Darrous is wealthy a neighborhood in the north of Tehran. The main streets of Darrous is covered with tall old trees, which reminds you of Top part of Valiasr street. Darrous has been built according to urban planning standards with wide streets and allies and  proper amount green area.  Darrous is bordered from the east to Pasdaran, from the west to Gholhak, from the north to Kolahdouz Street (Ekhtiarieh) from the south to Sharhrzad Boulevard. 

Darrous hosts many embassies like Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran , Embassy of The Republic of Croatia in TehranEmbassy of Hungary in TehranEmbassy Of Portugal in TehranEmbassy of KazakhstanEmbassy of Spain  and Etc.

Top Shopping center in Darrous is Rojhin Residential&Commerical Complex.

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You can find some good restaurants and coffees shops in Darrous, such as Blucasa Restaurant, Allin Italian Restaurant.

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