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If you want to rent office in Tehran, you have come to the right page. Finding an office space is the first step for companies which wants to enter Tehran. Mainly we have two types of office spaces in Tehran. Companies in Iran mainly look for 2 types of offices in respect to their ownership deed.

  1. Office space with administrative license (Commercial License)
  2. Villa or building with residential license

for the first type of the office, companies which want to register their name in Iran would follow that. In this case companies can rent an office space with administrative license (Commercial License). With this procedure companies which rent theses buildings require 2 types of contracts.

  • standard Bilingual contract (English-Farsi)
  • Tracing code contract also known as Code-Rahgiri Contract (Only in Farsi) for their registration work

On the other hand, some companies want to use a villa or building as home office. Mainly some Chinese companies are interested in this type  of offices.

Flat open space offices

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In this kind of office, you have more flexibility to arrange working areas and designate the most optimum office space. This types of office space is the standard type in the industry worldwide. Multinational companies prefer this type of company since they can have their own desired configuration.

Office spaces with rooms

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Some companies look for offices for rent in Tehran, which have some closed rooms. Although it is a more traditional work space layout, its still preferable for some companies.

Terms of lease for offices in Tehran

If you want to have an office for rent in Tehran, firstly you should register your company in Tehran. Then, with having a registration code, you search for offices to rent in Tehran and finalize one. For finalizing a lease contract for an office space in Tehran, you need 2 kinds of contract.

  1. Normal bilingual  lease contract(English-Farsi)
  2. Tracing code contract (Only in Farsi language)

other terms would be:

  • Payment: You can do the payment in USD or IRR depending on your own policy.
  • Length of contract: between 1-5 years
  • Taxes: Rental revenue taxes on owner
  • terms of payment: between 3 to 12 month in advance

Best areas for renting Office in Tehran

There area some areas in Tehran which area very appropriate for office space.


In the street os Jordan (a.k.a. Africa a.k.a. Nelson mandela) There are plenty of office spaces. Similarly, in Valiasr Avenue  (above Vanek square) there area many offices for rent.

Mirdamad Street

Mirdamad street starts from Valiasr and finished at Mohseny square. In this area there are some very standard office spaces as well.

Famous shopping centers

Inside some shopping centers in different areas of Tehran, there are some offices for rent.

Palladium shopping center

Its the most famous shopping centers for expatriates and diplomats. The location of this shopping center is in Zafaraniyeh.

Galeria shopping center

The Galeria shopping center is in Velenjak area. The structure of this building is quite new. Its the most famous shopping center in Velenjak area.

Sam center

This shopping center is is just across Fereshteh street in the neighborhood of Elahiyeh. Sam center has a luxurious lobby with international brands in it.

َArtemis shopping center

One of the most famous shopping centers in Pasdaran area is Artemis. It is just across the middle part of Mirdamad street. The shopping center includes a big commercial center and also an admimistertaive office area.

Ava center

Its now among the top 3 shopping centers in Tehran. It consists of a luxurious commercial center full of brands and shops. On the other hand there are some floors exclusively for office space in this shopping center.

MaadIran Building

This building belongs to MaadIran corporation, and there are very standard 1000 Sq. meters flat offices in it.

Royal Vanak Building

This building is around very close proximity to Vanak square.

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