Mirdamad ( A.k.a Davoodiyeh)

Mirdamad (A.K.A. Davoodiyeh) is a district in north of Tehran bordered from the west by Valiasr Avenue, from the east by Shariati Street, from the west by Haghani Highway and from the north by Zafar street. A part of this neighborhood poses big number of offices and commercial stores.

In terms of transportation there are 2 metro stations in the neighborhood which makes it easy to access different parts of city.

Top Shopping centers and stores  in Mirdamad are Paytakht Computer Center, Mirdamad shopping center, Arian shopping center, Rose Mirdamad shopping center

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There are some restaurants and coffee shops along the Mirdamad Boulevard, such as Sheak Shak, Rodizio Café Parking , Eyvan Café and restaurant , Kolbe Iran Restaurant, Adrian Café Restaurant.

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