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Mirdamad Neighborhood or Boulevard

The area of Mirdamad, also known as Mirdamad Boulevard, is the epicenter of the Davoodiyeh district, which is located in the northern part of Tehran. The neighborhood begins from Valiasr Street on the boulevard’s westernmost point and continues eastward via Mother Square, all the way up to Shariati street. Along this particular street may be found the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mirdamad neighborhood is home to a number of notable structures as well, including the Eskan towers and the Payetakht Computer building, amongst others. Living in the Mirdamad neighborhood is a good choice for those who are in love with the hustle and bustle of the big city of Tehran.

Mirdamad neighborhood

History Of Mirdamad Neighborhood

Mirdamad is one of the most well-known areas in Tehran. The high concentration of essential businesses there has significantly increased the amount of traffic. Because of this, the boulevard is now one of the most crowded in all of Tehran. It’s possible that you’re curious about the location of Mirdamad. Find the neighborhood of Mirdamad by looking at the map of Tehran and searching for it. You’ll notice that the region between Shariati Street and Modares Highway is covered by Mirdamad Boulevard, which is the primary thoroughfare of the Mirdamad neighborhood. Modares Highway runs parallel to Mirdamad Boulevard. The Mirdamad neighborhood can be found in Tehran’s third municipal district and is considered to be one of the city’s northern neighborhoods.

Mirdamad neighborhood

This neighborhood was first known by its original name, which was Davoodiyeh. On the other hand, the majority of people who live in the capital refer to it as Mirdamad. Arghavaniyeh was the name of this neighborhood when it was initially established (Before it was called Davoodiyeh). The name “Arghwaniyeh” was changed to “Davoodiyeh” when Mirza Dawood Khan, the second son of Mirza Agha Khan Nouri, seized the territories that makeup Arghavaniyeh.

This event led to the renaming of the neighborhood. It is difficult to imagine that the Mirdamad neighborhood was previously home to a large number of gardens and agricultural grounds. However, we cannot ignore the fact that this avenue and area, which is home to various business buildings and enormous complexes, was previously filled with a plethora of trees. Before the revolution, Bahman Square or Pahlavi Square was what people referred to as Mirdamad Boulevard. The present name of Mirdamad comes from Mir Burhanuddin Muhammad Baqir Estrabadi, a philosopher who lived during the Safavid dynasty and was known by his nickname Mirdamad.

Living in Mirdamad Means You Have Access To Every Part of Tehran

Just to the north of Vanak Square can be found Mirdamad Boulevard, which is widely regarded as one of the most significant thoroughfares in all of Tehran. In this sense, residents of this area enjoy easy access to all sections of the city thanks to the location of this neighborhood. Residents of the Mirdamad neighborhood have access to all modes of public transit, including BRT bus lines, the Haqqani and Mirdamad metro stations, the Vanak square taxi terminal, and both of those metro stations’ connecting BRT lines.

Mirdamad Neighborhood’s Facilities, Amenities, and Shopping Centers

Mirdamad Boulevard is one of the most well-known streets in Tehran. The amenities, which include large and significant businesses, wedding dress and bridal stores, and several shopping complexes, each of which offers its own set of advantages, are the primary reason for this area’s widespread appeal. Obviously, if you want to shop for clothing at one of these opulent shopping complexes, you will need to have a lot of money on hand! When compared to the prices of apartments in Tehran’s core districts, those in Mirdamad may be regarded to be among the city’s luxury residential due to their much higher average prices.

Mirdamad neighborhood

The Paytakht Complex is one of the amenities that can be found in this area. You may get any and all accessories relating to mobile phones and computers inside this shopping center. Paytakht was one of the very first shopping malls in Tehran to be devoted only to the sale of technology accessories. In addition to the business amenities, the presence of Eskan Towers is something that must not be overlooked. The Eskan Tower was one of the first office skyscrapers to be constructed in Tehran. It is comprised of three separate buildings. The first levels of this multi-story building are used for business purposes. You will run across administrative units as you go to higher levels and floors with more floors. The following is a list of more essential establishments and focal points located inside the Mirdamad neighborhood:

  • Money Museum
  • Khwaja Nasir University
  • Al-Ghadir Mosque
  • Mirdamad Park
  • Aryan Mall; This shopping center has many cafes and is a trendy gathering for young people

Money Museum

The Money Museum, the first specialized and permanent museum of all kinds of mediums of exchange, including coins, bills, and other securities of Iran, started working in Tehran on the 17th of July 1997. This collection tells the history of Iran but in the language of coins. In this museum, the way of trading in different periods of history, and the role and place of essential tools in the transaction, such as exchange rings, are displayed.

Also, in this museum, we can see the first piece of circular metal with an engraving on it, when and where it was made, as well as the first standard coins that were made in the country of Lydia. In the Money Museum, the first Iranian coins minted in the Achaemenid period by the order of Darius I are displayed as a testimony to the greatness of Iranian ingenuity. In other parts of this museum, coins related to satraps and princes under Achaemenid with artistic images of chariots and ships are displayed.

Mirdamad neighborhood

A noticeable section of Iranian coins and notes, as well as parts of the history of this land, are displayed in the Money Museum, which contains approximately 1,400 coins and 750 banknotes. These artifacts have been placed on display in an enclosure that has a surface area of nearly 2,000 square meters and can be seen by visitors. A gallery, a specialist library, a theater, a bookshop, and a coffee shop are some of the additional parts that make up this museum.

The Best Quarters of Mirdamad Neighborhood for Living In

Among the most critical and famous residential streets of Mirdamad, we can mention Jordan Street, Goi Abadi Street, Shah Nazari Street, Naft Street, Nile Street, Dastjerdi (Zafar) Street, Mina Boulevard, Rudbar Street and Farid Afshar Street. The price of apartments in Mirdamad is in the average range compared to other areas in the north of Tehran, such as Elahiyeh, Zaferaniyeh, and Niavaran. As you can browse our choices, the size of the houses in Mirdamad is often 100 square meters and sometimes higher.

The price of a house in the Mirdamad neighborhood, like any other neighborhood, depends on the age of the building, size, location, facilities, and materials used. In general, the price range of houses in this neighborhood is on the upward side. Of course, nowadays, the construction of buildings with facilities such as saunas, swimming pool, jacuzzi, private parking, and roof garden has increased in this neighborhood. Consequently, the number of old and one-story houses has decreased. If you are planning to buy an apartment in Mirdamad, visit our best choice at Tehranoffers.com.

Mirdamad neighborhood

Parks in the Mirdamad neighborhood include Prastoo Park and Acacia Park. Mirdamad’s commercial center is called Rose Commercial Complex, which offers anything you need. Living in one of the units of Eskan Residential Tower could be exciting since the city could be seen beneath your feet! These three buildings are located at the crossroads of Mirdamad and Valiasr streets. Eskan Towers, which was built before 1980, has 32 floors.

More About Eskan Tower

Eskan Tower is a triple building located on the northeast side of the Mirdamad intersection and Valiasr street. These buildings have four commercial floors and 23 residential floors. The height of these buildings is about 90 meters, and they were the tallest towers in Tehran before the construction of the Sepehr Tower. There are 90 residential units on 23 floors of each tower, which are regularly built as four units on 22 floors and two units on the 23rd floor. Two-bedroom units are 180 square meters, three-bedroom units are 205 square meters, and four-bedroom units are 230 square meters.

The top floor units have an area of 423 square meters. Each unit includes a reception hall, standard bedrooms, a kitchen with a pantry, a large balcony, a laundry room, a bathroom, and a maid’s room with complete and independent facilities. Three floors plus two and a half floors are dedicated to parking slots, which include 300 parking spaces and 200 storage units. Shooting, garbage incinerators, and sewage treatment plants are other facilities of this structure. The building includes three boilers, three chillers, water pumps, an emergency power system, a fire extinguisher, a smoke detector, a telephone center, an emergency water source on the roof, and three elevators for each tower. The terrace floor contains an adult pool and a children’s pool.

Mirdamad neighborhood

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