Buy Carpet from Tehran | What You Need to Consider Before Purchasing?

Buy Carpet from Tehran

How You Can Buy Carpet from Tehran?

Have you ever wondered what features a good carpet should have when buying a carpet from Tehran? Or on what basis should you choose the color, design, or style of the carpet? Or hesitate between machine and hand-woven carpet? Carpet has an important place and great value in Iranian culture. Also, in interior decoration, carpet is defined as a beautiful, comfortable, and practical element. Considering the multi-faceted importance of the carpet, choosing the right carpet is a very difficult and important task. In this article, we are going to explore how to buy carpets from Tehran.

Tips for Buying Carpets from Tehran

The hand-woven carpet is worth more work and has a higher price than other carpets. But it may be interesting to know that the maintenance of a hand-woven carpet is not very easy due to the use of wool and silk fibers. Also, it requires special conditions so that your hand-woven carpet does not get damaged over time. In the following, we will examine the tips on how to buy carpet from Tehran.

Buy Carpet from Tehran

Which Carpet Design Should You Choose to Buy in Tehran?

When most of us think of a hand-woven carpet, we think of a carpet with a lacquered-red background color that has a big flower in the middle and 4 triangular sections full of flowers and leaves and arabesque (Islimi) design in the four corners. Many consider this motif repetitive. Of course, the Lachak and Toranj design, which is repeated for Iranians, is one of the most popular designs of Iranian carpets in the global markets. The following points will guide you on how to buy the right design of the handmade carpet from Tehran:

  • If you want a finely woven and artistic carpet that will decorate the floor of your house like a flower garden in May, you can buy Lachak and Toranj, “Shekargah” carpets of Tabriz, Qom, and Isfahan, or “Riz-mahi” of Khoi and “Hezareh Harris” of Marand. These types of carpets are more expensive
  • If you are looking for rugs with rural and Illyrian motifs, you can buy the “Man and Animal”, “Flower and Bird”, “Tree”, “Tree and Man” and “Camel Foot” design in Tehran which are made in Fars, North Khorasan, Kurdistan, and Golestan provinces. Some of these types of designs are cheaper because of the coarse weave
  • If you want to decorate your home with simple carpets and create a relaxing atmosphere, go for Kerman and Ardakan desert carpets. The background of these rugs is like desert nature in camel, gray, and cream colors. “Simple floor” designs, in which the background around the Kachak and Toranj are empty of any kind of pattern, “Mohrramaat”, “Raah-Raah”, and “Quran frame” are of this type
  • If you are looking for modern designs that match your comfortable and sporty sofas, you can buy one of the geometric designs of “Khesti”, “Qaabi”, “Minaa Khaani”, “Boteh Jegheh” (Paisley) in Tehran

What Color Carpet Should You Buy from Tehran?

Choosing the color of the carpet depends on your taste. But in general, light-colored carpets are not recommended for high-traffic places or places like the kitchen, because these carpets get stained quickly and it is not easy to clean carpet stains. But if you choose a light color carpet, we suggest you go for a carpet with a darker background color and light color patterns.

Another point that you should consider in choosing the color of the carpet is the harmony of the color of the carpet with the rest of the decoration of your home. In this case, depending on your taste, you can use carpets of the same or contrasting colors of your furniture. However, it is not recommended to use two deep contrasting colors.

Buy Carpet from Tehran

Unlike in previous years, neutral colors such as beige are no longer in vogue, and now gray is the most popular color among people. The most important reason for this is the harmony of this color with different decorations. In any case, the best carpet color to hide stains and dirt is dark brown. Also, dark green and dark blue colors are very suitable for hiding various pollutants. On the other hand, pink, green, and light brown carpets do not perform very well in this regard and it is very difficult to clean them.

Ensuring the stability of carpet colors

The carpet should be examined from different angles and in natural light. The color of the carpet in the direction of its pile looks darker than the color of the carpet in the opposite direction of its pile. As a result, the design lines can be seen more clearly in the reverse direction of the pile. Do not forget that the color of the carpet should be uniform throughout its surface. Non-uniform colors and color disarrays appear more to the eye, especially in simple floor carpets.

Make sure that the color of the carpet is sufficiently rich and complete and that the end part of the pile does not differ from the color of the surface of the carpet. Such a color difference indicates that the carpet is dyed with ink colors. You can make sure that the colors of the carpet are stable by rubbing a piece of wet cloth on the parts suspected to be colored.

What Kind of Carpet Should We Buy from Tehran?

The type of carpet fiber is one of the most important factors affecting the beauty, comfort, and durability of the carpet. Among the yarns used in carpet weaving, pile yarn is the most important and influential carpet yarn. So be sure to read about pile yarn and its features. In handmade carpets, silk fibers and wool fibers are the most widely used fibers for pile yarn, and their most important features are:

Buy Carpet from Tehran

  • Wool fibers: Wool fibers are very durable, which means that the color of the carpet becomes more beautiful and elegant with time. Wool fibers have little resistance to heat and can easily burn and change color. Also, washing handwoven woolen carpets may lead to mixing of the colors of the carpet
  • Silk fibers: Silk is the second most widely used pile yarn in handwoven carpets. The strength of silk fibers is its brilliant color and unique elegance. Therefore, silk carpets are fine-textured and precious. Maintaining silk carpets is very difficult due to the delicacy of the fibers, and it is not recommended to use them in high-traffic areas of your home. Silk carpets are less thick than wool and machine-woven carpets, and if they are dirty, they should only be washed by specialized carpet cleaners

Importance of Density When Buying a Carpet from Tehran

Carpet density is the number of knots in one square centimeter of carpet. Today’s carpets are mostly produced in densities of 700, 1000, 1200, and 1500 Shaaneh, and carpets with lower densities are no longer produced. High-density carpets are finer-textured and their role is more delicate and precise, they will be stronger and therefore more durable. As a result, if you are a fan of colorful carpets with many details, the best choice for you can be a high-density carpet. If you are going to place furniture on the carpet, use high-density carpets so that the piles of the carpet do not break due to the weight of the objects.

Examining the Back of the Carpet in Terms of Density, Tufting, and Design Uniformity

The most important factor that you should pay attention to when choosing a hand-woven carpet is its texture. To ensure the quality of the texture, it is better to check the back of the carpet. By studying the back of the carpet, you will better understand things like the number of knots, the method of compression, the beating of the wefts, and the uniformity of the design.

Buy Carpet from Tehran

How to Count the Number of Carpet Knots When Buying Carpet in Tehran?

Accurate counting of knots per unit area can be done with a microscope attached to a frame graded in units of measurement (centimeters or inches). With this device, you can count the number of knots in the width and length of a separate frame of the carpet and multiply them together to get the number of knots in one unit of the carpet surface.

You need to be very careful in counting the nodes because the difference in counting even one or two nodes will ruin the result of the overall calculation. For the accuracy of the calculation, it is better to count the knots at several different points of the carpet and use their average as the calculation criterion. The density of the lower parts of the carpet is usually higher than the upper parts.

Checking the Quality of Carpet Fluffs

Carpet fluffs should be durable, shiny, and flexible. Carpets with soft fluffs are less durable and tend to absorb dust more than carpets with thick fluffs. Soft fluffs also don’t clean as well as coarse fluffs.

Top Places to Buy Carpets from Tehran

Carpets have been an integral and inseparable part of Iranian homes since long ago. Iranian carpets are woven in a variety of designs and colors that are well-known in the world. The designs and colors of Iranian carpets in every period of history have represented the culture and customs of the people of that period.

But as mentioned, the important point is that the Iranian carpet has been liked by the general public in all periods of time in the world. Carpets from Balooch, Boteh Jegheh (Paisley), Turkmen, Qashqai, Kerman, Tabriz, etc. can be considered among the historical Iranian carpets. The Shekaargaah is one of the original Iranian designs that can also be seen in machine-made carpets today. In the following, we mention the best stores for buying carpets in Tehran, from which you can get the best types of carpets.

Haft-e Tir: One of the Best Places to Buy Carpet from Tehran

If you live in Tehran or have traveled to Tehran for shopping, you must have heard the name of Haft-e Tir Square as the first option. In this square, which is one of the important urban centers of Tehran, there are many commercial and economic centers. However, it is good to know that Haft Tir is one of the most important and largest markets for selling carpets in Tehran. This square is connected to Mofatteh and Karim-Khaan streets from the south Bahaar Shiraz Street and Modarres Highway from the north. You can use the subway to reach Haft-e Tir Square more easily.

Buy Carpet from Tehran

Sohrevardi and Valiasr Streets

You can find all kinds of carpet stores in Valiasr and Sohrevardi Streets. In Sohrvardi Street, fantasy carpets are more common than classical and hand-woven ones. If you live in Pasdaran or its surroundings, there are various famous carpet stores near you that we suggest you visit.

Shahr-e Farsh (Carpet City)

Shahr-e Farsh is one of the popular carpet brands and stores in Tehran. It offers a variety of products such as handwoven carpets, machine-made carpets, carpet panels, modern and classic carpets, children’s carpets, and Kilims from famous brands such as Qeitaran, Diba, Keraamatiaan, Tabriz and Kashan, Bozorhmehr, A’yan, etc. It has also considered various facilities for buyers. Some of Shahr-e Farsh’s facilities include free home delivery and a guarantee and warranty of products up to 5 years.

Mr. Farsh

The second largest carpet store in Tehran is Mr. Farsh, which offers the Farsh Farahi brand. This store also has a variety of facilities. Mr. Farsh has a so-called “Sib Salaamat” certificate in the carpet industry, which is considered a great privilege. This store offers other services, including the possibility of returning the purchased carpet for up to 3 days, free shipping, and a 2-year warranty.

All kinds of machine-made carpets, hand-woven, carpet panels, handicrafts, etc. can be found in Mr. Farsh. This store, which has branches in Tehran, Karaj, and Mashhad, offers various brands such as Farahi, Sarmayeh, Apadana, Anahita, and Titanium.

Farahi Carpet

Farahi Carpet Store is one of the popular brands and reputable carpet shopping centers in Iran and Tehran, which has attracted the attention of carpet fans and buyers with a brilliant track record. Being lint-free, hypoallergenic, and highly resistant to wear and washing are distinctive features of Farahi carpets.

Buy Carpet from Tehran

This brand, with two production branches in Kashan, was recognized as a popular Iranian carpet brand in 2015 and 2016. Farahi Carpet has an active representative in most of the provinces and cities of the country, including Tehran, which offers all kinds of classic, and modern carpets, carpet panels, etc.

Farsh-e Azim-Zadeh

Azim-Zadeh Carpet is one of the best hand-woven carpet brands in Iran and the world, which has a central branch in Tehran and another branch in other cities. If quality and originality are important to you, then we suggest that you visit Farsh-e Azim-Zadeh because all the products of this store are of export type and first class. Azim-Zadeh carpet store offers a collection of exquisite and best carpets from Iran and the world.

Diba Carpet

Diba Carpet brand, or Atlas Diba Carpet Company, is one of Iran’s top carpet stores and reputable dowry shopping centers. This brand is known as the first manufacturer of outstanding flower machine carpets in Iran. The designs offered by this brand are fantastic. This store is represented almost all over the country including in Tehran. The products produced by Diba Carpet Company are classified into classic, nostalgic, and rainbow categories, which are extremely high-quality and beautiful.

Mahd-e Farsh

Mahd-e Farsh, with two branches in Tehran, is one of the large stores and dowry shopping centers that offers all kinds of machine-made, classic, fantasy, etc. carpets. Another point is that online shopping from this store is possible throughout the country.

Saraa-ye Abrisham (Silk House)

Saraa-ye Abrisham, with an area of about 400 square meters and a traditional architectural design, is one of the largest stores to buy carpet from Tehran. This store is actually considered a traditional Iranian market where there are unique carpets with designs and colors. In addition to supplying products such as machine-made, classic, hand-woven carpets, rugs, children’s carpets, etc., this store also provides repair, decoration, and leather embroidery services.

Buy Carpet from Tehran

Qeitaran Carpet

Qeitaran Carpet with a brilliant history in the field of machine-made carpet production is considered one of the top brands in Iran and the world. This high-quality and first-class brand produces products that have no competitors in the whole world. This brand is produced in Kashan, with two sales centers in Tehran and Kashan. Also, online sales of this brand are possible from all over the country.

Yazd Desert Star Carpet

Setaareh Kavir Yazd (Yazd Desert Star) Carpet Company started in 1981 and is currently one of the most popular machine carpet brands in Iran. The carpets produced by this company are produced and supplied in different widths and densities. The initial idea of ​​hand-woven carpets was formed in this company. Setaareh Kavir Yazd has sales representatives in Tehran and most provinces. This popular brand has been able to obtain quality assurance management certificates from various European countries.

Do Not Forget to Buy Carpet from Tehran During Your Stay!

In this article, we mentioned the most important criteria to buy carpet from Tehran and also introduced the top stores. Handwoven carpets are among Iran’s export goods that continue to maintain their use and beauty and increase their value after several decades.

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