alborz Mountains, benefits from an agreeable mild climate on summer days. During winter, one should expect heavy snowfalls in this region.

Quarters That Surround Kamraniyeh Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Kamraniyeh can be found in District 1 in Tehran. North Kamraniyeh and South Kamraniyeh are the names given to the two distinct sections that make up this neighborhood. Niavaran is accessible via the northern portion of the Kamraniyeh neighborhood, while the Sadr Highway and the southern portion of Farmaniyeh can be reached via the southern port of Kamraniyeh. In addition, the district of Kamraniyeh is surrounded by a number of well-known neighborhoods. The neighborhoods of Dezashib and Chizar can be found to the west of the Kamraniyeh community. Ekhtiaryeh can be found to the south of it, while Farmaniyeh can be found to the east.

There is no subway service available in the Kamraniyeh area. The Shahid Sadr metro station is the one that is located the closest to you. This metro station connects you to the Line 3 of the Tehran Metro and can be found to the south of the Kamraniyeh district. Buses that run along the Sadr Highway are yet another option for getting to this area.

Kamraniyeh neighborhood

Additionally, stations for these BRT buses may be found in the South Kamraniye area. The name Bazdar has been given to one of the most significant and well-known streets in the Kamraniye area. The fact that the roadway links the North Kamraniyeh to the South Kamraniyeh has contributed to its notoriety. From the north, this street links to Dr. Bahonar Street, while from the south, it leads to Sadr Highway.

Public Transportation in Kamraniyeh Neighborhood

It is not difficult to get to the Kamraniyeh neighborhood even though it is situated in the most northern part of Tehran and close to the foothills of the Alborz Mountains. It is essential to bring to your attention the fact that Kamraniye does not own a subway system. The Shahid Sadr metro station, which is located in the Elahiyeh neighborhood, is the one that is located the closest to you. Buses that run along the Sadr Highway are yet another option for you to commute. Taxis are also a viable mode of transportation for getting to the Kamraniyeh neighborhood because of its location so close to the Sadr motorway.

Best Quarters of Kamraniyeh for Living In and Their Amenities

The street known as Bazdar is among the most well-known and significant thoroughfares in the Kamraniyeh district. From the north, the street terminates at Dr. Bahonar Street, while from the south, it terminates at Sadr Highway. Andarzgoo boulevard, which is one of the busiest in the Kamraniye area, connects with this street. Doctor Lavasani Street is yet another significant quarter in the Kamraniyeh area. This street runs from west to east, and on each side of it are a plethora of dining establishments, financial institutions, and retail establishments.

In addition, the locality of Kamraniyeh is home to a pair of well-known towers. The presence of two towers known as Roma Residence and Kooh-e Noor Tower has given the historical district of Kamraniye a contemporary and opulent appearance. Within the Kooh-e Noor complex are a variety of different stores. You should be aware that the prices of things there are somewhat different from the prices in other parts of Tehran.

Kamraniyeh neighborhood

Parks and Green Spaces

It is generally agreed that Kamraniye is a beautiful and verdant place. This characteristic is easily noticeable due to the abundance of parks that are located in the surrounding region. The parks of Banafsheh and Bahonar in North Kamraniye and Bagh Nazar, Barati, Mehr, and Mina parks in the area between Kamraniye and Farmaniye are particularly noteworthy.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

In terms of amenities, Kamraniyeh is in the finest shape it has ever been in. There are a number of hospitals and medical facilities dispersed across the various sections of this area. The Kamraniye area is home to a number of outstanding medical facilities, including the Bahonar and Farhangian hospitals, the Farmaniyeh Surgery Center, the Farmaniyeh Hospital, the Shams Mashregh Clinic in Kamraniye, and the EcoBeauty Center.

Kamraniyeh Neighborhood’s Roma Residence

Roma Residence residential tower is one of the luxury towers of Iran,  which is located on North Kamraniye street. The luxurious Roma Residence tower has an area of 7000 square meters, which was built by Farzad Daliri, the creator of famous towers such as the Chenaran Park Residence tower. Therefore, if you plan to buy a residential unit in Kamraniyeh, Roma Tower could be one of your favorite options.

Roma Residence is a 15-story tower with a modern design, and the smallest unit of this Tower is 350 square meters. There are 350-400 meter units on the first to fifth floors of the Tower. Floors 6 to 13 belong to flats with 400 to 600 square meters. The units on the 14th and 15th floors are also 926 square meters. The penthouse of this Tower – the largest unit of Roma Residence – is almost as big as 1400 square meters, and its design is a duplex.

Kamraniyeh neighborhood

In some units of Roma Residence, in addition to conventional rooms, there are study rooms, unique guest suites, and children’s rooms. Among other facilities of this Tower, there are things like green spaces and unique fountains, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a meeting hall, and a cinema club. A luxurious lobby of 1000 square meters, commercial spaces, a Billiard hall, an aerobics hall, space for meetings, a waiting room, a swimming pool inside the units, and a car wash are other amenities of this Tower. In the kitchen area of the Roma Residence Tower units, the most modern equipment is used, including a gas stove, oven, microwave, coffee maker, and dishwasher, all of which are from the German Miele brand. The refrigerator and freezer of the units are from the German manufacturer NEFF.

Tehranoffers Can Make Kamraniyeh to Your Future Home

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Kamraniyeh neighborhood

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