Elahiyeh is among the best diplomatic areas in the uptown of Tehran, with so many high quality Furnished apartments, Semi-Furnished Apartments, towers and luxurious Residents. it is simply on the top list of most favorite neighborhoods for diplomats and expatriates. Elahiyeh is the home to the Residency of lots of Ambassadors and high ranking diplomats and executives of international corporations in Tehran. To let you know, It is so much favorable that diplomats of Germany, France, Turkey actually bear the considerable
distance from their embassies to Elahiyeh in the traffic of Tehran, But Instead they prefer to live in Elahiyeh.
There are quite a number of amazing shopping centers in Elahiyeh, including, Sam Center, Melal Boutique Mall, Modern Elahiyeh Shopping Center, Royal Address Complex, Queen Center, Utopia Shopping Center and …

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Elahiyeh is also filled with reputable Coffee shops, International restaurants and Lounges. Amongs them We can refer to Ghassab Restaurant, Address food hall, Loutca, Sincere Restaurant, Hestooran, Leon, Ilio Café, Vicolo Café, Divan Persian Cuisine, Black bears Café,
Sam Café.
In terms of security, Elahiyeh is absolutely top notch. There so many diplomatic police stations due to the abundance of diplomatic residents in Elahiyeh.
On the other hand the negative aspect of Elahiyeh can be named as being a little bit tocompact in some areas with narrow streets.

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