Best Restaurants in Tehran

Today’s Tehran is a combination of old textures and modern textures. For this reason, if you decide to look for the best restaurants in Tehran, there are many options on the table, From traditional restaurants and exceptional Iranian food to modern European restaurants and international cuisine.
It all depends on what you have in mind and what day you want to spend. Among the best restaurants in Tehran, some places can be cozy and quiet or crowded and noisy, depending on your interests and needs; Be dark and silent or full of light and excitement!
It may seem strange, but to choose the best restaurant to eat a meal in alone or with your friends, you first need to know what kind of restaurant you are looking for.
Of course, your choices are many; Because there are all kinds of restaurants in Tehran, suitable for everyone’s taste, need and reputation; From kebab to cafe restaurants.

The best Chelo Kebabs in Tehran

It is Tehran, and it’s Chelo kebab! Of course, there are many good kebabs in different cities, but the number of good kebabs in Tehran is high. So if you prefer kebabs to fast food or international cuisine, the capital is where you should spend some time exploring.

Nayeb restaurant collection, for those who care about originality!

Nearly 150 years have passed since the establishment of Nayeb Saei restaurant, and according to them, the Nayeb Chelokebab family has invented it in its current form. The first Chelokbab has the same name.
In Nayeb’s menu, as one of the most luxurious restaurants in Tehran, you can see a variety of kebabs.
As is customary in Tehran’s Chelo kebabs, it is not the only kebab that is served in these restaurants; Instead, you have the power to choose from a variety of foods, such as broad bean rice with lamb shank or salmon; But if you visit Nayeb Restaurant, we suggest that you try one of its various types of kebabs.

nayeb restaurant
nayeb restaurant

Hani restaurant complex, combining originality and modern style

Another restaurant in Tehran known for its Chelo kebabs is the Hani restaurant complex.
The three branches of Ghiamdasht, Ghiam, and Andarzgoo may be more famous than the other Hani restaurants, but the number of units in this restaurant complex is enormous.
In every branch of Hani, besides different types of kebabs, you can also find all kinds of dishes and stews; The salad bar of this collection is also one of the famous and various salad bars that will delight salad lovers.
Of course, the prices in this restaurant complex are a bit expensive, but it seems cheap compared to the quality you receive.
Also, in some branches, such as Hani Parseh restaurant, which is located on Beheshti Street in Tehran, the reception is self-service to pick up what you need and bring it to the table.

Hani Restaurant
Hani Restaurant

Alborz restaurant and half a century of history

Alborz Restaurant, with two reception halls and a healthy VIP, is suitable for holding various ceremonies. This restaurant is located in the city center and has good conditions in terms of access.
The number of years of activity is significant for Chelo kebabs, and it seems that it gives them credibility and allows them to be so popular that they continue to work for years.
Alborz Restaurant is one of these restaurants, a place to relax and have a tasty meal, which has been operating since 1346.
Address: North Sohrevardi St., corner of Nikoghadam Alley

alborz restaurant
alborz restaurant

Sharaf al-Islami restaurant, in the heart of old Tehran

If you want to experience the atmosphere of old Tehran by visiting a restaurant, it is better to remember the name of Sharaf al-Islami restaurant.
This restaurant is located in the heart of Tehran Grand Bazaar, which is an essential and historical place.
Sharaf al-Islami is also one of the old restaurants in the capital, operating since 1317.The name of this restaurant, which is written on blue tiles, welcomes you, but its fans are so many that you will probably have to wait a while for your turn!
Maybe that’s why it is said that the best time to visit this restaurant is between 12 noon and one o’clock in the afternoon.
Address: Tehran Grand Bazaar, inside the courtyard of Shah Mosque, the right way

Sharaf El Islam restaurant
Sharaf El Islam restaurant

Moslem Restaurant, from the contemporary era to the present day

Moslem Chelokebab is one of those restaurants located in the heart of old Tehran, In the market, and at the corner of the Sabzeh Meydan.
This kebab is also one of the oldest Chelo kebabs in Tehran, and since it is located in Tehran Grand Bazaar, you do not need to have accurate information about its address.
As soon as you ask the shopkeepers and shopkeepers in this market, “Where is Moslem Restaurant” they will show you the exact route.
Of course, keep in mind that the excellent food, attractive atmosphere, and of course the crowded nature of this restaurant, which is provided due to its location in the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, are features that can be found less like it elsewhere; however, it is better to go there only for lunch, because the restaurant is open from 11 am to 6 pm and on holidays from 11 am to 5:30 pm.
You can not open an account for dinner in this restaurant. But, of course, this also seems quite natural; Because the working hours of Moslem restaurant are in line with the operating hours of Tehran Grand Bazaar, and for this reason, after the bazaar is closed, the traffic to this area usually decreases.
The dishes of Moslem restaurants, from various kebabs to all kinds of Tahchin and all kinds of traditional Iranian dishes, are the same foods that will take you on a journey back in time.
Address: Bazaar, corner of Sabzeh Meydan, Haj Rahim Khan Alley, No. 4

moslem restaurant
moslem restaurant

The best traditional restaurants in Tehran

Tehran is a city where you can find all kinds of cultures and ethnicities; Therefore, it is pretty natural that traditional restaurants in Tehran are diverse and numerous.
They can be found all over the city and visited at different times of the day, but it is more common to go to these restaurants overnight for dinner.

Shandiz Jordan Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Tehran!

You must have heard the names of Shandiz restaurants. The popularity of Shandiz Kebabs in Mashhad is more complicated than any other traditional restaurant for the lovers of this style of food. Still, among them, one restaurant is more popular than the rest: Shandiz Jordan Restaurant.
Where you must visit! The restaurant is open from 12 noon to 3 pm for lunch and from 7 pm to 11 pm for dinner. Still, the point to keep in mind is that the interior of this restaurant is a little too bright in the traditional Iranian way, and as a result, like any other barbecue you visit, it is full of light everywhere. So do not expect a cozy and calm environment.
The decoration of Shandiz Jordan restaurant is stylish and luxurious, and there is nothing short of holding a great party.
On the other hand, access to it with personal belongings is quite convenient and easy, and you can order a variety of Iranian dishes in this restaurant. Therefore, if you are looking for a popular offer, We must say that Shandiz Jordan’s Shishlik Restaurant is one of the best choices!
Address: No. 27, Saba Blvd., Jordan St.

Shandiz Jordan Restaurant
Shandiz Jordan Restaurant

Aali Qapo Traditional Restaurant, whatever you want from a traditional restaurant!

Aali Qapo Traditional Restaurant is all you would expect from a traditional Iranian restaurant. Although the prices in this restaurant seem a bit expensive, you get good quality and excellent staff behavior and professionalism in return.
Private parking leaves no worries about your car. However, keep in mind that it is a good idea to book a table before spending a memorable night at this restaurant. Without booking a table, you will not find a place to sit in this restaurant!
Live music is always a part of this attractive Iranian atmosphere, and the excellent taste of the food will make you a regular guest of this restaurant.
Of course, Aali Qapo traditional restaurant has a good history and has been operating since 1979. It can be argued that this restaurant is the first restaurant in the classic style today.
Aali Qapo restaurant is open from 12 to 15:30 and 20 to 24 hours.
Address: Vanak Square, at the beginning of Gandhi Street, No. 55

Aali Qapo Traditional Restaurant
Aali Qapo Traditional Restaurant

The best international restaurants in Tehran

If you are one of those people who do not want to be less satisfied and like to see a variety of foods from different countries on their menu, Tehran International Restaurants are the best option for you.
In the capital, you can find a long list of the best international restaurants with great food, and their beautiful atmosphere will change your mood.

Narenjestan International and Famous Restaurant

Narenjestan restaurant is one of the restaurants with several years of experience and has been active since 2006.
However, what has made many Tehranians know is not just its history. Located on the eleventh and twelfth floors of the Sarv Tower in the Saadatabad neighborhood, this restaurant offers a fascinating view of Tehran.
Narenjestan restaurant is one of the luxury restaurants in Tehran; Another main advantage of this restaurant is the use of experienced and fluent staff in different languages.
As a result, if you have a foreign guest, they can treat you well.
The restaurant is open from 12 noon to 3:45 pm and from 7 pm to 11 pm, fixed during the week.
In general, it can be said that if you are looking for a stylish and luxurious atmosphere to spend a good night and of course, you are not worried about the high cost of a lunch or dinner, the best choice for you can be Narenjestan International Restaurant.
Address: Saadat Abad, between Sarv Square and Kaj Square, Shahrdari Square

Narenjestan International and Famous Restaurant
Narenjestan International and Famous Restaurant

Aftabgardan Milad tower revolving Restaurant, Art and Beauty Show

If you have traveled to Tehran or are a tourist, Milad Tower Restaurant is one of those places that you should not miss every visit; it is both divination and watching!
Being at the height of 276 meters above the ground is very attractive. Now put this next to the restaurant and luxury and luxury of this beautiful and spectacular place. Meals are served in Milad Tower Restaurant in three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you can order a variety of Iranian and international dishes.
The prices in this restaurant are a bit high, but it is worth a try to visit this restaurant; Although you have to work a little to get to Milad Tower and you will not have an easy task without personal equipment, seeing Tehran from that height and trying international cuisine in this place has its value.
There is also live music at night in this place, which adds to the charm of this restaurant.
In addition, Milad Tower Hall is one of the best possible options for holding all kinds of meetings and conferences. The location of a restaurant near it can also be a very suitable option for a snack during or after the sessions.
Address: West Shahid Hakim Highway, after Shahid Chamran Highway, the dedicated entrance of Milad Tower.

Aftabgardan Milad tower revolving Restaurant
Aftabgardan Milad tower revolving Restaurant

Kubaba restaurant complex for lovers of Mediterranean, Turkish and Arabic cuisine

Due to the different types of food and of course the quality, you can be sure that the four branches of Kubaba restaurant will surprise you.
From the first moment, seeing the space and decoration, you find yourself in a new angle of Tehran, and when they put the menu in front of you, your astonishment is completed.
Tehranian is somewhat accustomed to seeing international restaurants, but perhaps being in a restaurant with a Turkish-Arabic atmosphere is more strange for them than sitting in an Italian restaurant.
In all four branches of Jordan, Bamland, Jamaran, and Lavasan of Kubaba restaurant, the open space is well seen next to the interior to attract the attention of different customers, and although Kubaba is one of the most expensive restaurants, the quality of food is satisfactory.

Kubaba restaurant
Kubaba restaurant

Lovely Moby Dick Restaurant and Self Service

If you are a fan of self-service restaurants, Mobidic is the place to try! A restaurant that allows you to order a long menu of Persian cuisine, various kebabs, and international cuisine.
We must say that this restaurant is also a good option for lunch because it is open from 11 am to 4 pm.
One of the exciting things about Mobidik Restaurant is that it is located in a part of contemporary Tehran, Karim Khan Street, which for many Tehranians is an essential and nostalgic neighborhood, full of good feelings.
It is named after a famous American novel, and as you probably know, it is about a captain looking for a white whale of the same name.
One of the weaknesses of this restaurant is that it is located within the traffic plan; But if you want to taste the cuisine of this restaurant, you can take a little effort and go to this area by public transport. In addition, you should consider standing in line.
Address: No. 19, next to Bank Melli, Sepand Crossroad, Sepahbod Gharani St., Karim Khan St.

Restaurant “Khooneh,” accurate estimation of geographical location!

“Khooneh” restaurant is cleverly located next to the water and fire park so that you can help digest your food and cleanse your spirits by exploring this park after you have eaten your meal.
“Khooneh” is one of the best restaurants in Tehran, in which you experience the atmosphere of a real Iranian house. But, of course, hand-baking does not have a bit of space and decoration, and it evokes the feeling of being home-cooked by mothers and grandmothers.
In the description of the arrangement, let us say that the decoration and even the dishes evoke the same feeling in you, and even the rose dishes in this restaurant remind you of the old houses of the grandmothers.
Breakfast is also served on weekends, but on other days you can only visit the “Khooneh” for lunch and dinner; So, although there are good restaurants inside the water and fire park, if you are a fan of nostalgic and hearty Iranian cuisine, the home restaurant can be a better choice for you. Of course, this restaurant also has disadvantages; For example, the food variety in this restaurant is a little lower than the other restaurants we covered in this article.
Another point is that there is no specific menu in this restaurant, which of course, if you are looking for traditional and Iranian food and you welcome the excitement of trying new foods, this will not bother you much.
Instead, the restaurant environment is quite cozy and takes you to the old atmosphere and old houses with its beautiful design.
The restaurant is open daily from 11 am to 11:30 pm, allowing you to find something to eat at any time of the day.
In short, if you have visited the water and fire park, it is better to take some time and go out of the park to try a new taste but loyal to the authentic Iranian food, and head to the home restaurant.
Address: Jahan Koodak Crossroads, Didar Alley, Kaman Alley, next to the Ab-o-Atash Park

“Hestooran” restaurant, regular dishes with a fresh taste

If you are looking for a luxury Persian restaurant with traditional cuisine, Hestooran restaurant is the place to visit.
Located in one of the best neighborhoods of Tehran, this restaurant, its excellent food, and traditional feeling allow you to get acquainted with Iranian and Tehranian originality in a way that you have never experienced before.
In the “Hestooran” menu, you will find foods from all over Iran that you have probably never heard of.
In the land of the senses, you embark on a journey into the world of Iranian flavors that brings excitement and peace to your taste at the same time. Of course, the best restaurant on Fereshteh Street prices are not low, and it is better to consider this in advance, but the experience you gain is worth it.
“Hestooran” slogan is: There is no repetitive food in Hestooran!
They try to combine Iranian cuisine with a creative atmosphere, and the opinion of its audience shows that they have done well.
“Hestooran,” as one of the best restaurants in Tehran, is ready for service throughout the week from 12:00 to 16:00 for lunch and from 19:30 to 23:00 for dinner; On weekends, breakfast is also served at “Hestooran.”
Address: Fereshteh St., Niloufar St., corner of Maryam Gharbi St., Royal Tower, second floor

Hestooran" restaurant
Hestooran restaurant

Barbod Traditional Restaurant and Dining Room

Barbod Traditional Dining is also one of the best restaurants in Tehran, located in the Vanak area, and offers excellent quality to its audience with its fantastic atmosphere and food.
The beautiful, traditional, and Persian building of the restaurant, along with the live music performed in this place at night, has created an atmosphere that brings you closer to your roots. In Barbod, in addition to Daisy – which is the famous dish of this restaurant – a variety of stews and kebabs are served with rice.
It is worth mentioning that this restaurant can be served for lunch and dinner, and live Iranian music will be played indoors from 20:30 to 24:00.
In addition, it is possible to hold ceremonies and parties in different halls of this complex, and some of these halls can also provide tea and hookah service.
Barbod’s traditional restaurant and dining complex are open daily from 12 noon to 4 pm and from 7:30 pm to midnight.
So if you are one of those who like to eat Daisy and Persian food, the traditional dining room, and Barbod restaurant will be one of the best choices on your list.
Address: Vanak, Seoul St., above Sheikh Baha’i Square, No. 57

Barbod Traditional Restaurant
Barbod Traditional Restaurant

Asil restaurant, from the heart of Qeytariyeh!

Asil Restaurant is another of the best restaurants in Tehran, located in the area of ​​Qeytariyeh. Its pleasant atmosphere, decoration, and even attractive copper utensils promise you a great day.
The food in this restaurant is synonymous with its name, and everything is close to its origin. Although it is generally crowded like any other popular place, it is worth waiting to empty the table for you and your companions. According to its managers, this restaurant has no other branch.
In the original restaurant’s menu, you can find a variety of kebabs and dishes gathered in one menu from other cities of the country.
Address: Qeytariyeh, below the park, next to Parsian Bank

Asil restaurant
Asil restaurant

The best Italian restaurants in Tehran

Among the best restaurants in Tehran, Italian restaurants stand out more than other international restaurants.
One of the reasons for this is the desire of Iranians for Italian food, which of course, is not limited to us. Italian cuisine is full of Mediterranean flavors that are very attractive to people worldwide.
All kinds of pasta, pesto and of course the trendy pizza of this country have become a part of the food culture of all the world’s people!

Bella Monica, the absolute ruler of Italian cuisine!

If you want to taste the authentic taste of Italian pizzas or other dishes of this country, one of the best restaurants in Tehran is Bella Monica.
The Bella Monica Italian Restaurant, located in the city center, has easy access and a full menu. The restaurant’s cozy and somewhat luxurious atmosphere is slightly reminiscent of Italian movies. With their matching clothes, the waiters reinforce the idea in their minds, clothes that are reminiscent of this country.
Bella Monica is available at all hours of the day; in the morning, you can visit this popular restaurant for breakfast from 7 am to 10 am, for lunch from 10 am to 3 pm, and for dinner from 4 to 12 pm.
You can also visit this restaurant and order desserts or snacks throughout the day.
The behavior of the friendly professional staff of this restaurant will keep you completely satisfied, and in short, even though you do not pay a small fee, you will return home happy that you have chosen Bella Monica!
Address: No. 32, corner of 11th Street, Vozara St.

Bella Monica
Bella Monica

Senso Cafe Restaurant Collection, famous Italian!

This collection of Italian restaurants is categorized as luxury restaurants, and its quality food fascinates anyone who loves Italian food!
Senso restaurants are classified as luxury restaurants in Tehran and conquer the hearts of their customers with their beautiful and pleasant atmosphere.
The quality of food in these cafes and restaurants is also high, and with the excellent attitude of the staff of this complex, you will leave the restaurant completely satisfied.
The menu includes a variety of Italian and Mediterranean dishes to experience the good feeling of a memorable night in this restaurant complex.
The working hours of this restaurant are from 12 to 24 every day, and you can see the harmony and beauty in its different branches, which is reminiscent of the famous country of Italy.

Senso Cafe Restaurant
Senso Cafe Restaurant

Gennaro Italian Restaurant Complex (formerly Giovanni)

Gennaro is well known to Italian food lovers. Gennaro Italian Restaurant was established in 2007 and had four active branches in Marzdaran, Kourosh, Zafaranieh, and Pasdaran. In a way, it can be said that Janaro or the former Giovanni is one of the first Italian restaurants in Tehran.
This restaurant is one of those restaurants that if you are looking for a good night to spend, you must book a table in advance; Because most likely you can not intrusively find an empty table to sit.
In addition to Italian cuisine, you can also find diet and vegetarian dishes in these restaurants. Furthermore, seafood such as shrimp and salmon are also served in these restaurants, and in this regard, the menu is very diverse.
Gennaro’s Italian restaurant complex is open daily from 8 am to 11 pm, and all three meals can be found there.

Gennaro Italian Restaurant
Gennaro Italian Restaurant

The best fast foods in Tehran

When it comes to the best restaurants in Tehran, we can not factor in fast foods. You will find many fast-food shops in every corner of the capital, but the best ones are just a few, and we will introduce some of them to you.

Collection of Meykhosh restaurants, always cozy

Meykhosh restaurant can also be divided into Italian restaurants, but even though you will find Italian food, it does not have much of a classic Italian atmosphere.
That’s why we decided to categorize it among fast-food restaurants. The branches of this restaurant are located in Ferdows Boulevard, Yousefabad, Shahr Ara, Suhrawardi, and Farmaniyeh, all of which are ready to serve customers.
Of course, one of the disadvantages is that you can never easily find a vacancy there! Especially if you want to visit these restaurants on the weekends.
So since this restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants, you can wait for a while to taste its delicious food; On the other hand, if you do not have the patience to stand in the long queues of a pleasant restaurant, you can order food online.
It is worth mentioning that the first branch of Meykhoshwas established in 1989 on East Ferdows Boulevard in East Tehran, and after that, other units of this complex were established.
Enjoy those restaurants that you can visit as a family.
The exciting thing is that while having a family feeling, you even have fun there alone, and maybe this is what makes it have all kinds of fans and customers!

Shik Shak restaurant is a place to try!

Among the fast foods, one of the must-try places is chic skepticism which changes your taste in fast food and makes you a regular customer of this restaurant.
The unique design of these restaurants, along with delicious food and high ceilings, and interesting and attractive elements, subconsciously draws you to this lovely restaurant.
The pastrami of this collection is one of the most popular chic dishes.
Address: No. 366, Mirdamad Entrance, North Modares Highway

Burger Zoghali, delicious but medium

Burger Zoghali is one fast-food restaurant ready to serve you in different branches.
The difference between this restaurant and other fast foods you may encounter is that it focuses on burgers. Most other fast food outlets pay more attention to pizza, hot dogs, and various sandwiches.
Burger Zoghali branches are scattered throughout the city, allowing you to access them.
The restaurant is open from 11:30 am to midnight, and since Burger Zoghali is an excellent middle-class fast food, it has a standard but reasonable price and quality. Therefore, it is worth trying one of the branches of this restaurant.

Take a look at Tehran vegetarian restaurants.

Ananda Vegetarian Restaurant: If you are one of those people who are vegans, we must say that many famous vegetarian restaurants in Tehran can host you. Perhaps the most famous – with more than a decade of experience – is the Ananda Vegetarian Restaurant Café. Whatever you want will be provided to you from the vegetarian menu in this restaurant.

Ananda Vegetarian Restaurant
Ananda Vegetarian Restaurant

Banyan Tree Vegetarian Restaurant: This restaurant is another one of these restaurants where you can find fresh and excellent food on your plate.
Iranian Artist Forum Veggie Restaurant: If you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant in the city center, the Iranian Artist Forum Veggie Restaurant is one of the best options possible.
Mehre Mitra Vegetarian Restaurant: However, if you are looking for a fantastic surprise for yourself or your friends, remember “Mehre Mitra,” located in Lavasan.

The best sushi shops in Tehran

Also, if you are interested in oriental and Far Eastern cuisine, sushi is your favorite food. Restaurants such as Kenzo, Sushikhoone, Vanak Star Restaurant, Sushi Shop, and Monsoon Lounge Restaurant are the best restaurants in Tehran to try this different and attractive food.


Q: Where are the best restaurants in the west of Tehran?
A: If you are looking for a great restaurant in the west of Tehran, Cavalli, and Pinar is considered one of the best Italian restaurants in your area.
Shabhaye Sarv Dining Room and Emperatour restaurant are some traditional restaurants that you should try. If you also like to spend hours in a quiet environment with delicious food with your loved ones, Dorreh restaurant is our suggestion.

Q: Where are the best restaurants for birthdays in Tehran?
A: Most of the restaurants where you can have a birthday party are cafe restaurants, and among the best ones are Dang Cafe Restaurant in the Vanak area, Sam Cafe branches, and Shemroon Cafe branches.
If you would like to have a two-person birthday party, cafes like Gol Rezaieh, located on Jomhouri Street, where great people like Sadegh Hedayat and Forough Farrokhzad used to go, are a good option.

Q: Where are the best cafes and restaurants in Tehran?
A: Tehran Café restaurants are very diverse and can vary depending on what kind of cafe you are looking for, but the best of them is a Naaderi Cafe Restaurant on Jomhouri Street, which has long been the residence of Iranian intellectuals, Diamond Cafe on Nejatollahi Street Or he mentioned the same villa street and branches of Lamiz Cafe. As we said, this has a lot to do with your taste.

Q: Where are Farahzad’s best restaurants?
A: Farahzad is one of those areas in Tehran where you expect to hear the smell of kebabs from all sides! Restaurants such as Abshar (named after the river crossing the heart of the restaurant), Hossein Farahzad Garden Restaurant, Baghe Noor (famous for its night lighting), Dehkadeh Restaurant, and Zeytoon Restaurant are among Farahzad’s best restaurants. They are counted as.

Q: Where are the best restaurants in the north of Tehran?
A: There are many excellent and stylish restaurants in this area, but the best are Jordan Shandiz Restaurant, Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant on Sheikh Baha’i Street, Dorsa Restaurant in Gholhak neighborhood, and Loshato French Restaurant.

Q: Where are the best restaurants in Tehran-Pars?
A: East Tehran also has a lot of good restaurants. You can find Zarrin Luxury Restaurant for the ceremony, Avisho Restaurant for spending time with friends, Hamsa Arabic Cafe Restaurant, and Segoosh Grill Restaurant in the east and Tehran-Pars area.

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