The Best Area to Rent in Tehran

Best area to live in Tehran-District 1

You might decide to go to Iran and live in Tehran for any possible reasons. In this sense, you need to know the best area to rent in Tehran. Hopefully, Tehran is enriched with several best spots all over Iran that attract both Iranian citizens and the outlanders.

Tehran is the most important city in Iran, its capital and the social, political, and cultural center. With a population of 8.7 million, Tehran province is the most populous city of Iran and Western Asia. It is also the second-largest metropolitan area in the Middle East (after Cairo). This city also is ranked as the 24th metropolitan area by population in the world. So, it is obvious why it has been a welcomed house to many famous political and cultural characters during history.

Tehran is divided into 22 municipal districts, each of which has its administrative center. It may seem overwhelming for you, as a foreigner, to find the best area to rent. In this sense, some helpful information about the best places to live in Tehran is gathered in this article. Go through this article, and by expanding knowledge, enjoy the moments that you are living in this fantastic city.

View of Tehran-best area to live in Tehran
View of Tehran-best area to rent in Tehran

Three Major districts; the Best Area to Rent in Tehran

As mentioned before, Tehran has 22 municipal districts which each of them have its administrative center. Based on many studies and reports, the amount of citizens’ satisfaction differs in these districts. This satisfaction is closely related to many items such as social class, income, level of education, cultural level, religious beliefs, interests and affiliations.

However, three significant districts are known as the best area to live in this city. Generally, these districts are filled with the best features for living that are ignorable. That’s why in the following paragraphs, you are going to read about the three first districts of Tehran. In this regard, you can make the process easier by choosing the right place for renting an apartment in this city.

District 01; A Place with Pleasant Climate to live

This district is located in the northeast of Tehran, and it is placed on the heights of Tehran in a neighborhood of about 210 square km. The population of this district is around 433,500 people, and the increasing number of constructions and buildings signify the fact that this population is going to grow. District 01 shares borders with Alborz Mountain to the north, Darakeh River to the west, Shahid Chamran Highway to the south and Lashgarak Road and Jangali Park of Qoochak to the east.

Climate and Landscape

This district is divided into ten areas and 26 neighborhoods. The pleasant climate of this place is because of being surrounded by a lot of natural elements such as rivers, valleys, waterfalls, and many green landscapes. That’s why this district is also called “the garden city.”


This area is so safe and secure that it is a place for many political settlers such as embassies and international organizations. There are 35 embassies in this district, such as Italy, Austria, Brazil, Finland, Thailand, Belgium, Switzerland, etc. Many national and international political figures have been lived in this district, which shows the high security of this area. Therefore, if you are looking for a place in Tehran to guarantee the security of you and your family, think about district 01.

Educational and Healthcare System

District one is also noticeable in providing educational systems and healthcare systems. There are a lot of international schools and institutions which could assure you about your children’s education. These international schools include German Embassy school in Tehran, French Embassy school in Tehran and Italian Embassy school in Tehran. The Science and Astrology Center of Tehran is another important scientific center in this district. If you choose this area to rent a home in Tehran, you will easily access many healthcare centers. For instance, Masih Daneshvari Hospital is one of the most major hospitals located in Dar-Abad, one of the popular neighborhoods in this area.

Traffic & Ease of Transportation

The authorities of Tehran have provided various types of transportation in this district. It is better to mention taxis, buses, BRT, and subway stations among the public transportation in district one. District one in Tehran has one of the most developed transportation systems because of the Tajrish subway station. The other transportation systems you could have access to in this area are an online taxi (Such as Snapp, Hitro, Tapsi) and wireless taxi.

Best area to live in Tehran-District 1
Best area to rent in Tehran

Cost of Living

District one is one of the most luxurious areas in Tehran, with a lot of facilities. That’s why it is the most expensive area to buy or rent an apartment in Tehran. However, because of the difference between the foreign currencies and Iranian one, the price mustn’t be so controversial for an American or any European settlers. However, the maiden home price for rent is from $ 2500 to $ 4500 per month for a three bedroom brand new apartment.

Arts and Culture

District one is one of the natural, historical, and cultural spots in Tehran. That is because of locating several historical places which demonstrate Iranian culture and beliefs. Places like religious spots, historical palaces, ancient restricts, and artistic and cultural museums. Each of these tourist attraction places is located in a different area of this district.

There are also several fun places such as art galleries, cinemas, parks, and other outdoor activities such as national and international restaurants and café where you can have a delicious meal while becoming more familiar with Iranian taste and culture.

Shopping Centers and Malls

District one is full of the best shopping centers and malls in Tehran. You have access to almost all the different types of shopping centers that you may need. Some of the famous shopping centers in this area are Sam Center, Melal Boutique Mall, Modern Elahiyeh Shopping Center, Royal Address Complex, Queen Center, Utopia Shopping Center, and more noticeable shopping restrictions. 

Best Area to Live in District 01

As mentioned before, there are ten areas and 26 neighborhoods in district one. Although the whole area of district one is fascinating, some of the local places of this district are better than the other. That’s why in the following paragraphs, some of these local places, which are the best area to rent in Tehran, are introduced to you to decide whether they are the suitable area for you to settle down or not.

Best area to live in Tehran-Chenaran Park Residence
Best area to rent in Tehran-Chenaran Park Residence


  • Elahiyeh

Elahiyeh is one of the diplomatic areas in uptown of Tehran, which has been the favorite place for many political figures from Germany, France, and Turkey. That’s why Elahiyeh is the house of many embassies, which is a sign of the high security of this place. You can find different apartment types to rent, including furnished apartments, Semi-Furnished apartments, towers and luxurious residents.

  • Tajrish

Tajrish is located closely in the neighborhood of the Alborz mountain range, and it is one of the oldest parts of Tehran. This part of district one is filled with historical and cultural centers and monuments. Tajrish Bazaar is a historical shopping center that attracts several people from Iran and other countries annually.

  • Velenjak

Velenjak is another affluent area of Tehran, located in district one. It shares borders with Towchal to the north, Darakeh to the west, Zafaraniyeh to the east, Chamran highway to the south. Some of the famous streets in this part of district one for a living are Velenjak Avenue, Farrokh Street, Sasan Street, and Daneshjou Boulevard. Tochal shopping center is the famous shopping center in Velenjak.

  • Qeytarieh

Qeytarieh is surrounded by Elahiyeh and Farmanieh. This area has convenient access to the German school or French school. Qeytarieh Park is one of the favorite places for having entertainment in this part of district one. The other outdoor activity in this area is different types of restaurants like Napoli Italian Restaurant, Asil restaurant, Lomenz Restaurant, and mamamia restaurant. Soheil shopping center, Sobhan mall, and Aseman store are the famous shopping centers in Qeytarieh.

  • Niavaran

Niavaran is located in the northeast of Tehran, and it is filled with historical and cultural monuments. There are some political houses like the Tajikistan Embassy and Embassy of Cuba in this local area of Tehran. Lido center and Commercial office complexes Manzariye are two popular shopping centers in Niavaran. Niavaran Park, Niloufar Park, and Niavaran Palace Complex are cultural and historical restrict of this area. For having a meal out, you can go to Boca Italian restaurant, My Lounge, Ruby Café, Mestooran Restaurant, Senso Italian restaurant, Chaman pizza, Etc.

Best area to live in Tehran-Niavaran
Best area to rent in Tehran-Niavaran
  • Farmanieh

Farmanieh is another wealthy part of district one in Tehran, which shares borders with Niavaran in the north, Dezashib in the west, Pasdaran in the east and Sadr Highway in the south. Like the other area of district one, Farmanieh hosts some diplomatic organizations like the Embassy of Turkmenistan. If you choose this area to rent in Tehran, you can get to some big-time shopping centers such as Sana shopping center, Rosha department store, and Avan commercial complex for shopping. To eat out, you can go to some fantastic restaurants such as Silk Road restaurant, Dehkade restaurant, Benelli lounge restaurant, Gumbi restaurant, Avli Café restaurant, Etc.

  • Zafaraniyeh

Zafaraniyeh has been a wealthy area for a long time, and its name is taken from all the Saffron traders who once lived there. Nowadays, it is still a place for millionaires, billionaires, and several political figures like presidents. Without any doubt, this area is a safe place to live. That’s why several embassies are located in Zafaraniyeh such as Brazil Embassy in Tehran, South Africa Embassy in Tehran, Embassy of Japan in Tehran, and Embassy of Vietnam in Tehran.

The famous streets of this fantastic place are Moqadas Ardabili, Persian, and Shir Kooh. Since Zafaraniyeh is a luxurious place that hosts many international brands, there are many magnificent shopping centers in this area like Palladium shopping center, Zafaraniyeh Plaza, and Bamik Shopping center. Among the cultural and historical places in Zafaraniyeh, we could mention the Museum of Time in Zafaraniyeh.

  • Kamraniyeh

Kamraniyeh is another luxury area to live in the north of Tehran which a lot of wealthy noble people live there. Its territory is divided into North Kamraniyeh and South Kamraniyeh Street. You can find different necessary services for each citizen, such as educational institutions, healthcare centers, convenient transportation systems, shopping centers, and restaurants. Some of the best shopping centers in Kamraniyeh are Kooh Noor Shopping center, Daryaye Noor Shopping center, Roma center, Bamik Shopping center. Ilio Café, Avli Café Restaurant, Kateh Steak, Lomenz, and Eclipse Pizza are good examples of highly qualified restaurants in Kamraniyeh.

Best area to live in Tehran-Kamraniyeh
Best area to rent in Tehran-Kamraniyeh

District 02; the Place of the Highest Tower in the Middle East

The thing that is unique about district two of Tehran is its geographical features located in the west of Tehran and the neighborhood of both Azadi Square and the green gardens of Farahzad. This district is divided into nine areas, and 14 neighborhoods, and the central neighborhoods of district 2 are Aryashahr, Shahrara, Gisha, Shahrake Jandarmeri, Shahrake Gharb, Saadatabad, Farahzad, and more.

The population of this district has reached 2.7 million, and most of the people are satisfied with living in this district. Tehran housing in district 02 of Tehran could be beneficial if its condition is suited to yours. In other words, it could be the best area to rent in Tehran because of many advantages, which are explained in the following paragraphs.


All in all, the climate of Tehran is known with continental climate characteristics and a Mediterranean climate precipitation pattern. Therefore, the weather could be mild in spring and autumn, hot and dry in summer, and cold and wet in winter. However, the range of temperature could be different in each district of Tehran because of the geographical features. Therefore, the temperature in district 02, which is near the Alborz mountain range, is cooler. Or the places in the valleys like Darakeh and Farahzad are more pleasant.


Typically, the places which are belonged to the upper class are more safe and secure. Therefore, district 02 of Tehran, which is a wealthy place with many tourist attractions, must be highly secured. In this regard, you can expect a highly-secured atmosphere in this area of Tehran. That’s why many foreigners have chosen this part of Tehran to live peacefully.

Educational Institutions and Healthcare Centers

When a place is popular among foreigners, it is obvious that the authorities of that place are intended to provide services which these types of citizens require. Education is one of these essential requirements that people are looking for. If you are a person with a lovely family and children, there is no need to be worried about their education in district two; because you can find a big-time educational institution in this area.

There is no need to be worried about healthcare services in district 02 of Iran. As the best area to rent in Tehran, it must have several healthcare centers and hospitals. Some of the famous hospitals of Tehran in this district are:

  • Erfan Hospital
  • Laleh Hospital
  • Bahman Hospital
  • Parsiyan Hospital
  • Atiyeh Hospital
  • Milad Hospital
  • Rasoul Akram Hospital
  • Best area to live in Tehran-Milad tower
    Best area to rent in Tehran-Tower

Traffic and Accessibility

Public transportation is the first option in all the districts of Tehran. You can easily find a taxi and bus station in this area and with a low payment go to your destination. Tehran’s great subway station is another choice which also reduces the heavy traffic of Tehran. Subway stations that you could have access to in district two of Tehran are:

  • Ostad Moein Subway Station
  • Sharif University Subway Station
  • Dr. Habib Ollah Subway Station
  • Shadman Subway Station
  • Tarasht Subway Station
  • Sanat Square Subway Station
  • Milad Tower Subway Station
  • Yadegar-E-Emam Subway Station

Cost of Living

This area of Tehran is so vast that it offers a variety of house options that have a different prices in Tehran real estate. When you decide to live in this district, you must examine the best places and the type of house you think is more appropriate for you and your family. When there is a variety of property, there is also a variety of expenses. Another element that is crucial in choosing a house to rent is the budget.

Generally, the maiden home price in the best places in this area of Tehran is from $2000 to $4000. This gap between the costs depends on several factors such as the type of the house, the property size, the year of the building, and all the facilities you may have in that house.

Arts and Culture

As mentioned before, this area of Tehran is a center of tourism for having several eye-catching attractions. Therefore, if you are the type of person looking for entertainment in your neighborhood, you’d better go for this district. Some of the artistic and cultural places in this area are:

  • Milad Tower – this tower is a kind of symbol of the vital city of Tehran. This 500-meter tower has been a hub of tourism in recent years. You can do many activities in this great tower, such as concerts, national and international conferences, art museums, and eating in its fascinating food courts and restaurant. It is also located near the Milad hospital, which is the largest insurance hospital in the country.
  • Cinema – you can find many cinemas in this district for spending some hours watching a movie and having pleasure. The three best cinemas in district two are Milad tower cinema, Erike cinema, and Pardis.
  • Restaurants – national restaurants are the best way to become more familiar with Iranian culture. Restaurants like Lidoma restaurant, Aparat Café, Hunter restaurant, Kam Café, Hich Café, and more excellent ones are ready to provide a meal with Persian food or even your country’s taste.
Best area to live in Tehran-Milad tower style
Best area to rent in Tehran-Milad tower style

Shopping Centers and Malls

One of the best features of district two of Tehran is the accessibility of many shopping centers and malls. In this regard, all the people living in this area are not worried about shopping matters. You can buy any necessary things that you want from various shopping centers in district two. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Platin Shopping Center
  • Milad-E-Nour Shopping Center
  • Iran Zamin Shopping Center
  • Lidoma Shopping Center
  • Yadegar Shopping Center

Best Area to Live in District 02

District two has many unique local places to rent an apartment and any other type of house that you wish. Although most of the areas in this district are considered lovely places to live, here are the most famous ones which could be better for a foreigner to live:

  • Shahrak-E-Gharb

Shahrak-E-Gharb is one of the “planned areas” in Tehran, built to provide wide streets, sufficient green areas and lots of social and health care centers. Therefore, Shahrak-E-Gharb is the best area for those who are looking for a villa to rent. The most important streets in this area are Iran Zamin Street, Mahestan Street, Kharazm Street, Etc. Some of the best shopping centers and restaurants of district two are located in this area.

  • Sa’adat Abad

Sa’adat Abad is one of the newest restrictions of Tehran, which developed after the war between Iran and Iraq. The best streets in this area are Bistochahar Metri Blvd, Sa’adat Abad Blvd., Sarv Street, and paknezhad blvd. Espinas Palace Hotel, the eye-catching 5-star hotel, is located in this area, and it is noticeable because of its unique architecture, which is a combination of modern architecture and Classical architecture. Opal shopping center and Royal shopping center are famous shopping centers in this area.

District 03; Tehran’s Green Scenery

District three, located in the north of Tehran, is the largest district of this city. This area is connected to Shahid Chamran, Shahid Modares and Ayatollah Sadr expressways; from east to Pasdaran Avenue and part of Shariati Avenue; from south to Resalat and Hemmat Highways; and from west to Shahid Chamran Highway. There are a lot of features that make this district the best area to rent in Tehran. In the following paragraphs, some of these features are gathered together to ensure the appropriateness of this area in Tehran.

Best area to live in Tehran-Ab o atash park
Best area to rent in Tehran-Ab o atash park

Urban Features

This district of Tehran has been built on the northern hills of the capital city, and it has six areas and 11 neighborhoods. The majority of this area is a home for wealthy and upper-class residents; however, in some parts of this district middle class are living. The primary structure of district 3 is a semi-rural fabric with some extraordinary villages like Vanak Village and Ekhtiariyeh. The rest of this district has an urban and administrative structure.

Safety and Security

The other reason for the popularity of this district is the high security of this area, which is because of the political and social features. There are many administrative buildings, government institutions, and private companies that need to strengthen the security of their organization. As a result, you can count on this district as a safe and secure place. Several embassies are also located in this area of Tehran which their existence is a sign of safety in this district. According to some reports, 69 locations in this District have the most significant communication volume with the outside world.

Healthcare Services

By knowing the information above about this district of Tehran, it is not surprising to find many professional healthcare centers in this area that are always ready to help you take care of your health. Furthermore, you can have access to the healthcare centers below easily and with public transportation. To mention such centers:

  • Tandis-E-Tehran Hospital
  • Shahid Motahari Hospital
  • Hedayat Hospital
  • Hashemi Nejad Hospital
  • Nour Hospital
  • Shahid Rajayie Hospital

Traffic and Transportation

One of the most important things that you must consider in your research to find the best area to rent in Tehran is the transportation system in that area and the accessibility you have to the other location. Like many different areas of Tehran, district 03 has several taxi stations and bus stations. You can also call online taxi services for your transportation. More than that three central subway station is accessible in this area which are:

  • Dr. Shariati Subway Station
  • Shahid Haghani Subway Station
  • Shahid Hemmat Subway Station
  • Gholhak Subway Station
  • Mirdamad Subway Station
Best area to live in Tehran-Tabiat Bridge
Best area to rent in Tehran-Tabiat Bridge

Living Cost

Since district three is a favorite place for rich people, it is obvious that it must be more expensive than the other area of the capital city. After all, the exact price of the properties in this district depends on many characteristics such as the property location, the size of the property, the year of the building, and all the facilities provided. However, if you want to know the maiden home price for renting a house in one of the best areas of this district, it is better to say the range of the price is different from $1000 to $2500 for a three bedroom brand new apartment.

Arts and Culture

This district is famous for many cultural, artistic, and entertainment places that prevent any dull feeling that you may have far from your own country. Among several cultural centers in district three of Tehran, it is better to mention some of the most famous ones such as:

  • Arasbaran Cultural Center
  • Allame Amini Library
  • Ostad Shahriar Library
  • Water Museum Park

Some of the best cinemas in this district are:

  • Baghe Ketab Cinema
  • Mellat Cinema Gallery
  • Pardis-E-Gholhak Cinema
  • Farhang Cinema

Among the outdoor activity, the famous parks in this area are the most popular ones. The most well-known parks of district three which gather a lot of visitors are:

  • Mellat Park
  • Water and Fire Park
  • Talleghani Garden

Shopping Centers and Malls

 In district 3 of Tehran, you have access to several shopping centers and malls to buy anything you want. Hopefully, the transportation system allows you to go to such centers quickly, and you shouldn’t be worried about finding one. Some of the best shopping centers and malls in this popular area of Tehran are:

  • Mirdamad Shopping Center
  • Pasdaran Shopping Center
  • Pasargard Shopping Center
  • Vanak Shopping Center
  • Seol Shopping Center
Best area to live in Tehran-Shopping mall in Tehran
Best area to rent in Tehran-Shopping mall in Tehran

Best Area to Live in District 03

As mentioned before, there are six areas and 11 neighborhoods in district 03 of Tehran which each of which has its unique features which let you live conveniently. In this regard, some of the best ones are introduced to you to hit the spot as fast as possible.

  • Vanak

Vanak square, located in the center of this area, is on some main highways, including Modarres, Haghani, and Valiasr Avenue. Some of the famous shopping centers of district 03 are located in this area, such as Vanak shopping center, Aeene Vanak shopping center, Aseman shopping center, Negar tower. If you are looking for some cozy restaurant in Vanak, you can go to the Kenzo restaurant, Lamiz Coffee shop, Liv one restaurant, Alighapoo restaurant, and Melal restaurant. Ab-o-Atash Park and its unique bridge, Tabiat Bridge, are places to both relax and having fun.

  • Pasdaran

Pasdaran neighborhood, which is located in the northeast of Tehran centred on Pasdaran Avenue, is filled with a lot of embassies such as the Embassy of Georgia in Tehran, Embassy of Switzerland – Foreign Interests Section in Tehran, Embassy of Japan in Tehran, etc. Some of the best shopping centers of Pasdaran are the Artemis complex, Green life shopping center, and Koohestan shopping center. Eala Mexican, Ananda Vegetarian restaurant, Downtown burger planet, Black burger, and Maya Tex Mex are good examples of the best restaurants and coffee shops in Pasdaran.

  • Mirdamad ( A.K.A Davoodiyeh)

Mirdamad, located in the north part of Tehran, shares borders to the west by Valiasr Avenue, to the east by Shariati Street, to the west by Haghani Highway and to the north by Zafar Street. There are a lot of offices and retail stores in Mirdamad, which makes it economically prosperous. Its accessibility to the other part of Tehran because of subway stations is adorable. The famous shopping centers in this area are Paytakht Computer Center, Mirdamad shopping center, Arian shopping center, and Rose Mirdamad shopping center.

Best area to live in Tehran-Jordan area
Best area to rent in Tehran-Jordan area
  • Jordan

Jordan is one of the famous places for diplomats, and it is also known for having lots of offices and commercial centers. Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Uruguay Embassy in Tehran, Embassy of The Sultanate of Oman in Tehran, Cultural Section of the Embassy of Côte d’Ivoire in Tehran, Qatar Embassy in Tehran and Embassy of The Republic of Uganda, and Embassy of Syria are located in Jordan. As a result, Jordan is a safe place with high security to live. This area shares borders with the west to Valiasr Avenue from the north and east to Modarres Highway and south to Haghani Highway.

  • Darrous

Darrous is one of the wealthy areas in the northern part of Tehran, and it is bordered from the west to Gholhak, from the east to Pasdaran, from the north to Kolahdouz Street (Ekhtiarieh) from the south to Sharhrzad Boulevard. The safety of this place is because of locating several political centers like the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Tehran, Embassy of The Republic of Croatia in Tehran, Embassy of Hungary in Tehran, Embassy of Portugal in Tehran, Embassy of Kazakhstan, and Embassy of Spain. Rojhin Residential and Commercial Complex is the best shopping center in Darrous.

Another Best Area to Rent in Tehran

After examining the three best central areas of Tehran to rent, it is time to consider the other nice area of this city because such a vast, famous city of the Middle earth is certainly not limited to three districts and their locations. It is possible that you may not want to live in any areas which were mentioned before. In this sense, you’d better go through the following paragraphs, introducing another swell place to rent a home in Tehran.

Best area to live in Tehran-Aqdasiyeh
Best area to rent in Tehran-Aqdasiyeh

Aqdasiye; a luxury place to live

Aqdasiye is also a wealthy place in the north of Tehran, which is bordered from the west to Farmaniyeh, from the north to Artesh highway, from the east to Emam Ali highway, from the south to Sadr highway. Aqdasiye is the host of several embassies such as the Embassy of China in Tehran, Embassy of New Zealand in Tehran, Embassy of The Republic of Uzbekistan in Tehran, Sweden embassy in Tehran, and Embassy of Sierra Leone.

There are several restaurants to go to whenever you decide to eat out. Among all of them, the top ones are:

  • Maria Italian restaurant
  • Sakura sushi restaurant
  • Aghdasieh restaurant
  • Echino fast food
  • Boka Italian restaurant
  • Nyoko Asian restaurant
  • Marchoobe
  • The cheese factory

The Bottom Line

It is not surprising if you feel worried about finding the best area to rent in Tehran whenever you have to go there. However, do not forget the fact that “knowledge is power.” In other words, once you become familiar with the best districts and areas of Tehran, you will get rid of such tension. Tehran is a famous city in the east and the biggest city in the Middle East. So, you can be successful in renting a lovely home in Tehran.

We, in TehranOffres real estate help you find the best area to rent in Tehran  with the right rental options for you.

Best Area to rent In Tehran-Comparison

DistrictWeatherTrafficBest AreasMaiden house rent priceTransportationSecurityBest Shopping mallsEducational system
District 1CleanlightElahiyeh, Tajrish, Velenjak, Zafaraniyeh, Niavaran, Qeytarieh, Farmanieh, Kamraniyehfrom $2500 to &4500Metro, Bus, Taxi, Online taxiHighly securedSam Center/ Melal Boutique Mall/ Modern Elahiyeh Shopping Center/ Royal Address Complex/ Queen Center/ Utopia Shopping CenterGreat
District 2NormalNormalSa'adat Abad, Shahrak-E-Gharbfrom $2000 to $4000Metro, Bus, Taxi, Online TaxiHighly securedPlatin Shopping Center/Milad-E-Nour Shopping Center/Iran/ Zamin Shopping Center/Lidoma Shopping Center/Yadegar Shopping CenterNormal
District 3NormallightVanak, Mirdamad, Pasdaran, Jordan, Darrousfrom $1000 to $2500Metro, Bus, Taxi, Online TaxiHighly securedMirdamad Shopping Center/Pasdaran Shopping Center/Pasargard Shopping Center/Vanak Shopping Center/Seol Shopping CenterGreat

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