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Running Groups in Tehran

Running Groups in Tehran Welcome You

Even the busiest people can benefit from the miracle of running. Running 3 kilometers a day is not something that no one has time for. But, they work like a miracle for your body. This is the number of kilometers that is easy to reach for any beginner, and it usually takes no more than half an hour. But let’s believe in the miracle of sports. In addition, it will help you burn more calories, reduce body fat, and reduce your overall weight. Running 3 kilometers is safe because it is within the recommended daily limit for an adult. In this article, we discuss a set of reasons that will convince you why you should do this exercise. In this article, we are going to introduce running groups in Tehran.

Running Groups in Taleghani Forest Park, Tehran

Taleghani Forest Park is one of the most beautiful forest parks in Tehran. This forest park is located in the north of Tehran. In fact, this park is the only forest park located in the city center. This park can be considered the breathing lung of Tehran city center.

If it wasn’t for this forest park, it was not clear what would happen to Tehran! This park has a very peaceful atmosphere. It is interesting to know that it dates back to the 1970s and 1980s. There are many beautiful wooden paths in Taleghani Forest Park. These paths are suitable for walking and Tehran running groups are very active in this park. This park is located on Haqqani Highway.

The Running Groups in Mellat Park by Maral Atarodi Kia

Maral Atarodi Kia is a professional running coach and has a professional experience of 13 years in athletics (long jump and heptathlon) and bodybuilding, Iranian infant long jump championship, Iranian junior long jump championship, member of the country’s national junior team, youth long jump championship. Iran has seven adult champions of Iran so far. She holds running groups in Tehran. Her beginner classes in the groups of two Mellat Parks in Tehran are designed for amateur runners.

Running Groups in Tehran

The exercises of this course are such that the body gets familiar with the conditions of endurance running and prepares for running long distances without injury. During the running preparation period, strengthening and correction exercises are done along with teaching how to run correctly in class to strengthen the body in general. The characteristics of the two groups of Mellat Park in Tehran are:

  • Registration capacity of 15 people
  • Group class days: Saturday and Wednesday
  • Class time: 19:00 pm
  • Duration of each session: 90 minutes
  • Group class venue: Tehran, Mellat Park, Niayesh entrance
  • Private class days: Sunday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday (coordinated by the instructor)
  • Private class time: 7:00 pm or 9:00 am
  • Number of private class sessions: 10 sessions
  • Duration of each session: 60 minutes

Running Groups in Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Lake is one of the most famous sights in Tehran. When the first part of this huge entertainment project was opened in Tehran, no one thought that such a big tourist attraction would be created in the western part of Tehran. Currently, Chitgar Lake is considered one of the most important recreational places in Tehran. In this collection, you can entertain yourself in different ways. Use different entertainment items and have fun.

Of course, some others consider this lake as a great environment for sports and especially running. There is a great jogging track around Chitgar Lake. This path is very wide. Also, in the early hours of the morning, especially on working days, there is no crowding around the lake, and jogging groups are exercising there and you can join them.

Running Groups in Tehran

Running Classes in Pardisan Park by Niloufar Farrokhfal

Niloufar Farrokhfal has 6 years of experience in athletics (high jump), member of the junior national team, junior championship, Iranian indoor and outdoor junior championship, Iranian outdoor and indoor youth championship, Iranian youth league championship, Iranian adult championship, and has the medal of international competitions.

The exercises offered in her running course are such that the body gets acquainted with the conditions of endurance running and prepares for running long distances without injury. During the running preparation period, strengthening and correction exercises are done along with teaching how to run correctly in class to strengthen the body in general. The goals of two Niloufer Farrokhfal groups in Tehran are basic running, removing muscle weakness, improving cardiovascular health, increasing muscle strength, reducing daily stress, losing weight, increasing body strength, improving breathing performance, and increasing energy. The characteristics of these running groups are:

  • Registration capacity: 15 people
  • Group class days: Saturday and Wednesday
  • Class start time: 7:00 p.m.
  • Duration of each class session: 90 minutes
  • Number of sessions without bodybuilding: 8 sessions
  • The location of the class on even days: Tehran / next to Hakim highway / south parking lot of Pardisan Park

Sahar Mosayebzadeh’s Running Groups

Sahar Mosayebzadeh is one of the experienced running coaches in Tehran. Runners can participate in her classes without limitations in time, place, and age, with any level of training and preparation, whether beginner or advanced, from any place and geographically, can train in Sahar Mosayebzadeh’s online running classes from basic academic to professional.

Running Groups in Tehran

It doesn’t matter where you are, the trainer will accompany you step by step and encourage you to reach your goals, monitor your training programs correct weaknesses, and strengthen your musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system for better running. During each period of classes, by taking a test to determine your level and preparation, exercises will be planned and presented according to your level of preparation.

The goals of this class are to get familiar with the principles and correct techniques of walking, correct and principled breathing, correcting the defects and posture of the body with the corresponding corrective exercises and movements, specialized bodybuilding for running and increasing physical fitness. The characteristics of Sahar Mosibzadeh’s running groups in Tehran are:

  • Placement
  • Install Strava app
  • 20 minutes of running and loading in the app
  • If you are in Tehran, you can come for an introduction and clarification meeting
  • Teaching ABC movements, teaching how to run correctly, teaching warm-up and cool-down
  • Providing a weekly training program by the trainer according to the runner’s level and continuous control and monitoring through Strava and WhatsApp

Tehran Club Running Groups

Tehran Club is one of the greatest sports complexes that is located at Shemiran Center commercial-office complex on Artesh Boulevard. Runners of any level can participate in Tehran Club group classes. Group running is motivating and definitely more inspiring than individual running. No matter where you are in your running journey, our coaches are open-minded, welcoming, and encouraging you to reach your goals.

Running Groups in Tehran

You will have fun in the group while running. Tehran Club trainers may offer different exercises in the form of a group class based on your level of preparation. There are several running groups at Tehran Club including:

  • Class Two Beginners: suitable for training to run for everyone with any level of fitness
  • Professional class two: suitable for people with a long history of running to reach a certain record
  • Weight loss class with running: suitable for losing weight and starting to run for overweight people

Conditions of Running Groups at Tehran Club

The number of class sessions is between 12 and 8 sessions per month and the duration of each session is 90 minutes. Exercises are done in groups of 10 to 20 people. Also, each group training session begins with a warm-up including running technique exercises, and ends with strength and flexibility exercises. Sessions include Easy Interval, Temporan, and Fartlek runs.

The classes are held in 2 places in Tehran:

  • Yas Fatemi Park (East)
  • Pardisan Park (West)

Tehran Club’s Online Running Groups

The training program is provided online every week. In each session, the instructor provides a brief explanation of the course and how to implement it online. Doing exercises individually, at the desired time and place. The results of your training will be checked by the assistant coach and the necessary feedback will be sent online. Each online class includes 2 to 4 face-to-face sessions to solve problems and improve technique. Determining the level of classes is held in person as much as possible.

Running Groups in Tehran

Shahid Keshvari Running Groups in Tehran

The running groups in Tehran should be so attractive to you that you should think about staying longer and practicing in each session instead of thinking about leaving. Therefore, you should be very careful in choosing athletics classes in Tehran, so that the busy and boring space of a class does not tire you.

Fortunately, Shahid Keshvari’s running groups in Tehran have these conditions. These running groups operate in the north and east of Tehran and are held for men and women. Tehran Shahid Keshvari’s athletics class is held in public in order to increase the speed and endurance of runners. You can participate in any of the beginner, semi-professional, professional, specialist, and super-specialist levels. These courses are held in the form of semi-private and public groups.

Running Classes at Aftab Enghelab Stadium

Aftab Enghelab Stadium is one of the main stadiums of Iran’s Athletics Federation and is located in the east of Tehran. In this stadium, which has a well-equipped hall and a well-equipped grass field for track and field sports, everyone can do sports by visiting and registering for all kinds of available classes. At the Aftab Enghelab Stadium, athletics classes are held at various levels, from beginners to professionals, and all people can do professional sports in this field if they want and are ready for the conditions. In this gym, all the facilities and their convenience are ready when holding classes. Aftab Enghelab Stadium is located in the east of Tehran, at the end of Shahid Bagheri highway and next to District 13 municipality, and you can easily go to this stadium by Kolahdouz metro.

Running Groups at Shahid Shiroudi Stadium in Tehran

Shahid Shiroudi Stadium in Tehran is another stadium where running classes are held for the public. This stadium is located on Mofatteh Street and is almost in the center of Tehran. There are different and easy ways to go to Shahid Shiroudi.

In this gym, there are all the necessary facilities for some types of running, which can easily be done professionally by registering in its classes. It should be noted that all these classes are held under the supervision of the official coaches of Iran’s Athletics Federation. These classes are held in different age groups infants, teenagers, young people, and adults. In fact, from the age of 8 onwards, all people can participate in these classes.

Running Groups in Tehran

Athletics includes many disciplines, such as speed and endurance running – throws – jumps, each of these disciplines is divided again, for example. In throws (discus throw, weight throw, javelin throw, and hammer throw), according to the physical condition of people, they can follow one of these fields professionally. People over 30 years old can also participate in these classes, where they will do aerobic and plyometric exercises.

Also, special exercises will be done for people who are active in other sports, such as football, who are going to improve their speed and running form or basketball players who want to have better jumps.

Takhti Sports Complex’s Running Groups

Takhti Stadium in Tehran is the fifth largest stadium in Iran and is located in the east of Tehran and was designed and built by German architects with an architecture inspired by wrestling. This sports complex, formerly known as Farah, was built on a land of 100 hectares. It has an athletic track. The complex was built in 1975 and started operating in the same year and was renovated in 2007.

Takhti Stadium is the only indoor stadium in Iran and was considered one of the most advanced stadiums in the world when it was built. After Tehran’s Azadi sports complex, it is considered the second sports complex in Iran in terms of facilities. This complex has several running groups for men and women. For women, the educational classes of the collection are open only in summer.

Running Is the Easiest Exercise You Can Do Everywhere

In this article, we introduced some of the running groups in Tehran. Since every person has a lot of activities, you should go to the Tehrani athletics class, which is held in many sessions during the day. Therefore, you can go to another session if you can’t go and don’t miss your training. In general, running is one of the ways through which people can have their health and maintain their fitness by doing it. Also, running is one of the very easy and inexpensive sports that people can easily learn and do without any problems.

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