Tehran Technical Details

Learn Farsi in Tehran-Language institutes in Tehran

Language is one of the main communication tools. Whether you have started learning Persian in your own country or want to immerse yourself in Iranian culture, learning Persian in Iran is a unique experience! A few years ago, I registered to learn Persian in Tehran. Iran is one of the Farsi-speaking countries that provides a rich scientific and research opportunity to go to the Persian language academy and...

Get Internet in Iran

How can I get Internet in Iran, Tehran?

Internet Access While You Are In Iran Do you want to stay connected to the outside world when visiting Iran? You won't be dissatisfied if you have a blog or an Instagram account and want to stay in touch with your friends and family back home. Iran's internet is usable, and of a high enough standard for us to use it for all the things we need and want to. However, it is vital that you comprehend a few...

iranian embassy

List of Diplomatic Missions of Iran in The World

The Islamic Republic of Iran has ambassadors in 100 countries, as well as 34 consulates representing Iran abroad. Of course, in a number of countries, the responsibility of running the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not with the "ambassador" who is with the "eunuch" or the "head of the delegation." In the last case, the Czech country was in Europe, which operated our country's embassy as a...

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