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Vanak; The District That Is Accessible From Anywhere

In Tehran, the capital of Iran, there is a neighborhood to the north of the city called Vanak. This neighborhood gives its name to both a plaza and a street in the town. In Persian, the term Vanak may be translated as “Small Ash Tree.” The name originates from an ancient settlement in the region known as Deh-e Vanak, which later became known as Vanak, and there is now a plaza in the neighborhood that is also named Vanak. The intersection of the Jahan-Kudak Highway (now known as the Haghani Highway), the Chamran Highway, the Hemmat Highway, and the Modarres Motorway is located in the Vanak neighborhood, which is considered to be one of the most significant junctures in Tehran.

Negar tower in Vanak square

For a very long time, there has been a tiny Armenian community located close to the hamlet of Vanak. The Armenian-Iranian community now has the most significant sports facility in Iran at the Ararat Sports Complex. The complex is in close proximity to Vanak square. Vanak is a prosperous neighborhood that is home to highrise business buildings, a golf course, trendy cafes and stores, and a carnival known as The Funfair that has been closed since 1995. One of the past prime ministers of Persia, Mostowfi ol-Mamalek, was laid to rest at a private mansion in the Vanak neighborhood as well.

Ararat District in the Vanak neighborhood

One of the most well-known areas in Tehran’s District 6, the Ararat community is located in the Vanak neighborhood. It is generally agreed that the Ararat neighborhood is a component of the larger Vanak neighborhood. The majority of the renown that is associated with the Ararat area is attributable to the existence of the well-known Ararat club in this neighborhood. Some of the favorable aspects of the Ararat area include its closeness to the business and medical hubs of the Vanak district, as well as its easy access to highways and public transit.

Vanak square

The presence of entertainment and sports centers in Ararat, which are among the best places in Tehran for both recreation and tourism, as well as the presence of the Tehran International Exhibition in this neighborhood, have contributed to the neighborhood’s rise to prominence as one of the most desirable locations in all of Tehran. There are various accessible ways to the Ararat neighborhood from the Chamran highway, Yemen street, and Javanan street in the north, from Vanak street and Attar street in the south, from Valiasr street, Hashemi Rafsanjani highway, and Esfandiar street in the east, and from Sheikh Bahai street, Seoul street, and Rashid Yasemi street in the west.

Vanak’s Ararat District; Suitable Area for Living

Saadat Abad, the Vanak neighborhood, the Elahiyeh district, the Zafar neighborhood, the Amanieh region, the Bagh-e Ferdows community, the Evin region, and the Mahmoudieh neighborhood are all near Ararat. The cost of flats in Ararat is much greater than the amount that is considered to be typical for Tehran. Because of its close vicinity to places like Vanak, Jordan, Amaniyeh, and Saadat Abad, this neighborhood is an excellent choice for both purchasing a home and making it one’s a permanent residence. Because of its numerous appealing qualities, the Ararat has apartments that are more expensive than those in many of the city’s other districts.

Vanak's Ararat District

The Way People Live In Vanak Neighborhood

Life in Vanak is characterized by its unique peculiarities. The overpopulation of business centers, multiple medical clinics, and various retail complexes has resulted in a significant increase in the volume of traffic in the area of Vanak, which is already known for its high level of activity and congestion. In addition to this traffic, the Vanak area has its own set of advantages and conveniences for daily living. Living in Vanak will put you in contact with two significant challenges. Recreational centers in this vicinity are as follows:

  • Sai Park
  • Water and fire park (Park-e Abo Atash)
  • Taleghani Park
  • Tabiat Bridge
  • Mellat Park
  • Nezami Ganjavi Park
  • Shafaq Park
  • Nowruz Park

And the major treatment facilities are as follows:

  • Dey Hospital
  • Mam Infertility Center
  • Moheb Kowsar Hospital
  • Baqiyatullah Hospital
  • Valiasr Hospital
  • New Pastor hospital
  • Asia Hospital

There are significant and famous streets in the Vanak neighborhood, each of which is famous for specific reasons. Vanak Square, which is the most critical intersection of Tehran, connects Vanak Street, Brazil Street, Mulla Sadra Street, Valiasr Street, and Haqqani Highway. On the other hand, Sheikh Bahai Street, Mulla Sadra Street, Seoul Street, and Rashid Yasemi Street are the most famous streets of Vanak.

Negar tower and Eskan residential towers in Tehran

You may use its various services and conveniences, but you need to be aware of the substantial traffic that often passes through this area. Vanak provides extremely excellent access to the regions of Tehran that are located to the north, northeast, and northwest. Because Valiasr Street, the Hemmat Highway, and the Modares Highway are all located in close proximity to this district, it is possible to go to almost any part of Tehran with relative ease. This area also has convenient access to public transit options.

Tavanir District; Another Vanak’s Prestigious Part

One of the neighborhoods that can be found in Tehran’s District 6 is the Tavanir area within the Vanak neighborhood. Because of its close vicinity to Vanak Square, the Tavanir area is often referred to as the Tavanir-Vanak neighborhood. The Tavanir-Vanak neighborhood is surrounded by the Hemmat highway to the north, Asadabadi street to the west, Valiasr street to the east, and Abshar street to the south. Vanak neighborhood, Gandhi, Yusef Abad neighborhood, Argentina neighborhood, and Saei are all easily accessible from this district. This area is considered to be one of those that have a robust commercial background, as seen by a large number of businesses and governmental agencies that have established their headquarters here.


The Tavanir area is located close to Valiasr street and benefits from direct access provided by both the Hemmat highway and the Sardar Soleimani highway (also known as the Resalat highway). In addition, the Tavanir neighborhood is regarded to be a well-frequented neighborhood. The Hemmat highway and Valiasr street are where the vast majority of people enter and exit the Tavanir area. This residential area may be found to the south of Vanak Square and to the north of Saei Park.

The Tavanir neighborhood is home to a wide variety of convenient amenities. Along with the presence of a large number of shopping centers and a large number of medical centers, the neighborhood’s proximity to a number of large parks and gardens are all considered to be among the top places to visit in Tehran. They have contributed to the neighborhood’s development into a very desirable place to live. The Tavanir neighborhood is situated in one of the most desirable areas of Tehran and provides residents with easy access to a wide variety of amenities.

Public Transportation; The Strong Point of Vanak Neighborhood

The presence of a number of public transportation choices, including bus lines, taxi stations, and metro stations, is beneficial to the people living in this region as well as the workers who are employed by local businesses. These things are one of the advantages that the Vanak area has to offer in terms of living. You should be aware, however, that the traffic on Vanak is among the heaviest traffic in all of Tehran. Even on the residential streets in this area, there is a significant amount of vehicles parked throughout the whole of Vanak.

The noise and disruption caused by this heavy traffic may be heard almost anywhere in this area. Due to this factor, throughout the winter months, this otherwise charming area is plagued by very high levels of air pollution. But living in the Vanak district is excellent for those who need to use public transportation or whose companies are nearby.

Park in vanak area

Buying/Renting Houses In Vanak District Only By TehranOffers

When compared to the number of administrative and commercial offices in the Vanak area, the number of flats and homes for domestic use is lower. It is important to note that the prices of homes and apartments in the Vanak area are much higher than the average for the city. The majority of the apartments and residential houses in the Vanak neighborhood can be found on the side streets that run through this neighborhood. The amenities and the unique business environment that exists in this area are the primary contributors to the high price of the house.

This neighborhood’s real estate values have been significantly impacted as a direct result of the commercial buildings located in Vanak. But don’t haste! With the help of our outstanding offers, we at TehranOffers can identify the ideal home for you in this location, allowing you to take advantage of all of the amenities that are available in the surrounding area. It is possible for you to have a one-of-a-kind experience if you live in the Vanak neighborhood. It is often regarded as one of the most prominent districts in all of Tehran and even all of Iran. Get in touch with us if you want to locate your ideal house with ease.

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