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Qeytarieh Neighborhood: One of the Best Areas in Tehran

District 1 of Tehran can be considered the best and most luxurious area of the city. The neighborhoods in this area also follow this issue and have special privileges. Among the most modern and luxurious of these neighborhoods is Qeytarieh which is at the top of the list with its modern texture. Qeytarieh, which was considered one of the gardens of Shemiranat in the past is now one of the modern and prosperous areas of Tehran. In addition to its excellent geographical location, other privileges of this uptown neighborhood have caused the prices for buying or renting an apartment to be higher compared to the average areas of Tehran. In this article, we are going to get to know the Qeytarieh neighborhood.

Qeytarieh neighborhood

Geographical Location of Qeytarieh

Qeytarieh is one of the oldest neighborhoods in District 1 of Tehran. It is also one of the oldest neighborhoods of Shemiranat district and Tehran city which has a long history of human habitation. Qeytarieh is bounded from the north by Saba Boulevard, from the south by Sadr Highway, from the east by Qeytarieh Boulevard, and from the west by Shariati Street. Qeytarieh is adjacent to Elahiyeh, Ekhtiariyeh, Tajrish, Zargandeh, and Chizar neighborhoods.

History of Qeytarieh Neighborhood

Qeytarieh has a very old history and there is a solid record of human habitation in this neighborhood. In 1968, while excavating for the construction of a house in Qeytarieh hill, diggers noticed historical surprising objects that belonged to 3500 years ago. Along with these objects, there were also 350 ancient graves, which showed that Qeytarieh Hill was the habitat of people who believed in life after death 3500 years ago. This discovery brought the history of Tehran to at least 3500 years ago.

Qeytarieh During the Pahlavi Era

It was during the Pahlavi era and the beginning of western modernization in Tehran that the Qeytarieh neighborhood started to grow and develop urbanization like many neighborhoods in Tehran. The hills of Qeytarieh were a region with a pleasant climate, which was a very good place for construction. Qeytarieh was adjacent to the Shemiran Road and in the middle of the road from Tehran to Shemiranat. On the other hand, it had gardens and a very favorable climate for living. For these reasons, it was a very desirable neighborhood for construction and urban development.

Qeytarieh neighborhood

Modern Neighborhoods In Qeytarieh

In the 1980a and 1990s, due to migrations and the development of the city of Tehran, Qeytarieh had a significant population with the increase in construction. Due to the special facilities of Qeytarieh, it became one of the best neighborhoods in Tehran. The speed of construction in Qeytarieh increased so that in the late 90s, there was no land left for construction in Qeytarieh.

In this neighborhood, we see two types of the traditional and new social fabric, the traditional fabric belongs to the old residents of the neighborhood, which includes a part of Kaveh Boulevard and south of Andarzgu Boulevard, where narrow alleys with thatched houses can still be seen. People’s communication and solidarity are more in this area. But the new fabric of the prosperous neighborhood has been formed with the presence of immigrants who are at a high level economically.

Best Aminities of Qeytarieh

Qaitarieh is one of the good neighborhoods in Tehran in terms of facilities. Among the facilities of Qeytarieh, we can mention the Nations Cultural Center, Shohada-ye Qeytarieh Sports Complex, Nava Yoga Scientific Institute, Nassim-e Qeytarieh Medical Center, Sina Shemiran Clinic, and Shariati Clinic. There are many banks and government offices in Qeytarieh such as the Embassy of Finland, Iran’s Oil Industries Building, the Municipality of District 1 of Tehran, and a Telecommunication Center.

Qeytarieh neighborhood

Due to the good location of the Qeytarieh neighborhood and its proximity to Shariati Street and Sadr Boulevard, this neighborhood has very good access to the facilities of nearby neighborhoods. Tajrish is one of the major neighborhoods adjacent to Qeytarieh, where you can reach the best entertainment and tourism places in Tehran such as Tajrish Bazaar, Tehran Darband, Ferdows Garden, Sa’ad Abad Palace, Niavaran Palace, and many other recreational centers. In the following, we will mention some of the tourist centers of this neighborhood.

Qeytarieh Park

Qeytarieh Park is one of the best tourist and entertainment places in Tehran. It shows the fame of Qeytarieh among the Qajar courtiers. As a resort, it that was popular among Qajar courtiers due to its proximity to Sahebqaranieh Palace, and they used it as a rest area near that palace. The land of Qeytarieh Park was donated to Tehran Municipality in 1977 to build a park there for public use.

Qeytarieh Bazaar

Qeytarieh Bazaar is one of the lively markets in this neighborhood, which is located in Qeytarieh Park and next to the Nations Cultural Center. Today, Qeytarieh Bazaar has become one of the tourist attractions of this neighborhood. Goods such as handicrafts, ornaments, dry fruits, seasonal pickles, products from the north, and products from different regions of Iran are offered in this market. There are also many eateries in this market where you can enjoy the good food of the Qeytarieh Bazaar in addition to walking in the Qeytarieh Park.

Qeytarieh neighborhood

Qeytarieh Hill

One of the recreational places in this area, which is located near Andarzgu Boulevard is Qeytarieh Hill. This place is considered one of the most important and famous entertainment places in Qeytarieh. It is connected to Qeytarieh Street from the north side, to Dehghan Street from the south side, and to Kaveh Boulevard from the east side.

Shopping Centers

Andrezgou Shopping Center and Soheil Shopping Center are the two passages of this prosperous neighborhood, where all kinds of goods can be found. In addition to these shopping centers, street-level stores also provide for the needs of the residents. Shahrvand and Hyper Me stores also supply basic items.

How is Life in Qeytarieh?

Living in Qeytarieh is definitely attractive for those who are looking for good weather and excellent access to the important centers of Shemiranat and District 1 of Tehran. Qeytarieh is one of Tehran’s oldest neighborhoods, and for this reason, there was a good attraction for buying houses and apartments in this district. It is no surprise that the Qeytarieh neighborhood is one of the most expensive areas of Tehran.

The price of houses and apartments in Qeytarieh is much higher than the average level of Tehran, but because of its good facilities, this neighborhood always brings home buyers. It should be noted mind that the prices of houses and apartments in Qeytarieh are not as high as those of neighborhoods such as Farmaniyeh, Niavaran, Zaferanieh, and Kamraniyeh.

Qeytarieh neighborhood

The Major Street of Qeytarieh

Qeytarieh neighborhood has a very good climate and even walking in it is considered one of the entertainment of Tehran residents. In the following, we will mention the important streets of this neighborhood:

  • Kaveh Boulevard: Kaveh Boulevard is one of the largest and best streets in Qeytarieh. It is the intersection of Ekhtiariyeh, Darb Dovom, and Qeytarieh. There are side streets on Kaveh Boulevard that are very suitable for living
  • Qeytarieh Boulevard: Qeytarieh Boulevard is one of the best streets in Qeytarieh. It is one of the most expensive streets in the Qeytarieh neighborhood due to its proximity to Qeytarieh Park and good access to the Sadr Highway
  • Saba Boulevard: Saba Boulevard is one of the good and expensive streets of Qeytarieh. It has good access to Shariati Street the Andarzgu Boulevard. For this reason, it is a good place to live
  • Andarzgu Qeytarieh Boulevard: Although Anderzgou Boulevard is more known as the Qeytarieh neighborhood, this boulevard is a street that starts from Qeytarieh and is located in Hekmat and Chizar neighborhoods

How to Go to Qeytarieh

There are many routes to go to Qeytarieh. You can go by your own car, subway, and BRT (Bus Rapid Transport). To go to Qeytarieh by your own car, the best way is from the Modarres Highway. You need to enter the Sadr Highway and then enter the Qeytarieh neighborhood from Kaveh Boulevard or Shariati Street. This neighborhood is located on line 1 of the Tehran subway and has two stations nearby that you can use.

Public Transportation in Qeytarieh

Qeytarieh neighborhood has good access to public transportation. Shariati Street is located in the west of Qeytarieh, which provides convenient access to Qeytarieh by bus and subway. In the east of Qaitariya, however, the matter is somewhat different.

In the east of Qeytarieh, most of the taxi transportation lines are available. Qeytarieh Boulevard, Kaveh Boulevard, and Andarzgu Boulevard are connected by taxi lines. These parts of Qeytarieh are more suitable for those who use taxis and use shorter distances for inner city traffic jam.

Qeytarieh neighborhood

TehranOffers: Your Assistant to Rent A House in Qeytarieh Neighborhood

Qeytarieh neighborhood can be considered one of the most convenient areas of Tehran with facilities that are often suitable for wealthy residents. It is one of the prosperous neighborhoods of Tehran with large buildings, shops, and luxury restaurants. In terms of geographical location, this area is slightly lower than Niavaran and Farmaniyeh.

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