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Where Is Tajrish Neighborhood Located?

Tajrish neighborhood, the capital of Shemiranat Country, is located in northern Tehran. It has traditionally been thought of as a refreshing summer vacation for residents of the Iranian capital, but the city has undergone a significant amount of urbanization in recent years. Because of its proximity to the Alborz Mountains range, the Tajrish neighborhood in northern Tehran, which is located at an elevation of 1,612 meters above sea level, has a pleasant climate in the summer days. This is the reason why many people choose to live uptown, where the summers are nice and where snow frequently falls in the winter.

Tajrish Neighborhood

Tajrish neighborhood is bounded from the north by Darbandi Street, Valiasr Street, Tajrish Square, Maleki Street, Shahrdari Street, Darband Street, and Bahonar Street. The area is limited from the south by Sadr Highway, Modares Highway, Fayazi Street, and Sharifi Manesh Street. This neighborhood is also bounded by Nelson Mandela Boulevard and Maryam Street from the west and Dr. Shariati Street and Mousivand Street from the east. Tajrish neighborhood is adjacent to the districts such as Elahiyeh, Zafaraniyeh, Zargandeh, Imamzadeh Qasem, Qeytariyeh, Amaniyeh, Hekmat, Darband, Bagh-e Ferdous, and Darb Dowom.

Great History of Tajrish Neighborhood

The region is home to a number of qanats, which are literally translated as “subterranean water canals.” Some of them have access to water sources even now. Some of the individuals that relocated to Tehran and its suburbs came from other regions of Iran, and they chose to make their home in Tajrish. People at the time believed they were crazy, but the cheap cost of property in Tajrish village made the northern lands outside of the city appealing to newcomers.

Since Tajrish was watered by Darakeh and Velenjak rivers, the area became necessary for the Kings of the Qajar dynasty. As a direct consequence of this, the area eventually became an integral part of the city and ceased to function as a vacation destination, which marked the beginning of the urbanization process. Imamzadeh Saleh is a religious center and mosque that is hidden behind the Tajrish Bazaar on the plaza. These two landmarks are the only things that remain from the former Tajrish neighborhood.

In addition to being an excellent spot to go grocery shopping, the Tajrish Bazaar also has some of the finest fruits and vegetables, spices, and other goods that are transported to the posh neighborhood. A handful of the older buildings are still standing, but most of them have been replaced by multi-story structures, while some have been converted into small stores and boutiques.

Tajrish Square And Its Amenities

One of the biggest commercial centers in Tehran is Tajrish Square, which is situated at the end of Tehran’s Vali-e Asr Avenue. It is a good idea to traverse on foot or even drive around during certain times of the year because of the tall trees and the excellent climate. The historic market, the magnificent Tajrish Tekiyeh (a location where Shiites congregate during the month of Muharram for the sake of mourning), and Imamzadeh Saleh are some of the most stunning features of this neighborhood.

Tajrish Neighborhood

In addition to the region’s dozen restaurants and cafés, the surrounding neighborhood is home to a number of contemporary shopping centers. You may take a cab from Tajrish Square up to Darband, also known as the “Gate of the mountain,” where you can go for a stroll in the hills through the ancient hamlet or dine at one of the numerous restaurants that are spread out along the streams that flow down from the mountains. You are also not far from Tochal, which is lovely all through the year but particularly outstanding during the winter months for activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

Tajrish Metro Station

Considering the difficulty of navigating Tehran by car, using the Metro from Tajrish, which is serviced by Line 1 of the excellent Tehran Metro, is often one of the most convenient routes to go downtown. The Tajrish Metro Station is one of the deepest in the world, if not the deepest, and there are seven escalators that are required in order to access the subway lines.

Excursion in Tajrish

The Tajrish district is a popular destination for tourists in Tehran since it is home to some of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. There is a reasonably broad number of tourist destinations and entertainment options in Tajrish, many of which have historical and cultural significance. A few of these locations are significant for their historical value, while others are notable for their economic worth, and yet others are pertinent for their resort and natural attractions. However, Tajrish is replete with such locations.

Tehran Music Museum

The Tajrish district is where you’ll find the Tehran Music Museum. The Tehran Music Museum is widely regarded as one of the most important music institutions in the nation. From Tajrish Square to the Music Museum is a journey that can be accomplished on foot in only 10 minutes. This stroll will take place on Darbandi Street, which is a lovely and appealing street that makes an excellent choice for this itinerary. The Music Museum is often regarded as one of the most sentimental museums in Tehran.

Tajrish Neighborhood

The Old Tajrish Market

Tajrish Market is considered to be one of the city’s oldest marketplaces. It is not possible to get at an accurate age estimate for the Tajrish market. Because of the existence of the Imamzadeh Saleh court in Tajrish, it is likely that this market has a very long history. Iranians have always placed a high value on the development of thriving marketplaces in religious cities and sites. The creation of the Tajrish market in its current shape can be traced back to the late Qajar period, as is evident by the fact that it has retained its original name. The Tajrish market is widely considered to be one of the most attractive marketplaces in all of Tehran.

Sa’ad Abad Palace

Tajrish Square entrance serves as the primary point of entry to Sa’ad Abad Palace. The Sa’ad Abad Palace is a collection of Qajar structures to which collections were added during the early Pahlavi era. These collections are presently housed at a museum that was created in the Sa’ad Abad Palace. After Golestan Palace, the museum collection of Sa’ad Abad Palace is the most extensive in all of Tehran.

Tajrish Neighborhood

The Museum has both an important historical collection and a one-of-a-kind collection for the promotion of outdoor recreation and ecotourism. Along with the many museums that are housed inside the Sa’ad Abad Palace, the magnificent sycamore trees that have grown to such great heights have helped to convert this complex into one of the most popular destinations for tourists and entertainment in all of Tehran.

Tajrish Best streets for Living

To get to know the Tajrish neighborhood, you need to know its great streets. We must state that these streets are considered the best places in Tajrish to buy apartments in Tehran. The most essential and best streets of Tajrish include the following:

  • Khaje Nouri St
  • Farghani St
  • Tehrani St
  • Bahar Azadi St
  • Dehghan St
  • Rezaei St
  • Hale St
  • Darbandi Street

Tajrish Neighborhood

Why You Should Tajrish Neighborhood for Living?

The proximity of the Tajrish neighborhood to various forms of public transit is one of the factors that contribute to its standing as one of Tehran’s most desirable residential areas. It is no longer necessary for you to drive your own vehicle throughout the day since there is a bus terminal at Tajrish Square (also known as Quds Square), which links you to every other part of Tehran.

One of the primary reasons we advise you to rent a property in this neighborhood is because of the proximity to medical and treatment centers. You will have easy access to the several specialist hospitals that are situated in the center of Tajrish or in the surrounding area. Tajrish’s most significant hospitals and medical centers include Tajrish Martyrs Hospital, Taleghani Hospital, Akhtar Hospital, Jamaran Heart Specialist Hospital, and Nourafshar Hospital.

Once again, Tehran, and particularly its central district, is significantly polluted owing to the high population density and the widespread usage of vehicles. However, the temperature begins to drop, and the air quality improves as one moves farther out from the downtown. Make your way up the picturesque Vali Asr Boulevard in the northern part of Tehran to breathe fresh air.

In spite of the fact that Tajrish is considered to be an essential part of Tehran, the area’s temperature is delightful all through the year because of both its elevation above sea level and its close proximity to the Alborz Mountain range. Therefore, if you are concerned about the state of your health, the Tajrish neighborhood may be an excellent choice for you.

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