How can I get Internet in Iran, Tehran?

Get Internet in Iran

Internet Access While You Are In Iran

Do you want to stay connected to the outside world when visiting Iran? You won’t be dissatisfied if you have a blog or an Instagram account and want to stay in touch with your friends and family back home. Iran’s internet is usable, and of a high enough standard for us to use it for all the things we need and want to. However, it is vital that you comprehend a few crucial factors before you go. Are tourists in Iran allowed to use the internet? Which websites and social media networks are blocked inside Iran’s borders? Is it possible to use a mobile device in Iran to access the internet? Which Iranian SIM card offers tourists the most outstanding value in terms of cost and internet connection speed? This post is dedicated to get internet in Iran.

Get Internet In Iran, Tehran

According to the most current statistics published by the speed test website in May 2022 and based on customers’ actual average internet speeds, Iran’s average mobile SIM card internet download speed is 26 Mbps, ranking it 71st in the world. This ranking indicates that Iran’s mobile internet speed is much higher than those of countries like Russia, Brazil, Egypt, and India. It is significant to highlight that Iran’s internet service quality has significantly improved over the last several years. The majority of governmental and administrative chores are now carried out online, in addition to the services provided by private firms.

Get Internet in Iran

Iran’s populace spends a significant percentage of their income on the internet, and internet television services (VODs) are widely used there. To get internet in Iran, tourists may get a SIM card from various providers such as Irancell, Hamrah-e Avval, and Rightel. If you wish to stay in Tehran for a while, you need to get internet in Iran via ADSL providers such as Shatel, Mokhaberat, ParsOnline, and Irancell portable modem. Before purchasing any services to get Internet in Iran, it’s better to know about some restrictions, rules, and Internet providers.

How to Get Internet in Iran

Being able to access the internet when traveling is one of the most crucial things for most people since we now live in the digital era. Either to stay in touch with loved ones or so that pictures may be posted right away on social media. Alternatively, you might use it to regularly check your email and make sure you are constantly up to date on important news. Additionally, it is crucial to study before visiting the country in order to get ready for your stay.

Here is the list of the best Internet providers since you decide to stay in Tehran for a while:

  • Mobile Communication Company of Iran PLC
  • Aria Shatel Company Ltd
  • Asiatech Data Transmission Company
  • Pars Online PJS
  • Mobin Net Communication Company (Private Joint Stock)
  • Hamra Aval (MCI)
  • MTN Irancell

In order to keep you connected for whatever drives you, this section details three distinct ways to access the internet in Iran. There are basically three ways to get internet in Iran. Each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. We will briefly go through each of these choices in order to help you decide what is best for you.

Purchase A Local SIM Card

The process of having a local SIM card registered in your name has changed from being straightforward to becoming more challenging. First-time visitors, in particular, struggle to register their sim cards, and they may need the help of an Iranian friend to finish the procedure. It’s important to note that the two most well-known mobile phone providers in Iran, Irancell and Hamrahe-Aval, both continue to operate kiosks at the airport, with Irancell, in particular, providing specialized travel packages. Giving this option a try is in your best interest since some travelers are successful in getting a sim card on their own. It’s easy to add data to the SIM card after you’ve got one.

Get Internet in Iran

Use A Pocket WiFi Device to Get Internet in Iran

In Iran, there is a relatively new service known as pocket WiFi, which is essentially a portable WiFi hotspot that provides access to the internet. The fact that you are not dependent on Irancell or Hamrah-e Aval and do not, as a result, need to register a local sim card in order to utilize this service is the primary advantage it provides. A further significant advantage is presented by the lightning-fast 4G network. Simply connect the hotspot to your mobile device and then take it with you wherever you go.

Use Free Internet Access From Hotels and Cafes While You Are In Iran

Another alternative for foreigners and tourists who want to connect to the internet is to use the complimentary services provided in hotels and cafés in Iran. An extensive range of chic cafés and restaurants, most of which are found in big cities, provide free WiFi. The majority of hotels and hostels also provide free WiFi to their visitors. You won’t have to change out your SIM card since this option gives you an unlimited internet connection, which is the main benefit. On the other side, the drawbacks include a limited amount of mobility and an often sluggish internet connection.

AT&T, Vodafone, and T-Mobile Users

To activate the international roaming feature on your mobile phone account before you go to Iran, if you are an AT&T customer and want to use the internet while you are abroad, you must contact the provider. If you choose to utilize this option, you will be charged $2.05 for every megabyte (MB) of data you use while in Iran. This fee will be charged during your whole journey. As a consequence, we highly suggest that you only utilize data when it is essential. However, this carrier also gives its users the option to sign up for the International Day Pass plan, which enables them to access telephone services for a daily fee of $10 if they so want.

The American company T-Mobile is yet another well-known one. You are qualified to get free phone services if you use this cellular provider and have the Simple Gold plan since there are no extra costs involved. On the other side, you will be charged $15 for each MB used if you have any other form of plan.

Get Internet in Iran

If you have a Vodafone subscription, you will pay $6.05 for every megabyte you use while in Iran, which is a significantly lower price but is still quite costly. Only Vodafone subscribers are subject to this price. To enable or disable this service, use the My Vodafone app on your device. From the app, you may do either one.

Do I Need To Register My Smartphone At Tehran Airport?

You must also be acquainted with the registration process for phones if you wish to use mobile internet on your smartphone in Iran. This law was passed and put into action a few years ago, significantly limiting the unauthorized entry of smartphones into Iran. Mobile device users must now register their devices with the authorities. It suggests that in order for a phone to operate on the Iranian phone network, it must first be registered in the name of a particular person, for which a fee must also be paid.

The amount of registration costs you must pay depends on the phone’s purchasing price. If you are a tourist visiting Iran, do you have to go through this registration process and pay this fee? The majority of the time, the answer is no. For the first month after entering Iran, those who come with an unregistered phone and a local sim card are permitted to use their phones regularly. After then, registration is necessary in order to take part.

The smartphone will only operate while connected to a WiFi network and is not connected to get Internet in Iran. This is because it has not yet been registered. Since visitors often don’t stay for more than a month at a time, it is typically not essential for them to register their phones. However, if you want to stay in Iran for more than a month, you need either think about registering your phone, which might cost several hundred euros or investing in a portable internet gateway. These are both moral choices. Be aware that whether or not you registered your phone in Iran, it will continue to work typically if you leave Iran with it.

Get Internet in Iran

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