How to Buy an Air Purifier in Tehran | A Complete Guide

Breath Clean Air by Buying an Air Purifier in Tehran

In addition to the air pollution created by small and large industries around Tehran, the large number of vehicles that travel in the city exposes people to air pollution, suspended particles, and gases resulting from the combustion of cars and respiratory diseases. This is where air purifiers come into play. Using the best home air purifier can be a suitable option. They reduce the risks caused by air pollution and you can transform the home environment into a clean environment. In this article, we are going to see how to buy air purifier in Tehran.

Why Is It Necessary to Buy an Air Purifier in Tehran?

Today, with the increasing pollution of cities, especially metropolitans like Tehran, breathing clean air free from pollutants is considered one of the basic and essential needs of every human being for the health and vitality of the family environment and longevity. For this reason, the use of air purifiers will be inevitable in this situation.

It is a fact that indoor air quality is much worse than outdoor air quality. It may be hard to believe, but despite all the toxic gases produced by factories, machines, and cars, some factors help the air in the environment open, cleaner than the air inside the buildings. These factors include the constant movement of air, electric lightning, ultraviolet rays of the sun, etc.. The air inside the houses, especially if the doors and walls are well insulated, is not only stagnant and motionless but it is continuously polluted with various pollutants.

Buy air purifier in Tehran

The main pollutants that can be found inside homes are dust, pet dander, chemical cleaners, vapors emitted from various wood industries, viruses, fungi, bacteria, chemicals, cosmetics, and many other harmful substances found inside buildings. But despite all this bad news, the good news is that you can greatly reduce indoor air pollution by taking effective measures. One of these measures is the use of home air purifiers.

What Are the Advantages of Buying an Air Purifier in Tehran?

The air we breathe contains fine particles from the non-combustion of cars, environmental dust, viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, the smell of tobacco, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), allergens, toxic gases, etc. We should be looking for a system or device that performs air filtering for us and helps to absorb these factors as much as possible with advanced techniques.

The home air purifier has a powerful fan. It draws the air inside the building into the device and by passing through the air purifier filters, they remove the pollutants suspended in the air of the building and release clean and healthy air in the space.

Air purification can be done in various ways. Usually, using filtration (HEPA filter and activated carbon) is the safest method, as they do not add any side products to the air, but other methods such as ozone production methods, plasma, UV lamp, and photocatalytic methods are methods that use chemical interactions or by adding elements and gas to the air, purification India does. The US Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization do not recommend any of these unusual methods. Five reasons to buy air purifier in Tehran are:

  • To prevent diseases related to air pollution such as asthma, emphysema, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, and many others
  • To prevent fatigue and have more energy in daily activities
  • To prevent lung diseases as well as physical growth disorders in children
  • To prevent allergies caused by pets
  • To increase mental efficiency by breathing cleaner air

Buy air purifier in Tehran

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

An air purifier is a device that can absorb the amount of pollution in an environment with certain dimensions such as a house. It is done due to the passage of ambient air through various filters and then actively purifying and cleaning the air using UV lamps and provide clean air.

There are filters in the internal structure of air purifiers. The function of these filters is such that when polluted air enters, it removes harmful substances such as pollutants, microbes, dust, and especially airborne particles from the incoming air. So, the output of this device will be clean and pollution-free air. Air purifiers are different in terms of the type of filter and the area and capacity of the space in which they are installed.

When you want to buy air purifier in Tehran, you need to pay attention to the efficiency you want from the device according to the desired location. The coverage range of the device is based on square meters and rooms and halls. Such devices can cover 30 square meters to 100 square meters. In the following, we will introduce various types of air purification equipment.

Buy Blueair Air Purifiers in Tehran

How healthy is the air you breathe? We spend more than 90% of our time indoors, and the bad news is that indoor air is often up to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. To enjoy clean air, buying Blueair air purifiers can be a smart choice considering the advantages we will give. With Blueair, you can breathe in air free from harmful pollutants. This will add a few minutes, weeks, months, and even years to your life. The choice is yours.

Buy air purifier in Tehran

Blueair’s CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

To better identify a product from other products, ratings, and standards are always established in different countries of the world. They help the customer to make a more appropriate choice. In the United States, the CADR index by the Association of American Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) is recognized and measured specifically for air purification.

CADR is the amount of purified air produced by operating the air purifier at its highest setting for the three factors of cigarette smoke, dust, and pollen. Blueair air purifiers have obtained the highest CADR ratings in all models, which has made this brand sell very high in the American market. Also, this brand has obtained approvals from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Lung Association (ALA), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the European Union (CE) standards.

HEPASilent technology invented by Blueair is a combination of mechanical and electrostatic filters. In this technology, the particles are charged by passing through an ion chamber. And the arrangement of thin HEPA fibers has greatly influenced the maximum absorption of pollutants in this technology, so that it can absorb 99.97% of fine particles up to 0.1 microns, even in the lowest fan speed.

Benefits of Buying Blueair air purifiers in Tehran

Blueair air purifier has many functionalities. It can absorb particles less than 2.5 microns, fine dust, mold, fungus, viruses, bacteria, plant pollen, animal dander, chemical gases, soot, cooking smell, smoke smell, and volatile organic compounds.

Buy air purifier in Tehran

It should be noted that Gree is another air purifier brand. This device is equipped with a four-speed fan, remote control, sleep mode, 6 stages of air filtering, dust sensor, 5 functional modes, timer and filter life indicator. And is also offered by reputable vendors in Tehran. Among the advantages of using Belair air purification products, the following can be mentioned:

Good design and high-quality

Blueair air purifiers are made of the best raw materials and durable steel instead of plastic. In terms of interior decoration, with their modern design, they can adapt to any space and have won prestigious design awards from different countries. Blueair air purifier offers the highest quality with a long life guarantee and offers the best warranty in the industry compared to its competitors.

Low-consumption air purifiers

Blueair air purifier requires very little power. Blueair air purifier electricity consumption costs the same as a light bulb. There is no need to worry about high energy consumption with Blueair air purifiers.

Low-noise air purifiers

The environment around us is full of annoying noises that we try to minimize to have more peace. Blueair Air Purifier has made every effort to keep the sound intensity of its device low while maintaining efficiency, and the result is pure peace in all the environments it is used.

Buy air purifier in Tehran

Smart air purifiers

The Blueair smart air purifier with the ability to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, allows you to control the quality of the air in the environment. Using Blueair Classic and Blueair Sense + equipped with Wi-Fi, you can remotely control all the functions of your air purifier. If you install the Blueair Friend software, you can control the breathing air by obtaining information about indoor and outdoor air quality, health recommendations, warnings, and instructions that are sent in real-time. With this device, you can be in touch with clean air from wherever you are.

Variety of products

Blueair products are designed to respond to customers’ tastes in different models. And day-by-day efforts have been made to make this family bigger and bigger by using the technologies and needs of the day.

How Can You Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Purifier in Tehran?

Air purifiers are evaluated according to their ability to remove air pollutants. The efficiency and effectiveness of these devices are measured according to the Clean Air Deliver Rate (CADR). CADR is the amount of clean and purified air produced by the home air purifier. The CADR unit is cubic feet per minute and is checked for three factors: dust, pollen, and cigarette smoke. As you know, every foot is 30 centimeters, so for example, if the CADR for an air purifier system is 671, it means that this device is capable of producing 671 cubic feet of clean air per minute. This rate is 5 cubic meters per minute. This index is a good measure to compare different types of home air purifiers with each other.

To increase the efficiency and performance of air purifiers, it is better to change the filter of the device at the first time of the replacement alarm. The amount and type of indoor air pollutants vary from one region to another.

Buy air purifier in Tehran

Some air purifier vendors make strange claims about the useful life of their air purification system filters. Some claim that their air purification system filters will last from 5 to 6 years which should be realistically paid attention to. Failure to replace the filters on time and regularly will cause the efficiency of the air purifier to decrease significantly. Hence, the device will not be able to purify a significant amount of air in your home in the shortest possible time on the other hand it will increase the maintenance costs and your device will be repaired.

Where to Buy an Air Purifier in Tehran?

Nia Air Conditioning Company is a shop for EU-certified air purifiers in Iran. It sells such world brands as O’General, Gree, Hitachi, Koken, Schneider Electric Uniflair, Vaillant, Viessmann, and Yazaki. Their products include air purifiers, split, multi-panel, window, and portable air conditioners, air-cooled and water-cooled compression chillers, absorption and solar chillers, mini chillers, fan coils, rooftop packages, wall packages, and elevator coolers. If you want to buy an air purifier in Tehran, we recommend that you use the products and services offered by Nia Air Conditioning Company.

Use the following information to contact Nia:

Phone: 02122227000 / 02122224065

Address: Nia Building, No.262, after South Naft St, Mirdamad East Blvd, Tehran

Tehran Offers Makes Life Easier for You in Tehran

According to research conducted by the World Health Organization, in 2013, 4,500 people died in Tehran due to air pollution. So, air pollution is more dangerous than you think, especially in autumn and winter. Based on this, many companies and brands in Iran and the world have started producing all kinds of small and large air purifiers. They can be used in home, office, and even industrial environments.

Tehran Offers is a leading real estate agency offering accommodation services to foreigners in Tehran with the highest quality and at competitive prices. We at Tehran Offers recommend the best fully-furnished houses with modern air purifiers. In case the house you would like to rent is not equipped with an air purifier, you can refer to the supplier that we introduced in this article.

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