About Niavaran and Its Location

To the north of Tehran is where you’ll find the wealthy and upper-class neighborhood of Niavaran. It is possible to get to Niavaran from Tajrish Square, which is located near Darabad in the extreme northeastern part of Greater Tehran. Niavaran neighborhood is bordered by the verdant and winding uphill Darband Street. Manzariyeh, Niavaran, and Jamal Abad are the three sub-regions that makeup Niavaran as a whole. All three of these sub-regions are located in the first district of Tehran, more specifically in the north.

Niavaran neighborhood

Niavaran is a perfect neighborhood in Tehran which is home to wealthy people as well as a large number of iconic individuals. Niavaran is brimming with cultural treasures such as the Niavaran Palace Complex, Niavaran Park, and the Farhangsara (cultural center). This cultural center is comprised of an amphitheater, museum, music hall, and Café Gallerie, which is a courtyard coffee shop with indoor exhibition space. Let’s see what makes Niavaran one of the best districts in Tehran for living in.

Niavaran Park and Niavaran Palace Complex

Shahid Bahonar Street serves as the location of Niavaran Park, a public park in north Tehran. It is situated close to the south of the Niavaran Palace Complex and may be found inside the Niavaran neighborhood. The order to create the park came from the former Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and it was carried out in 1969. Niavaran Park has an area that is equal to 62,000 square meters. The expansive fountains in the park take up 3320 square meters of area, while the park’s green space has flowers covering 8000 square meters and lawns covering 20,000 square meters. The park provides a wide range of recreational activities for its visitors, including play spaces for children, facilities, and table tennis and chess sets.

In addition to a prayer hall and several concrete swimming pools, the park is home to the Children’s Cultural Center and a library. A poll taken of tourists in 2008 revealed that walking in Niavaran park was one of their favorite activities. In the year 2000, a canal was constructed so that the Niyavaran aqueduct could supply the garden with water.

Niavaran Palace Complex

Shemiran is home to a historically significant palace complex known as the Niavaran Palace Complex. It is made up of a number of palace structures and monuments that were constructed during the Pahlavi and Qajar dynasties. The complex may trace its roots back to a garden in the vicinity of the Niavaran neighborhood that served as a summer palace for Fath-Ali Shah (1772–1834), who ruled over the Qajar dynasty in Iran. The same dynasty’s Naser Al-Din Shah (1831–1896) issued the order that led to the construction of a pavilion in the park.

Niavaran neighborhood

Initially referred to as the Niavaran neighborhood, the structure was rechristened by Saheb Qaranieh at a later date. During the late Qajar era, the pavilion that belonged to Ahmad Shah Qajar (1898–1930) was constructed. A brand new palace with the name Niavaran was built for the royal family of Mohammad Reza Shah during the time of the Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran (1919–1980).

Niavaran Palace During Pahlavi Dynasty

The construction of the palace began in 1967 after it had been planned in 1958. It fulfilled a number of functions for the imperial court, including acting as a residence for the Shah and the Empress and as a venue for hosting visiting heads of state from other countries. This venue played host to the reception and state banquet for US President Jimmy Carter on the evening of New Year’s Eve in 1977.

When they fled Iran in January 1979, the Shah and Empress left almost everything behind for their people. With the exception of the Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, all of the buildings that were located on the Saheb Qaranieh’s periphery were destroyed, and the structures that are still standing today were constructed to the north of the Saheb Qaranieh. After then, the Ahmad Shahi Pavilion became an exhibition center for the gifts that foreign leaders gave to the Iranian imperial rulers.

Niavaran neighborhood

Best Streets of Niavaran Neighborhood for Living

Niavaran neighborhood is one of the regions that must be said to be difficult to access. This is especially a problem when you want to reach this neighborhood from western regions. The reason for this problem is the lack of proximity of Niavaran to highways in the north of Tehran, as well as the heavy traffic on Niavaran’s streets. This problem, on the other hand, makes Niavaran a cozy region that only the residents of the neighborhood would like to travel to.

The most crucial route to the Niavaran neighborhood is from Bahonar Street and Pour Ebtehaj Street in the south of this neighborhood. Regarding the problems of public transportation, it should be said that there are two highways in the east of this neighborhood. The Imam Ali Highway and the Artesh Highway in the east of Niavaran have largely solved the problem of access to the Niavaran neighborhood.

Niavaran neighborhood does not have a public transportation terminal, and the only public transportation that is available for this neighborhood is the bus that is located in the south of the district, on Movahed Danesh Street.

The Niavaran neighborhood does not have a dedicated metro station. The closest metro station to Niavaran is the Nowbonyad metro station. Nowbonyad metro station can be reached from the south of Niavaran and Pasdaran Street.

Niavaran neighborhood

Niavaran neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods with famous streets. The streets of Niavaran have exceptional beauty due to being located on the mountain slope. Its streets are among the most beautiful avenues in Tehran. The location of these streets next to luxury buildings has made walking in this neighborhood very enjoyable. The best streets and alleys of the Niavaran neighborhood for a living are listed below:

  • Kaj St
  • Nurafshar St
  • Shafii St
  • Mollahosseini St
  • Gorji Street
  • Jahanshahi St

Saheb Qaranieh Quarter

Undoubtedly, the Saheb Qaranieh quarter of Niavaran is one of the best places to live in Tehran. The reason for this is the presence of Saheb Qaranieh Palace, Niavaran Palace, and Niavaran Park in the vicinity of this quarter. These gardens and parks play a very influential role in providing fresh air for the Saheb Qaranieh quarter and increasing the price of houses and apartments in this neighborhood.

Jamshidieh Quarter

Jamshidieh quarter is also one of the best districts in the Niavaran neighborhood for living. The presence of Jamshidieh Park in this quarter and its location at the foot of Kolakchal Peak has made this area one of the best places in Tehran in terms of beautiful scenery and pure air.

Manzariyeh Quarter

Manzarieh quarter also houses the Shahid Bahoner sports complex and the famous recreational camp, as well as Manzariyeh Garden. With the existence of these two recreational facilities and excellent access to entertainment centers and one-of-a-kind shopping centers in Tehran, Manzarieh is among the best quarters in Tehran for living.

Jamaran Quarter

Jamaran quarter is indeed one of the best districts in the Niavaran neighborhood. This quarter has excellent air quality due to its location in the foothills of the Alborz mountain range and its proximity to Jamshidiyeh Park. Jamaran neighborhood is a short distance from Tajrish, and on the other hand, this neighborhood has fewer traffic problems than many of its adjacent neighborhoods.

Niavaran neighborhood

Why Niavaran Neighborhood

Living in Niavaran can give its residents a pleasant experience of living in a fantastic neighborhood. Life in Niavaran is much more suitable for people who have health problems due to its good fresh air and its semi-mountainous nature. Many diplomats and expats working in Tehran choose Niavaran for their living due to the excellent conditions in this neighborhood. Niavaran is a luxury neighborhood, and its shopping centers are among the most opulent shopping centers in Tehran.

Narvan Shopping Center, Rosha complex, and Kimia complex are among Niavaran malls. On the other hand, Niavaran also has excellent access to great shopping centers such as Tajrish Bazaar, Tajrish Arg Complex, and entertainment centers in this area. It must be said that Niavaran entertainment centers are among the best places to visit in Tehran. Niavaran Park, Niavaran Palace, Jamshidiyeh Park, and Darabad hills are in the vicinity of the Niavaran neighborhood.

Niavaran’s access to the subway and public transportation is a little weak, but it is not as if you cannot access public transport and the subway in Niavaran. Since it’s a cozy neighborhood north of Tehran, public transportation is restricted to only Tarjish and Nowbonyad metro stations.

Niavaran neighborhood

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Many of the homes in the Niavaran neighborhood are occupied by diplomats and other non-Iranian specialists who have selected this neighborhood so that they may lead an enjoyable life away from the hustle and bustle of Tehran’s central districts. Niavaran is the perfect place for you if you are one of those individuals who are seeking a peaceful neighborhood with plenty of green trees. Finding the ideal property in Niavaran, however, may be a challenging endeavor, particularly for those who are not acquainted with the region.

We at Tehranoffers, with our professional agents, make it possible for you to discover the perfect property even for your short stay in this location. Even if you are just staying here for a few days, simply supply our real estate professionals with the specifics of your ideal house, and we will provide you with the most viable options in the shortest amount of time. You will also have the opportunity to have an up-close look at the property that will one day be yours. You won’t have to worry about purchasing or renting a property for yourself when you are with Tehranoffers.

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