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If you are looking for rent building in Tehran, you have come to the right page. In this section we offer you independent buildings which are available for rent. Firstly, when we independent, it means that you are renting a complete building with all common areas inside of it. Therefore you have no other neighbors which might bother you. Usually 3 types of clients:

Buildings as guest house for employees

Some companies prefer to rent an independent building in Tehran instead of renting numerous apartments. there are a few reasons for that:

  • Less cost of rent
  • Easier management
  • Dealing with only one owner (lessor)
  • Better security
  • Possibility to install strong satellite dishes
  • Possibility to install high speed internet

Buildings for chancery of an Embassy

Some embassies in Tehran prefer to search for building for rent in Tehran as a chancery. Its safe to say that, villas are a little old fashioned for an embassy chancery nowadays. Renting a building in Tehran as a chancery will allow the client for having higher efficiency level. While villas have considerable amount of unusable area. They client do proper fortification in walls in order to enhance security.

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Buildings for office space

Some buildings in Tehran for rent would be appropriate for companies as their office. These buildings either have flat layout or they have rooms lay out. Flat space office area more appropriate for companies with European standards which want to have  more efficiency. These buildings usually should have proper characteristics as bellow.

  • Lobby and 24 hour lobby man
  • security men
  • Anti seismic building
  • Proper cabling for office use

In terms of nature of the deed, buildings can be categorized like this:

Building with residential license

These types of building have residential license. They are really appropriate for clients like:

  1. Buildings of chancery of an embassy
  2. Buildings as guest house

These 2 types of clients do not need administrative (commercial) license at all. By the way, Chinese companies in Iran which need to have a guest house and also convene their meetings their its also ok.

Buildings with administrative license (A.K.A. commercial license)

These types of buildings would be appropriate for companies for their headquarter. Some companies require to have an independent building to work. Therefore they need  buildings with administrative license. usually companies which rent theses buildings require 2 types of contracts.

  1. standard Bilingual contract (English-Farsi)
  2. Tracing code contract also known as Code-Rahgiri Contract (Only in Farsi) for their registration work

In this case companies can completely operate within the boundaries of Iranian laws.

Terms of leasing a building in Tehran

There are some certain terms for rent buildings in Tehran. Since it is independent, you are responsible for all payments and monthly bills. That means you need to pay electricity, gas, water and internet and telephone bills. The owner on the other hand is responsible to pay municipal charges and other taxes in respect to the premises.

Obviously, these are some points for rent:

  • Terms of payment: 6 month or 12 month in advance
  • Length of contract: usually between 1 to 3 years
  • Currency of payment: US dollar or Euros or IRR
  • Contract format: Signing a bilanguage lease contract and Tracing code
  • Taxes: rental revenue taxes are upon owner
  • Common charges: All the utility charges(electricity, water, gas and telephone are upon Lessee)
  • Repair: Major repair (heating system, cooling system, cabling .. ) area upon lessor. Minor repairs upon lessee.
  • Maintenance: The usual maintenance and services should be done by the lessee.

Finally, we have different types of buildings for rent in Tehran to offer to you.

Cheap building for rent in Tehran

Many people who live in the city find good jobs in Tehran. There are favorable conditions for promotion, but there is a big barrier in front of these people, which is the high cost of renting building in Tehran. Most of the people, despite the existence of favorable work situations and job promotion, live in Tehran because the cost of renting a building in this vast city is very high, and it is not economical to pay such huge costs for renting a house.

In any way, we also give you the right to complain about the high rents, especially in Tehran, but you can still find cheap buildings for rent in Tehran. So if you are disappointed and think that there is no place for you in this infinite city, erase this image from your mind. Tehran Offer is with you by providing special and economical offers for renting a building in Tehran so that you can find the building you want according to your budget.

Unfortunately, many people living in Tehran think that as soon as their landlord raises the rent, they have no choice but to move to the city and are thinking of moving. While finding a new job, a new place to live and getting used to a new environment is not that simple. Finding a cheap building for rent in Tehran is not so complicated and difficult if you are determined and know exactly what you want.

When you hear the word cheap building for rent in Tehran, you may think of small stairs or imagine that we are talking about an area in the suburbs of Tehran, but this is not the case. You can find a suitable building for rent in the good areas of Tehran with full access to all facilities, whose rental price matches your budget. Just check the list of cheap building for rent in Tehran on the Tehran Offer website. We have prepared suggestions for you that will undoubtedly suit your taste and budget.

Rent building in Tehran online

Mandating the city of Tehran; A city that is expanding every day is not an easy task. You don’t need to have experience, as soon as you take a look at the map and check the alleys of this big city, you will understand what vastness is under your feet. The city of Tehran has 22 districts and it does not make sense to trample it all to find a building. Especially these days, technology has penetrated deeply into our lives and with the Internet, finding a needle in a haystack is not that difficult anymore. As a result, finding a cheap building for rent in Tehran is not a difficult task.

Rent building in Tehran online is the best solution to find the best and most desirable option. In online searches, you have the opportunity to check the geographical location of each building, clear and transparent images of the interior of the building, the accessibility to public transportation systems and investigate this issue that if you rent the desired building, how many hours should you spend every day on the way to your workplace, your parents’ house, your university or your child’s school and kindergarten.

Certainly, in a city like Tehran, saving time means enjoying life more. The long distance in Tehran can make you tired very quickly. To rent building in Tehran online, you can check the distances well and then make a logical decision. If you are allergic to Tehran’s polluted air, it is better to rent a building in a location that has cleaner air and is far from the city center. This issue can be easily checked online in the rent building in Tehran online. You can filter the areas you want to live in so that other areas are not shown to you.

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On the other hand, you will be able to filter the options according to your budget. Of course, buildings with high rents will be removed from your list. Therefore, there is no need to spend your time and energy on them. Checking whether the building has a courtyard or an apartment, the number of floors in the building, the floor where the desired unit is located, the views of the building, the level of security in the neighborhood, the exterior of the building, the age of the building, and whether the building is furnished or not, all in rent building in Tehran online.

Imagine that you had to spend hours arguing with business owners about these matters. At the end of the day, you would undoubtedly return home with your nerves messed up and tired, and tomorrow this boring loop would repeat itself.

In order to be able to rent a building, many business owners may not talk clearly with you about the amounts, and at the end of the transaction, you will find out that the amount determined by the landlord is another amount. One of the advantages of rent building in Tehran online is that the deal will be concluded without any intermediaries or deception. This issue will undoubtedly be more economical for you.

Rent building in Tehran short time

Many people are looking for rent building in Tehran short time. The intentions of these people for short-term rental of the building can be different. A person may have migrated to Tehran for a business trip, and another person may have to temporarily rent a building to study. What is important is that it is possible to rent building in Tehran short time through Tehran Offer.

Many landlords rent out their buildings for a short period of time in order to avoid losing their buildings. In this short-term lease, an official contract is concluded between the lessor and the lessee, however, the lease period is less than one year. This period of time can be from a few days to a few weeks and a few months.

In fact, the period of time you can rent a building in Tehran depends on the conditions of the landlord. Since different people rent building in Tehran short time with different decisions, it is necessary to adapt the conditions of the landlord to their own conditions and if they match, rent the building. The best way to rent building in Tehran short time is to use reliable websites because the landlords describe their conditions completely and perfectly on these websites.

From the rental amount and rental period to the rental conditions for married and single people. Therefore, you can cross out the options that are not applicable to you to reach the best and most desirable options for rent building in Tehran short time. Tehran Offer has prepared special options for people who want to rent a building for a short period of time for any reason.

For many people who intend to rent building in Tehran short time, the condition of the building is very important. Some people may not pay much attention to the lightness of the building, the privacy of the building, having a warehouse, parking and the interior plan of the building due to the temporary nature of the rental, but this issue is important for many people. Even if you intend to rent building in Tehran short time, you can still check all the features of the building.

How can I rent building in Tehran?

When it comes to renting a house in Tehran, many people imagine that it will be an exhausting task. But today, with the boom in the business of real estate consultants, there is no news of the problems of renting or buying a house. Tehran is expanding every day and the amount of construction is increasing. Therefore, it doesn’t seem logical that in response to the person who asked you, how can I rent building in Tehran? Tell them to visit the real estate! There are certainly easier ways to get a building permit in Tehran.

The easiest way to rent a building in Tehran is to refer to reliable websites that have the electronic trust symbol and operate legally under the supervision of official bodies. Tehran Offer is one of the best websites that offers countless options for renting buildings in Tehran for you. Just visit this website and get your desired choice by filtering different options. Renting a building online in Tehran allows you to check the conditions of the lessor before renting. Many landlords include conditions such as being married or single, the possibility of keeping pets, maintaining the cleanliness of the building, and the conditions that are involved in damaging the building in a list of conditions. So you can make sure whether the desired building is the one you were looking for or not.

Some landlords consider special conditions for full mortgage and rent, which you can choose according to your budget and conditions. As a result, the simplest and best answer to the question, how can I rent building in Tehran? is renting a building in Tehran online.

Building for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners

Tehran is the capital of Iran and international traffic is constantly going on in this vast city. Therefore, Building for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners, is not a strange and far-fetched category. People who come to Iran from other countries do most of their activities in the capital. It doesn’t matter if these people came to Tehran for study, leisure travel, work or business, the important thing is that they need a shelter to stay in Tehran. As a result, they have to rent the building.

Many of these people need to rent a building for a short period of time, and some others want to rent a building for a long-term stay. Usually, people who come to Tehran for fun or business missions live in this city for a shorter period of time, while other people who came to work or study in this city need to rent a building with a long-term contract.

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One of the most important conditions for Building for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners is the authentication of individuals. It is very important that people who want to rent the building will reside in the building as they initially mentioned. So landlords may apply more strict security for these people. However, Building for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners is possible through building rental websites. These websites are usually bilingual and foreigners can also search the website in English. Therefore, finding the best options for rent by them is not a difficult task.

It should be noted that building for rent in Tehran Iran for foreigners may be done at a different rate for these people, so many landlords consider the permission rate for foreigners to be a higher amount due to economic issues. Even if these people are not familiar with the geographical locations of Tehran, they can succeed in renting a building because all the information related to the geographical locations is known on Google Map.

Terms of renting a building in Tehran

Many people compare renting a building in Tehran with renting a building in the cities and claim that the Terms of renting a building in Tehran are much more difficult than the conditions for renting in the city. While this analogy is fundamentally wrong. It is clear that the Terms of renting a building in Tehran are specific to the vast and densely populated city of Tehran and must be different from the conditions of other cities. So, if you have been making this comparison so far, it’s time to understand the difference between the two.

Terms of renting a building in Tehran depend on various things. One of the most important things is the rules that the landlord sets. For example, the building where the rented unit is located may be a crowded building, so the landlord may not allow you to keep pets or you may not be able to hold noisy parties at night. So, many of the terms of renting a building in Tehran depend on the rules and regulations that the landlord imposes.

The most important of these conditions is financial conditions. It cannot be said fortunately, but each landlord may consider the financial conditions according to his personal preferences. Therefore, there are no special rules and laws for renting houses in Tehran. Although not complying with the amount approved by the organizations is considered a violation, but in many situations, the building in question may have very favorable facilities, views and accesses. Therefore, the landlord determines the amount of rent and deposit according to these items.

One of the most important terms of renting a building in Tehran is the financial conditions, which are determined by the landlord. Although some landlords consider a discount amount for renters, however, this amount will also be determined by them.

It is very important that the desired building has a legal document with residential use. Therefore, you can ask the landlord to show you the document of the house before renting to make sure that it is residential and owned. Many people may rent a building without owning it. This is a major offense. For example, if the building has a common deed, all owners must agree on the lease. As a result, it is very important to consult a professional advisor about the document and its rules before renting the building.

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zeroing of bills related to water, gas and electricity that have not been paid in advance, not tampering with meters, complete investigation of local residents and other tenants of the building about security and peace, questions about the conditions of using the parking lot and the exact location of the park The car, conditions for using the elevator for moving furniture, checking the amount of traffic in the building, asking about the conditions for bringing pets, the conditions for holding a party and the possibility of changing the locks as soon as you settle in are all among the terms of renting a building in Tehran, which must be agreed between the landlord and The tenant should be settled. Be careful that the building rental contract must be done in official notary offices, otherwise, never go under the burden of signing the contract.

Cost of renting building in Tehran

One of the constant and endless problems of renting a house in Tehran is the cost of rent. The cost of renting building in Tehran depends on various parameters. If you do a simple search on prices and costs right now, you’ll see what an endless variety there is in rental prices. This issue can be rooted in many different factors.

The well-planned building, its size and infrastructure are among the factors that have a direct impact on the cost of renting building in Tehran. Certainly, the bigger the building and the less deviations in its drawing, the higher its rental price will be. In addition to these items, the number of rooms can also be mentioned. If you pay attention, the number of bedrooms in a building is always considered as one of the most important parameters affecting the rental price of the building.

Geographical location and access to urban facilities, access to metro, taxi and BRT are also other factors influencing this price. Tehran has 22 districts. Of course, the closer we get to the top of the city, the higher the rental prices. Now, if the desired building is independent and villa type, the rent price will be much higher.

Building facilities are another important factor in determining the rental price. Kitchen facilities such as cabinets, faucets, hoods and gas stoves, benefit from air conditioning and heating cooling systems, benefit from telephone line, having an elevator, having a warehouse, year of construction, parking, quality of building construction, quality of materials used quality of wall and floor coverings, lighting system, having a lobby, swimming pool, benefiting from a central wireless system, whether the building is furnished or not, and benefiting from smart facilities are among the things that are included in this category and can be effective in decreasing and increasing the amount of rent.

Regarding the number of floors of the building and the floor on which the desired unit is built, it can be claimed to influence the price. This issue will certainly affect things like the landscape and the amount of traffic in the building. Therefore, the landlord can increase or decrease the rent accordingly.

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Being bright, having a balcony, the amount of the deposit, the number of family members, the security of the area, the benefit of double-glazed windows, and the cleanliness and hygiene of the building are all among the things that change the cost of renting building in Tehran. You can save on building rental costs in Tehran by eliminating middlemen, i.e. companies, and find the best and most economical buildings for rent through online search. In this regard, you can count on our help in Tehran Afar.

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