Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran | A Landmark of Modernity

Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

Why Should You Pay a Visit to Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran?

Ava Center commercial complex is one of the special and luxurious shopping centers of the capital city, which attracts a lot of attention by using its modern and eye-catching architecture, and as one of the sightseeing places of Tehran, it has many customers. The facade of this building is made with a combination of glass and metal, and its architecture won the title of commercial building of the year in the Middle East International Architect Competition in 2018. In this article, we are going to learn more about the different parts of the Ava Center shopping center and the various facilities of this complex.

Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

Getting to Know about the Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

Ava Center is a 16-story shopping center in the Aghdasiyeh area of ​​Tehran, which specializes in gold and jewelry. However, other trades are also employed in it, such as clothing and cosmetics. Dealing with cultural, artistic, and recreational aspects such as holding exhibitions and art galleries and the existence of services such as car wash are also among the facilities of this commercial complex. Restaurants, food courts, and supermarkets are other parts of this multi-user complex, which is always appreciated and welcomed by different people of the society. Ava Center also has a large multi-story parking lot and fully meets the needs of customers in terms of parking space.

Where Is Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran?

Ava Center is one of the most beautiful and luxurious shopping centers in the capital. It was built between 2012 and 2017 on land with an area of ​​approximately 2500 square meters, in the northeast of Tehran and in the Aghdasieh area. This commercial complex has special and eye-catching architecture, stunning lighting, and suitable facilities and entertainment. It was able to claim the title of one of the best shopping centers in Tehran in a short time.

The unique architecture of this commercial, cultural, and entertainment complex won many awards for its designers and builders. They won the Commercial Building of the Year award in the Middle East International Architect Competition in 2018. The special recognition of the international architecture competition Architecture Master Prize in the commercial buildings section in the same year is one of them.

Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

In addition to the different architecture, the suitable location before the construction of this complex is also mentioned as one of the reasons for the current favor of the citizens to Ava Center. In other words, the very convenient location and easy access to this complex are mentioned as its most important features. This complex and shopping center of the capital was established by Iran’s Abad Sazan group under the brand name “Ava” and therefore they chose the name Ava Center for it.

Access Route to the Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

If you use a private car, you can easily go to Ava Center without traffic restrictions. By having a large parking lot, this center has eased the mind of the customers regarding the parking space. The entrance of this parking lot is located on Firouzbakhsh Street (east side of the complex).

If you want to get to Ava Center by bus, you should take bus line 220 (Tajrish to Ozgol) and line 387 (Quds Square to Resalat) and get off the bus at Aghdasieh station. This station is located a little ahead of Ava Center shopping mall.

Unfortunately, there is no subway station around this shopping center. Therefore, if you choose the metro for commuting, Tajrish station or Neu-Bonyad Square will be the closest metro station to the Ava Center complex. After exiting the metro, you can easily get to Ava Center using the taxi lines in front of the stations.

Address of Ava Center Shopping Center: Aghdasieh, Movahed Danesh St., corner of Firouzbakhsh St., Ava Center Commercial Complex

Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

Floors of Ava Shopping Center

Ava Center was built on land with an area of ​​approximately 2,500 square meters and a total infrastructure area of ​​32,500 square meters, in the northeast of Tehran. This commercial complex is 40 meters high and has 16 floors.

A modern and glass structure that was originally supposed to provide parking for the Aghdasieh area as an ordinary building. However, with the change of use, its image also changed and finally, it became one of the most special gold and jewelry complexes in the country. Ava Center shopping mall has 16 floors, including 6 underground floors, one ground floor, and 10 floors above ground. These floors are connected by stairs, escalators, and glass panoramic elevators.

In general, the floors of the sixth basement to the third basement are used for parking and storage. The -2.5 basement is used for restrooms and service spaces and facilities. Next, the second basement to the first floor (on four floors) is for commercial use. The second to sixth floors are for parking. After that, the 7th floor is designed for the use of facilities and engine house. Also, the 8th floor is designed for cultural use, and the 9th and 10th floors of the building are designed for restaurant use.

There are 74 commercial storage units with a size of 5 to 20 square meters on floors 6 to 3. Also, the negative third floor has four jewelry repair workshops with separate access. On the 4th basement floor to the 6th upper floor of the complex, suitable parking lots are designed with easy access. So, buyers and customers of Ava Center do not have to worry about the parking space and the safety of private cars.

Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

Other Floors

The second floor of Ava Center is dedicated to a food court, a supermarket, and a beautiful flower shop, which is one of Tehran’s flower shops. It has a beautiful and modern decoration and is popular thanks to the fragrance and color of flowers and plants. The second branch of “Kar Khooneh” is also located in this section, which supports home businesses and offers art and handmade products in various fields, from art and culture to food and clothing.

There are about 90 commercial units (stores) in Ava Center, whose area varies from 22 meters to 150 meters. These stores are located on the floors of the second basement to the ground floor and the first floor of the complex. Various brands in different areas such as gold and jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, sweets and chocolate, and other such things are engaged in their activities.

The eighth floor of the building belongs to culture and art (Art Center) and exhibitions art galleries and shows are held in this section. Stylish and luxurious restaurants are also designed on the 9th and 10th floors of the building to relieve the tiredness of shopping from Ava Center visitors with a hearty welcome.

With numerous different stores, the focus of the Ava Center commercial complex is based on gold and jewelry and they have dedicated different sections to this trade. These sections include the section on gold and jewelry galleries, the section on precious jewelry, the section on well-known gold brands, and the section on jewelry designers.

The section of gold and jewelry galleries is a vast environment with a luxurious and modern atmosphere, which is dedicated to the galleries and agencies of world-famous brands and successful and elite domestic producers.

Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

The Jewelry Section

In the precious jewelry section, jewels and precious stones are specialized, and buyers can use the services of representatives of famous brands and specialized producers in this field.

The well-known gold brand section is located on the lower floors of the complex. It has a greater sense of security and control for choosing customers and visitors. This section, as its name suggests, belongs to prominent domestic business units and stores.

In the jewelry designers section, you will also find exhibitions and stores related to domestic and international designers. The latest and most up-to-date plans and special and diverse designs can be seen in this section, which is responsive to diverse tastes.

Amenities of the Ava Shopping Center

The facilities of Ava Center shopping mall can be summarized in three sections: comfort facilities, art facilities, and entertainment facilities. In the meantime, the large parking lot is one of the most important amenities of Ava Center. According to estimates, about eight percent of people who come to Ava Center enter this complex through the parking lot.

Therefore, for the comfort of the customers, 10 floors are dedicated to the parking lot, which includes four basement floors and six floors on the ground. A total of 400 parking units with two separate ramps (entrance ramp and exit ramp) have been considered in the Ava Center complex. The ramps can be accessed from each other on each floor.

In addition to that and based on the traffic studies, special arrangements have been made for the comfort of the visitors. A separate route for private cars to and from this complex has been designed. So, smooth and safe movement in the parking lot is possible with the least complexity and difficulty for drivers.

Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

The use of the intelligent parking lot ventilation system instead of the usual ventilation system should also be introduced as one of the advantages of Ava Center multi-story parking. In proportion to the volume of cars in the parking lot, intelligent jet fans will operate in addition to optimal ventilation, in case of fire, fire extinguishing, and smoke evacuation operations.

Other Facilities of the Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

The interesting thing about the parking lots in the middle section of Ava Center is that they are different from other parking floors (underground parking). The glass wall of these parking lots gives them a different look and provides proper light. On the other hand, the view of the mountains in the north of Tehran city has given a spectacular face to this part. This different shape and image make the middle parking lots of the Ava Center complex a suitable place for holding programs. Such events include exhibitions, Friday markets, events, galleries, and even street concerts.

The presence of service jobs on the fifth and negative floors of Ava Center should also be considered as one of the facilities that provide part of the community’s well-being. Dry cleaning, car wash, tailoring, shoemaking, hair salon, pet shop, and spa (massage services) are examples of these businesses that are prepared to meet the needs of clients.

A food court and a restaurant have been designed separately in Ava Center to provide food for the clients. You will come across a section called Book Land. It was formed with the purpose of nourishing life and, as the name suggests, provides a world of different books to those interested.

Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

Another cultural possibility of the Ava Center complex is dedicated to the art of friends. For this purpose, you should go to the eighth floor and a section called the Art Center and visit its various galleries, exhibitions, performances, or art shows. “Ava Market” is the supermarket of this complex, which is located next to the food market and sells all household items.

Ava Center Cafe, Restaurant, and Food Court

The restaurant and food court are other recreational facilities of Ava Center shopping center. Ava Center Food Market, located on the second floor of this center, offers a variety of foods and snacks. From homemade food to fast food and sandwiches, everything is available to customers.

From Iranian dishes such as Kebab and Daisy to French menus such as pizza, pasta, and sushi, along with various salads and all kinds of juices and drinks, you can find in this place. The presence of a bakery cafe, all organic products, and the presence of famous food brands are among the other notable services in this complex.

On the 9th and 10th floors of the Ava Center commercial complex, you will find luxurious modern and traditional restaurants that offer hearty meals with a spectacular view of the city of Tehran. These resta7urants have a perfect view of the city and the mountains of the capital. This view will look even more beautiful in the open space and on the terrace on the north side of the ninth floor.

In the food court and restaurants of the Ava Center commercial complex, you will come across famous and familiar names such as Grill, Bamika, Ballon Rouge, Sushi, Cheese Factory, Darian, or Chehel-Sotoon.

Ava Center Working Hours

The Ava Center commercial, cultural, and entertainment complex is open seven days a week from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm and this complex is ready to provide services to its clients, with the explanation that the working hours of each section of this collection are sometimes mentioned differently.

Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran

Enjoy Ava Center Shopping Mall in Tehran!

Ava Center complex is a commercial, welfare, and cultural center. In addition to focusing on gold and jewelry, it also provides appropriate recreational and cultural facilities to its clients. Tehran Offers is the best real estate agency in Tehran for housing services for foreigners. Here at Tehran Offers, we regularly post useful content so that you can better use all the facilities of Tehran.

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