The best cafes in Tehran

tehran cafes

There are many cafes from east to west and from north to south of Tehran so that you can spend your best time in them.
Cafe tourism is one of the most popular urban pleasures that plays an attractive role for most people, especially in the capital, in today’s busy life. This time, join us to visit the corners of the city and the cafes of Tehran and invite ourselves to a delicious taste in the coziest restaurants of Tehran.

Moghaddam Museum Cafe

In Imam Khomeini St., Tehran, Moghadam Museum Cafe is a place to enjoy its atmosphere for hours. Bagh-e Moghaddam in this old street provides customers with an exciting atmosphere in the bustle of Tehran.
The old atmosphere of this cafe has all the elements that remind you of the Qajar period and the Qajar mansions, from the paintings hanging on the walls of the cafe to the glasses where you can drink hot tea and coffee and a cool drink!
Moghaddam Museum Cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran for those who want to immerse themselves in the heart of art and drink tea.
Address: Imam Khomeini Street after Sheikh Hadi, Moghadam Museum

Moghaddam Museum Cafe
Moghaddam Museum Cafe

Chai Bar Café

Choosing an old Qajar mansion to have afternoon tea in all seasons is heartwarming. Chai Bar Cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran that has a beautiful open space.
Chai Bar Café has located in the garden of the Iranian Calligraphers Association. The open space of this cafe can create beautiful moments for your friend’s gathering, or even if you plan to spend an hour alone in this cafe, you will enjoy it.
Chai Bar Cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran for spending time on a hot winter afternoon or summer evening.
Address of Chai Bar Cafe: Dezashib, Karimi St., North Salimi St., No. 145

Chai Bar Café
Chai Bar Café

Alighapoo Cafe

Alighapoo Café is one of the traditional and pleasant spaces in the Vanak area. This traditional cafe-restaurant has been operating for many years until today.
Alighapoo Café, with its traditional food menu, is suitable for those who like to eat an authentic meal in a conventional and old atmosphere. Unfortunately, this cafe has no open space.
Alighapoo Café is one of the best traditional cafes with an Isfahani atmosphere in the heart of the capital Tehran.
Address: Vanak, Haqqani St., South Gandi St., between Alleys 23 and 25, No. 55

Café Tehroon (Bagh Negarestan)

In Baharestan Square, you can find Bagh Negarestan Cafe.
This cafe has indoor and outdoor space and gives the customer the right to choose which one to choose according to their mood and enjoy it. This cafe has a traditional outdoor environment with old tables.
Negarestan Garden is one of the old and historical gardens that has tolerated the heat of Tehran for many years to some extent. The presence of a cafe in this garden is one of the positive points that can attract guests. In addition, using traditional music in this space can help to create a pleasant feeling.
If you want to lighten your soul with a bit of bird sound and coolness rising from the clear water of the pond, Café Tehroon is one of the best cafes in Tehran; we recommend that you take a walk in the garden of Negarestan before entering the cafe.
Address of Café Tehroon: Baharestan Square, at the end of Daneshsara St., at the beginning of Goodarzi St., in the north and main of Bagh

Café Tehroon (Bagh Negarestan)
Café Tehroon (Bagh Negarestan)

Traditional cafe of Noon-o-Namak or Fakhralmoluk

Another traditional cafe in Tehran is the Noon-o-Namak Cafe. This cafe, a Qajar mansion, is located in Sarcheshmeh neighborhood. The atmosphere of this mansion is relatively conventional and is suitable for those who want to taste their evening tea in a dance-filled courtyard!
This cafe is one of Tehran’s best and most lovely courtyard cafes!
Address: Amirkabir St., Javidi St., No. 114

The best cafes in the north of Tehran

Muguet Café

If you are looking for a modern space where you can spend time with your friends, Muguet Café will be a good suggestion. This cafe is one of the best cafes in the north of Tehran; like most modern cafes, cigarettes and hookahs can be used, and there is no ban on it.
Address: North Kamaranieh, Farmaniyeh, at the beginning of Aria Street, No. 3

Tajrish Lamiz Cafe 

One of the most famous cafes in Tehran is Lamiz Cafe, which has different branches in several parts of the city. Among these branches is Tajrish Lamiz Cafe. This cafe has a modern and cozy atmosphere and looks suitable for social meetings.
Tajrish Lamiz is one of the best cafes in Tehran for those who want to walk on a fantastic afternoon on Valiasr Street and then taste a genuine coffee in a cozy cafe.
Address: Tajrish Square, at the beginning of Saad Abad Street, No. 6

Tajrish Lamiz Cafe
Tajrish Lamiz Cafe

Moshir Cafe 

One of the best cafes in Niavaran is Moshir Cafe. This cafe has a traditional style and can also be called a cafeteria. So if you want a comfortable cafeteria, choose Moshir Cafe!
Address: Niavaran St., Yaser Three Ways, end of Sadeghi Qomi St., Jamaran Recreation and Tourism Complex

Local Cafe

You can find a Local Cafe on the roof of Tehran. This cafe also has a stylish and very cozy environment.
This cafe is very suitable among cafes in the north of Tehran for spending an hour alone and having coffee.
Address of Local Cafe: Tehran, Velenjak, 7th Alley, Local Café

Ivan Cafe
Ivan Cafe

Riber Cafe 

One of the best cafes in Tehran is Ribar Cafe. This cafe has a pleasant open space located in the Museum of Time, which is a good choice for those who want to walk in a museum before or after the cafe.
There is no problem with smoking in this open space. If you visit the Museum of Time, spend an hour in Ribar Cafe.
Address of Ribar Cafe: Valiasr St., at the beginning of Zafaranieh, inside the Museum of Time

Riber Cafe 
Riber Cafe

Darchin Cafe

You are probably guessing that Darchin Café, with this name, is a stylish cafe with a traditional menu!
Darchin Café is located in Farmaniyeh, and its cozy atmosphere can create a feeling of intimacy and comfort for its customers. Therefore, Darchin Café is an intelligent choice for a family chat.
Darchin Café Address: Farmanieh, Asgarian, Tangestan I, Farman Shopping Center, No. 10

Roberto Cafe 

Roberto Cafe has a large and pleasant atmosphere that can be thoroughly enjoyed on cooler days.
Roberto is one of the best cafes in Tehran Pars and is located in Pasdaran, and its ample and open space is a good place for noisy crowds that will not be comfortable in small cafes.
So this time you go to a cafe with your friends, choose Roberto!
Address of Roberto Cafe: No. 4, Second Park, Pasdaran, Tehran

Dorsa Cafe

One of the coffee shops in the category of the best cafes in the north of Tehran is Darsa Coffee Shop. Dorsa has a pleasant and open atmosphere and a beautiful view of the city of Tehran. You can smoke in this cafe, and there is no ban. This cafe’s menu includes delicious dishes such as ham croissants that we suggest you order. Dorsa Coffee Shop has a parking lot, so you will not worry about parking space.
Darsa Coffee Shop Address: Shariati St., not far from the crossroads of the Dowlat, above the intersection of the Yakhchal, Darsa house, third floor

Dorsa Cafe
Dorsa Cafe

Viona Plaza Cafe

Vienna is one of the most luxurious cafes in Tehran, which has branches in different parts of the city. This cafe is of high quality. One of its most modern branches is called Viona Plaza Cafe, located on Shariati Street and has a calm, comfortable and friendly environment. Customers of this cafe mostly come here for their business meetings, and its menu also includes Western dishes.
Addis Viona Plaza Cafe: Beheshti St., Sarafraz St., Daryaye Noor Tower, Cafe Viona

Living Room Cafe

Living Room Cafe has a pleasant decoration similar to a stylish and modern living room. The cafe’s interior design is such that when you enter it, you feel like you are in one of the French cafes. One of the most important things about Living Room Café is its chef. The chef of this cafe is an artist, and his plate is unique and dreamy. You will be surprised to see the artistic design of the scales of this cafe.
Address: Zafaranieh, the intersection of Zafaranieh and Taheri streets, Bamik Zafaranieh

Living Room Cafe
Living Room Cafe

Luna Lounge Cafe

Luna Lounge Cafe is one of Tehran’s best and most stylish cafes, located in the ASP tower, and has a stunning and modern design. This cafe has a cozy, intimate, and friendly environment and will be an excellent choice for two-person appointments. A variety of fast food dishes are served in this cafe and have many fans. If you are looking for a cafe that does not have cigarette smoke, Luna Lounge Cafe will be the best choice because smoking is prohibited in this cafe.

The best cafes in the center of Tehran

Café Tehroon

Café Tehroon is one of the busiest and most famous cafes in Tehran. This cafe is located on Villa Street. The open space of this cafe draws customers from all walks of life to the cafe.
Tehran Cafe serves traditional and local food and can make a good night for people who spend all day working.
Address: Enghelab St., in front of Nejatollahi (Villa), Kandovan Alley, corner of Mehrani, No. 19

Bruges Café

This cafe is more suited to the tastes of young people. In addition to its intimate environment, the proximity to the student park is not ineffective in attracting young people to this cafe. There is no traditional food on the menu of this cafe.
Address: Valiasr Crossroads, Bozorgmehr St., No. 16

Bruges Café
Bruges Café

Dante Cafe 

Dante’s Café is located on the fifth and sixth floors of a building, so you can sit and enjoy the view of the city.
This cafe is one of the best cafes in the city center, and you can smoke in it.
Address of Dante Cafe: Yousef Abad St., corner of Alley 2, No. 2, 5th, and 6th floors

Dante Cafe 
Dante Cafe

Herman Cafe

Herman Cafe is one of the most famous cafes in the center of Tehran, which is located in Hafte-Tir.
This cafe is very stylish and modern, has two floors and smoking is prohibited. So if you are not a smoker and want a cozy atmosphere in the busiest part of the city, Herman Cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran for your taste.
Address: Hafte-Tir Square, Ghaem Magham Street, Mashahir Street, Lotfi Intersection

Russia Cafe 

If you are looking for a relaxed environment in Fatemi Square and its surroundings that is also modern, Russia Cafe can be a good choice for you.
This cafe has two open and closed environments, and attending each of them depends on the taste and mood of the customers. So if you are tired of the closed environments of cafes and do not like to walk a long way to reach an open-air cafe, Russia Cafe is your solution.
Address: Fatemi Square, Parnian Shopping Center, First Floor, Unit 44 

Russia Cafe 
Russia Cafe

Honar Cafe

Another of the most famous cafes in Tehran is the Honar Cafe. This cafe is well known to all students of downtown universities.
The nostalgic atmosphere of this cafe will be a little strange and exciting by combining young people and teenagers who are young. The Honar Café is an excellent hangout for small friendly groups who want to get together in a comfortable space.
This cafe welcomes its customers every day from 9:30 am to 10 pm.
Address of Honar Cafe: Enghelab St., between Vesal and Ghods St., next to Sepideh Cinema, Oskoo Alley No. 8

Moon Cafe

A cozy cafe in Fatemi Square for people who need to meet their friends in peace or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee alone! Smoking is prohibited in this cafe due to the closed space.
So if you are looking for a cafe to drink a cup of tea or coffee or a fresh and delicious dessert and you are not a smoker, Moon Cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran for you.
Moon Cafe address: Fatemi Square, Fatemi Building, end of the Mall, ground floor

Moon Cafe
Moon Cafe

Karim Khan Alley Cafe

There is a small old cafe on Karim Khan Street, which most of its regular customers have been visiting for years. Karim Khan Alley Cafe has a cordial atmosphere, making you enter it only once and be its customer forever!
The cafe starts at 8 am and continues until 11 pm.
Address of Karim Khan Alley Cafe: No. 38, 18th Alley, Sanai St., Karim Khan St.

Naghshe Vesal Cafe

Naghshe Vesal Cafe can be named one of Tehran’s best cafes.
The outdoor space of this cafe is the best choice for a friendly gathering, both eye-catching and pleasant!
This cafe is also one of the busiest and most famous cafes in Tehran, and it might not be wrong if you coordinate with the cafe before going to the cafe, especially if there are several of you, and book a table for yourself. This way, you will be relieved about the hustle and bustle.
Naghsh Vesal Cafe welcomes customers from 8:30 to 23:00.
Address Naghshe Vesal Cafe: Keshavarz Blvd., Vesal Shirazi St., in front of Aria Hospital, corner of Shahed Alley, No. 7070

Naghshe Vesal Cafe
Naghshe Vesal Cafe

Cafe Land

Cafe Land is located on Bozorgmehr Street and is one of the best cafes in the center of Tehran. A cozy cafe that is very suitable for spending a few minutes in peace.
If you can relax in this space during your hourly work, you will undoubtedly return to work with good energy.
Smoking is also accessible in this café. Cafe Land is open from 9 am, and you can go to the cafe until 11 pm.
Address of Cafe Land: Above Valiasr Intersection, Bozorgmehr St., Next to Development Bank, No. 16, End of Bozorgmehr Passage

Cafe Land
Cafe Land

Paeez 98 Cafe 

If you go to a cafe to eat, you should know that this cafe is not suitable. No food is served in this café. Instead, all kinds of attractive drinks and desserts are available in the Paeez 98 Cafe, and you can spend the evening or morning time with your friends in this cafe. It has a reasonable price range, and you will not encounter an expensive cafe.
From 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, you can go to the Paeez 98 Cafe.
Address of Paeez 98 Cafe: Shahr-Ara St., Opposite Gozarnameh, Nastaran Mall, Second Floor, Unit 13

Cafe Avani

If you are looking for cafes in the center of Tehran with a pleasant interior, Avani Cafe can be one of your best choices.
Avani Cafe has an exciting design, and its atmosphere is how you think you went to a picnic. This cafe is one of the unique cafes in Tehran with wooden tables and chairs in the old style, making it a favorite of young people and art lovers. If you are looking for a place where you can smoke after a good coffee, the open environment of the cafe will allow you.
The menu of Avani Cafe, as one of the most famous cafes in Tehran, includes Western and fast food dishes and has delicious and unique salads.
Address of Avani Café: Yousef Abad Street, between 62nd and 64th streets

Cafe Avani
Cafe Avani

Almond Cafe

Almond is one of Tehran’s best restaurant cafes, a modern, beautiful, and luxurious place where high-quality Italian food is offered.
As one of the most special cafes in Tehran, Almond Cafe has an attractive interior design, which has made many young people fall in love with it.
This cafe has a parking lot, and as a result, you will no longer have to worry about parking space. One of the most popular dishes at Almond Cafe is the Holamy Steak Salad, which we suggest you order.
Address of Almond Café: Yousef Abad, 64th Street, after Kurdistan Bridge, ASP Complex, Commercial Unit 10

Almond Cafe
Almond Cafe

Nazdik Café

Nazdik Café has an enchanting atmosphere among all the cafes in the center of Tehran and is one of the good cafes in Tehran.
Although the cafe is close to the traffic plan, this cafe’s pleasant and friendly atmosphere has made it a suitable place for lunch and dinner. However, this cafe is crowded most of the time, so you can not look for a quiet place, and you have to cope with the crowds.
Nazdik Café, one of the best famous cafes in Tehran, has an indoor and outdoor space, and you can smoke in its open room.
The address of Nazdik Café: Karim Khan Zand St., between Iranshahr and Mahshahr, No. 134, first floor

Nazdik Café
Nazdik Café


The best cafes in the west of Tehran

Brazil Café Restaurant 

Brazil Cafe is located in Saadatabad and is one of the most famous cafes in the west of Tehran. This cafe has a stylish and attractive atmosphere, and on weekends the breakfast menu is accessible.
So if you are looking for an excellent cafe for the weekend with a fantastic breakfast that will take the fatigue of the whole week out of you, the cafe-restaurant of Brazil is the best choice!
Cafe Brazil is open from 8 am to midnight every day and warmly welcomes customers.
Address of Brazil Restaurant Cafe: Saadat Abad, Sarv Gharbi, between Shahrdari Square and Sarv Square, Sadaf St., corner of Azalea Alley, No. 2

Brazil Café Restaurant 
Brazil Café Restaurant

Renaissance Restaurant Cafe

There is a Renaissance restaurant and cafe near Atieh Hospital. This cafe has created a pleasant environment due to its open and indoor spaces.
The presence of Renaissance next to the hospital is suitable for people who make their way to this hospital and take them away from their mental space for a moment.
The cafe is open from 7:30 am and is open until midnight.
Address of Renaissance Restaurant Cafe: West Town, Dadman Gharb Blvd., after Atieh Hospital, No. 41

Renaissance Restaurant Cafe
Renaissance Restaurant Cafe

Cape Crepe

Crepe is one of the best cafes in Tehran, which has two branches, one in Saadatabad and the other in Qeytariyeh.
This cafe, one of the most famous cafes in the west of Tehran, has a modern atmosphere, and it can be said that its price range is moderate and affordable, and it is suitable for people who consider going to the cafe.
Cape Crepe is ready to receive its customers from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.
Crepe Cafe address: Saadat Abad, Kaj Square, Sarv Sharghi St., Majd St., corner of Nastaran

Cafe Erica

Erica Cafe is one of those cafes usually chosen for lonely moments; it has a small and intimate atmosphere that induces a sense of security.
Erika Cafe is open from 10 am to 10 pm. It also has a high price range.
Address of Cafe Erike: Ashrafi Esfahani, Bagh Feyz Crossroads, Hamoon Tower

Sam Cafe

If you enjoy a lot of green space, it is better to choose Sam Cafe to go to the cafe. One of the most famous cafes in the west of Tehran is Sam Cafe, located in the western part of the city.
The café has a large lounge that makes it relaxing. Sam Cafe Branches are also the best choice for those looking for a suitable cafe to work in and want someone to charge their coffee cup next to their laptop.
Sam Cafe is open from 8 am to 11 pm. However, it would help if you kept in mind that the price range of this cafe is expensive.
Sam Cafe Address: West Town – Iran TV – AB Building

Sam Cafe
Sam Cafe

Cafe Tehroon

Tehran Cafe also has a branch in Gharb town. The atmosphere of this cafe, like other branches, has a nostalgic feeling. This cafe is open from noon and has a high price range.
Address of Tehroon Cafe: West Town, End of Darya Boulevard, Fakhar Moghaddam St., Corner of West 2nd Park, No. 24

Zhowan Cafe

Zhowan Cafe has two branches, one in Saadatabad and the other in Jordan. This cafe is designed in a thoroughly modern way. Having both indoor and outdoor spaces allows customers to sit indoors or outdoors based on the day’s weather.
Smoking and hookah are also prohibited in this cafe.
Zhowan Cafe is open from 7:30 am to 11 pm. Therefore, it can be said that the price range of this cafe is high.
Address of Cafe Zhowan: Saadat Abad, at the beginning of Darya Boulevard, not far from the South Sarrafha, No. 75

Zhowan Cafe
Zhowan Cafe

Lounge Cafe 

On hot days when you can not leave the city, it is beautiful to take refuge in the green spaces inside the city.
The large and lush garden forms the space of Cafe Lounge. This cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran, where there are pavilions that will protect you from the sun.
The use of cigarettes and hookahs is also allowed in this open space.
The cafe is open from 8 am to 12 pm and is limited in price.
Lounge Cafe address: Azimieh, Asbi Square, north side of Iran Zamin Park

Langine Cafe

Many customers know Lanjin Cafe as Lanjin Confectionery Cafe, So if you are a confectioner, we suggest you try the fresh and delicious sweets of this cafe. Langine Cafe was initially located in Iran Zamin Passage and is situated in a pastry shop called Lanjin. It has four series of tables. There is no royal and luxurious atmosphere here, but the aroma of fresh sweets will make you drunk with coffee.
Langine Café Address: Shahrake Gharb, Iran Zamin Commercial Complex, Ground Floor, Unit 2

Langine Cafe
Langine Cafe

Oraman Cafe 

Oraman is one of the best coffee shops in Tehran in the west, which has been operating for more than seven years. This cafe is more welcoming to the country’s artists and has a warm and cozy atmosphere. Oraman Cafe environment is more family and has a very high-quality open menu. One of the essential advantages of this cafe is its convenient parking space. Due to the fantastic breakfasts served in Oraman, it can be considered the best breakfast cafe in Tehran. In addition to cigarettes, you can smoke hookah in this cafe.
Address of Oraman Café: Shahrake Gharb, Sepehr St., Third Petal, end of West Rezaei Alley

Masetta Cafe

Among the cafes located in the west of Tehran, Masta will be one of the best cafes in Tehran. Masetta Café is a fancy and intimate cafe with colorful chairs, and its bright curtains direct light into the cafe. In addition to cakes, coffee, and ice cream, the café also serves simple dishes such as omelets and coconut vegetables.
Address of Masetta Café: Sattar Khan, Sattar Khan Traditional Bazaar, Phase One, Upper Floor, Entrance A, No. 1/119

The best cafes in East Tehran

Hocker Cafe

Hocker Cafe is one of the most famous cafes in East Tehran, which has two floors, and its atmosphere is terrific.
The cafe is open from 10 am to 11 pm.
Hocker Cafe Address: Tehranpars, not far from Tirandaz Crossroads, corner of Asghari St., 156 St.

Hocker Cafe
Hocker Cafe

Ali Cafe

One of the most famous cafes in Tehran is Ali Cafe. Unfortunately, this cafe is also bustling, and you may need to reserve a table for yourself and your companions to be able to go to this cafe at night. Ali Cafe has an intimate atmosphere. You can go to this cafe for the best coffee.
Address: Narmak, Haft Houz Square, No. 66, North Kamijani Street

Kandik Coffee Shop

Kandik Cafe is one of the best cafes in East Tehran due to its open space. This available section provides a lovely atmosphere for customers. The café is open from 11 am and is open until midnight.
Address of Kandik Cafe: Tehranpars, Golberg St., between the first square and Rashid St., No. 35

Shomineh Cafe

The Shomineh cafe, as its name implies, has a cozy and warm atmosphere.
Its unique interior view is charming. The menu of this cafe is complete and compact, and most of the things that can be ordered in the cafe can be found in this menu as well. Smoking is prohibited due to the small space.
Shomineh Cafe Address: Babaei Highway, End of East Hemmat Highway, Shahrake Omid, Shahrake Omid Commercial Complex, No. 33

Shomineh Cafe
Shomineh Cafe

Padena Cafe

Padena Cafe is one of the best cafes in Tehran in the east, which is located in the ​​Sarsabz crossroads and, unlike most cafes in this area, has a large and generous atmosphere.
Padena has two indoor and outdoor sections; the indoor space has an awe-inspiring interior design and is liked by many young people.
Padena is one of the luxury cafes in the east of Tehran, and for this reason, special ceremonies are held in this cafe. The café menu includes a variety of hot and cold drinks, pastries, desserts, and international cuisine.
Address of Padena Café: Narmak, Resalat Highway, Sarsabz Crossroads, corner of 47th Square

Tehranpars Chimney Cafe

The chimney is the originator of a new type of ice cream prepared at the beginning of this collection with bread with a unique formula. In addition to this particular ice cream, Chimani added another ice cream, fruit, and home and gave it a unique taste.
Now an ice cream from this cafe is so strong that it can replace one of your meals. This cafe has branches in different areas of Tehran, but one of the busiest branches is the Tehranpars branch. The cafe only serves ice cream and no coffee or desserts. So we suggest you try a new ice cream every time you visit this cafe.
Address of Chimney Café: Between the first square and Tirandaz crossroads, between 154 and 156 west streets, No. 82, next to Sina Bank

Barzan Cafe 

Barzan Cafe has a relatively small but intimate and cozy atmosphere, and the predominant color in its decor is pink. The interior decoration of this cafe is modern, and it has an almost youthful appearance.
This cafe’s space is tiny, but it is one of the busiest cafes in Tehranpars that you can choose for a pleasant evening. The pasta and steaks of this cafe are among the best in the region, and we suggest you try them once.
Address of Barzan Café: No. 75, 1st Square, Tehranpars, 146 East St.

Barzan Cafe 
Barzan Cafe

The best open cafes in Tehran

Emarat Khaneye Pedari Cafe

Emarat Khaneye Pedari is one of the best open-air cafes in Tehran that can give you a sense of familiarity. This cafe, located on Karim Khan Street, has an eye-catching design and provides a few hours of relaxation. The working hours of this cafe start at 8:30 in the morning and end at 11:00 pm.
Address: Karim Khan Zand, Iranshahr St., Malekian St., No. 18

Rouhi Cafe Negarestan 

This cafe is located in the historical complex of Bagh Negarestan. It has two open and closed sections. A beautiful view is waiting for you in the open area, and you can enjoy the open air.
The working hours of this cafe start at 9 am and continue until 9 pm.
Address: Baharestan Square, Daneshsara St., Shariatmadar Rafi St., Bagh Negarestan

Baccara Cáfe

Baccara Cáfe is one of the best cafes in Tehran that is open. This cafe is located in the city’s center on Enghelab Street and is very easy to access. This cafe also has a long history, and sitting in its beautiful courtyard seems to tell you this history.
The working hours of this cafe start from 8 am and continue until 11 pm.
Address: Enghelab Square, North Kargar Street, Rahnama Street

Baccara Cáfe
Baccara Cáfe

Kariz Restaurant & Café

One of the best open-air cafes in Tehran is Dowlat Street called Kariz Cafe. This cafe has two parts, inside and outside.
This cafe is located in the garden of the poets’ house and in addition to enjoying nature, you can get information about poets. Breakfast in this cafe is self-service and includes all kinds of breakfasts, from Persian to French. There are also hot and cold drinks that you can use according to your taste.
Address of Kariz Cafe: Shariati St., Dolat St., corner of Nemati, Garden of the House of Iranian Poets

Vicolo Cafe Restaurant

Vicolo Cafe is one of the most luxurious cafes in Tehran mansions, which is open and has a charming and stylish atmosphere. In this cafe, using modern art and unique spaces, an attractive and friendly environment has been created that will be liked by many people.
The decoration design of Vicolo Cafe is based on the architecture of Western Europe and Italy. You will feel that you have entered one of the original Italian cafes when you enter it. It is interesting to know that the artists in this cafe are constantly performing live music.
Cafe Vicolo address: Elahieh, North Africa, Elahieh Modern Complex, Royal Flora, No. 4

Vicolo Cafe Restaurant
Vicolo Cafe Restaurant

Majnoon Cafe

Majnoon is one of the most beautiful open-air cafes in Tehran in the western region, which has attracted everyone’s attention quickly. In this cafe, you can smoke, and if you are not a smoker, you will not be bothered by the smell because the space is open.
In this beautiful cafe, the best pizzas of Tehran are served, and on the other hand, Majnoon Cafe offers the best coffee thanks to its experienced baristas. Furthermore, this cafe has a private parking space, and as a result, you will not have to worry about parking space.
Majnoon Cafe address: Shahrake Gharb, Iran Zamin St., between the fourth and sixth, Fadak Road Garden

Majnoon Cafe
Majnoon Cafe

Kiplik Cafe

One of the most beautiful and unique gardens in Tehran is the Saadabad Museum Palace, in the heart of which is an open-air cafe. Kiplik Cafe is one of the most attractive and spectacular open-air cafes in Tehran, thanks to the unique atmosphere of Saadabad Palace. Of course, this cafe also has an indoor section, and you can use it if you wish. Kiplik has a full breakfast menu and welcomes those who come for a walk to the café every day.
Kiplik Cafe address: Tajrish, Valiasr St., Zafaranieh, End of Taheri St., Saadabad Museum Palace

Bamland Good Cafes

BamLand Tehran has excellent cafes that can make happy times over the clouds for you. In the following, we will introduce some of the most popular and best cafes in Tehran in Bamland.

Shemroon Cafe 

Shemroon Cafe Bamoland is one of this famous complex’s branches, located in a very open and beautiful space facing Chitgar Lake.
This cafe’s menu is very diverse and includes a variety of coffee, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, ice cream, cakes and desserts, tea and drinks, and hot and cold beverages. The pizzas of Shamron Cafe are very famous as one of the best cafes in Tehran, and we suggest that if you go to this cafe, be sure to order one of the pizzas of chicken pizzas pizza steaks or its famous pasta.
Shemron Restaurant Cafe has a capacity of about 150 people and is one of the most famous cafes in Bamland. The open space of this cafe is on the second floor, and most customers choose this floor to enjoy the beauties of Chitgar Lake.
Address: West Shahid Hemmat Highway, South Kashan Exit, Moj Square, Moj Boulevard, Sadaf Boulevard, Bamoland Complex, Block B, Second Floor

Shemroon Cafe 
Shemroon Cafe

Cafe Illy

Illy is one of the best cafes in Tehran, located near Chitgar Lake, and in addition to the indoor space, it also has an open space to enjoy the outdoor environment and its proximity to the lake. The cafe’s outdoor area will be cold in autumn and winter, and for this reason, heating equipment is used in this cafe.
The menu of Illy Cafe includes:

  • A variety of coffee.
  • Hot and cold drinks.
  • Tea and drinks.
  • Cakes and desserts.
  • Sandwiches and salads.
  • A variety of fresh drinks.

It can be said that Illy has a complete menu and can be the best choice for a cup of fresh coffee after sightseeing in Bamland.
Address of Illy Café: Bamoland Commercial Complex, Block A, Eli Cafe

Ducati cafe

Ducati Restaurant Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants in Tehran among Ducati motorcycle lovers. The elements of this famous engine are located in different parts of the cafe, and for this reason, it has become a suitable place for motorcyclists. Ducati has two indoor and outdoor sections, one of which you can choose to have for coffee or a hearty breakfast.
Ducati Restaurant Cafe has a varied menu of appetizers, coffee, sandwiches, pasta, cakes and desserts, chic, tea and drinks, and hot and cold beverages. However, one of the most popular parts of this cafe is the breakfast menu, which will welcome you with a great variety.
Ducati Restaurant Cafe Address: Chitgarh Lake, Bamoland Complex, Ducati Restaurant Cafe

Ducati cafe
Ducati cafe

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