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Zitel internet

Zitel: A Revolution in Iran’s Internet

Do you want to be able to have world-class internet at your home, easily stream and watch long videos in high quality, and enjoy online games, web browsing, social networks, and all internet services without worrying about running out of data and buying additional data? By using the high-speed Zitel internet service, you can use the internet with your friends and family members at the same time without slowing down and easily share its access with others. As a professional user, experience real unlimited with Zitel home internet service. In this article, we are going to introduce Zitel Internet.

The importance of high-speed Internet with high-volume

We are now living in an age that is ruled by the internet as it plays an important role in our daily life to impart multiple doses of knowledge. The coronavirus pandemic made everything virtual and high-speed internet helped people work. Before the virus outbreak, no one ever thought that with the help of high-speed internet, everything could be run easily. Thanks to high-speed Internet service providers, there are now limitless opportunities for individuals and organizations to work.

The Internet has become an integral part of human daily life. It is high-speed Internet that helps people to check emails and messages, likes and tweets, trending content, and other information through online news channels.

The internet has become a place of unlimited opportunities that you can take advantage of in exchange for unique ideas. It helps people share their talents and skills. However, the importance and benefits of using the Internet may vary from person to person. This is because there are not only a few users but millions of people around the world. Therefore, it is very important to highlight the vital points.

Most importantly, when you use slow internet, things that should take a few minutes like connecting on social media platforms, reading online, making online payments, buying things, or uploading some content can take hours. So, it is important to choose high-speed internet plans near you to save your precious time and effort.

Zitel internet

History of Zitel internet

The Zitel (pronounced ‘zee tel’) company offers TD-LTE internet service with unlimited volume and high speed, which you can buy right now. It was almost two years ago that non-volatile internet plans became mandatory. This was happy news for professional Internet users; Because they were looking for a fixed Internet service, with very high speed, stability, and unlimited volume.

But until today, the packages offered by Internet service providers are bulky and confusing, and the service that keeps professional Internet users satisfied is still felt. But the happy news is that the TD-LTE internet service is completely unlimited in volume, with a very high speed by the Zitel group.

The bandwidth limitation of services such as ADSL based on copper wire, which reaches up to 16 Mbps at best, is not compatible with the needs of users who are looking for carefree content such as video. On the other hand, despite the relatively high cost, the fiber optic substrate is not as available as it should be, and its development speed is not keeping pace with the existing demand.

During the last two years, many fixed internet operators have tried to fill the void of an unlimited service with their non-volume services. However, the speed limit after passing a certain amount of traffic, along with the limitations of the cable platform, has made the existence of an Internet service with sufficient speed and unlimited traffic, which also has an easy installation and setup process.

What is Zitel unlimited TD-LTE internet and for whom is it suitable?

Maybe you have heard news about Zitel’s unlimited internet or you have read things in user tweets about a real unlimited internet. What is Zitel Internet the story of unlimited Internet that this company provides and some users love it; how is it Zitel is a TD-LTE internet service provider that started its work in Tehran in 2018 and is slowly developing its infrastructure and coverage network. However, the TD-LTE service provided by Zitel is different from the TD-LTE of operators such as Irancell or Mebinnet and even virtual operators that we know; It is very different.

Zitel internet

At least two unique features can be listed for Zitel TD-LTE internet that sets it apart from other service providers. First, the internet provided by this company is not limited by volume—it is unlimited. The user gets a monthly subscription and the speed, quality, and stability of the line are guaranteed for them without any volume limit. Second, the maximum TD-LTE internet speed of Zitel is 40 Mbps for home users and 50 Mbps for corporate users. A guaranteed speed that you can use without worrying about the 24-hour volume.

Outdoor modem, indoor router

Another fundamental feature of Zitel’s TD-LTE is the installation of an external modem for greater antenna and network stability and the use of an access point inside the house. Zitel company says about this: “The frequency band used in TD-LTE does not provide a good quality of Internet with “indoor” modems due to its low permeability. This is the reason that in these common conditions, there will often be a service interruption or a drop in speed.”

To solve this problem and get the maximum signal as well as prevent the speed drop due to obstacles, Zitel uses “outdoor” modems for its subscribers. The modem will be installed on the roof or balcony of your place of use by Zitel’s technical and expert experts, and this ability to fix its location will prevent the Internet from being interrupted due to changing the location of the modem (a common problem of using internal modems). Also, to improve the level of coverage inside the service building and to use this service as Wifi, it is necessary to use an Access Point device.

So; To use the unlimited Internet of Zitel, you must buy their modem and access point. The plans of this company are straightforward, and there are no signs of internet packages or volume purchases, nightly gifts, etc.

Of course, you can request to use your access point and not buy another access point. A fee of 200,000 tomans is charged as a modem deposit from the user, which will be returned to him in case of termination of the contract.

How is the Modem Installed?

The Zitel modem is installed outside the building, and a network cable must enter the building to supply both the Internet and the power to the modem. You can install the network cable to your wireless router or access point and benefit from the Internet via Wi-Fi on different devices. Of course, you can plug the network cable directly into the computer and use the dedicated internet.

Zitel internet

Low ping for gaming

In the evaluations, Zitel’s TD-LTE internet ping in online games is about 100 milliseconds, but Zitel’s technical experts say that you should receive a ping of 60 milliseconds. Anyway, 100ms ping and even 130-140ms for some games is quite good. The rate of lost packets is also lower on this internet, which is an obvious reason because the external modem is installed. The experts of Zitel are present at the site and after checking the antenna quality, they set up the internet service for the subscriber.

Currently, Zitel’s unlimited internet service is limited to the city of Tehran and some specific areas. Gradually, other areas and then neighboring cities will be covered by this service. In my opinion, Zitel’s unlimited TD-LTE internet is suitable for downloads, games, and movies. Use as much Internet volume as you want without losing quality or speed. If you get a one-year plans; It will have a lower monthly cost for you.

What Plans Does Zitel Internet Have?

Airfiber service provided by Zitel is a non-volume broadband service designed according to people’s needs to use better internet service. In this service, by paying a very reasonable fixed amount per month, subscribers have a high-speed and low-fluctuation service. They will not face download and usage restrictions, and the download speed is almost equal to their upload speed.

Zitel Internet is offered in three plans for different subscribers. First, dedicated broadband Internet, which is offered with the slogan of stable quality for organizations and companies, professionals, and even those who want to experience the internet at the world standard level.

Second, the fixed TD-LTE service provides the possibility of communication for home subscribers or small companies without the need for wiring, telephone lines, and telecommunication caches to empty the port. Finally, we have the Airfiber service, which is called the Point-to-Point Internet service for buildings, towers, and complexes above six units.

Airfiber is known as a method of providing internet services to residential and office buildings and towers, and it is recommended in times when telecommunication cabling is not possible or TD-LTE network coverage cannot be counted on, and of course, better service is also considered for buildings. In this service, the Internet connection is provided by special receivers and transmitters, such as radios and antennas.

Zitel offers Airfiber in non-volume like other internet services. This means that Zitel subscribers do not face download limits during their subscription period. Buying Zitel’s Airfiber service will be attractive for several technical and economic reasons.

Zitel internet

Zitel Airfiber Internet to bypass restrictions

Zitel Airfiber Internet is the savior of subscribers who have already given up hope of receiving fixed internet services in the form of ADSL and even TD-LTE. Sometimes the telecommunication company is not able to provide an empty port with all the bureaucratic punishments. And sometimes, the subscriber is not able to provide a telephone line. This is because either he does not have a fixed telephone line or the wiring is not of the necessary quality due to the age of the telecommunication center.

If the local subscriber is unable to use the TD-LTE service due to a lack of sufficient signal and inadequate coverage, the matter becomes complicated. This is where Zitel’s Airfiber internet service is used to solve the problem. Airfiber Internet connection is established by antennas and telecommunication dishes and offers even better quality in terms of stability and speed.

Zitel Airfiber Internet for towers and large complexes

Currently, it is possible to order and activate it in Tehran, Alborz, and Lavasan. After you are sure that your residential, commercial, or office tower and complex is located in the Zitel Airfiber Internet coverage area, you must find at least six units that are ready to step into a new world and a different experience of high-speed and uninterrupted Internet connection. Have. Zitel’s Airfiber Internet contract is closed with the building management. The main communication is by radio, but there is a need to install network equipment and cabling at the building site, and these steps are completely free. By adding a router, the service can be received separately in each unit. Now it’s time to think about costs.

Zitel Airfiber internet and economical installation

Zitel’s Airfiber internet is ready for installation between two to one week after registering the application and finalizing the contract. Zitel company says that it will provide the relatively expensive equipment needed to activate Airfiber internet to the building as security. This equipment includes a dish, external modem, base, and cable with CAT6 standard (the fastest and lowest noise cable available in internet services).

Zitel internet

Cabling is free. Each unit must pay its one-year subscription fee in advance, which includes a money-back guarantee. So if a subscriber decides to cancel due to issues such as relocation, he does not have to worry about the money back.

How to Register to Receive Zitel Internet

To receive Zitel Internet, it is enough for applicants to register through the Zitel website or call 1739 and request to receive the service. If you are in the service area of Zitel, the company’s experts will visit the user’s location and install the service in less than 48 hours. If the location you want is not covered, you can request coverage by specifying your neighborhood and then the exact point on the map and entering contact information.

Get the Most Out of the Zitel Internet

In this article, we introduced Zitel Internet. All Zitel services are completely unlimited, which means that users do not have any restrictions on the amount of usage. Also, they do not include rules such as bandwidth reduction if the usage limit is exceeded. Home users of Zitel receive bandwidth up to 40 Mbps and corporate users receive bandwidth up to 50 Mbps. By purchasing this service, corporate users will pay several times more speed and several times less cost than dedicated services.

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