Best Cosmetics & Perfume Store in Tehran | A Complete Guide

Best cosmetics & Perfume store in Tehran

What Are the Best Cosmetics & Perfume Stores in Tehran

Cosmetics are one of those products that have very special features to be the best. First of all, is their production date and expiration date. Another important thing is the brand of the product and its price, and the next issue is the compatibility of the product with the skin, hair, and taste of customers. Also, to buying from a perfume and cologne store, the price and the quality are of high importance. It is better to visit reputable stores in Tehran to buy the best cosmetics & perfumes. In this article, we are going to introduce the best cosmetics & perfume stores in Tehran.

Safir: One of the best cosmetics and perfume stores in Tehran

One of the most reliable stores in Tehran for buying perfumes is Safir. In addition to having many branches in Tehran, Safir Store also has branches in other provinces. Safir is active in the field of direct import and sales of perfume and cologne with its approximately 50-year history. Among the advantages of this store, we can mention the guarantee of product authenticity and the sale of perfume at a cheap price compared to other perfume stores. The reason for the lower prices offered by this store is the elimination of intermediaries and the direct supply of products.

If you want to access Tehran’s cosmetics & perfume center, you can visit the Safir store, which can be considered one of the most reliable stores in the country to buy these products. Also, this store has tried its best to provide completely original and quality products to the customers. By buying perfume and cologne from the Safir store, you will be sure that the purchased item is available with a guarantee of authenticity and that its price is more suitable and affordable than other perfume stores.

To access one of the branches of Safir in Tehran, you can go to Saadat Abad neighborhood. You will find this perfume and cologne store on Kuhestan St., after Ketab Sq., and in the Opal shopping complex, which is known by the name of Safir Opal. Many customers consider Safir one of the best cosmetics & perfume stores in Tehran.

Best cosmetics & Perfume store in Tehran

Meisam perfume chain stores

Another important store that you can consider to buy different types of popular and favorite perfumes and colognes is the Meisam perfume chain store. Meisam has a working history of about 30 years and it can be considered as the first chain store of original perfume and cologne and cosmetic, health, and beauty products.

It does its best to provide high-quality perfumes and colognes to the customers and get their satisfaction. For this reason, these stores can be considered as one of the best and most reliable cosmetics & perfume stores in Tehran.

In Meisam perfume chain stores, you can see different perfumes from more than 150 top brands in the world and choose the best ones to buy according to your taste. These stores import many famous brands of Paris perfumes with a guarantee of product authenticity and provide them to applicants and buyers.

Another important feature of Meisam Store is having an experienced staff and fully professional salespeople who can help you when buying the right product and provide you with the necessary advice to choose and buy the best product.

This sales center also has a customer club, and the main effort of the founders of Meisam perfume chain stores is to provide high-quality services to their customers. You can go to Pasdaran Street in Tehran, in front of Golestan 10, to buy and access one of Meisam Atar’s branches.

So, if you are one of those people who face a lot of doubts and hesitations while shopping and lose the possibility to choose from different and diverse products, it is better to visit this complex and benefit from the expert opinions of its sellers.

Dotisa perfume

One of the main concerns of customers is the quality and originality of the cologne they buy. Dotisa cosmetics and perfume store in Tehran has been successful in resolving this and making purchases easier for customers. Hence, it has been able to gain the trust of customers. Dotisa store group, managed by Mohammad Shahrokhi and Reza Hashemi Ravan, is active in selling original perfume and cologne products and is among the famous people in this field. Dotisa store has more than 35 years of experience in this field. This store provides its products to customers on 2 bases:

  • Guaranteeing the originality of the goods
  • Guaranteeing the most suitable price

These two items are the basis that has been able to shine the history of more than 35 years of Dotisa store. Accordingly, not even a single fake product has been sold, and it has not had any expensive sales. With these features of the Dotisa store, customers can buy their products with more peace of mind.

Best cosmetics & Perfume store in Tehran

Perfume and cologne market in Tehran on Vozara Street

In different parts of Tehran and on its different streets, there are many shops and stores that you can visit to buy your favorite cosmetics & perfume. However, it is possible that after buying a perfume, you will find out that you have chosen a fake product. But if you visit the perfume market on Vozara Street in Tehran, you will not face such problems.

Although some other important centers in other fields of business are also located on this street, the greatest amount of fame and reputation of Vozara Street is the presence of stores that sell the best and highest-quality cosmetics and perfumes in Tehran. Most of the perfumes available in the stores on this street are purchased from well-known brands all over the world and are available to customers.

By visiting Vozara Street in Tehran, you will find various types of cosmetics & perfumes with very pleasant scents that you like. This street has about 15 perfume shops. On the other hand, this street is considered one of the most luxurious and historical streets in Tehran.

So, in addition to buying the products you want, you can also take advantage of these features and experience a pleasant trip. Many sellers of perfumes needed by their customers have purchased from countries such as Germany and France, where most Iranians are particularly interested in these perfumes and their special scents. Also, the products you want will be available with attractive and stylish packaging, which is considered a special and unique privilege for people who care about the packaging of products and their beauty.

The best cosmetics & perfume stores in Vozara Street have enough expertise. This is one reason many people consider Vosara as the home to some of the best cosmetics & perfume stores in Tehran.

Tehran Grand Bazaar: Home to Best Cosmetics & Perfume Stores

Tehran Grand Bazaar can be considered one of the most important markets in the whole country. It is located in an old structure, which itself is a remnant of the Qajar era. Currently, many large commercial activities are taking place in this center, which includes Tehran’s perfume and cologne market.

One of the main attractions of this center for different people is the presence of various products including cosmetics & cologne in various shops and arcades. The perfumes and colognes available in the stores of this market are diverse in such a way that they can satisfy different tastes and keep them satisfied.

Best cosmetics & Perfume store in Tehran

On the other hand, you can buy the best cosmetics & perfumes you want at different prices at Tehran Grand Bazaar. So, it doesn’t matter how much you budget for the purchase. Because you will find the possibility of buying in any case.

At present, many retailers, and wholesalers in the field of cosmetics & perfume are operating in this area, and many production units have active sales representatives in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar. So, you can buy your favorite perfumes in this intruding market and provide original products.

Marvi Alley: Center of the best cosmetics & perfume in Tehran

Those interested in buying cosmetics & perfume in Tehran find it a good idea to visit Marvi Alley, which is located on Nasser Khosrow Street. By referring to this center, you will find various types of cosmetics & perfumes with different scents, from which you can choose and buy your desired product.

It doesn’t matter how much your budget is or what your taste and opinion is. In any case, you will be able to buy cosmetics & perfume from this area. If you want to buy original products, you should be more careful and know the methods of distinguishing original cosmetics & perfumes from non-original and fake ones. Because some sales units in this area may deliver non-original goods to you instead of original ones and charge very high prices.

Reiha: One of the best online cosmetics & perfume stores in Tehran

Reiha is a specialized cosmetics & perfume store in Tehran and has shown itself well and it is predicted that it will have a bright future. This online store has a variety of products and you can probably find any cosmetics & perfume you want. Reiha store does not work on a specific price range of products. Another strength of the Reiha online store is its attractive packaging for its products. For example, if you want to send a gift to someone, you can send them the cosmetics & perfume in an attractive package.

Also, Reiha has a guarantee of authenticity on its products and you can be sure of it. To ease the mind of the customer, you can return the product up to 7 days after purchasing it, if the seal is not opened. You can also return the perfume if there is a physical or packaging problem, or if it is different from the specifications you saw on the website.

Best cosmetics & Perfume store in Tehran

On the other hand, the cost of sending the product is free for purchases over 100,000 Tomans, which is worth it and perfumes are well above 100,000 Tomans! So the shipping of most products is free. Also, the price of Reiha’s cosmetics & perfumes is reasonable compared to others, and many times it gives discounts on some products. In addition to the website, Reiha has an application.

Interesting and useful content about the perfume world has been published in a section of the site called Reiha Magazine. Besides that, complete descriptions are given on the page of each product. Reiha also has a gift set, which you can give to others on different occasions. For example, a set of perfumes, sprays, creams, etc. are placed in a package.

Lara: Another of the best online cosmetics & perfume stores

The first thing that attracts your attention when you enter Lara’s website is the beautiful and appropriate design. The colors used on the site are gold and black. This color conveys the message of luxury to the audience. It is an important aspect of the psychology of colors. This color combination is beautiful, even if the products are expensive. In this store, like other best cosmetics & perfume stores in Tehran, you can find all perfume models at any price. So maybe there is no harmony between the color and the nature of the site.

In addition to online sales, Lara has two physical branches in the east and west of Tehran. Products up to 72 hours, if not opened, can be exchanged with the store’s gift card. Also, the delivery fee is free for purchases over 200,000 Tomans. Before buying, you can use the free consultation of the store support team. You can contact them every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Best cosmetics & Perfume store in Tehran

Buy Cosmetics and Perfume from the Best Stores in Tehran

In this article, we introduced some of the best cosmetics & perfume stores in Tehran. A reputable cosmetics & perfume store must provide a valid invoice and a guarantee of product authenticity for all its products so that customers can buy with confidence. Discounts, special offers, and seasonal discounts are also of special importance to the store to its customers, who prefer to satisfy the customers.

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