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About Pasdaran; One of The Best Tehran Eastern Neighborhood

Northern Tehran is home to the neighborhood of Pasdaran, which is centered around Pasdaran Avenue. This street links Niavaran boulevard from the north to Shariati avenue. Along with the northern portions of two other long lanes, Valiasr Street and Shariati Street, it is one of the most critical commercial thoroughfares in north Tehran. Its length is anywhere between 8 and 9 kilometers. Pasdaran neighborhood in Persian means “guardians.” Before the Revolution of 1979, this area was often referred to as Saltanat Abad, which literally translates to “constructed by the monarchy.” Farmaniyeh, Darrous, Rostam Abad, Saltanat Abad, Zarrab Khaneh, Mehran, Ekhtiyariyeh, Ehteshamiyeh, Dowlat, Dibaji, and Chizar are all part of the Pasdaran Neighborhood in Tehran.

Pasdaran neighborhood

Pasdaran Is Excellent for Mallgoers

You can discover a significant number of contemporary malls and shopping centers in the Pasdaran neighborhood. There are also several excellent restaurants here that provide a selection of cuisine that meet the required standards. The Pasdaran neighborhood is quite desirable, as shown by the presence of a large number of wealthy individuals. In addition to this, it has developed into a vibrant street where young people go to spend their spare time on the weekends and dine out.

Pasdaran’s Borj-e Sefid

Borj-e Sefid, which literally translates to “White Tower,” is a skyscraper that was constructed along Pasdaran Avenue and served as a symbol for this neighborhood. Within the structure, there is a trendy retail mall in addition to several workplaces. The skyscraper has solidified Pasdaran’s reputation as an appealing and affluent suburb of Tehran. As a result, the area’s prominence has been raised, and a number of projects have been sparked in the neighborhood immediately around the tower.

Pasdaran neighborhood

Two Vital Expressways That Pass Pasdaran Neighborhood

Sayyad Shirazi Highway and Babaei Expressway are two of the major thoroughfares that are easily accessible from Pasdaran. In addition to this, the climate is pleasant, particularly in the spring and summer.

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More Details About Pasdaran Neighborhood

One of the most well-known streets in all of Tehran is Pasdaran Street. There is a section of Pasdaran Street that is situated in Tehran’s District 3, and there is another section of Pasdaran Street that is in Tehran’s District 4. The area of Tehran that lies to the north of Pasdaran Street is likewise part of District 1. Many people get Pasdaran Street and Pasdaran Community mixed up since there is also a neighborhood in the immediate vicinity of Pasdaran Street that is also named Pasdaran Neighborhood. It is important to note that there are two different locations in this location with the same name.

The street Pasdaran and the Pasdaran neighborhood are just in front of us. The price of homes and flats in this area is among the highest in all of Tehran, which is not surprising given that Pasdaran street is widely considered to be one of the most desirable residential streets in all of Tehran. Even though the history of Pasdaran goes back considerably further than the reign of Naser al-Din Shah, the vast majority of historical sources stop their narrative at that point.

Pasdaran neighborhood

This region is part of Shemiranat, which also includes the hills of Abbas Abad and Qeytariyeh. For this matter, it may be regarded as one of the historical regions of Tehran. It is challenging to decide where in Pasdaran would provide the finest circumstances for a living since Pasdaran, in general, provides a high standard of life. In this scenario, how individuals in Tehran desire to live is a significant consideration as well.

Where Is Pasdaran Neighborhood Located?

One of the streets that can be found in the city’s northeast is called Pasdaran. This street is located close to the Zarabkhaneh plaza, and it begins from the Hemmat motorway. Gol Nabi Street, Mousavi Street (which leads to Heravi Square), South Ekhtieariyeh Street, Shahid Kolahdooz Street, Dowlat Street, and Abedinizadeh Street are the avenues that connect the Pasdaran neighborhood to the Sadr Highway. In addition to being situated on the eastern side of Pasdaran street, the Pasdaran neighborhood may be found along Heravi Square.

From the Sadr highway, the Pasdaran area in Tehran is linked to both the Farmanieh neighborhood and District 1 in Tehran. The Farmaniyeh neighborhood and Lavasani street in Tehran’s first district are both traversed by this route until it ultimately arrives at Bahonar plaza, which is located in the Niavaran and Ajodaniyeh neighborhoods. The Pasdaran neighborhood encompasses a large portion of the northeastern part of Tehran and gets its name from Pasdaran Boulevard, which is one of the longest streets in that part of the city.

Pasdaran neighborhood

Amenities, Facilities, and Public Transportation

In Tehran’s northeastern quadrant, Pasdaran is widely regarded as one of the city’s most aesthetically pleasing districts. The streets of Hemmat and Zarabkhaneh provide the inhabitants of Pasdaran with the most convenient access to the rest of the town. They enable the inhabitants to leave or reach this area through the southern entrance. As a result, residents of Pasdaran may now move freely across the city. Both Nowbonyad Square and Sadr Highway may be considered to be the neighborhood’s northern boundaries. The Sadr highway provides convenient access to the Pasdaran area from the north side.

The Pasdaran neighborhood public transit system is second to none. Access to public transit is available at Nowbonyad square, which is located in the northern part of this area. This Terminal has an exceptional capacity for the operation of public transit because of the Nowbonyad metro station, which is located just near it.

The Pasdaran neighborhood offers excellent access to the metro station due to its convenient location. This neighborhood is one of the few in the surrounding area that has access to four different metro stations, making it unique.

  • Nowbonyad metro station
  • Zeinuddin metro station
  • Heravy Square metro station
  • Hossein Abad metro station

Because of its up-to-date amenities and rich heritage, Pasdaran is home to a wide variety of leisure and sightseeing options. Some of these locations have been there since the time of the Qajar dynasty, while others were established more recently in the previous ten years. When it comes to the assortment of services and conveniences available, the Pasdaran neighborhood is among the most appealing areas in all of Tehran.

Best Areas For Living In Pasdaran

The best streets of Pasdaran for expats and diplomats can be seen in Boostan and Golestan Streets, which extend to the Sadr highway. There are several streets in the Pasdaran neighborhood with the names of Golestan. The streets of Golestan are located in the eastern part of Pasdaran Street, and primarily Golestan 2 and Golestan 4 are known as the best areas of Pasdaran.

Life in Pasdaran has its own strengths and weaknesses points. Pasdaran is one of the neighborhoods with a perfect location in the northeast. Public transportation and metro station availability in this neighborhood is fantastic. Therefore, you can easily reach this neighborhood by any type of vehicle, including your own car, bus, Taxi, or metro. Pasdaran is also great in terms of access to medical facilities. The Labafinejad Hospital and its surrounding hospitals are excellent choices, and this neighborhood also has the best access to Tehran’s several sights.

However, it should be noted that today Pasdaran suffers from a lot of traffic due to its proximity to many commercial and administrative districts, such as Shariati Street and Mirdamad Boulevard. The expansion of the commercial context inside the neighborhood has dramatically affected the air pollution in the Pasdaran neighborhood. The good news is that due to the Saltanat Abad gardens in Pasdaran, the area may be considered one of the best districts in Tehran in t terms of having clean air.

Pasdaran neighborhood

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Despite the fact that it has facilities and relatively pure air, the Pasdaran neighborhood, which is situated in the northeastern part of Tehran city, is considered to be one of the less densely populated districts in terms of population. Both Iran’s military industry and the gardens of Saltanat Abad take up a significant portion of this area. Because of this, Pasdaran has the lowest average number of vehicles passing through it (Golestan and Bostan streets).

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