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Saadat Abad; The Neighborhood You Were Looking For

The northern part of Tehran is home to the affluent neighborhood known as Saadat Abad. The Saadat Abad neighborhood is home to a number of notable urban amenities, including Tehran’s opulent 5-star Espinas palace hotel, the Arikeh Iranian shopping center, the Aren shopping center, the Sadaf shopping mall, the Zeytoon sports complex, the Tehran Jurassic park, Saadat Abad Park, Parvaz garden, Erfan hospital, Atieh hospital, and Parsian hospital. Other notable urban amenities include the Zeytoon sports complex.

Saadat Abad Neighborhood

Saadat Abad is a district in Tehran that is noted for having superior air quality and lower levels of air pollution than other districts in the city due to its position in northern Tehran and its closeness to the Alborz mountains. Farhang square is where you’ll find the Boys Section of the Tehran International School, which can be found in the Saadat Abad neighborhood. The institution is an authorized IB school and has a total enrollment of around two hundred pupils.

Why Saadat Abad Should Be Your Future Neighborhood in Tehran

Have you ever given any consideration to the possibility of renting a property in the Saadat Abad neighborhood? Where in Tehran may one find the most desirable housing options? Continue to join us here at Tehranoffers so that we can provide solutions to all of these questions.

You must first discover enough about a region before you can call it home, even if you only plan to be there for a short period of time. Living there requires that you do so. It makes no difference if you are interested in renting an apartment in NY or Tehran. You are obligated, however, to get the appropriate information on the location where you want to make your home. The exact same point was brought up in relation to the residents in Saadat Abad. If you are considering renting an apartment in the Saadat Abad neighborhood of Tehran, you should be aware of the district of the Tehran municipality in which this neighborhood is situated.

Where Is Saadat Abad Located?

District 2 of Tehran Municipality is where you’ll find Saadat Abad nestled in among the other neighborhoods of Tehran. This region is in a very ideal location in terms of its geographical location because it provides routes leading from the north to Farahzad, from the south to Shahrak-e Gharb, from the east to Chamran Highway, and from the west to Poonak. The weather of Saadat Abad makes it one of the most desirable locations in all of Tehran to make your home.

Geography of Saadat Abad Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Saadat Abad may be found in the northwestern part of Tehran, to the north of the Alborz mountain range. From the north, Saadat Abad will lead you to the Alborz mountain range, from the east, it will lead you to the Chamran highway. And from the south, it will lead you to Shahrak Gharb. And from the northeast, it will lead you to the Evin-Darkeh region. From the northwest, it will lead you to the Farahzad Valley. Because of its placement on the map, Saadat Abad benefits from a moderate year-round temperature and easy access to the resorts of Evin and Darakeh.

Saadat Abad Neighborhood

Saadat Abad Neighborhood Accessibility and Public Transportation

Saadat Abad is a neighborhood that is surrounded by a significant number of motorways, which contributes to its high level of foot traffic. It is a neighborhood in Tehran that can be reached through the Hemmat Highway, Hashemi Rafsanjani Highway, Chamran Highway, and Yadegar Imam Highway. All of these routes are located in close proximity to Saadat Abad and allow access to the area. There are a lot of people that are curious about how to go to Saadat Abad. The four motorways that surround this neighborhood provide the most convenient access to Saadat Abad, making it one of the most accessible areas in Tehran, regardless of where you are located in the city.

Access to public transit is very convenient in Saadat Abad because of the neighborhood’s favorable characteristics. This community has a number of bus and taxi terminals, the majority of which are located along the Saadat Abad Highway and in the Kaj Square area, respectively, which makes it easy to access public transit.

Saadat Abad Neighborhood

The Meydan San’at metro station, which is located on line 7 of the Tehran Metro, is the nearest stop to the Saadat Abad neighborhood. The Dademan Metro Station and the Meydan Ketab Metro Station on Tehran Metro Line 7 both serve the Saadat Abad neighborhood. However, both metro stations have not yet been placed into service and are thus not accessible to passengers. It is important to note that the Meydan San’at metro station is now the one that is located in the closest proximity to the Saadat Abad neighborhood.

The best streets of Saadat Abad

Because of the prominence of the Saadat Abad neighborhood in Tehran, the district’s streets have been given names that are well-known across the city. Saadat Abad is a large neighborhood. The critical and prominent streets of Saadat Abad include Sarv Street, Farhang Street, Farahzadi Boulevard, Dasht-e Behesht Street, Allameh Street, Paknejad Street, and Ladan Street (Faraz Quay). Kaj Square is among the most significant squares in the Saadat Abad neighborhood. The public plaza once stood at the crossroads of Saadat Abad Boulevard and Sarv Street. In 2018, the name of Kaj Square was officially changed to Shahid Hassan Tehrani Moghadam Square.

Saadat Abad Neighborhood

In general, when we talk about Saadat Abad, we refer to both the larger neighborhood that is also named Saadat Abad as well as the smaller area that is called Shahrak Gharb. It is important to remember, however, that the Saadat Abad area has been subdivided into many smaller communities in recent years. These neighborhoods include the Darya neighborhood, Ivanak neighborhood, Faraaz neighborhood, Behrud neighborhood, and Aseman neighborhood.

Darya Community

One of the communities that make up Saadat Abad and District 2 in Tehran is known as the Darya community. The Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani Highway is located to the north of the Darya zone, while Dademan Boulevard and Modiriat Street are situated to the south of it. Pakanjad Boulevard is located to the west of it, and Chamran Highway is situated to the east of it. The communities of Saadat Abad, Shahrak Gharb, Vanak neighborhood, the Aseman neighborhood, and the Sepehr neighborhood are located immediately to the south of the Darya neighborhood. We may include Delavaran Park, Tehran Paris Restaurant, Toranj Restaurant, Abshar Park, Shams Tabrizi Park, and Morvarid Park, among the significant locations in the Darya neighborhood.

Aseman Community

One of the communities that make up Saadat Abad and District 2 in Tehran is known as the Aseman. The Yadegar Imam Highway and Isargaran Street form the northern boundary of the Aseman neighborhood. Paknejad Boulevard and West Sarv Boulevard serve as the neighborhood’s eastern and western borders, respectively. The Hashemi Rafsanjani Highway serves as the neighborhood’s southern boundary. The districts of Behrud, Saadat Abad, Darya, Poonak, Sepehr, Naft, Faraaz, and Farahzad are located directly to the west of the Aseman area. Mozaffarieh Restaurant, Bostan Park, Bagcheh Mohsen Cafe Restaurant, Darvish Garden Restaurant, Dehkedeh Garden Restaurant, and Xabiz Italian Restaurant are some of the essential facilities that can be found in the Aseman area.

Saadat Abad Neighborhood

Sepehr Community

One of the areas that make up Saadat Abad and District 2 of Tehran is Sepehr neighborhood. It is surrounded to the north by the Hashemi Rafsanjani highway and Nakhlestan Street, to the south by Dademan Boulevard. Sepehr is bound to the east by Darya Boulevard, and to the south by Pakanjad Boulevard. Sepehr neighborhood is near to Saadat Abad, Shahrak Gharb, Ivanak, Darya, Aseman, and Poonak neighborhoods. It is possible to include the Arikeh Iranian Complex, the Aren retail mall, the Sepehr shopping center, and the Moko restaurant on our list of significant locations in the Sepehr area.

Saadat Abad Neighborhood Makes Your Dream Comes True

The district of Saadat Abad is recognized as one of the most costly in all of Tehran. The cost of renting an apartment in Saadat Abad is the most expensive anywhere in Tehran and the most costly in the northwest of the city. Because of the high cost of real estate, the cost of living in Saadat Abad is higher than the cost of living in Tehran as a whole. Residents of Saadat Abad now live in a charming neighborhood as a result of the neighborhood’s proximity to a number of Tehran’s most popular tourist destinations, including Darakeh, Farahzad, and the old road of Imamzadeh Davoud. In addition, the neighborhood is home to a number of very nice parks.

Tehranoffers Provides You With The Best Apartments In Saadat Abad

One of the advantages of living in the Saadat Abad neighborhood is the convenience of its location in relation to Tehran’s major thoroughfares. The Chamran Highway, the Yadegar Imam Highway, the Niayesh Highway, the Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani Highway, and the Hemmat Highway all provide inhabitants of Saadat Abad with easy access to the critical roads that run through Tehran. Because of the abundance of hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities in the area, Saadat Abad is widely regarded as one of the best medical hubs in all of Tehran. This is mainly owing to the fact that Saadat Abad is home to a large number of healthcare institutions, including hospitals.

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