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If you are looking for rent apartments in Tehran this is the page you need to check. Basically, We have 2 categories of apartment here for search. In our website we have many details to offer regarding Tehran real estate.

Firstly, We will explain about 2 major types of apartments in Tehran.

1- Furnished apartment

Funished apartment in Tehran-111

In this section, we provide you with numerous furnished apartment in Tehran. Firstly, we have furnished apartments in different areas which area popular for expatriates in Tehran. So if you area looking to rent cheap apartment in Tehran, we have good numbers of option to propose. Additionally, If you area looking to rent cheap apartments in Tehran, we have some offers to present to you.

basically, a furnished apartment has all the kitchen appliances and utensils. On the other hand there are the essential furniture in the living room area, such as Sofa sets, dining table Buffets carpets. Moreover, in the bedrooms you have Beds with mattresses and side tables. Additionally, in more luxurious furnished apartments you have more items. You may have, air purifier, extensive coffee machine and ….

In terms of areas, these apartments in Tehran  are mostly above downtown of Tehran. In the uptown of Tehran, we have areas like, Elahiyeh, Zafaraniyeh, velenjak, Farmanieh, Jordan and etc.

within, we have tries to makes it easy to rent apartment in Tehran.

2- Semi Furnished apartment (Only Kitchen Is Equipped)

Semi furnished apartment in Tehran 111
Semi furnished apartment in Tehran 111

A part of Tehran apartment, do not have complete sets of furniture. here they are famous as Semi furnished apartments. in these apartments in Tehran, you have what you need in the kitchen. That means you have the kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances. Clearly, kitchen appliances refer to stove, refrigerator and freezer, Oven microwave washing Machin and dishwashing machine.

Usually diplomats from countries like Netherland, Germany, Austria and a few more countries rent Semi furnished apartments in Tehran. These apartments are mostly in areas such as Elahiyeh, Zafaraniyeh, Niavaran, Tajrish, farmanieh, Kamraniyeh.

Secondly, its worth to note that, diplomats can rent apartment in Tehran with the terms as bellow:

Tehran apartments for rent-Lease terms

1- Paying rental amount in USD or Euro in advance

2- terms of payment, between 3 month in advance to 12 month in advance

3- Either NO deposit OR only 1 month deposit

4- Signing a bilanguage lease contract

5- length of contract, usually between 1 to 3 years

Main areas for rent

If you want to find out the best area for rent in Tehran, we suggest you look at our article. In brief, its worth to mention that for choosing a good area you should consider:

  • Safety: According to all statistics from Tehran Police Organization, the uptown of Tehran has the safest environment.
  • Quality of material: Again, generally, the best apartments with highest quality area in the uptown of Tehran.
  • Proximity to shopping centers: Areas like Elahiyeh, Zafaraniyeh, Velenjak, farmanieh….
  • Common area facilities: Most of the apartments with swimming pool sauna jacuzzi and rood gardens are in uptown of Tehran.

Top areas for Tehran apartments

Elahiyeh (Fereshteh)

Maybe the hottest area for expatriates an diplomats. There area numerous furnished and semi furnished apartments in this area. The sizes of apartments in this area is mainly above 120 Sq. meters. There many towers and high rises in this area as well. On the other hand, you have the best shopping centers and restaurants in this area.


When you think about Zafaraniyea and Mahmoodiyeh, one word comes to mind, Palladium shopping center. Its simply the ost famous shopping center for expatriates community.

By the way, Zafaraniyeh area also contains numerous high quality apartments.


This area is also among diplomatic areas in Tehran.



In this area the number of brand new apartments are more in comparison to other areas.

Finally, in Tehran Offers Real Estate, we would be happy to serve you with the best selection of properties that we have.

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