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If you are searching for rent short term apartment in Tehran, you have come to the right place. Visitors who come to Tehran to stay for sort term has to main options.

  1. Hotels
  2. Short term apartments

Hotel prices per apartment differs from 50 USD to 300 USD per night. short term apartments is more expensive than hotels. Moreover, a short term apartments have some advantages to hotels.

  1. More privacy
  2. No problem with having guests

There are some terms for short term rentals in Tehran:

  • Paying the rental amount in Advance
  • reserving the apartment 1 week before starting
  • Paying deposit amount OR handing over the passport for the staying period.
  • Not subleasing it to others

most of short term apartments Tehran, are in the top 3 district of Tehran. So mainly you can search for these apartments in areas like Jordan, Vanak, Elahiyeh, Farmanieh and etc.

On the other hand in comparison to hotel prices, short term apartments have higher prices.

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