Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

What Are Good Fitness Clubs and Sport Centers in Tehran for Women?

Are you looking for a way to burn fat? Are you looking for the best fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women? From the past until now, all specialists have emphasized to all people to include exercise in their daily routine because the health of the human body depends on exercising and burning extra fat. The remarkable thing is that by going to the best gym in Tehran, with the help of the best coaches and professors in various sports, you can shape your body in the most correct way possible and get rid of all the extra fat. In this article, we are going to introduce fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women.

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

Importance of Fitness Clubs and Sport Centers in Tehran for Women

Nowadays, many people are trying to achieve an ideal and well-shaped body through sports and bodybuilding exercises. Therefore, many women go to fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women and use the experiences of trainers and exercise with suitable devices to achieve this goal. Being in good shape can be effective in maintaining the health of the body.

In bodybuilding, the focus is on increasing the volume of muscles, which is achieved through working with heavy weights and strength machines. But the goal of fitness is to burn fat and achieve an ideal body, which is mostly possible through aerobic exercise and proper nutrition. Bodybuilding, like any other sport, increases health and strengthens physical power, and reduces the risk of diseases. In this sport, due to the increase in muscle mass and shape of the body, a person’s self-confidence increases and it strengthens the person’s spirit and reduces everyday stress and anxiety.

Many women, like men, are looking for a body with bulky muscles and enter this sport. In men, due to the presence of the male hormone (testosterone), muscles grow faster. But in women, the amount of this hormone is very small, so women who enter this field are inevitably forced to use this hormone so they can reach their desired body in a shorter period.

Many factors, including genetics, age, nutrition, sleep, and weight, are involved in how long it takes to get fit. But bodybuilding is a continuous sport and if it is abandoned after a while, the muscles lose their firmness and excess fat takes their place.

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

Features of Good Fitness Clubs and Sport Centers in Tehran for Women

Many people may have trouble going to the gym, so they prefer to start working out at home. You can start exercising at home with some simple equipment and tools like dumbbells, which are less expensive than the gym. But you need to consider that some movements and exercises are only possible with big machines and gyms.

In the gym, the coach is by your side and constantly tells you which movement is correct and how many sets should be done, while any wrong movement at home may cause damage to your muscles. The following are some of the features of good fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women:

  • Variety of equipment: The first and most important thing that is considered in every fitness club and sport center for women is the variety of equipment for each sport
  • Experienced coach: A good gym for women is known for having experienced and patient coaches. You can reach your goals properly with these coaches
  • Gym location: When choosing the right gym, you should also consider your route so you don’t have any problems getting there
  • Gym hygiene: the cleanliness of the gym environment is one of the important factors of good fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women. The club staff must disinfect and clean the equipment after each use by the customer

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

Best Fitness Clubs and Sport Centers in Tehran for Women

Most of the fitness clubs and sport centers in different parts of Tehran have divided their work schedule into two time periods. They provide services to women in the morning and the club is available to men in the afternoon. Or they have divided the days of the week into even days and odd days.

But this is not enough for many women and they are looking for fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women so they can always use sports services. In what follows, we will introduce and review such clubs.

Palladium Fitness and Sports Club

Palladium sports club operates in two shifts for women and men. This club is one of the most equipped and luxurious sports complexes in Tehran. Palladium Fitness and Sports Club’s working hours for women are from Saturday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 3 pm.

The sports disciplines of Palladium Sports Club are Pilates, TRX, Bodybuilding, Spinning, Zumba, Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Balance, Tai Chi, CX, Yoga, Freestyle Wrestling, Body Attack, Body Jam, etc.

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

The facilities of Palladium sports club are a gym, spinning room, group sports hall, swimming pool, dry and steam sauna, cold water waterfall, massage room, sports medicine center, private parking, free Internet, buffet and coffee shop, medical and health consultation, etc.

Address: 6th floor, Palladium Shopping Center, Alef Sq., Moghaddas Ardebili St., Zaferanieh.

Raspina Sports-Medical Complex

Raspina Sports-Medical Complex started its activity in 2000 to serve sportsmen and women. Women’s working hours are Saturday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. The Raspina range of sports includes bodybuilding, Pilates, kickboxing, CrossFit, TRX, spinning, body pump, etc.

The facilities of the Raspina sports-medical complex include a gym, group sports hall, spinning hall, rock climbing wall, car wash, restaurant, sports buffet, physiotherapy clinic, sports store, sports medicine clinic, massage parlor, etc.

Address: Koohestan Complex, Sadeghi Qomi Street, Niavaran.

Paad Sports Club

The Paad sports club is one of the best sports clubs in Tehran, which has both women’s and men’s shifts. Paad sports club was established in 2009 and by having the highest standards, it contributes to the health of the community. Women’s shift in this club is from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The Paad Club’s sports fields include Bodybuilding, Spinning, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Rock Climbing, Body Pump, TRX, Fitness, CrossFit, Fitness, etc. On the other hand, Paad sports club facilities include a gym, spinning room, group sports room, rock climbing wall, buffet and coffee shop, massage room, sports, and nutrition consultation, private training room, etc.

Address: Mehr Park, Mehr Alley, before Yaser Junctions, Ammar St., Niavaran.

Block #68 Sports Complex

If you are looking for one of the most modern fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women, then Block #68 sports complex can be a good suggestion for you. This group started working in 1997 and has won more than 100 sports championship titles in the country. The working hours of Block #68 are from Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, exclusively for women.

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

Block #68 sports disciplines include TRX, bodybuilding, CrossFit, spinning, body pump, body attack, Pilates, grit, body challenge, rhythmic style, CX works, yoga, body jam, etc. The facilities of Block #68 sports complex include a massage salon, gym, spinning salon, private parking, buffet, coffee shop, group sports hall, etc.

Address: Unit 68, ground floor, ASP residential-commercial complex, Kordistan highway.

Dynomika Sports Medicine Complex

Dynamika sports and wellness complex has created an innovation in the wellness industry by using the latest technology to create physical and mental comfort and focus on mental peace. This modern and unique collection has combined its experience with modern tools. Therefore, it provides the sweet taste of peace in a beautiful and peaceful environment. The joy of having fun with your child in the children’s pool and water kindergarten for the first time in Iran along with facilities such as a free car wash, private parking lot, etc. is part of the creative and distinctive services of this collection.

These services make Dynamika one of the best fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran exclusively for women. The facilities of Dynamika sports complex include TRX, bodybuilding, fitness, sauna, massage, Zumba, CrossFit, kickboxing, CX, Pilates, functional, yoga, and ballet.

Address: Ati Saz commercial complex, Ati Saz, south of Evin Hotel, Shahid Chamran highway.

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

Enghelab Sports Complex

The women’s specialized complex of the Enghelab Cultural Sports Complex Sports Club is located in a very beautiful, hygienic space with an experienced staff with an area of 2500 square meters of indoor space and 700 square meters of open space. Its working hours are from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm, exclusively for women.

The Enghelab’s fitness club and sport center for women includes 3 aerobics halls, one of which is called the Glass Hall. In another space, there is the largest gym with an area of 600 square meters with the most equipped fitness equipment in the world. There is also a beauty salon with an area of 230 square meters, including all types of massage, hair and skin treatments, hydrotherapy, and free consultation for women. This complex also serves to take care of children. For the comfort of mothers, children from the age of 2 to 12 can spend time in a calm and diverse environment full of beautiful toys, a park, gymnastics, and painting classes.

Address: After the Mellat campus, Hashemi Rafsanjani highway.

Hesse Bartar Fitness Club

The Hesse Bartar fitness club is located in Velanjak and welcomes women by providing modern and professional facilities. This center uses trainers who hold all kinds of classes with sufficient knowledge. The Hesse Bartar club has prepared facilities such as a massage room, free Internet, coffee shop, etc. to meet all the needs of women and make them feel at ease. Also, this club has a fat-burning class with the Loncego machine, which is the best exercise method for people who have limited mobility or are injured.

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

One of the features of this specialized training device for each person is separation and application on each part of the body and working on each position during the exercise. Different static and dynamic exercises in a training session, the ease of performing exercises, etc. all lead to more calorie loss and bring a person to an ideal weight.

The Hesse Bartar fitness club organizes all kinds of classes such as spinning, aerobics, bodybuilding, TRX, kettlebells, CrossFit, kickboxing, aerobics, yoga, etc. for those interested. Further features of this sports center are:

  • Using the most professional devices
  • Holding aerobics, martial arts, and muscle-building classes for women
  • Providing sports services with the device
  • Equipped with a buffet and coffee shop

Address: 6th Golestan, after Golrizan Square, Student Blvd., Velenjak.

Modern Sports Club

The Modern gym has many branches, one of which is located in Zaferanieh and is a women’s-only gym. In this center, you can receive all kinds of sports services such as body pump, spinning, aerobics, bodybuilding with machines, TRX, functional, fitness, Pilates, yoga, CrossFit, etc.

Zaferanieh modern sports club, with the cooperation of its prominent coaches, has a variety of women’s sports courses such as bodybuilding, Pilates, TRX, gymnastics, types of slimming and relaxation massages, etc. This club has a large and beautiful environment as well as a dedicated parking lot. The following are the branches of the Modern Gym:

  • Branch 1: Yekta St., after Zaferanieh, Valiasr St.
  • Branch 2: 5th floor, Shahrbanu Complex, Sepehr Alley 2 Sepehr St., after Yadgar Bridge, Marzdaran Blvd.
  • Branch 3: No. 27, Arsin Sports Complex, North Allameh, Saadat Abad
  • Branch 4: Behyar Alley, Agha Miri Alley, Qanat Crossroads, Kolahdooz (Dowlat) St.

Pris Gym

In the Pris sports complex, all sports services are provided to improve the level of sports for women and children. TRX courses, body pump, rhythmic sports, Pilates, yoga, and bodybuilding are held by experienced trainers of this complex.

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

The goals of this sports complex are to analyze the body, check the level of capabilities and health of the body at all ages, exercise all the muscles without damaging the joints, active fat burning and eliminating cellulite, help disabled people with muscle weakness to strengthen muscles and become empowered, the simultaneous exercise of mothers and children in separate spaces, etc.

Address: Pris Center Complex, 1st Golestan Corner (Momennejad), Pasdaran St.

Anoush Gym

Anoush is a women’s club. It has always provided the latest services to women by providing advanced equipment and designing a professional sports environment and has covered many people in this area of the city. This center uses trainers with official certificates from the relevant federations to increase the efficiency of the courses and train women according to standard principles.

Body fitness, body shaping, muscle endurance, and fat burning are the distinctive features and goals of this center, which are implemented during various activities. Also, nutrition and weight loss counseling is done by experts in Anoush. Sports disciplines such as fitness, TRX, yoga, healthy movement, CX, etc. have been prepared in the Anoush club so that women can have healthier body and a more energetic spirit with different sports.

This center has considered various martial arts for women, and one of the reasons for this is the difference in the use of physical and mental preparation at the same time. To progress in martial arts, one must be regular, have a healthy diet, and maintain inner peace.

In the design of the air conditioning system of the halls and other essentials such as bathrooms and dressing rooms, hygiene points are fully considered so that there is no concern about this. Other activities and facilities of Anoush sport club include:

  • Providing nutrition and sports consulting services
  • Holding relaxing yoga classes
  • Muscle building and fitness classes

Address: No. 421, Corner of 2nd Alley, Iran Zamin St., Shahrak Gharb, Tehran

Fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran for women

TehranOffers Helps You Find Fitness Clubs and Sport Centers in Tehran for Women

Apart from fitness and fat burning, having well-trained muscles gives more beauty to everyone, which has caused the importance of exercise to double. In the past, gyms were mostly for men, and muscle building and body shaping were very popular. But from a later period, more importance was given to the health of women. This is why some of the best fitness clubs and sport centers in Tehran were built for women.

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