Types of home insurance that you should know

What are the types of home insurance?

What are the types of home insurance? All of us humans work hard for years to be able to buy a house for ourselves, to keep it safe from possible dangers such as floods, earthquakes, fires and other incidents. Just as we insure our car against risks, we should also insure our home.

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Getting to know the types of residential insurance

What are the types of home insurance?

Types of home insurance is one of the most important measures that people should pay enough attention to today. But the question is what is insurance? Insurance is a contract concluded between individuals and insurance companies, the insurer is obliged to pay the damages according to the contract if something happens to his house against the amounts he receives from the insured.

The amount that the insurance company receives is the insurance premium and the person who pays the insurance premium is called the policyholder. Considering that our country is on the line of an earthquake, home insurance is considered a very reasonable thing. Insurances have served us humans the most, and when our hope is cut off everywhere, we can return to normal life with the help of insurance. Home insurance offers different types of services. Here we introduce the types of home insurance.

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Getting to know the types of home insurance

fire insurance

Fire insurance is one of the most important types of home insurance that people should pay attention to. Although fire is not a natural thing and in many cases it happens due to negligence, but in general it is not foreseen and it happens abundantly. Sometimes a fire is caused by lightning and causes a disaster.

Getting to know about the types of residential insurance

Fire insurance, which is one of the types of home insurance, has sub-branches such as theft insurance, flood, pipe burst, tornado, landslide, etc. With all the explanations given, fire is one of the unnatural events and it is natural only if the fire is caused by lightning. Keep in mind that fire insurance only covers financial damages and does not include incidental damages.

Earthquake insurance

As a country that is on the earthquake line, Iran must have natural disaster insurance. In earthquake insurance, the real value of the equipment and the house is evaluated, and when it occurs, any determined amount should be returned to the insurance owner. This insurance is great for people who are renters and can be a great help for them.

flood insurance

Many factors cause floods. Some of these factors are created by humans and cause floods to occur with more intensity and destruction, one of these factors is the destruction of vegetation that causes floods. Like an earthquake, flood also causes many damages.

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Floods can destroy agricultural lands in addition to buildings. Natural disaster insurance for homes is one of the best insurances that people can consider in their life plans for a better future.

some reason to get types of home insurance

Theft insurance

Theft insurance is also one of the branches of fire insurance. Burglary is carried out through methods such as the use of keys, entry through the wall and armed threats. Home appliance theft insurance is covered by theft insurance, if there is damage to household appliances, you can get all the damage from the insurance.

Theft insurance is one of the sub-branches of fire insurance and types of home insurance, and in order to be covered by it, we have to pay an additional premium for it. In theft insurance, everything that is supposed to be covered should be mentioned, for example, gold and jewelry, paintings and works of art, securities and promissory notes, etc.

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Don’t forget that these assets are covered as long as they are in the home and otherwise they are covered by insurance. All these cases are examined by an expert in home insurance.

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