Introducing the best restaurants in Tajrish

the best restaurants in Tajrish

Tajrish is considered to be one of the busiest and most pleasant areas of Tehran, that’s why you will see the best restaurants in Tajrish in this area. The location of this neighborhood next to the high mountains as well as the mountainous and recreational area of Darband has made this neighborhood one of the most popular places for people to have fun. Every year, thousands of travelers from all over Iran come to this area to use its amenities.

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Getting to know the best restaurants in Tajrish

Among the good amenities located in the Tajrish area are numerous shopping centers and the best restaurants in Tajrish, which have a wide variety of delicious dishes. As we said, Tajrish has attracted many travelers due to its excellent geographical location, and this is the reason why countless restaurants are also working in this area. Here we introduce the best restaurants in Tajrish.

Types of the best restaurants in Tajrish

Types of the best restaurants in Tajrish

Foloot Restaurant

One of the oldest and also the best restaurants in Tajrish, which has attracted many customers and has a high variety of food, is Foloot restaurant. This restaurant cooks the best local dishes for you and has its own special customers. But in addition to local dishes, it also provides you with high-quality fast food with first-class ingredients.

Kebab Serai Shemron

Regardless of everything, we can’t ignore the delicious and unique kebabs of Kebab Sarai Shemron, many of Tehran’s friends are regular customers of this kebab restaurant. But first of all, the thing you should know about this restaurant is its cleanliness, which we know is of great importance to all people. People who have tasted the kebabs and kebabs of this restaurant only once know that you can’t pass up these delicious dishes.

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Etminan Restaurant

This restaurant has a long history and has been operating for nearly 100 years, but it has still maintained the quality of its food. In addition to kebabs, other dishes are also served in this kebab restaurant, all of which are of high quality and have their own customers. This kebab house has an old texture and gives a good feeling to people who like this type of space.

Rebelan Restaurant & Cafe

This cafe restaurant has a very stylish and modern atmosphere, which is considered as the best restaurants in Tajrish and is special for people who like modern decoration. Rebelan restaurant is very open and makes you want to eat more. This cafe restaurant is located on the upper floors of Tandis Passage, and for this reason, it is very pleasant to see Tajrish Square from above while eating. Of course, this restaurant also has an open space and a terrace where you can enjoy your food if you wish.

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Blue duck restaurant

If you are looking for the most luxurious restaurant with a great view to spend the best moments with your loved ones in addition to eating, we suggest you to choose the Blue Duck restaurant. Many people hold events like birthdays in this place. It is interesting to know that this restaurant also has breakfast and you can use this meal if necessary. This restaurant is also located on the first floor of Tajrish Statue Passage.

Getting to know the best Tajrish restaurants

Ibn Battuta restaurant & cafe

The interesting decoration of this restaurant primarily attracts people, of course, the quality of its delicious food should also be overlooked. The architectural style of this restaurant is Arabic and has a colorful atmosphere. You can eat and enjoy fatty and delicious Arabic food at Ibn Battuta restaurant in Tajrish.

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Manhattan Grill Restaurant

You can’t ignore the delicious kebabs of Tajrish restaurants, let alone its quality fast food. One of the best quality fast food in Tajrish neighborhood is Manhattan Grill fast food, which has countless customers.

This restaurant has closed and open spaces, and if you wish, you can choose the space to eat your food. Hamburger, cheeseburger and special pizza are among the most popular fast foods of this restaurant. The mentioned items have well introduced you to the best restaurants in Tajrish that you can enjoy.

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