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If you are looking for rent building in Tehran, you have come to the right page. In this section we offer you independent buildings which are available for rent. Firstly, when we independent, it means that you are renting a complete building with all common areas inside of it. Therefore you have no other neighbors which might bother you. Usually 3 types of clients:

Buildings as guest house for employees

Some companies prefer to rent an independent building in Tehran instead of renting numerous apartments. there are a few reasons for that:

  • Less cost of rent
  • Easier management
  • Dealing with only one owner (lessor)
  • Better security
  • Possibility to install strong satellite dishes
  • Possibility to install high speed internet

Buildings for chancery of an Embassy

Some embassies in Tehran prefer to search for building for rent in Tehran as a chancery. Its safe to say that, villas are a little old fashioned for an embassy chancery nowadays. Renting a building in Tehran as a chancery will allow the client for having higher efficiency level. While villas have considerable amount of unusable area. They client do proper fortification in walls in order to enhance security.

Buildings for office space

Some buildings in Tehran for rent would be appropriate for companies as their office. These buildings either have flat layout or they have rooms lay out. Flat space office area more appropriate for companies with European standards which want to haveĀ  more efficiency. These buildings usually should have proper characteristics as bellow.

  • Lobby and 24 hour lobby man
  • security men
  • Anti seismic building
  • Proper cabling for office use

In terms of nature of the deed, buildings can be categorized like this:

Building with residential license

These types of building have residential license. They are really appropriate for clients like:

  1. Buildings of chancery of an embassy
  2. Buildings as guest house

These 2 types of clients do not need administrative (commercial) license at all. By the way, Chinese companies in Iran which need to have a guest house and also convene their meetings their its also ok.

Buildings with administrative license (A.K.A. commercial license)

These types of buildings would be appropriate for companies for their headquarter. Some companies require to have an independent building to work. Therefore they needĀ  buildings with administrative license. usually companies which rent theses buildings require 2 types of contracts.

  1. standard Bilingual contract (English-Farsi)
  2. Tracing code contract also known as Code-Rahgiri Contract (Only in Farsi) for their registration work

In this case companies can completely operate within the boundaries of Iranian laws.

Terms of leasing a building in Tehran

There are some certain terms for rent buildings in Tehran. Since it is independent, you are responsible for all payments and monthly bills. That means you need to pay electricity, gas, water and internet and telephone bills. The owner on the other hand is responsible to pay municipal charges and other taxes in respect to the premises.

Obviously, these are some points for rent:

  • Terms of payment: 6 month or 12 month in advance
  • Length of contract: usually between 1 to 3 years
  • Currency of payment: US dollar or Euros or IRR
  • Contract format: Signing a bilanguage lease contract and Tracing code
  • Taxes: rental revenue taxes are upon owner
  • Common charges: All the utility charges(electricity, water, gas and telephone are upon Lessee)
  • Repair: Major repair (heating system, cooling system, cabling .. ) area upon lessor. Minor repairs upon lessee.
  • Maintenance: The usual maintenance and services should be done by the lessee.

Finally, we have different types of buildings for rent in Tehran to offer to you.

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