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Where to Live In Tehran: Pasdaran, Velenjak, and Kamraniyeh

Tehran is the capital and most populous city of Iran. One of the most important questions that arise for every foreigner when renting a house in this city is, where are the best neighborhoods in Tehran to live in? Tehran has numerous neighborhood that can be chosen for living. Each of them have good access and amenities. In this article, we are going to point out where to live in Tehran.

Where to Live In Tehran

Where to Live in Tehran? Pasdaran Can Be an Excellent Choice

In case you are wondering where to live in Tehran, Pasdaran can be considered one of the symbols of wealth and prosperity in Tehran. After the Islamic Revolution, Pasdaran had lost its original nature to a large extent until many people did a great job to earn money and improve the conditions of this neighborhood and started the Sefid Tower building with a rotating restaurant. After the early 70s and in line with the government’s construction plan, many Iranian builders went to Pasdaran and used its traditional fabric to build new buildings and passages.

 Where is the Pasdaran Neighborhood?

Pasdaran is in the northeast of Tehran. The border guards are located in the 3rd and 4th regions of Tehran municipality, which are often considered as part of the 4th region in the official divisions. Pasdaran Street is 9 kilometers long and is one of the longest streets in northern Tehran. This street ends at Nobonyad Square from the north and Hemmat Highway from the south.

In the middle of Pasdaran Street, there are three optional roads and Pasdaran Crossroads, and by passing through these areas, you can enter Tehran’s District 1, namely Niavaran and Novanyad Square. A large part of this long street is one-way, and if you plan to explore this street, you have to park your car and walk.

Where to Live In Tehran

Pasdaran Neighborhood Facilities and Sights

The comfort and recreational facilities of Pasdaran Street are in very good condition. Many commercial centers cover this street. Apart from its commercial and medical centers and its famous gardens such as Maziar and Narenjestan, this area contains many historical places due to its age. One of these very important historical places is the historic mansion called Zarabkhaneh, which is a legacy of the Qajar period. The mint was an imperial mint that was built during the reign of Naser al-Din Shah.

Among other historical places, we can mention the Palace of Sultanabad, which was Naseruddin Shah’s mansion for having fun. Among other attractions in and around this old neighborhood, the following can be mentioned:

  • Rassam Arabzadeh Museum
  • Ein al-Doulah Garden and Mansion

Where to Live In Tehran? Consider Velenjak

Velenjak is one of the neighborhoods of Shemiranat, which is located in District 1 of Tehran. Velanjak neighborhood is located in the south of Tochal Peak and is considered one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Tehran. Velenjak is a neighborhood with a lot of tourism and entertainment facilities, where life is associated with a special feeling of peace.

 Where is the Velenjak neighborhood?

Velenjak is a neighborhood in the south of the Tochal mountain foothills. It is bounded from the north by the Alborz mountain range, from the east by Alef Street and Alef Square, from the south by Moghads Ardebili Street, Fazlullah Street, Yemen Street, Shahid Shahriari Square, and Daneshjou Boulevard, and from the west by Daneshjou Boulevard. Velenjak is adjacent to Zaferaniyeh, neighborhood, Mahmoudieh, and Darakeh neighborhoods.

Where to Live In Tehran

The Best Areas of Velenjek

According to experts and real estate consultants of Velenjak, some areas of Velenjak have higher prices than the rest and have more suitable conditions for living. Velenjak Street, Sasan Street, 13th Street, Yemen Street, Amirabadi Street, Alef Street, and Daneshjou Boulevard are among the famous streets of Velenjak.

Amenities of Velenjak neighborhood

Velenjak is considered one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in Tehran, which has very good amenities and entertainment facilities. Facilities such as sports centers, medical centers, entertainment centers, and many tourist attractions in this neighborhood. All these facilities have attracted many people to live and buy apartments in Velenjek. One of the most important treatment centers in Velenjak is Ayatollah Taleghani State Hospital and Alborz Veterinary Hospital.

Where to Live in Tehran? Kamraniyeh Is an Opulent Neighborhood

Kamranieh is one of the luxury and modern neighborhoods of Tehran and hosts a large number of famous towers. It is an elite neighborhood in the Shemiranat area located in the north of Tehran city. This neighborhood, which is located in District 1 of Tehran municipality and Shemiranat city, is considered one of the most expensive areas in Tehran.

Where to Live In Tehran

 Where Is Kamraniyeh Neighborhood?

Kamranieh is a neighborhood with a very pleasant climate, located in the north of the large and densely populated city of Tehran and District 1 of the municipality. In terms of the location and location of the neighboring neighborhoods, this neighborhood is limited to Jamaran and Niavaran neighborhoods from the north, Sadr Highway from the south, the Chizar neighborhood from the west, and the Farmanieh neighborhood from the east. Kamraniyeh has a clean climate due to its proximity to the Alborz Mountains.

Best Streets of Kamraniyeh

Kamranieh Street reaches the Sadr Bridge from the south and Niavaran Street from the north. Kamraniyeh is divided into two parts, North Kamraniyeh and South Kamraniyeh, which are separated by the Kamraniyeh Crossroad. Also, Kamraniyeh Crossroad has cut off Andrezgoo Street at the intersection.

This neighborhood is considered one of the most luxurious and expensive neighborhoods in Tehran due to its luxurious buildings and modern and special towers and is located in the neighborhood of Farmaniye neighborhood. Due to the high price of real estate in this area, people with high welfare choose to live in this neighborhood, so there is little cultural difference in this neighborhood. The following streets are located in this neighborhood:

  • Bazadar Street (North Kamraniye)
  • Pasha Zohri Street (South Kamraniya)
  • Tajiki Street
  • Servati Street
  • Sheibani Street
  • Morvarid Street
  • Mina Street
  • Dariush Street
  • Dezhem Jou Street
  • Bayat Street
  • Tavoos Street
  • Eghdam Street
  • Fateh Street and Farimah Street
  • Parastoo Street

Facilities of Kamraniyeh Neighborhood

Shopping centers such as Kooh Noor, Darya Noor, and Roma Center are located in the Kamraniyeh neighborhood. Also, Kamraniye has very good and well-equipped medical centers. One of the most prestigious medical centers in this neighborhood is Neda Medical Center, which is a 24-hour clinic. Also, access to Modares Yazdi and Keshavarz pharmacies is another important point of this neighborhood. The first pet hospital in Iran was built in this neighborhood.

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