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Where Is Farmaniyeh Neighborhood Located

The Farmaniyeh neighborhood is a prosperous district that can be found in the northern part of Greater Tehran in an area known as Shemiran. Both Shemiranat County and the first district of Tehran Municipality are included within its boundaries. As the location of many Iranian noblemen and notables as well as embassies, the Farmaniyeh neighborhood has one of the highest household income rates in all of Tehran, if not the highest. Farmanieh got its name from the Farmanfarmaian family, which was one of the aristocratic families during the time of the Qajar dynasty and owned a significant portion of the land in the region. If you want to rent apartment in Farmaniyeh be with us.

Farmaniyeh View

Transportation and Accessibility In Farmaniyeh Neighborhood

Niavaran can be found to the north of Farmanieh, while Dezashib can be found to the west, Pasdaran Avenue can be found to the east, and Sadr Expressway and Chizar can be located to the south of the Farmanieh neighborhood. Farmanieh Avenue is the primary street that runs through the area. The eastern end of the street connects to the Farmanieh roundabout, which is located at the junction of northern Pasdaran Avenue. The western end of the road leads to the Dezashib region. Although Dr. Lavasani Avenue is now the post-revolutionary official name for Farmanieh Street, most people in the area still refer to it by its former name. The length of the avenue is around 5 to 7 kilometers.

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Sadr Expressway and Farmaniyeh Neighborhood Development

As a result of the construction of the Sadr Expressway along the district’s southern boundary, the pace of growth in the Farmaniyeh neighborhood has quickened to the point that it has been virtually uncontrollable during the last several decades. These days, residential buildings and business skyscrapers, like the Kuh-e Noor banking plaza and retail mall, dominate the skyline of Farmaniyeh. However, a tiny neighborhood park that adorns a prominent square at the junction of Farmanieh Street and Dibaji Street reflects the area’s suburban roots. This plaza is located at the intersection of Farmanieh Street and Dibaji Street.

You may discover a variety of Tehran’s most well-liked eateries and cafés in this area of the city. Additionally, there are fashionable shopping centers that are exquisite and lavish in appearance. So many expats and diplomats have been living in Farmaniyeh for so many years. If you want to join them and enjoy living in one of the best and most peaceful districts of Tehran, call us now, or visit our houses on the TehranOffers website.

Properties In Farmaniyeh

Houses in the Farmaniyeh area feature a diverse selection of commercial buildings, garden towers, residential flats, 30-story structures, as well as older homes. Properties in the Farmaniyeh neighborhood are often ranked among Tehran’s most costly real estate. Its homes may be found in the upper rankings of the price ranges for real estate in Tehran in practically every one of these categories, and of course, in certain instances, Farmanieh properties hold the top price rank in all of Tehran.Tower in Farmaniyeh

The towers and penthouses of Farmaniyeh are very well-known across all of Iran, and the prices of these properties are among the highest for any kind of real estate in the whole city of Tehran. Due to Farmaniyeh’s easy access to other parts of Tehran, such as Pasdaran, Andarzgo Boulevard, Artesh Highway, and Imam Ali Highway, as well as convenient facilities like Farmaniyeh Hospital and its various schools, the price of an apartment in Farmaniyeh is significantly higher than the price range for apartments in Tehran as a whole.

Famous Towers of Farmaniyeh District

Farmaniyeh is home to a number of illustrious residential skyscrapers, some of which rank among the most well-known structures not only in Tehran but also across the Middle East.

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Farmaniyeh Sky Tower (Borj-e Aseman)

The Farmaniyeh Sky Tower is widely regarded as one of the city’s most opulent skyscrapers. One of the highest skyscrapers in Tehran is the Farmaniye Sky Tower, which stands at the height of one hundred meters. The Aseman Skyscraper is the second-highest structure in Tehran, and it has 37 stories. The Tehran International Tower is the tallest tower in Tehran. Aseman Tower is a mixed-use building that includes commercial, administrative, and residential sections. The administrative and commercial sections of Aseman Tower, as well as the residential sections of Sky Tower, are among the most expensive commercial, office, and residential properties in Tehran. The residential units of Aseman Tower also include a variety of different types of flats with various features.

Farmaniyeh Rolex Tower

Rolex Tower is widely considered to be among Tehran’s most aesthetically pleasing residential skyscrapers. The Farmaniyeh neighborhood is home to the Rolex Tower, which is widely regarded as one of the most opulent skyscrapers in all of Iran. This stunning structure comprises 17 stories, and the famed Rolex Tower Penthouse can be found on the very top floor of the exclusive Rolex Tower. It is possible that this information may be of interest to you that Ali Daei resided in the famous Rolex Tower Penthouse. This skyscraper has 52 residential apartments, and those residential flats are some of the most desirable homes in all of Tehran.

Farmaniyeh Twin Towers

One of the most massive structures in Tehran, The Twin Towers has thirty stories of residential space and three hundred individual apartments. The construction of these two chic skyscrapers in Tehran in 1993 completely altered the appearance of the surrounding area. The space dedicated to the infrastructure totals 130.000 square meters. It is possible to say that the price of the Twin Tower’s flats is fairer when compared to the price of the luxury skyscrapers in this region. Living in one of the units of the Twin Towers will provide you with a comfortable environment, and at the same time, you will enjoy an unbroken view of the stunning landscape that Tehran has to offer under your feet.

Best Parts of Farmaniyeh Neighborhood

The Farmaniyeh neighborhood is bordered by the Niavaran neighborhood from the north, Sadr highway and Andarzego boulevard from the south, Pasdaran, and Aqdasiyeh from the east, and Dezashib neighborhood from the west. Farmaniyeh Street is one of the best parts of the Farmaniyeh neighborhood. Farmaniyeh Street starts from Farmaniyeh Crossroad and reaches Kamraniyeh Crossroad. Kamraniyeh intersection divides Farmaniyeh Street into two western and eastern parts. North Dibaji St., North Afshariyeh St., Sonbol St., Azarmina St., Hamidreza Nouryan St., Narenjestan 1st St., Narenjestan 7th St., Tangestan 2nd St., Afshari Blvd., Asgarian St., Servati St., Mehmandoost St., Aghaei St., Aria St., and Vatanpour St. are among the best parts of Farmaniyeh for living.

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Best Part Of Farmaniyeh

Shopping Centers and Malls In Farmaniyeh

The retail facilities in Farmanieh provide a wide variety of goods and services. Along with its residential towers, this neighborhood is home to some of the most opulent retail complexes and commercial buildings in all of Iran. Because of the relatively high-income level of the people who live in the Farmaniyeh neighborhood, its shopping centers have an excellent income in terms of commercial trading. As a result of this advantageous commercial prosperity, the Farmaniyeh neighborhood is now considered to be one of the best neighborhoods in Tehran in terms of the quality of its shopping centers.

Artemis Shopping Centre

One of the most well-known shopping malls in the northern part of Tehran is the Artemis retail center, which is located in Farmaniyeh. It is because of these characteristics that Artemis shopping center is among the mixed retail malls of Tehran in terms of commercial and tourist location. Artemis shopping center has twelve stories and a large number of commercial, administrative, and recreational units.

Shopping Center In Farmaniyeh

The Artemis shopping center is home to upscale retailers where you can get any and all of the items you need. In addition, this shopping center is home to food courts and a gaming area, all of which attract their own clientele. You might select the Artemis shopping center to shop for your needs and even take a tour of the place for a few hours if you enjoy walking in luxury shopping centers.

Kohestan Shopping Center

Another one of the excellent retail complexes in the Farmaniyeh district is called Kohestan Farmaniyeh Shopping Center. The Kohestan shopping mall can be found on Pasdaran Street, only a few yards before the junction of Farmaniyeh. Even though it is not as large as the other major shopping centers in Tehran, the Kohestan shopping center is nevertheless an excellent mall to go to if you are looking to purchase luxury products.

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Koohestan Shopping Center

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You won’t find anybody who doesn’t want to live in this area since the Farmaniyeh neighborhood has so many exciting things to offer its residents. People that reside in this area are highly prosperous, distinguished, and friendly. Also, the towers that have been constructed here are of a very high grade. Please get in touch with us via the TehranOffers website if you are interested in purchasing or renting a home in this neighborhood. You can count on us to give you the best services possible. Exclusive services that you won’t find at any other real estate agency.

Farmanieh apartment rental in Tehran

Each neighborhood in Tehran is known by a special name. Farmanieh is called the neighborhood of nobles. This area is one of the most luxurious areas of Tehran, which is more famous for its ultra-luxury penthouses.

Farmanieh is actually a pleasant and attractive combination of traditional neighborhoods with an old and noble texture and modern and luxurious neighborhoods. This delightful combination has caused many people to look for Tehran apartment rental orders. Farmanieh apartment rental in Tehran, Tehran will make you live in the heart of one of the most attractive neighborhoods.

Farmanieh was basically built by the Farmanieh family and the reason for its name today is the same historical background. Luxurious towers, wonderful facilities, pleasant weather, unparalleled silence and the wonderful peace that ripples in this area have made it one of the most popular areas to live in.

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By Farmanieh apartment rental in Tehran, you will live in District 1 and have great access to the neighborhoods of Niavaran, Aqdasiyeh, Pasdaran, Kamranieh, Jamaran, Dezashib and Sadr Highway.

If you want to have the best choice in Farmaniye apartment rental in Tehran, you need to know the famous streets of this area. Farmanieh neighborhoods are often green, beautiful, luxurious, extremely clean and quiet neighborhoods. However, the most popular streets in Farmanieh for renting apartments are Ammar, Asgarian, Saidi, Andarzego and Lavasani streets.

Farmanieh apartment rental in Tehran

Renting apartment in Farmanieh, Iran

Living in the crowded neighborhoods of Tehran can make you sick of noise and pollution after a while. This is despite the fact that areas like Farmanieh are among the most relaxing areas of Tehran, which are popular both in terms of peace and wonderful views. Renting an apartment in Farmanieh, Iran allows you to live in an area far from the hustle and bustle.

One of the great advantages of renting an apartment in Farmanieh, Iran is that you can use the public transportation fleet such as the subway and have quick access to places in Tehran. By renting an apartment in Farmanieh, Iran, you will have quick access to the metro stations of Qeytariyeh and Nobonyad, which are very close to Farmanieh. Many people believe that Qeytariyeh is a part of Farmaniya and some people are against this opinion. However, these two neighborhoods are very close to each other.

The best options for renting apartment in Farmanieh, Iran, do not only include renting apartments in the famous streets of this area, such as Sonbol, Ammar, and Andarzgo. All Farmanieh neighborhoods are among green and luxury neighborhoods.

Among the most excellent neighborhoods in Farmanieh, Sonbol Street is at least a head and neck higher than other neighborhoods in terms of beauty. But in terms of facilities, if you look at this neighborhood, you will see that it does not have many facilities.

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By renting apartment in Farmanieh, Iran, you can have quick access to Farmanieh Garden, Rostam Abad neighborhood palace, all kinds of shopping centers, cultural centers, entertainment centers, and educational, medical and historical centers.

How much is renting apartment in Farmanieh?

By renting a house in Farmanieh Tehran Apartment Rental, you should prepare yourself to pay high rents. Living in this area requires expensive rents. Although the rental price is different in different areas of Farmanieh, it is concluded that Farmanieh is an expensive area for renting an apartment in Tehran.

That is why most of the people living in this area have a high economic level. However, the main question of many people interested in living in Farmaniye is how much is the rent of an apartment in Farmaniye?

The price of renting an apartment in Farmanieh depends on various parameters. For example, which neighborhood of Farmanieh the apartment is located in, access to facilities, access to other neighborhoods and streets, the view of the apartment, the size of the apartment, the number of bedrooms, the green space around the building, parking, storage, the number of telephone lines, Wireless internet, kitchen facilities, cooling and heating system, balcony and terrace, Persian and Iranian bathroom, type of flooring and light absorption and the facade of the building are among the things that influence the price of renting an apartment in Farmanieh.

Furnished apartment for rent in Farmanieh

Each house and each apartment unit has a special style in interior decoration. Many landlords arrange the house according to this style and rent the apartment furnished. Renting a furnished apartment in Farmaniye allows you to live in an ideal space regardless of the interior design style of the apartment.

Renting apartment in Farmanieh, Iran

The fact that your equipment and household appliances do not match the interior decoration style of an apartment may force you to pay additional costs for buying new appliances. For example, your home may be furnished in a classic style, but the house you rented has minimal interior decoration.

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Renting a furnished apartment in Farmaniye allows you to choose any apartment you want with any style of decoration without worrying about compatibility. Renting a furnished apartment in Farmanieh is actually an opportunity to save extra costs of moving. You can contact our experts in Tehran Offers to rent a furnished apartment in Farmanieh and get more information.

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