Where Are Those Luxurious Apartments Located In Tehran

When talking about the best neighborhoods in Tehran, the first thing that comes to mind is “north.” The term “north” does not necessarily work for other cities, but in Tehran, since the north has the best weather and facilities, all the best neighborhoods in Tehran are there. Considering that buying a house is one of the most important concerns of every household, choosing the best area of Tehran to live in is one of the most important things. In buying and renting a house in Tehran, criteria such as development, price, weather, facilities, amenities, and environmental conditions also play an essential role.

Best neighborhoods in Tehran

Essential Points in Choosing the Best Area to Live In Tehran

To measure the characteristics of a district, we examine the essential characteristics of the best neighborhoods In Tehran:

  • population density
  • The weather in the neighborhood
  • The visual beauty of the neighborhood
  • Access to urban infrastructure
  • Access to modern technology
  • The level of literacy and education of the people of that neighborhood
  • The security of the area
  • The level of the neighborhood’s facilities, such as schools, universities, hospitals, and recreational facilities
  • The geographical location of the neighborhood

The best neighborhoods In Tehran to live in can be found with a bit of research based on criteria, personal taste, and budget. It took many years for Tehran to become a big city, and many structures and changes were made during this time. Of course, one of the reasons for the expansion of the city of Tehran was its high population, which arrived from the surrounding areas daily. Many people who are in Tehran are looking for neighborhoods with good weather to live in.

The best neighborhoods In Tehran in terms of urban development

In terms of urban development, the District 2 of Tehran is the leader among other neighborhoods, and because it has a higher diversity in terms of building architecture, one can find any property with any criteria they want. The District 2 of Tehran includes neighborhoods such as Saadab Abad, Shahrak-e Gharb, Farahzad, and Marzdaran.

District 2 of Tehran extends from the north of Tehran and the slopes of Alborz mt to Azadi Square. This area stretches from the south to Azadi Street, from the west to Ashrafi Esfahani Highway and Mohammad Ali Jenah Highway, and from the east to Shahid Chamran Highway. Due to their geographical location, most of the neighborhoods in this district have a suitable climate for living. This area is ranked very well in terms of quality of life, and all its neighborhoods have ideal conditions for living.

Towers around Chitgar Lake

Another of the best neighborhoods in Tehran is the skyscrapers of Chitgar in Tehran’s 22 district. These towers are located in the form of different quarters next to Chitgar Lake in the westernmost part of Tehran. In terms of climate and urban planning, Chitgar can be considered one of the best neighborhoods of Tehran, which is not located in the north of this city. Many towers in this area are under construction and will be put into operation in the not-so-distant future.

Best neighborhoods in Tehran

The Best Areas in the Northern Part of Tehran

The northern part is one of the most famous, popular, and best neighborhoods In Tehran. Due to the fact that the city of Tehran is located on the southern slope of the Alborz mountain range, its northern part has excellent weather. In other words, it has winters with snowfall and cool summers with pleasant weather. District 1 and District 2 of Tehran are home to luxurious areas of the city, which include:

  • Mahmoudieh
  • Darakeh
  • Darband
  • Velenjak
  • Fereshteh
  • Tajrish
  • Niavaran
  • Kamraniyeh
  • Farmanieh
  • Zaferanieh
  • Elahieh

Most of these areas are located in District 1, the most expensive Tehran district.

Top neighborhoods in District 3 of Tehran

Neighborhoods such as Ekhtiariyeh, Pasdaran, Darrous, Daulat, Dibaji, Jordan, Zafar, Qolhak, Vanak, and Mirdamad are among the top neighborhoods in Tehran’s 3rd district, which are among the popular neighborhoods of the capital for living. It should be noted that the neighborhoods in this area are among the authentic and stylish regions of Tehran, which have good access to different areas of the capital. This district has 73 parks, and in this respect, it meets international standards. Arasbaran Cultural Center, Water Museum Park, Mellat Campus Cinema Complex, and Professor Shahriar Library are among the cultural centers in this area. The Enghelab Sports Complex is also located in this area and has increased its importance.

Best neighborhoods in Tehran

Other Top Neighborhoods In Tehran

Pasdaran is another modern, pleasant, and green neighborhood of Tehran through which you can access other areas of the capital. With a length of about 9 kilometers, this street is considered one of the longest streets in Tehran, reaching Niavaran from the north and Hemmat Highway from the south. The facilities and local accessibility of this area are in excellent condition, and this issue has made a living in Pasdaran one of the ideal options. Among the central neighborhoods and streets of Pasdaran, we can mention Ehteshamieh, Zarabkhaneh, Boostan, and Golestan streets. Also, this neighborhood has four metro stations and BRT lines that will bring the residents of the community to their desired destinations in different parts of the city.

Yousef Abad neighborhood is located in District 6 of Tehran. The important streets and highways around this place are Kurdistan highway and Amirabad neighborhood in the west, Hemmat Highway in the north, Valiasr street and Abbasabad neighborhood in the east, and Dr. Fatemi street in the south.

In the northwest of Tehran’s District 3, one of the most important neighborhoods of the capital stands out; Vanak. Currently, Vanak Square is located in the middle of the first half of Valiasr Street and is one of the most well-known areas of Tehran. Al-Zahra University, one of the significant universities of Tehran, is located in the vicinity of Vanak. This neighborhood is famous for its accessibility. Arriving at Vanak Square means having access to all parts of Tehran.

Best neighborhoods in Tehran

Don’t Forget About Tehran Pars

Last but not least, Tehran Pars, on the east part of the capital, is also one of the best neighborhoods in Tehran and is among the biggest ones as well. Residents of Tehran Pars are lucky because they are surrounded by the beautiful and vast natural parks of Sorkh-e Hesar, Lavizan, Khajir National Park, and the beautiful Yas Fatemi Park. The pleasant weather and the beautiful scenery of these forest gardens have given a lovely atmosphere to the neighborhood of Tehran Pars. Tehran Pars is part of the 4th and 8th districts of Tehran and is divided into two eastern and western regions.

But, where to live in Tehran?

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