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If you are looking for rent apartments in Tehran this is the page you need to check. Basically, We have 2 categories of apartment here for search. In our website we have many details to offer regarding Tehran real estate.

Firstly, We will explain about 2 major types of apartments in Tehran.

1- Furnished apartment

Funished apartment in Tehran-111

In this section, we provide you with numerous furnished apartment in Tehran. Firstly, we have furnished apartments in different areas which area popular for expatriates in Tehran. So if you area looking to rent cheap apartment in Tehran, we have good numbers of option to propose. Additionally, If you area looking to rent cheap apartments in Tehran, we have some offers to present to you.

basically, a furnished apartment has all the kitchen appliances and utensils. On the other hand there are the essential furniture in the living room area, such as Sofa sets, dining table Buffets carpets. Moreover, in the bedrooms you have Beds with mattresses and side tables. Additionally, in more luxurious furnished apartments you have more items. You may have, air purifier, extensive coffee machine and ….

In terms of areas, these apartments in Tehran  are mostly above downtown of Tehran. In the uptown of Tehran, we have areas like, Elahiyeh, Zafaraniyeh, velenjak, Farmanieh, Jordan and etc.

within, we have tries to makes it easy to rent apartment in Tehran.

2- Semi Furnished apartment (Only Kitchen Is Equipped)

Semi furnished apartment in Tehran 111

A part of Tehran apartment, do not have complete sets of furniture. here they are famous as Semi furnished apartments. in these apartments in Tehran, you have what you need in the kitchen. That means you have the kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances. Clearly, kitchen appliances refer to stove, refrigerator and freezer, Oven microwave washing Machin and dishwashing machine.

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Usually diplomats from countries like Netherland, Germany, Austria and a few more countries rent Semi furnished apartments in Tehran. These apartments are mostly in areas such as Elahiyeh, Zafaraniyeh, Niavaran, Tajrish, farmanieh, Kamraniyeh.

Secondly, its worth to note that, diplomats can rent apartment in Tehran with the terms as bellow:

Tehran apartments for rent-Lease terms

1- Paying rental amount in USD or Euro in advance

2- terms of payment, between 3 month in advance to 12 month in advance

3- Either NO deposit OR only 1 month deposit

4- Signing a bilanguage lease contract

5- length of contract, usually between 1 to 3 years

Main areas for rent

If you want to find out the best area for rent in Tehran, we suggest you look at our article. In brief, its worth to mention that for choosing a good area you should consider:

  • Safety: According to all statistics from Tehran Police Organization, the uptown of Tehran has the safest environment.
  • Quality of material: Again, generally, the best apartments with highest quality area in the uptown of Tehran.
  • Proximity to shopping centers: Areas like Elahiyeh, Zafaraniyeh, Velenjak, farmanieh….
  • Common area facilities: Most of the apartments with swimming pool sauna jacuzzi and rood gardens are in uptown of Tehran.

Top areas for Tehran apartments

Elahiyeh (Fereshteh)

Maybe the hottest area for expatriates an diplomats. There area numerous furnished and semi furnished apartments in this area. The sizes of apartments in this area is mainly above 120 Sq. meters. There many towers and high rises in this area as well. On the other hand, you have the best shopping centers and restaurants in this area.


When you think about Zafaraniyea and Mahmoodiyeh, one word comes to mind, Palladium shopping center. Its simply the ost famous shopping center for expatriates community.

By the way, Zafaraniyeh area also contains numerous high quality apartments.


This area is also among diplomatic areas in Tehran.


In this area the number of brand new apartments are more in comparison to other areas.

Finally, in Tehran Offers Real Estate, we would be happy to serve you with the best selection of properties that we have.

Contract Format for renting an apartment

Basically we have bilingual contract both in English-Farsi with identical translation. This draft is very useful for expatriates and diplomats since they do not need to go through the Farsi version at all. The draft of contract contains the major Lessee and Lessor obligations in order to safeguard the rights of both parties.

Cheap apartment for rent in Tehran

Despite the vast facilities that exist in Tehran, many people go to this city during the day. It doesn’t matter if you come from a city near or far, with the intention of adventure or job search, from abroad or inside the country, you enter the city of Tehran.

A large number of people daily set foot in this vast city in search of a temporary shelter to spend their days. You might imagine that the easiest way after t raveling to Tehran is to rent a hotel, but these days the hotel rent has skyrocketed and people prefer cheap apartment for rent in Tehran.

Maybe the image you have of a cheap apartment for rent in Tehran is an image of an old and dilapidated apartment at the bottom of the city of Tehran, whose facilities do not appeal to your heart, but we recommend that you erase this image from your mind right now, because You can rent furnished and stylish apartments in this endless city with economical amounts. Just be a little adventurous and don’t just choose the first options that are offered to you.

The offer of a cheap apartment for rent in Tehran is an economic and good offer, provided that the apartment in question has reasonable facilities and the access method is not too difficult.

Although it is very easy to access different routes in Tehran thanks to public transportation these days, you can rest assured that the central areas will also be on the list of cheap apartment for rent in Tehran. Therefore, you can easily travel city distances with any type of vehicle you want.

Until a long time ago, people used to go to real estate agencies to rent cheap apartment in Tehran and spent days looking for apartments. Nowadays, you can search for a cheap apartment for rent in Tehran using reliable sites online.

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You don’t even need a computer system for this. Just open your smartphone and search a list of reliable websites for cheap apartments in Tehran. You will see how easy it will be to find favorable situations for renting an economic apartment.

Rent apartment in Tehran online

In the past few years, when the delivery date of the apartment was approaching, the tenants went from one company to another to find a new apartment. Fatigue and exhaustion caused by searching and not finding the desired item doubled the fatigue in people’s lives. This issue was also a big concern for travelers. Many travelers who were looking for an apartment or had recently moved to Tehran and did not know the addresses, had to rely on companies to rent an apartment, and in order not to get lost, They chose the first options that were offered to them. This issue was challenging in many cases because later they realized what better options they missed.

But today, no one uses the traditional methods to rent an apartment in a big city like Tehran. Rent apartment in Tehran online has given the seekers the opportunity to use the websites of service providers in the field of renting apartments and suites with complete trust and confidence to find the best option according to their budget. Renting apartment in Tehran online through these websites will allow you to make a logical and correct decision by checking different geographical locations and checking the features of the apartment and the rent amount.

In many cases, asking business owners about the features of the apartment leads people to face closed doors because the answers are not straightforward and accurate. Many business owners do not have enough information about apartments as much as landlords and cannot answer people’s questions about renting apartments. As a result, people are forced to rent the desired apartment without having a clear and informed vision. With the possibility of renting apartment in Tehran online, you can check all the features of the apartment before renting it. Look at different photos from different angles of the apartment and study the rules that the landlord has set.

Knowledge of these rules, along with a detailed understanding of the apartment’s features, will undoubtedly lead you to the best choice. This is the most important advantage of renting apartment in Tehran online, which these days are provided by reliable apartment and house rental websites to the seekers.

Rent apartment Tehran short time

Many people enter the vast and densely populated city of Tehran on a daily basis, among them some to find a job, some to have fun, some for a work mission, some to visit their relatives, and some to receive services. Medicine and some people come to Tehran for shopping and work contracts. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is for entering Tehran, the important thing is that you intend to stay in Tehran for a short time and after a few days you intend to return to the city and your homeland. So you should look for rent apartment Tehran short time.

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Short-term apartment rentals are different from one-year contracts that landlords sign with tenants. All the people we have mentioned have only been in Tehran for a short time and own houses in their own city. Therefore, it is natural that rent apartment Tehran short time is more logical for them than long-term rents.

rent cheap apartments in tehran

What some people mistakenly think is that it doesn’t matter where the apartment is or what facilities it has in rent apartment Tehran short time. Is it new or old, does it have access to the subway or not, is it located in an area with good weather or a polluted area, is Vivi Apartment beautiful or facing the desert, is it small or large! But this notion is extremely wrong. It is true that you intend to stay in the apartment for a short period of time, but isn’t neglecting these things neglecting your own well-being and comfort? You are going to pay an amount for rent apartment Tehran short time, so you should spend the short days of your trip in an apartment that you like.

room for rent in tehran, iran

Access to rent apartment Tehran short time websites allows you to stay in Tehran for as many days as you want. You can check the number of apartment rooms, parking space, cleaning, apartment view, rent amount, landlord rules, rental conditions, documents required for rent, apartment size and its facilities in rent apartment Tehran short time. Analyze it in terms of comfort and convenience that it is going to bring to you. Even if you plan to spend your travel days often outside the house or your business appointments are long and you come to the apartment to sleep at night, you should still pay attention to the location, security, facilities, quietness of the area, interior decoration and the apartment’s vibe.

How can I rent apartment in Tehran?

These days, despite the expansion of access routes from all cities, air, land and rail routes have been built to Tehran, and people can travel to Tehran in the blink of an eye. But the constant problem of the place of residence may worry you a little. Before traveling, you may ask yourself, how can I rent apartment in Tehran? Who should I contact to rent an apartment?

apartment prices in tehran

You may also be one of those people whose boss sends you to Tehran for business missions. So you have to choose a place to stay temporarily, but staying in a hotel may be difficult for you. In such cases, you may be a little confused about how can I rent apartment in Tehran? How can I identify the best position according to the company’s budget in the short time ahead?

To find the best apartment rental location in Tehran, just visit the reputable apartment rental websites and start filtering different categories. Choose the location, roughly choose your budget, determine the size of the house, the number of bedrooms, access and whatever you think is more important to you than other parameters to choose from a number of options.

rent house in iran tehran

The options shown to you are exactly according to your taste and desire. Checking all the options and ticking the desired ones will eventually lead you to a starred list created within an hour. So if this question has occupied your mind, how can I rent apartment in Tehran? It can be said that the best way for you is to rent an apartment in Tehran online. By using reliable and professional sites in the field of renting apartments in Tehran, you can rent your favorite apartment for any number of days you want with any intention.

Apartment for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners

It is in our blood to welcome guests in the best possible way. We cannot allow people who travel to our city and country to have a bad time. This is also true for the place of residence. Foreign guests are usually looking for luxury and stylish places to stay. Tehran is the capital of Iran and every day many foreigners visit Tehran for business missions, travel, tourism and other reasons.

If you want to rent short term apartment in Tehran, You can connect with Tehran Offers.

Therefore, they tend to settle in the best locations. Living in areas with high security, clean air, beautiful views and excellent access to various facilities are among the common demands of foreign guests. Apartment for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners is a bit difficult for foreigners, especially for people who do not know Persian. But apartment rental sites have solved this problem.

rent apartment tehran short time

Many of these websites are bilingual and have been successful in attracting foreign visitors by providing services in English and having strong SEO. Foreigners can easily rent their desired apartment in Tehran through these websites. Viewing pictures of the design and interior decoration of Tehran apartments online is one of the benefits of apartment for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners. Stylish and luxurious designs are usually liked by foreigners. Therefore, the landlords who plan to rent their apartments to foreigners, must be careful about the design of their apartments.

apartments for rent in tehran, iran for foreigners

Paying attention to things like lighting the apartment, using stylish and classy household appliances, first-class cleaning and hygiene of the apartment, creating a complete bedroom suite, observing health protocols and creating a safe, calm and lovely atmosphere can have a great effect on attracting the attention of foreign travelers.

It is also better to provide complete explanations about the apartment for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners. Because these people are definitely not familiar with Iranian houses, so it is better to make a detailed clarification about the apartment before it is rented. All these items will be available for apartment for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners.

The amount of apartment for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners is usually calculated in dollars and Euros, so people who can succeed in attracting foreigners will undoubtedly earn more income from rent. Therefore, if your apartment has special features and is considered one of the luxury and stylish apartments, be sure to provide professional explanations about this issue. Apartment for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners have given the opportunity to apartment owners to give their full description of the apartment.

Terms of renting a apartment in Tehran

Many people who prefer renting a hotel to renting an apartment in Tehran mistakenly think that the terms of renting a apartment in Tehran are very difficult and difficult, so it is better to go to a hotel instead of getting involved in the problems of renting an apartment. But a simple comparison between the facilities and conveniences you have in the apartment with the facilities and comforts of the hotel, along with comparing the prices, will lead you to an interesting conclusion.

Contrary to what some people think, terms of renting a apartment in Tehran is not a complicated situation. Although these conditions may vary from one landlord to another. But in any case, the conditions for renting an apartment are not so complicated.

Most of the house owners consider conditions such as providing a deposit or a deposit along with providing a photocopy of identity documents as the main condition.

Bringing identity documents and privacy documents for couples, announcing conditions for holding a party, conditions related to having a pet, conditions for payment of damages in case of injury and damage to furniture and apartments, conditions related to delivery and evacuation time and conditions Cancellation of accommodation is one of the conditions of terms of renting a apartment in Tehran, which must be clarified before renting.

These conditions must be fully correct and comprehensive to the lessee’s notice, and the owner of the apartment is responsible for wrong information. Certainly, for people who want to have a pleasant time during their short trip, renting an apartment in Tehran can be a much better option than renting a hotel. Many landlords are very kind and you will have a better time during your stay than the days you spend in a hotel. Your transportation in the apartment environment will be much easier than in the hotel, and your privacy is at a much higher level.

Cost of renting apartment in Tehran

If you are worried about the cost of staying in Tehran, stay in a hotel because it is not very economical. The increase in hotel rental rates has caused a large number of applicants to rent apartments in Tehran. The cost of renting an apartment in Tehran is not a cost that can even be estimated because everything depends on the conditions, fairness of the landlord and several other parameters.

If you want to know how much it costs to rent an apartment in Tehran, let us examine some of the factors affecting the cost of renting an apartment in Tehran. Furnishing the apartment is one of the most important things that plays a role in the cost of renting an apartment in Tehran. Furnished apartments are good apartments, but too many facilities in these apartments may not be what you need and necessarily increase the cost of rent. The more facilities and appliances in the apartment, the higher the rental fee will be.

Sometimes these appliances and facilities are so stylish and luxurious that they will be the key reason for increasing the house rent. The newness of the furniture, the luxury of the furniture, the style of interior design and decoration, and the luxury of the facilities that the apartment has are all effective in the cost of renting an apartment in Tehran.

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For example, an apartment may have smart equipment such as electric blinds, smart ventilation systems, toaster, cappuccino maker, microwave, luxury furniture, stylish kitchen utensils and 85 inch LED TV and high speed internet. While in another apartment, these facilities are normal or non-existent. The size of the apartment and the number of bedrooms is another factor that affects the cost of renting an apartment in Tehran. Of course, the larger the size of the house, the higher the rent will be. Large apartments are a reasonable and optimal choice for people traveling with families.

The age of the apartment and the location of the apartment are other factors influencing the cost of renting an apartment in Tehran. Newly built apartments and apartments that are located in good weather areas with excellent access to city facilities usually have higher rental costs.

This issue also affects the view of the apartment. This perspective can be a positive point for landlords to increase the cost of renting an apartment in Tehran. Having an elevator, parking, stylish wallpaper, lobby, heating and cooling systems, ventilation system and quality and clean floors can all give this permission to the landlord to increase the cost of renting an apartment in Tehran.

Having a from high security in the area, the tranquility of the area, the number of days guests stay in the apartment and the benefit of a balcony and terrace with facilities such as barbecue and green space can also change the cost of renting an apartment in Tehran. The impact of market fluctuations and economic developments should not be neglected in this price. Before renting an apartment in Tehran, it is better to check the features and facilities of the apartment to make sure that the cost of renting an apartment is reasonable and reasonable compared to these features and facilities.

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