Bandar Abbas Souvenirs | a piece of the south as a memento

Bandar Abbas Souvenirs

Bandar Abbas: A Place with All Types of Souvenirs

Bandar Abbas, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, is the second largest city in southern Iran and the capital of Hormozgan province. This city is one of the most important port cities in Iran and a commercial center in Asia. The strategic location of Bandar Abbas has made it an important city throughout the history of Iran. The people of Bandar Abbas are known for their incomparable hospitality. There are many places to see in Bandar Abbas, but Bandar Abbas souvenirs are also a must-have for your trip. You will also be so excited when buying souvenirs that you will buy some stuff for yourself, too. Bandar Abbas is the best place to learn about the rich culture of southern Iran. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best of Bandar Abbas’s souvenirs.

Bandar Abbas Souvenirs

Edible Souvenirs of Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas and the Persian Gulf in the south of Iran are always full of tourists. If you ask the tourists, you will see that they have chosen Bandar Abbas for travel and Bandar Abbas souvenirs many times. Ports are usually a good place to buy Bandar Abbas souvenirs or products and goods at a better price due to easy access to other countries.

In addition, the atmosphere of the traditional markets for Bandar Abbas souvenirs is among the sights of Hormozgan Province. Please note that Bandar Abbas hosts many tourists during the three months of winter and during Nowruz due to its good weather, and it may be a bit crowded even to buy souvenirs. Bandar Abbas souvenirs are offered in two forms, edible and handicraft, which we will explain in the following.

Dates and date juice

In Bandar Abbas, it is better to drink tea with dates instead of tea with sugar, because dates are so common over there. The southern regions of the country are one of the main producers of dates due to the weather conditions.

Bandar Abbas Souvenirs

The south of Iran is famous for its high variety of high-quality dates as souvenirs of Bandar Abbas in the cities of Iran and other countries. The dates of this region are both domestically consumed and exported to the Persian Gulf countries, Europe, America, and Central Asia. So, there is no need to convince you to accept dates as the most famous souvenir of Bandar Abbas, because people all over the world agree on this. Some of the most popular dates in the south as Bandar Abbas souvenirs are:

  • Pyarom dates: The best date in the world is Pyarom. The color of this date is dark brown and it has a thin skin
  • Khasowi dates: Khasowi date is one of the smallest dates in Iran, which looks similar to okra, and many people know it as plum date
  • Khanizi dates: Khanizi date is a juicy and red date from Bandar Abbas souvenir, which has a very small kernel
  • Mazafati dates: This date is the most common date that is sold everywhere, it has dark skin and is fleshy and very sweet
  • Mardasang dates: Mardasang dates are light brown in color and have a soft and fleshy texture. The shape of this date is round and it is sold dry and with nectar

Pickles: Spicy Bandar Abbas souvenirs

Southern pickles are one of the best Bandar Abbas souvenirs. Bandari pickles and mango pickles are among the most popular pickles in Bandar Abbas. These pickles are sold at various prices. It should be noted that transporting pickles to different regions is not a difficult task and it is enough to pack them well.

Bandar Abbas Souvenirs

Mango pickle is one of Hormozgan’s special pickles, which is common in Bandar Abbas, Minab, and Rodan. Mango, tamarind, turmeric, tomato paste, and vinegar are used in this pickle. All the ingredients are combined with vinegar and kept in a closed container for some time until it is ready. Other delicious pickles from the south include dry lemon pickles and eggplant pickles, which are found in abundance in Bandar Abbas.

Southern spice

Spices in the south of Iran are very tasty and are used in many dishes. The famous spices of Bandar Abbas include cinnamon, coriander, red pepper, bay leaves, cumin, turmeric, and pickled spices.

Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits may seem a bit strange as Bandar Abbas souvenirs, but they are the best choice for people who like new tastes. For example, guava is an imported tropical fruit that is usually grown in tropical regions. This fruit is also known as local olive in Bandar Abbas. Guava looks smaller than a pear and has green and yellow skin. The inside of this fragrant, fleshy, yellow, or pink fruit has a sweet and sour taste.

Guava storage time depends on how ripe or unripe it is. Ripe, green guavas usually stay healthy for more than two weeks at ideal temperatures, but riper fruits can only be refrigerated for a few days.

Bandar Abbas Souvenirs

Dragon Fruit is another tropical fruit that has a skin similar to a dragon and a taste similar to kiwi. This fruit is a Bandar Abbas souvenir from the cactus family and is sold in three colors: yellow and white, red and red, and red and white. Almond or Garum Zangi is a delicious fruit with a thin yellow skin. The texture of almonds is soft and meaty, and the sweet taste of sour seasoning is one of the characteristics of this strange fruit.

Handicrafts of Bandar Abbas

If you have ever traveled to Bandar Abbas even once, you know very well that art and elegance drips from the fingers of the women of this land and turns into colorful textures. Decorated colorful clothes, unique designs inspired by nature, and the elegance of the works make Bandar Abbas souvenirs that delight every tourist.

Handicraft production is one of the main sources of income in this area and a good option for Bandar Abbas souvenirs, which is mostly done by women. Ancient arts such as pocket embroidery, mat weaving, Glabetoon embroidery, etc., are all among the popular artworks of Bandar Abbas. Therefore, handicrafts can be introduced as the best souvenirs of Bandar Abbas. In the following, we will introduce the most important handicrafts of Banda Abbas.

Bag Embroidery

Bag embroidery or pocket embroidery (Chanteh Doozi) is an authentic Iranian art whose history dates back to the Zoroastrian era when it was customary for the groom to put stones and valuables in a special bag or small bag and give it as a gift to the bride’s family.

Bandar Abbas Souvenirs

Today, there are no traces of this custom, but thanks to the women of Bandar Abbas, this art still remains one of the souvenirs of this city. Chanteh Doozi is a type of colorful hand-woven fabric used for decoration. These carpet-covered handicrafts come with various designs and creativity of the weaver, and they usually decorate it with tassels or sea shells to make the work more beautiful.

Nowadays, this art is no longer limited to the production of bags and according to people’s tastes, bracelets, earrings, small panels, and other products are presented in the bag embroidery method.

Wicker arts

Humans have been using different fibers to weave their necessary items since ancient times. For this reason, this art in Bandar Abbas can be introduced as one of the oldest handicrafts. Wicker Arts is the best-selling souvenir of Bandar Abbas, which is made from the leaves of palm trees.

Since the climate of Bandar Abbas is hot and dry, wicker products are very practical and useful, so wicker handicrafts are very prosperous. Residents of these areas produce products with palm leaves and straw and sell them in the market. Due to the presence of palm trees, people make many handicrafts with these trees, various accessories from kitchen utensils to decorative baskets, all of which are of high quality and stunning beauty.

Bandar Abbas Souvenirs

Southern artisan women produce various hand-woven wicker products such as hats, fans, mats, baskets, underlays, round trays, fruit containers, bread storage containers, etc. You can also buy high-quality mat weaving products at different prices as souvenirs.

Golabetoon embroidery

When traveling to Bandar Abbas, the colorful and bright local clothes of women are among the first things that come to mind. This beauty is due to the art of Golabetoon embroidery and needlework. Golabetoon is a type of Gold sewing and a souvenir of Bandar Abbas, which is used to decorate women’s clothes, cuffs, special findings, collars, pants, and even headbands and earrings.

In Golabetoon embroidery, various decorations and designs are sewn on the clothes with gold and silver metallic thread, which can be imagined as a laborious work. For Bandar Abbas souvenirs, choosing these types of gifts will be a valuable choice. If you are a fan of bright and glamorous traditional designs, Golabetoon products are an affordable souvenir that fits easily in any backpack or suitcase.

Khos embroidery: a valuable art and one of the top Bandar Abbas souvenirs

Southern women are very skilled in needlework and their work is priceless. Khos embroidery is a type of needlework. In this art, southerners use plastic threads to create designs on velvet fabrics and finely woven lace. In this type of needlework, mostly black, white, crimson, and green fabrics are chosen and the threads are golden or silver. Because of this, the designs created on the clothes have a special shine. Khos-embroidered clothes are one of the most luxurious and beautiful souvenirs of Bandar Abbas.

Bandar Abbas Souvenirs

Marine crafts

While walking along the coast of the Persian Gulf, you will always see a sea of shells on the sand, which is the raw material for making various ornaments. During the sea tide, a large number of oysters, snails, and aquatic remains of the Persian Gulf remain on the shores of the numerous islands of the Persian Gulf (Kish, Abu Musi, Lark, Qeshm, Hormuz, etc.).

Local people with good taste collect them and make a variety of relief paintings, hangings, curtains, ornaments, sculptures, and various items for sale in the market. The raw materials used include snail shells, oysters, fish bones, and coral, and instant glue is used to glue the selected pieces. For friends who love decorative items, buying marine crafts such as Bandar Abbas souvenirs can be a good option.

Marine handicrafts are among the most popular souvenirs of Bandar Abbas, which are made from oysters and starfish. The proximity of Bandar Abbas to the Persian Gulf has made oysters in this area become an economic opportunity. Keychains, necklaces, bracelets, mirrors, and various decorative items are among the things that are sold as marine handicrafts in Bandar Abbas shopping centers.

Bandar Abbas pottery

Pottery in Iran has a long history, so it is attractive to tourists, especially foreign tourists, and has made it one of the most popular souvenirs of Bandar Abbas. Other cities in Iran such as Laljin, Hamedan, Meibod, and Natanz are also among the most famous cities of the pottery industry. Clay and pottery are two things that combine industry and art.

Bandar Abbas Souvenirs

Bandar Abbas Kilim

Iranian Kilims and carpets are world famous. Kilim weaving is a long-standing tradition among women in southern Iran. In Hormozgan province, in Bandar Abbas, and in the villages of Tujan, Haji Abad, and Qeshm, women are engaged in the production of Kilims, rugs, and carpets as one of the best souvenirs of Bandar Abbas.

Night tent

One of the best souvenirs in the south and north of Iran is the night tent. Night tent-weaving is an original and traditional industry that has a very long history. It is a silk fabric whose weaving is the handiwork of Iranian women and is considered one of the most exquisite souvenirs of Bandar Abbas.

The night tent is actually used as a bedspread, pillowcase, tablecloth, curtain, or underlay and is produced in two colors: black and white. Colors such as red, orange, and yellow are usually used in colorful night tents, and this type of night tent has a special place in the culture of southern Iran. So it is one of the requirements of dowry for girls.

According to experts, because it was used for sleeping at night in the past, it was called a night tent. In the past, due to the lack of population growth, the raw materials used for the fabric of the night tent were cotton, sheep wool, or camel wool. However, due to the advancement of technology, the increase in population, and the emergence of synthetic fibers, this type of raw material is also used in some areas.

Enjoy Your Trip to Bandar Abbas and Its Souvenirs

After a proper excursion in Bandar Abbas, it is time for the exciting part of buying Bandar Abbas souvenirs. The souvenirs of Bandar Abbas, like the souvenirs of other Iranian cities, are so diverse and colorful that you can find a good souvenir for every taste. Do not forget that in Bandar Abbas, the shopping experience is one of the tourist attractions.

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