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Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

What Are the Top Iranian Souvenirs to Buy?

The culture of each nation has its complexities and rules. The culture of Iran has determined its custom for every situation. For example, if you go on a trip, you bring souvenirs from that city for your friends and relatives. Bringing souvenirs from different cities, on the one hand, makes our relatives happy, and on the other hand, it boosts business in different cities. Do you know what are the types of souvenirs in Iranian cities? In this article, we are going to introduce the top Iranian souvenirs to buy.

Each City in Iran Has Different Souvenirs to Offer

Iran is an authentic country that has its unique civilization and nature. The souvenirs of any city in Iran can tell the customs of the people, the food culture, and the climate of the region. Iranian souvenirs mostly include crafts and handicrafts, common products of the region, and even delicious and traditional foods. One of the most enjoyable things to do while traveling is buying attractive souvenirs. In the following, we introduced the souvenirs of each city so that you can make the best choice when traveling to each city.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

The products of each region of Iran are prepared according to its climatic characteristics, cultural capacities, and natural resources, and each city of our country has its own unique and popular souvenirs. By knowing the natural products and works of artists in each region of our country, you can prepare the best and most popular souvenirs of Iranian cities. In the following, we will take a look at the top Iranian souvenirs to buy from some cities.

Isfahan Souvenirs Are Among the Top Iranian Ones You Can buy

Isfahan always hosts tourists who want to enjoy the history, art, and culture of this region. It is a city of skilled artists and great craftsmen. Therefore, it is natural that the handicrafts of Isfahan are very rich and magnificent.

You can find a lot of calligraphy works by Isfahani masters in the Qaisarieh market. Very beautiful and artistic works were created on silver and copper plates. Beautiful vases, cups, and trays are among the top Iranian souvenirs from Isfahan.

In Isfahan’s inlay, wooden polygonal shapes are put together very elegantly and beautifully. The artistic combination of these forms creates beautiful images. You can buy a box, a pen holder, and containers such as Khatamkari chocolate containers as souvenirs. Patterns like nature are very common in inlaying. In some cases, designs of the historical places of Isfahan can be seen in the inlay works.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

In addition to the works of calligraphy that are done on copper, copper vessels are also abundant in Isfahan. Copper dishes such as pots, plates, bowls, glasses, etc. are sold in the markets of Isfahan. In recent years, the use of copper containers has become more common.

Enamel works are among the most beautiful souvenirs and handicrafts of Isfahan. Isfahani artists design very delicate and beautiful motifs on dishes such as vases, plates, etc. The background of these roles mainly has a very pleasant and soothing blue color.

The turquoise carvings of Isfahan are also very pure and beautiful. In this fascinating craft, small pieces of turquoise are placed on metal surfaces. The metal of the surfaces is generally copper, silver, brass, etc.

Shiraz Has a Lot of Top Iranian Souvenirs to Buy

Do we have a more beautiful city than Shiraz? Shiraz, with its beautiful gardens, tall cypresses, and rose bushes, is the flagship of Iranian cities. If you want to travel to the heart of history and the city of poets and beautiful gardens, you must go to Shiraz.

Burnt almonds are also a kind of Shiraz souvenir. To prepare burnt almonds, almonds are boiled with water and sugar. And this process continues until the water becomes steam and the sugar crystallizes. In some cases, to make it tastier, almonds are sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

In Shiraz, like other cities, tasteful artists live, whose works are among the top Iranian souvenirs to buy. Calligraphy is one of the most attractive Iranian arts and crafts. In this art, they engrave on metals such as gold, silver, and copper. Ink works are sold on containers such as vases and sugar bowls. Carving is also one of the other handicrafts of Shiraz. Carving is done manually on wood. Inlaid paintings are exquisite souvenirs for your loved ones.

Khatamkari works are among the handicrafts and souvenirs of Shiraz. In this art, small and colored pieces of wood are put together with great delicacy. You can find small and large boxes and inlay boxes in the markets of Shiraz.

Buying Mashhad Souvenirs

The name of Mashhad is tied to top Iranian souvenirs more than any other city. This is why most pilgrims of Mashhad prioritize buying souvenirs in addition to pilgrimage. Mashhad’s souvenirs are so diverse that they will satisfy anyone with any taste.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Around the city of Mashhad and right around the city of Neyshabur, some mines are the place of turquoise extraction, and their age goes back to more than 2000 years. The Mashhad turquoise souvenir is shaped by artists and stonemasons. Today, you can find the handiwork of these loved ones in forms such as ornaments, dishes decorated with turquoise, exquisite paintings, and rosaries.

You can also get this exquisite stone cut or uncut. Before buying these souvenirs of Mashhad, you should know that turquoise is classified according to the type of mine, its color, and spectrum. The more spectrum and dark blue and green streaks there are in the turquoise stone, the more valuable the turquoise is.

Does Tehran Have Top Souvenirs to Buy?

We all know Sohan as a souvenir of Qom, but this delicious traditional sweet does not belong only to Qom. Of course, the distance between Qom and Tehran is also very small. So it is natural that some types of souvenirs of Tehran and Qom souvenirs are common. Tehran Sohan and Qom Sohan both have the same recipe. Both of them are delicious. Sohan is the best friend and companion of Iranian tea. When you drink a sip of tea, the sweetness of Sohan combines with the bitterness of tea and you will enjoy its taste.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

One of the best raisins belongs to Shahriar, Tehran. Shahriar is located in the western part of Tehran. This city has many orchards. Among these, we can mention very fruitful vineyards. Shahriar grapes are very long, tasty, sweet, and nutritious. Many of these grapes are converted to raisins in the same sunny region.

Firouzkooh City is located 100 kilometers east of Tehran. This city has excellent and unique weather. The nomads of this region have very delicious traditional bread. This traditional bread is called Golaj. Golaj is prepared from a combination of wheat flour, sugar, milk, eggs, water, cinnamon, yeast, and animal oil. You can eat this bread without cheese or anything else and enjoy its taste. Golaj is a very good option for breakfast. Considering that it is very nutritious, it will keep you full for hours. So what better way to buy this special and delicious bread as a Tehran souvenir?

Tabriz Is Home to Top Iranian Souvenirs to Buy

We all get a good feeling when we hear the word souvenir. Now imagine that this souvenir is one of the delicious souvenirs of Tabriz. Nougat or Loka sweets are considered one of the most popular souvenirs of Tabriz and are very similar to Isfahan Gaz. This sweet has a special place in Tabriz’s Eid table and celebrations. And the people of this city place a special value on Nougat sweets.

Nougat, which is considered a part of Tabriz culture, is made of egg whites, sugar or honey, walnuts, vanilla, etc., and sometimes Mikado Bread is also used in its preparation. This Tabriz souvenir is also popular in European countries like Italy and is served as a delicious dessert. Even the Android company called Android 7 “Android Nougat” in 2016 due to the popularity of this sweet.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Tabriz leather has had many fans inside and outside the country due to its high quality. This product competes with foreign brands active in this field and is also exported abroad. It is enough to put on one of these leather shoes once to notice its difference from other similar examples. When you buy leather crafts as a souvenir for your loved ones, in addition to their beauty and quality, you can convey to them the good feeling of a product made by the hands of skilled artists.

One of the most important centers for the production of original handwoven carpets in Iran and even the world is East Azarbaijan province and especially the city of Tabriz. In this city, in addition to carpets and rugs, carpets are also woven with silk thread and are among the most expensive souvenirs of Tabriz. Tabriz carpets are so beautiful and unique that the World Handicrafts Council has named Tabriz the “World Carpet City”.

Ahvaz Souvenirs Are Famous in the World

Another beautiful and lively city in the south of Iran is Ahvaz. This city, being located in a plains region and warm climate, is a suitable platform for the growth of tropical products. The tourist attractions of Ahvaz along with delicious food and of course various souvenirs, will make a pleasant trip to Ahvaz for you.

Among the souvenirs of Khuzestan province, we can mention different types of dates. Dates are the fruit of the palm tree, which is found abundantly in the south of Iran. That is why it is one of the top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Ahvaz.

Rug (Kilim) is a type of floor covering that has threads and textures like a carpet but without fluff. These are woven from woolen, cotton, silk, or hemp thread. The villagers of Ahvaz are among those who weave carpets. They weave carpets with geometric designs and colors of green, orange, pink, red, navy, white, and blue. So if you want to take the beauty of Ahvaz as a souvenir, don’t forget the Kilim.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Wood and wooden items will give special peace and beauty to your home and your loved ones. Make the wood-turning works a part of Ahvaz’s souvenir selections. Carpenter artists make all kinds of decorative and practical items from simple wood with special tools and the ability of their hands. From statues and vases to cradles and candlesticks.

During your trip to Ahvaz, you will see metal objects made of copper, gold, silver, and brass with beautiful patterns engraved on them. This art is called penmanship. Female pen artists create very beautiful works by hitting the pen with a hammer. Although this art is not specific to Ahvaz, it is considered one of the top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Ahvaz.

Knife Is One of Zanjan’s Top Souvenirs to Buy

Zanjan souvenirs are among the top Iranian souvenirs to buy. Rice bread is another Zanjan souvenir that has a crispy texture and its special taste is very attractive and enjoyable for sweet lovers. Rice flour, rose water, powdered sugar, eggs, water, butter, or Kermanshahi oil are used to prepare rice bread, and purslane seeds are used to decorate it. Sometimes, before cooking the rice bread, they add saffron to the resulting dough, which gives the rice bread a unique aroma and taste.

The first Zanjan souvenir that we want to mention is the famous Zanjan knife. The knife-making industry in Zanjan province has a long history and due to the high resistance and strength of these products, they have gained countless fans and housewives tend to use Zanjan knives in cooking and cutting food.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Zanjan knife makers use stainless steel to make knives, and by hammering and heating the knife in several stages, they increase its durability of the knife. Also, they make Zanjan knives for use in various applications, in different types and dimensions such as simple knives, fruit cutters, ratchet, hunting knives, kitchen knives, cooking knives, pencil sharpeners, etc.

Coppersmithing is one of the old and important industries of Zanjan province. Besides being one of the most beautiful souvenirs of Zanjan, copper dishes are considered the best alternative to aluminum dishes. Zanjan coppersmiths use copper to create eye-catching cooking utensils and decorative items that are both of very good quality and durable. The distinguishing feature of copper vessels made in Zanjan from other cities is that Zanjani artists and coppersmiths use the carving method to create different and beautiful motifs and designs.

Yazd Has Some of the Top Iranian Souvenirs to Buy

Yazd has one of the most diverse souvenirs of Iranian cities. One of the most famous souvenirs of Yazd is Qottab. This sweet is made of flour, egg yolk, milk, and yogurt and consists of two outer and inner layers. When ready, these sweets are rolled in powdered sugar and are one of the most delicious trainer sweets that you can enjoy with a glass of tea.

Baklava is available in several cities in Iran, and one of the top Iranian souvenirs to buy is the baklavas of Yazd. The main ingredients of Yazdi baklava are flour, sugar, milk, cardamom, oil, pistachio powder, and coconut. Yazdi baklavas are very energizing because of the pistachio and almond nuts they use in them, and they are considered one of the most nutritious souvenirs of Yazd. Yazdi baklavas are cut into tubular, rhombus, and square shapes, and you can easily find all three shapes in the Amir Chakhmaq Square of Yazd.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Another one of the top Iranian souvenirs to buy is Yazdi cashmere. Cashmere embroidery is about four hundred years old and in the past, it was only done by hand by women. Today, part of this work is done with special devices, and part of it is done by hand. Cashmere fabrics are made of silk yarn as a warp and wool as a ball of wool. The most famous design of cashmere fabrics, which is used as a tablecloth, and several other items, is Deer Horn design.

You can easily buy colorful Zilo in Yazd city itself. Zilo is woven from cotton yarn and is considered one of the best underlays. Hand-woven Zilos are one of the most famous souvenirs of Yazd, which are very durable. Usually, the yarn colors used in Zilo fabric are blue, white, red, orange, and green.

Kerman Souvenirs Are Famous Enough!

Thanks to its high-quality products, Kerman has been the first non-oil export province of Iran for several years. Many of these products are also among the top Iranian souvenirs to buy and are well-known among domestic and foreign tourists.

Qottab is one of the most famous Iranian sweets. This delicious sweet is prepared with almonds and powdered sugar and has different types. Yazdi and Kermani Qottabs are among the most high-quality ones in the market. Since Kerman is the birthplace of Iran’s pistachio, Kermanis usually use pistachios instead of almonds in this dessert and cover its outer layer with powdered sugar. Some historians link the date of cooking Qottab to the Achaemenid period.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Komaj Sahan is one of the traditional sweets of Kerman, which is made with wheat germ. In preparing this sweet, wheat germ is soaked and mixed with other ingredients such as cumin and cinnamon. The combination of these ingredients is added both to the Komaj dough and to the middle ingredients of this sweet, such as dates, walnuts, or pistachios. Komaj Sahan is one of the top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Kerman.

Pistachio is the most important souvenir of Kerman and is one of the export products of this province. 70% of pistachios produced in the country belong to Kerman. Pistachio needs a dry climate to grow, and Rafsanjan city is considered the largest pistachio growing area in the world.

On the other hand, Pateh embroidery is a type of embroidery that is popular among women and girls in Kerman province. It is one of the oldest traditional needleworks in Iran. In this patchwork, Ancient Iranian motifs are used in this art, and the artists of this field sometimes engrave their motifs mentally on the fabric.

Kerman Carpet

Now comes the Kerman carpet. It is famous for its durability and quality. Kerman can be considered one of the important hubs of carpet weaving in Iran. The history of carpet weaving in this province dates back to before the Safavid era. This era in Kerman was the glorious era of carpet weaving in the region, so much so that foreign tourists have mentioned this in their travelogues. Kerman carpet has a wide variety of colors and you can see more than 30 colors in its exquisite varieties. Most of these colors are natural and do not lose their quality over time.

You Can Find All Iranian Souvenirs to Buy in Bandar Abbas

The south of Iran is famous for its high variety of high-quality dates as souvenirs of Bandar Abbas in the cities of Iran and other countries. The dates of this region are both domestically consumed and exported to the Persian Gulf countries, Europe, America, and Central Asia. So, you don’t need to be convinced to accept dates as the top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Bandar Abbas.

If you have ever traveled to Bandar Abbas even once, you know very well that art and elegance drip from the fingers of the women of this land and turn into colorful theropods. Decorated colorful clothes, unique designs inspired by nature, and the elegance of the works make Bandar Abbas souvenirs that delight every tourist.

Humans have been using different fibers to weave their necessary items for many years. For this reason, the art of Bandar Abbas souvenirs can be introduced as one of the oldest handicrafts. Carpet weaving is the best-selling and one of the top Iranian souvenirs of Bandar Abbas, which is made from the leaves of palm trees.

When traveling to Bandar Abbas, the colorful and bright local clothes of women are among the first things that come to mind. This beauty is due to the art of Glabetoon embroidery, needlework, kame embroidery, etc. Golabetoon Sewing is a type of gold sewing and a souvenir of Bandar Abbas, which is used to decorate women’s clothes, cuffs, special findings, collars, pants, and even headbands and earrings.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Ardebil Souvenirs Are Among the Top Iranian Products to Buy

Ardebil province and Sablan region are one of the important hubs of honey production in Iran. In Ardebil, you can find different kinds of honey with the flavors of coriander, thyme, forty herbs, and Astragalus, and bring them with you as Ardebil souvenirs. Each of these kinds of honey also has therapeutic properties. For example, coriander honey is appetizing and helps treat infectious diseases of the body.

Jajim weaving is one of the handicrafts of Ardebil province, and the nomads of this province are highly proficient in their weaving. Rhombus designs with various colors are the main designs used in Ardebili Jajims. It is one of the top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Ardebil.

Carpet is one of the other souvenirs of Ardebil province. You can see the influence of environmental and cultural factors on Ardebili carpet weaving. Carpets are used by Ardebili nomads as bags, bedspreads, and bedspreads. You should know that Ardebili rugs are double-sided.

Painting on leather is another traditional handicraft and souvenir of Ardebil. You can buy leather products with beautiful paintings as exquisite souvenirs. These paintings are usually done on tanned sheep leather.

Guilan Has Both Iranian Delicious and Long-Lasting Souvenirs

Rasht, the capital of Guilan province, has a lot of food and handicraft souvenirs. This has made Rasht, in addition to the unique beauty of this city, to be one of the constant travel centers of tourists from all over the world.

Rasht’s handicrafts are very diverse and you can see the creativity in each of them. One of the most famous handicrafts of Rasht is Rashti embroidery. Woolen handicrafts, which include long and short winter socks, headbands, and children’s clothes, are usually woven from sheep’s wool, and natural raw materials are also used to dye the woolen threads.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Carpet weaving is one of the handicrafts of Guilan, and most of the locals are engaged in weaving in different cities of the province. They use rice stalks to weave the mat, and if you pay close attention, you can say that no part of the rice is thrown away.

Guilan wicker products include baskets, mats, and tablecloths. These artifacts are produced with great taste by local women. They will be one of the most lasting and top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Rasht and other cities of Guilan province.

Buy Top Iranian Souvenirs in Mazandaran

Mazandaran, a beautiful province with good weather, is one of the best destinations for traveling to the north of Iran. This pleasant province has a variety of souvenirs from delicious food to beautiful handicrafts.

One of the top souvenirs of Mazandaran, which is perhaps one of the most popular handicrafts of this province, is mat products. The variety of rattan products is very high and therefore you should buy according to your needs.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Among the top Iranian souvenirs to buy in Mazandaran, we can mention honey, raspberries, and all kinds of herbs. Among the important handicrafts of this province, we can mention wood carving, sock weaving, lacquer carving (making special objects such as spoons and sticks from the roots and wood of some trees), and textile of this city.

Inlaying or wood carving means seeing a pattern in raw clay. The artists of this industry, with their hardworking hands and with the help of their creative spirit, pull out the signs of life from the heart of the dead wood. The eye-catching beauty of these products and handicrafts makes every viewer fall in love.

Hamedan Offers You Great Souvenirs to Buy

Hamedan is the hub of pottery in Iran. You can buy the best pottery and ceramic products near Hamedan. Hamedan used to produce the best leather in Iran. Leather is another top souvenir of Hamedan. Although leather production in this province has declined today, you can still buy high-quality leather goods and products from Hamedan.

On the other hand, the cities of Malayer and Touyserkan are one of the most important hubs of the wood industry in Hamadan province. Turning, joinery, carving, and inlaying are among the most popular wood industries in this province. You can travel to the cities of this province to get your furniture with the best-inlaid designs. They will make the top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Hamedan.

Carpet weaving in Iran is mainly tied to the life of the nomads of our country. Hamedan also has a long history in carpet weaving. You can find the best Hamedan carpet in Nahavand. Nahavandi rugs have designs of tulips, basket flowers, and crab and slime patterns.

If you pass by the old markets of Hamedan, you can still find traditional shops selling copper and engraved dishes. Hamadan has been active in coppersmithing and pen smithing for a long time and is still one of the important centers in the production of these works.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

Kermanshah: the Hub of Top Iranian Souvenirs

Most of Iran’s handicrafts are found in Kermanshah. The natives of this city can produce carpets and rugs, wave weaving, sloppy weaving, Guiveh, leather making, etc. Kermanshah souvenirs are of high quality and are among the best handmade products in the country.

Kermanshah is one of the regions of Iran where carpet weaving is still popular. Some residents of this province are doing this authentic Iranian art at home and in workshops. The carpets woven by the people of Kermanshah are very beautiful and well-patterned and have many fans.

On the other hand, due to the unique geographical conditions of Kermanshah, leather making is done in this area. From the past few years until now, Kermanshah is known as one of the main cities of this art. Currently, the Kermanshahi women have chosen leathermaking as a job.

Another top souvenir of Kermanshah is the instruments made there. Musical instruments such as Tombak, Daf, Santoor, etc. are produced in this city. You can buy these instruments as top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Kermanshah.

Buy Qeshm Souvenirs and You Will Have the Top Products

Qeshm Island is the largest island in Iran. It has a historical past and there are historical monuments from the Achaemenid and Sasanian eras, which are very attractive for domestic and foreign tourists.

Due to the hot climate of Qeshm Island, the wicker industry has very good use and prosperity. As a result, Hassiri (straw) handicrafts are one of the top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Qeshm Island. These wicker handicrafts include large round trays called Sep. Also, straw pots, straw pots, fruit and bread storage containers, etc. are among Qeshm’s straw souvenirs. Mats are obtained from palm trees, and considering that palm trees are abundant in Qeshm Island.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to buy

The people of Qeshm Island have a special skill in handicrafts, and in addition to mat weaving, rug weaving, and embroidery are also very popular on this island. Carpet weaving and embroidery are one of the most important souvenirs of Qeshm f these products are the work of Qeshm women and girls, who are engaged in carpet weaving and embroidery to earn money. It is interesting to know that embroidery, rug weaving, needlework, special embroidery, turban weaving, ribbon weaving, etc. are only a part of Qeshm people’s art. The people of Qeshm have been doing this work since ancient times and have been doing it from generation to generation until now. So, embroideries can be one of the top Iranian souvenirs to buy from Qeshm.

Top Iranian Souvenirs to Buy Are Everywhere in the Country

The best and most popular souvenirs of Iranian cities include cultural products, traditional clothes, various foods, and handicrafts specific to each city. Foreign tourists, when traveling to any region of our country, buy the products they are interested in as the top Iranian souvenirs of that region.

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