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Language is one of the main communication tools. Whether you have started learning Persian in your own country or want to immerse yourself in Iranian culture, learning Persian in Iran is a unique experience! A few years ago, I registered to learn Persian in Tehran.
Iran is one of the Farsi-speaking countries that provides a rich scientific and research opportunity to go to the Persian language academy and learn Persian. Persian or Farsi literature is very rich with great scholars like Saadi, Hafez and Ferdowsi. Their books can be found in most Iranian homes. These books express ethics, art, justice, great culture, history, social life, norms and beauty.
any foreign students come to Iran to learn Persian language. Some international students come to Iran to continue their studies in various fields. Iran’s universities and educational institutions provide a scientific-educational and lively atmosphere for domestic and foreign students.
During your journey to learn Persian, you may be interested in improving your Persian skills in Iran. As a Persian language learner, it may be difficult at first to search on the websites of various Iranian universities and academic centers and find Persian language courses that suit your needs. Therefore, we have prepared a complete list of Persian language teaching centers in Iran for you.

The reasons why some people learn Persian language

There are many reasons why people learn Persian. First, there are people who are eager and interested in knowing Persian language, literature and lifestyle. They want to learn this language according to their personal choice.
Secondly, there are academic scientists and researchers who work in the field of Iranian culture or Iranian literature. Learning Persian in Iran is useful for such areas where the main sources of information are in Persian. The number of scholars in this group is significant. It has a great influence in spreading the Persian language to other nations around the world. Scholars who work in the field of Muslim-Shia studies are included in this group.
In the third category, there are people who learn Persian for career purposes. These people speak Persian in Farsi-speaking countries or in the workplace. They should learn Persian language to have better communication and performance in the work environment.
In the fourth category, there are students who want to pursue the field of fine dust in Iranian universities. They must take Persian language courses to prepare for studying a related field in Persian language.

Why study Farsi in Iran – not in other Farsi-speaking countries?

Persian language had a wide geographical area. Currently, there are three countries where Persian is spoken as an official language. It includes Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
Tajikistan was part of the Soviet Union. The country gained its independence in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After independence, there was a civil war from 1992 to 1997. According to this historical background of Tajikistan, there are newly established academic institutions that work in the field of Persian language. The Persian language spoken in Tajikistan is called ” Farsi-e Tajiki”.
Afghanistan is another country whose official language is Persian. It is called “Persian Dari” which refers to the old and basic version of the Persian language. Afghanistan has been facing the crisis of war and internal challenges for about four decades. There are major deficiencies and challenges in basic infrastructure. Security concern is the main challenge that people inside the country have to deal with. It also has a great negative impact on foreign visitors.
As a result, Iran is the best option for learning Persian. Iran provides scientific and research opportunities in the field of this language. Universities are the main institutions that help people learn Persian professionally.
Also, other institutions are dedicated to Persian language. Persian Language and Literature Academy called “Farhangestan-e Zaban va Adab-e Farsi”, and “Saadi Foundation” which is called “Bonyad-e Saadi”. These institutions try to expand and share good experiences in the field of Persian literature. They provide learning opportunities for domestic language lovers as well as international Persian language lovers.
Another reason to study Persian in Iran is related to the available educational resources. Getting to know the social life, culture, media and social environment of Iranians only happens inside Iran. Learning the language in the home country provides a rich experience of various dimensions of social life. It makes learning a language much easier and more fun. Access to the historical and rich sources of first-hand Persian literature is possible only inside the country of Iran.

Farsi Alphabet
Farsi Alphabet

The most reliable and authentic kiter for learning Persian language

There are different channels to learn Persian language. This can be through online media, including YouTube, Telegram, Facebook channels. It may happen through a friend who knows Farsi. Also some active language courses are available in some countries.
The first and most prominent Persian language training center for non-Persian speakers in Iran is “Saadi Foundation”. This foundation has various programs with different Farsi learning centers inside and outside of Iran. Inside Iran, every university with a certain number of foreign students has a Persian education center. But in “Imam Khomeini International University of Qazvin” there is a centralized Persian learning center. Usually, foreign students join the Persian language course at this university.

Conditions of scholarship opportunities in Iran

For those who are interested in studying in Iran and have scholarship opportunities, there are general conditions. In the first stage, it is related to the previous university or higher education institution where the person obtained his previous degree.
They must be valid and reliable. The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran must confirm the scientific validity of the mentioned academic center. In the next stage, students must have good academic qualifications and records.
There is also an age requirement for a bachelor’s degree, the maximum age is 20 years. The age limit for master’s degree is 25 years. for Ph.D. level, the age limit is 30 years. People who qualify these initial conditions can hope for the next process.

Tuition fees for non-scholarship students

The cost of studying in Iran is cheaper than many countries. High quality educational and cultural opportunities are provided for foreign students.
ees vary in different universities. Some universities ask for fees in dollars or euros and others in Rials.
It can be different in different universities. There is no single answer to this question. Universities that accept international students have an online website where the required information can be obtained.

Can a student work while staying in Iran?

According to legal and academic considerations, students are not allowed to work while studying in Iran.
f a student wants to do a full-time job, there will be residential and academic challenges. But there are some types of part-time scientific and research activities that students can do to support their expenses.

Iranian universities with Persian learning courses

All universities that have an international cooperation center are open to international students. In most cases, the following universities have an active Persian learning center in the university.
In the absence of such a center, foreign students mostly take the language course at Imam Khomeini International University (RA) in Qazvin to prepare for the future field. This university has a centralized Persian language center where students are distributed to some universities across the country after completing the courses.
Here is a list of some universities that offer Persian learning courses or study opportunities. Good information is available on the websites listed. One should have a good tour of the website and gather the required information.

The University of Tehran
Shahid Beheshti University, based in Tehran city
Allameh Tabatabaei University based in Tehran
The University of Amir Kabir, based in Tehran
The Sharif University of Technology based in Tehran
Imam Khomeini International University Based in Qazvin
The University of AL- Zahra
The University of Guilan
The University of Esfahan
The University of Kharazmi, based in Tehran
The University of Mazandaran
The University of Kurdistan
Bu- Ali Sina University based in Hamedan City

Tehran University
Tehran University

Persian language institutes in Tehran

There are several institutes and private instructors in Iran that teach Persian language to foreigners. Tehran has probably the largest concentration of teachers available, and for those of you working in the city, many are available after regular business hours.
If your time is precious and you can’t spare an hour or two a day for regular lessons, there are plenty of distance learning and online learning options.

Short and intensive courses

Tehran as well as Shiraz and Isfahan organize intensive Persian language courses where you can stay for a long time. All prices are affordable and the universities also offer accommodation for those from abroad across their campuses. However, for our website, we will focus on Tehran.

 International Center for Teaching Persian to Non-Persian Speakers, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran

Alzahra University
Alzahra University

The International Center for Farsi Language Education at Al-Zahra University offers long-term and short-term elementary, intermediate and advanced as well as online Persian language courses for foreign students in Tehran.
The long-term program of 720 hours of Persian language lasts 9 months, which is divided into 6 semesters and each semester has 6 weeks. 4-hour daily Persian language classes are held 5 days a week. This long-term program of 9 months includes 3 sections – elementary Persian – 2 semesters, intermediate Persian – 2 semesters and advanced Persian – 2 semesters.
Two options of short-term Persian programs are offered at Al-Zahra University – 1 month and 3 months.
The 3-month Persian courses last 12 weeks. 360 hours of training per working day with 6 hours of Persian training per day.
The one-month Farsi program will be for 4 weeks with 120 hours of Farsi education and 30 hours of travel and cultural activities.
Please note that classroom courses are for women only, while online courses are for both men and women.
To test the level of Persian proficiency of applicants and participants, a Persian language test is held before and after each course.
To register at the International Persian Education Center of Al-Zahra University, you must send the required documents via email and register on the website of the Ministry of Education. After these steps, further details will be emailed by the organizers to potential applicants.

Contact Information:
Telephone: (+98-21)88044040 Extension: 2359, (+98-21)85692359
Telegram: (+98)9108959648 | WhatsApp: (+98)9108959648
Email: ictp@alzahra.ac.ir

Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute & International Center for Persian Studies at the University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Dehkhoda Institute
Dehkhoda Institute

The Dehkhoda Vocabulary Institute and the International Persian Studies Center of Tehran University have been organizing Persian language courses for international students since 1989. Every year, more than 1000 students from all over the world participate in the Persian language classes of this center.
This center organizes Persian language courses for four main groups of participants:
Group A – For all foreign applicants who primarily need to travel to Iran for Persian language courses. This center will help those who need such help to get Iran visa.
Group B, C and D courses are for Iranian nationals, who have a work permit in Iran or students who are registered as students in Iranian universities.
This center organizes two types of courses for international students:
– 6 weeks intensive Persian language course. Students can choose different levels to register – Preschool Persian, Elementary Persian I, II, III, Intermediate Persian I, II, III, Advanced Persian I, II, III.
– 11 weeks of Persian language classes in the regular semester, which will include first, second, intermediate Persian, first, second, and advanced Persian.

Contact Information:
Address: # 3011, Dr. Afshar’s Endowment Foundation, between Pesyan and Zaferanieh crossroad, North Parkway crossroad, Vali-e-Asr Ave, Shemiran, Tehran-Iran
Telephone: (+98-21) 22717120 , 22716833
Zip code: 1961733114
Fax: (+98-21) 22717118
Email: icps@ut.ac.ir

Global Persian Language Teaching at Saadi Foundation, Tehran, Iran

Saadi Foundation
Saadi Foundation

Saadi Foundation offers Persian language courses to international students in Iran. This institution has a good relationship with Iran’s cultural centers in different countries, and many students participate in Saadi Foundation’s Persian language classes through Iran’s cultural centers in their countries.
Saadi Foundation organizes various Persian language courses such as professional teacher training courses, professional courses, general Persian courses and targeted courses. General Persian courses have 4 main levels for international students – beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced Persian.
General Persian courses may last six or three weeks for each level. Each course consists of 60 hours. The Saadi Foundation also offers an annual 780-hour Persian language training program.

Contact information:
Address: # 17, 15th Eastern Street, Velenjak, Tehran- Iran
Telephone number: +982122414393-8
Fax: +982122414382
Postal Code: 1985864449
E-mail address: info@saadifoundation.ir

College of Science University of Tehran

The International Center for Persian Studies (ICPS) was established in 1368 on the recommendation of Dr. Seyyed Jaafar Shahidi, the head of the Vocabulary Institute of Dehkhoda. This center was established with the aim of teaching Persian language to non-Persian speakers and bringing together Iranian and non-Iranian professors of Persian language and literature to facilitate their research cooperation. Since the establishment of this center, more than 11,000 students from all over the world have participated in higher courses in this center and have become familiar with the Persian language, Iranian literature, and Iranian art history.

Categories of applicants and registration conditions

Applicants of this institution are divided into four categories:
Group A: includes foreign applicants who need the center’s help to obtain their study visa. This visa allows the applicant to enter the country, but it must be renewed after arrival.

  • Group B: includes Iranian nationals and applicants for Iranian citizenship.
  • Group C: includes foreign nationals who have Iranian residence and work permits. Holders of political and service visas.
  • Group D: includes foreign students studying in Iranian universities and citizens of Turkey and Syria.

According to the University of Tehran’s admission regulations, applicants who are not fluent in Persian language are requested to coordinate their presence in Iran one semester earlier before studying in order to participate in ICPS Farsi courses and pass the Farsi course as a prerequisite. Units for admission to undergraduate, graduate or doctoral programs.

Contact Information:
Address: College of Science, University of Tehran, Enghelab Avenue, Tehran, Iran
Email: intsci@ut.ac.ir

The University of Amir Kabir, based in Tehran

The University of Amir Kabir
The University of Amir Kabir

These classes provide a friendly environment for new students to get to know AUT and learn the national language of Iran in order to have a more pleasant stay here. Obviously, when living in a new country, it’s always better to know their language so that you can feel comfortable communicating with the natives or even making new friends. Special attention has been paid to the basic and practical language needs of students for purposes such as shopping, taking a taxi, daily exchange, etc. This is why teachers teach both spoken and written Farsi and use educational videos to teach listening and speaking.
Starting academic courses at AUT requires basic knowledge of Persian language. Our experienced and dedicated instructors have prepared courses for students who expect to learn the target language in a short period of time. They have been able to help students in a period of 4 months (480 hours) to reach the academic qualification to participate in university classes.
Teachers always give a detailed academic report to their students at the end of each term. If needed, we can even provide the services of a private tutor. We pride ourselves on providing non-native students with the academic study skills they need to study at foreign universities.

Contact Information:
Address: No. 350, Hafez Ave, Valiasr Square, Tehran, Iran 1591634311
Phone: +98 (21) 64540
POBox: 159163-4311
Email: intrel@aut.ac.ir

The University of Kharazmi, based in Tehran

The University of Kharazmi
The University of Kharazmi

Kharazmi University has joined the national plan of internationalization of higher education by appreciating the many reasons (educational, social, moral, economic, financial, cultural, etc.) that encourage diverse and international demographics of students, researchers and staff. Kharazmi University, as one of the best and most prestigious universities in Iran, established its international student admission office with the aim of introducing its scientific capabilities and potential to international students and researchers in order to encourage them to continue their studies in this university. In addition to registering foreign students, KHU tries to strengthen and develop international scientific and cultural interactions by offering its scientific and technological capacities to talented and interested international students.
In a short period of time, the international activities of the scientific vice-chancellor and the international cooperation of the University of Medical Sciences, as well as the establishment of the international student recruitment office of the Khuzestan University of Medical Sciences, the number of foreign applicants of this university has reached the desired level and currently there are 160 foreign applicants. are studying or accepting. Foreign students from more than seven countries of Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia and India study at KHU University at different levels and courses. The International Office of Student Recruitment seeks to increase national diversity in more than 20 countries. Most foreign applicants are from Iraq and Afghanistan. The recent activities of the foreign student recruitment office have led to the introduction of applicants from African countries to faculties and departments, so that the diversity of international students will increase if accepted and attended.

Contact Information:
Address (Tehran Campus): KhU, No. 43. South Mofatteh Ave., Tehran, Iran
Postal Code (Tehran Campus): 15719-14911, I.R. Iran
|Telephone: +98 – 21 – 8834 7822
Email: info@khu.ac.ir

If you are interested to know more about Persian language courses in Iran or learning in Iran in general check out these information.

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