Which houses are covered by the building setback rules?

what is the Building setback rules?

Here we discuss the building setback rules. Passing through the alleys and streets of the city, we see buildings that are receding. Some buildings are forced to retreat even after some time has passed since their construction.

Most of the time, we think that disobeying the building setback rules caused the buildings to retreat, while the reason for the setback of the buildings is not always the non-observance of the law. If you want to know more about building setback rules, stay with us to discuss this.If you want to rent apartment in Tehran, You can connect with Tehran Offers.

Beautification of the city by the municipality

One of the reasons for building setback rules that force buildings to set back is to beautify the city by the municipality. When the municipality intends to renovate and rebuild the city, it usually orders some buildings to retreat.

Many times, the purpose of this order is to widen the sidewalk and create green space or widen the street. Sometimes an entire building is included in the retreat plan, and sometimes a part of the building is forced to retreat. If the entire building needs to be set back, the municipality will buy the building.

Implementation of highways and highways by the municipality

Another reason for building setback rules is that many times municipalities order certain buildings to be set back in order to create highways and highways. In such cases, usually the whole building is placed in a retreat plan.

Sometimes there may be a need to demolish a part of the building. The implementation of highways and freeways is one of the reasons during which the municipality orders your building to retreat.If you want to rent Villa in Tehran, You can connect with Tehran Offers.

Is it possible to disobey the municipality’s order to withdraw the building

Many people think that resistance and obstruction of the building setback rules plan will cause this plan to be dissolved. While the building setback rules always agree with the municipality.

Therefore, whether you like it or not, you are obliged to accept the building setback rules. If you want to rent office in Tehran, You can connect with Tehran Offers.

The municipality is obliged to pay the cost of damages to the owner of the building

If the order to withdraw the building is due to the beautification of the city, the widening of the sidewalk, the widening of the street, or the construction of the freeway and highway, the municipality is obliged to pay you the cost of the damage in full.

This cost includes the cost of the property’s land and the cost of the building. This damage is determined by an expert and is calculated according to the daily rate.

Consider tax deductions

The municipality has considered special benefits for the buildings that cooperate with this organization in the withdrawal plan. One of these benefits is considering the tax discount.

If you cooperate with the municipality in the building retreat plan and vacate the building on time, the municipality will also grant you benefits.If you want to rent building in Tehran, You can connect with Tehran Offers.

Reconstruction of the building is another reason for the withdrawal

If your building is among the old buildings and needs to be renovated, there is a high possibility that it will be required to implement a setback plan. Many buildings that are in the process of reconstruction are forced to retreat. When will the amount of withdrawal be determined? When you go to the municipality to get a renovation permit.

Failure to comply with the limits set by the municipality for retreat will undoubtedly cause you many problems. So be sure to observe this range. You can get a certificate of completion only if you comply with the municipal rules.

Failure to withdraw according to the opinion of the municipality means encroachment on the property of the municipality. Therefore, not only do you have to demolish the building again, but the possibility of paying a fine is also high.If you want to rent short term apartment in Tehran, You can connect with Tehran Offers.

How can the owner of the building be informed of the requirement of the withdrawal plan

You may be asked how the owner of the building should know that his building needs to be retreated. Notification about the withdrawal plan is usually done in publications and newspapers. On the other hand, the municipality will send a letter containing the withdrawal details to your place of residence.

This letter will be given to you by the municipal officials and you are obliged to go to the municipality after receiving this legal letter.

Is it permissible to sell a building that needs to be set back

A building that needs to be set back should not be sold before the plan is implemented. If you are the owner of a building and your building needs to be withdrawn, you should not sell your property under any circumstances, because this is considered fraud and deceiving the buyer.

So the buyer can sue you for this. In this situation, you have to compensate for the damage and pay a lot of money. In addition, you get involved in legal problems that take a lot of time.

Issuing the retreat order to the buildings that have encroached on the municipality’s privacy

Some people think that nothing will happen if their building moves forward a few meters during the construction of the building. They think that this problem will be solved by paying a fine to the municipality. While this notion is fundamentally wrong.

If you exceed the limits defined by the municipality during the construction of the building, you will undoubtedly face problems later when you receive the completion certificate. The municipality does not give these buildings a certificate of completion.

As a result, you will be forced to retreat. In this way, both your time and capital will be wasted. So follow the municipal rules.
Some buildings encounter building setback rules. The order to retreat is given to the buildings that hinder the renovation of the streets and green spaces or are placed in the way of the highway.

Sometimes, the lawlessness of the building owner and disobedience of the municipal rules lead to the issuing of building setback rules. However, when building setback rules are issued, the building owner is obliged to act according to the opinion of the municipality and retreat to the specified size of the building.

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