Aqdasiyeh Neighborhood: An Old but Modern Area

District 1 of Tehran hosts luxury and modern towers and houses. It is considered the best and most stylish district of Tehran. Aqdasiyeh is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods which is located in District 1 of Tehran. Movhhed Danesh Street is the new name of Aqdasiyeh, but people still know the name of this area by its old name, Aqdasiyeh. Living in Aqdasiyeh is equivalent to living in the most luxurious neighborhoods of Tehran, and for this reason, the price of apartments and houses in Aqdasiyeh is among the most expensive neighborhoods of Tehran. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the Aqdasiyeh neighborhood.

Aqdasiyeh neighborhood

Where is Aqdasiyeh in Tehran?

Aqdasiyeh is one of the neighborhoods in Shemiranat, Tehran. The name “Aqdasiyeh” cannot be considered the name of an independent neighborhood, but rather, it is the name of an area north of Pasdaran Street. Aqdasiyeh is adjacent to Pasdaran Street from the south, Kashank and Darabad from the north, Niavaran and Farmaniyeh from the west, and Araj from the east.

In other words, Aqdasiyeh is the name of a region in the northeast of Pasdaran Street. It is one of the neighborhoods that are close to places of interest and even the sights of Tajrish, and one of the reasons for the fame of the name of Aqdasiyeh and the good living conditions of Aqdasiyeh are these issues.

History of Aqdasiyeh

In the past, Aqdasiyeh was one of the lands of Kashank and Darabad villages. During the Qajar era, Aqdasiyeh was under the ownership of Naser al-Din Shah’s accountant. After some time, Naser al-Din Shah gave these properties to one of his beloved wives named Aqdas al-Dowleh, and these lands became known as Aqdasiyeh. After the death of Aqdas al-Dowleh and during the constitutional period, the lands of Aqdasiyah came under the control of the government.

Aqdasiyeh is an authentic and old neighborhood. With this account, you can see both traditional and very luxurious and modern textures in this neighborhood. Some parts of this area have still preserved their old texture and there are still a number of old houses and mansions left in this neighborhood. However, the dominant texture is the newly built texture and there are countless luxury towers, apartments, and houses in this neighborhood.

Aqdasiyeh neighborhood

Aqdasiya During the Pahlavi Era

During the Pahlavi period, Aqdasiyeh was under the control of the government as state lands, and until the time of Mohammad Reza Shah, most of the lands of Aqdasiyeh were agricultural lands. During his reign and his residence in Niavaran Palace, Aqdasiyeh became a place for the rich and courtiers to live.

Accordingly, subdivision and construction began in Aqdasiyeh, and this was the beginning of the formation of the Aqdasiyeh neighborhood. The lands of Aqdasiyeh were divided and until the Islamic Revolution in 1979, many of these lands were converted into houses and Aqdasiyeh took its present form.

Access to Aqdasiyeh Neighborhood

Aqdasiyeh neighborhood is accessible by the Artesh (the army) Highway in the east of this area. The route of Imam Ali Highway and Artesh Highway is the best way to go to Aqdasiyeh. It can be accessed from the west side through Pasdaran Street or Bahonar Street as well.

Knowing how to access this neighborhood, and what city services and medical, recreational, and educational facilities it has will help you in deciding to rent a house in Aqdasiyeh. Among the most important features of Aqdasiyeh, the following can be mentioned:

  • Favorable weather due to its proximity to Darabad
  • Easy access to other parts of the city due to the existence of many highways
  • Less and lighter traffic compared to other neighborhoods
  • Very high security
  • Easy access to city services and many amenities
  • The presence of two important hospitals, Nikan and Chamran
  • Having extensive green space
  • The presence of numerous stylish cafes and restaurants

Aqdasiyeh neighborhood

Facilities of Aqdasiyeh Neighborhood

Aqdasiyeh neighborhood has many facilities for life. It has a wide green area so the green area per capita is desirable in this neighborhood. It has easy access to the best sightseeing places in Tehran and the best shopping centers. For instance, Aqdasiyeh shopping centers are among the most luxurious ones in Tehran. Some of these facilities are as follows:

  • Narenjestan Park
  • Badi’ Park
  • Aqdasiyeh apple garden
  • Rose Yoga Club
  • Sports club, volleyball hall, and indoor swimming pool of the Defense Industries
  • Fazilat Park
  • Safaye Araj Park
  • Araj Park and Nemat Elahi Park
  • Ladan Park
  • Golzar Park
  • Albaloo (cherry) Park
  • Shokoofeh Aqdasiyeh sports club
  • No-Bonyad sports complex
  • Koosha Park
  • Koohestan sports complex

Public Transportation in Aqdasiyeh

Currently, there are several bus lines serving this neighborhood as follows. For example, the Bus Line 220 is from Ozgol Square to Tajrish terminal, Line 387 runs between Resalat Square and Qods Square on the way from Aqdasiyeh, Line 217 passes from Sadaf town to Qeitariyeh subway through this neighborhood, and Line 215 is a three-way route to Zarabkhaneh and passes through Aqdasiyeh neighborhood. The closest subway to Aqdasiyeh is the Aqdasiyeh subway station on line 3 of the Tehran Metro. This station is located in the east of Aqdasiyeh.

Aqdasiyeh neighborhood

Aqdasiyeh Shopping Centers

This area, due to its location in the north of Tehran city, is the residence of the wealthy class. For this reason, you can see many luxury brands in the market and shops in this neighborhood, some of which are as follows.

Ava Center

Ava Center is undoubtedly one of the best shopping centers in Tehran specializing in gold and jewelry. It is built on a land area of 2,560 square meters and has 16 floors. This complex has different parts that can make a pleasant purchase for you. The different parts of the Ava Center shopping center are as follows:

  • The section for gold and jewelry galleries
  • The section dedicated to antique gold and jewelry
  • The section related to special brands of gold and jewelry
  • The section for other stores
  • The section for restaurants and food courts

Park Central Shopping Center

Park Central shopping center is located north of Aqdasiyeh Street. It houses a collection of the best Iranian brands. These brands are among the best brands in the fashion and clothing industry and have turned Park Central into one of the most attractive shopping centers in District 1 of Tehran.

Aqdasiyeh Complex

Although the Aqdasiyeh complex is not a large one at the level of Tehran’s megamalls, it is one of the popular complexes and shopping centers in this area. Aqdasiyeh complex is located near Aqdasiyeh Square.

Aqdasiyeh Medical Centers

The presence of medical centers is always one of the important elements for valuing life in an area. As a matter of fact, the more and bigger the regional medical centers, it shows that the neighborhood has suitable conditions for living. The existence of several specialized hospitals and clinics has made Aqdasiyeh a good neighborhood in terms of medical facilities. Nikan Hospital, Chamran Hospital, Nikan Ophthalmology Center, and Nikan Infertility Treatment Center have put this neighborhood in very good condition. Apart from these, Narenjestan Polyclinic, Proshat veterinary clinic, and a 24-hour pharmacy should also be mentioned.

Aqdasiyeh neighborhood

Life in Aqdasiyeh

Aqdasiyeh is one of the best neighborhoods in Tehran. The context of urban development in Aqdasiyeh consists of the most luxurious buildings. These buildings are made of the best materials. It is surrounded by some of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Tehran. Niavaran neighborhood, Farmaniyeh, Manzariyeh, Pasdaran, and Kamraniyeh are among these areas.

One of the most important characteristics of Aqdasiyeh is the pleasant weather of this neighborhood. Although there is no sign of the old garden houses, the municipal authorities have paid special attention to the green space in this neighborhood. There are nature tourism facilities in Aqdasiyeh, which can be easily done due to its proximity to Niavaran and Darabad, and all these things are among the strengths of Aqdasiyeh for life.

The price of apartments in Aghdasiyeh is very expensive due to the luxury of this area, so this neighborhood is among the most expensive ones in Tehran. In fact, Aqdasiyeh is one of the most popular neighborhoods for buying and selling houses and apartments. These have caused the price of apartments and houses in Aqdasiyeh to grow a lot in the last few decades. If an earthquake occurs or a state of emergency is declared, the residents of Aqdasiyeh can go to 7 emergency evacuation places.

Best Streets of Aqdasiyeh

Aqdasiyeh has several main streets. For example, Golzar and Golestan streets are among the most expensive streets not only in Aqdasiyeh but in the whole of Tehran. Very luxurious buildings and villas with high-floor areas, high-rise towers, and penthouses are found in abundance in these areas. Some of the important and famous streets of Aqdasiyeh are:

  • Aqdasiyeh Street (Mohhved Danesh)
  • Sepand Street
  • Firouzbakhsh Street
  • Amir-Bahador Street
  • Golestan Street
  • Golzar Street
  • Teimouri Street

Aqdasiyeh neighborhood

TehranOffers Helps Foreigners with House Rental in Aqdasiyeh Neighborhood

Aqdasiyeh, like other neighborhoods in district 1, hosts luxury and modern towers and houses and is considered one of the best and most stylish neighborhoods in Tehran. In this neighborhood, most of the houses with an area of more than 200 square meters can be seen, which shows that the residents of Aqdasiyeh are interested in large houses.

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