Best Pet Shops in Tehran


Many people in our nowadays society own a pet. In fact, pets are quite important for millions of people around the world and they are often considered to be a valid family member.

Why you should have a pet?

You will need to consider what kind of animal will best fit your lifestyle. Making a choice based on you level of commitment should give you a good idea of what type of pet will best fit into your lifestyle and priorities.
Pets like dogs and cats offer their owners with companionship, understanding and an unbreakable bond of devotion that they can’t find elsewhere. Other pets like birds, fish and reptiles provide owners with structure and purpose to daily life through having a pet-care routine. The benefits owning a pet are considerable. Read on for the 5 top reasons why you should have a pet.

– Pets Teach You Selflessness
When pet owners have a strong bond with their pets, they will do anything to help them when they are hungry or in need of medical attention. As humans, we understand that the very survival of our pets is in our hands. Owning a pet teaches us the value of selflessness.

– A Pet Can Help Make New Friends
Instead of retreating to your comfort zone, owning a pet will introduce you to new social situations like shared activities of other pet owners. Pets actually work as an amazing ice breaker during everyday activities with your pet like taking you dog for a walk, a trip to the dog park or participating in pet-centered events. Meeting other pet owners who have similar interests in person or through online forums will give pet owners who may be shy, or new in town a way to socialize and make new friends.

– Pets Make the Best Companions
As we age or our relationship status changes, loneliness can lead to depression or other resulting emotional issues. Pets will always be there for you and stick with you no matter what. A pet can give you excellent support and unmatched companionship through their natural sense of empathy with no judgment in return. In fact, many pet owners prefer the companionship of their pet to that of other people. You will always be able to count on your loyal little buddy to be there when you need to vent, cry or just want to forget about things for a while.

– Getting A Pet is Great for Your Kids
Getting a pet will help kids learn vital life skills and lessons like empathy, responsibility, routine and structure. The relationships your children develop with their pets are truly special and extraordinary. Learning important character building lessons like responsibility and stay on schedule by caring for their pet will have far-reaching advantages for the rest of their lives.

– A Pet Can Help You Get in Shape, and Stay in Shape
Owning a pet will improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Beyond the physical activity, mental comfort and consistent emotional support, owning a pet will actually extend your life. The American Heart Association reports that the physical exercise you get with playtime and walking your dog attributes to the following:

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Lowers the Risk of Obesity
  • Improves Blood Pressure
  • Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Pick the Right Pet

Before adopting a new pet, make sure that it is the right one for you and your family. Do some research beforehand about the specific needs of the animal. Ask yourself these questions before getting a pet:

  • How long will this animal live?
  • What does the pet eat?
  • How much exercise does the pet need?
  • How large will it become?
  • How much will veterinary care cost?
  • Do I have enough time to properly care for and clean up after the pet?
  • What type of habitat does this pet need to be healthy?
  • What type of exercise does this pet need?
  • Who will care for or be around the pet?

Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Pet

People enjoy the company of animals and having a pet in your life brings the feeling of joy that goes both ways. Pets have become a common sight in many households. In France, dogs and cats are the most common pets. However, taking care of a pet isn’t something you should jump into without previously thinking about it.
Pets are a constant source of comfort, support, and love. There are many advantages and disadvantages to owning a pet. The latter plays an important role as a companion to its owner. Dogs and cats, in particular, are considered very close to humans and have been domesticated for thousands of years. They no longer live in the wild but amidst human habitats. These animals can form a very close bond with their human owners and in fact, dogs are even known as men’s best friends. Dog owners would tell you how their best friend would snuggle up close to them for comfort and follow them everywhere and know well their routines such as feeding time and the time when their owners return from work. Experts say that pets are very therapeutic and can even prolong the lives of human beings, especially elderly folk or these widowed and living alone. Even young children and recluse respond well to animals rather than their human companions.
Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, parakeet, gerbil, bearded dragon, or other fun pet, providing regular, life-long veterinary care is important for keeping your pet and family healthy. Regular veterinary visits are essential to good pet health. Talk to your pet’s veterinarian about how to keep your pet healthy. Provide your pet with a good diet, fresh water, clean bedding, and plenty of exercise. Keep up with your pet’s vaccines, deworming, and flea and tick control. Some pets can carry ticks that can spread serious diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever to people. In areas with plague. By keeping your pet healthy, you help to keep yourself and your family healthy. Contact your veterinarian if you have any questions about your pet’s health or if you think your pet may be sick.

Advantages of having a Pet Disadvantages of having a Pet
Owning a pet can help with emotional pain Owning a pet can be costly
Can reduce our stress levels Taking care of pets can be time-consuming
You can do good if you get shelter pets Pets can be unpredictable
Getting a pet can give you some company You may need a veterinarian
Good for people who live alone You will be liable for your pet
You can do good if you get shelter pets Pets can be unpredictable
Companions for a lifetime Owning a pet can hurt your sleep
You will learn patience with a pet You have to clean your home more often
You can mature in character You will need a pet sitter for vacation
Owning a pet will make you more empathic Pets may damage your furniture
Getting a pet can give you some company You may need a veterinarian
Good for people who live alone You will be liable for your pet
You can mature in character You will need a pet sitter for vacation
Owning a pet will make you more empathic Pets may damage your furniture
Pets can protect you Owning a pet may lead to social isolation

What things can be bought from the pet shop for dogs and cats?

– All kinds of commercial dog food
Today, dog owners are faced with a wide variety of commercial foods. These foods are found in three types: wet, dry and semi-dry.

– Commercial cat foods
Commercial cat foods are available in three forms: liquid, semi-dry, and dry. What kind of food you feed your cat is up to you. Perhaps the best option to choose is dry food because it tastes best to cats. Canned food is juicy and suitable for cats with urinary problems.

– Types of incentives
Many owners use tasty treats to encourage their dog when they are training or doing a good job.

– Sanitary pads
These pads will help you to toilet train animals at home.

– Water and food containers
These bowls are available in “ceramic”, “steel” and “plastic” models. Ceramic bowls for large dogs are strong and durable. Steel dishes are easier to clean and maintain. The best ones are the round type with rubber under it to prevent slipping. Plastic containers are best for puppies and young dogs.

– Carrying box
The carrying box should be made of hard plastic and have holes on both sides and back. Do not use wire cages, handbags and boxes that open from the top.

 – The right toy
Toys allow dogs to express their natural behaviors such as chasing and chewing. Small toys can be swallowed by the animal and cause it to suffocate. To prevent bad behavior, do not use old shoes and clothes as toys.

– Sleeping place (mattress, straw, plastic)
For puppies, it is better to use a strong cardboard box because the puppies are constantly chewing, and if they get dirty, you can change the box. Plastic bedding can be a good option because it is easy to clean and they are strong against chewing. . For old dogs and dogs with joint problems, it is better to use a foam bed. Whatever model you choose should be large enough for the dog to lie down comfortably.

– Suitable clothes for dogs and cats
Many dog ​​and cat owners like to buy beautiful clothes and double the beauty of their pet according to the gender of their pet. Moreover, wearing these clothes in the cold season is a good option.

 – Types of collars (metric, nylon, chain, leather)
For large and heavy dogs, it is better to use chain collars, which will keep the dog closer to you. For small dogs, it is better to use a collar or leash meter.

– Grooming equipment (nail clippers, combs, brushes, scissors, shavers, toothbrushes)
Today, there are many tools for decorating, each of which has its own function. For example, there are combs for all types of hair, some with handles and some without handles. It is important to choose a brush suitable for your dog’s coat.

What things are available for birds in the pet shop?

– Types of cages
The right cage will play a vital role in your bird’s life. The cage should have the right length and the right width so that the bird can easily move in it.

– Bird’s nest
Birds spend a lot of time sitting on the perch. These seats are made of wood, so it is a good place for bacteria to grow, especially if the skin is peeled off. The wood of the perch should be washed once a week so that the bird’s feet do not get infected.

– Hangers suitable for cages
Most birds are lively and the presence of toys in the cage can keep them lively. Often these toys hang from the ceiling of the cage and make the bird always happy.

 – Nest or sleeping place
Birds usually nap for hours during the day, so it is better to have a nest inside the cage so that the bird feels safe and calm.

– drinking water
The drinking and eating container should be washed and cleaned continuously and daily to clean it from any food residue and prevent the accumulation of bacteria and smell.

– All kinds of edible seeds
Pet shops usually have all the edible seeds and food supplements for birds. You can get guidance and advice from the store manager according to the type of your bird.

The best pet shops in Tehran

In general, a pet shop is a store that sells pet supplies.  These supplies include all kinds of ready-made food and feed for pets, all kinds of medicinal supplements, all kinds of cosmetics related to pets, all kinds of cages, etc.

Zhivan Pet Shop

Zhivan Pet Shop has strong 24/7 support and always strives to satisfy its customers, thus it is popular and well-known among Tehrani customers. And it has regular customers. Another reason for the popularity of this pet shop is the high quality of its products, which is a very important factor for a pet shop in Tehran. Zhivan has different branches in Tehran and all over the country.
Phone: 00982188710801
Address:  Valiasr St., above Shahid Beheshti St., No. 2095

Persian pet shop

This pet shop is another one of the best pet shops in Tehran, which offers good products for all kinds of pets such as dogs, cats, birds, etc., and in a way, it is also considered the best pet shop for birds in Tehran.  The remarkable thing about Persian Shop Pet Shop is that this pet shop allocates part of its income to support animals, which is a very valuable and humane work. Thus, this pet shop is a suitable option for animal lovers.
Phone: 09011265151

Address: Ekbatan Town, Tehran


Bluepet Pet Shop

By providing good and appropriate services in the field of pets, this store has been able to turn many people into regular customers who always buy the products they need from this pet shop.
In addition, through the good reviews that the old customers of this pet shop give about it, more people are inclined to buy from this store, as a result of which Blue Pet Pet Shop has been promoted as the biggest pet shop in Tehran.
Address: No. 1003, on the corner of 2nd East Alley, before the first bridge, in front of Hajleh Hall, at the beginning of Abu Dhar Blvd., Pirouzi, Tehran, Iran

Qaitariye pet shop

This pet shop collection is one of the supply centers of the most reliable pet food brands and many pet accessories, which is located in a two-story building in Qaitariye Passage. By using very happy and active elements, this pet shop has tried to dedicate an isolated space only for pet washing and pet grooming. It is interesting to know that in this pet shop you can choose different samples of pet food in a separate and exclusive space and enjoy the decor and design of this pet shop.
Phone: 00982122235170

Petty One Pet Shop

This pet shop is considered one of the luxurious stores located in the Punak area of Tehran. It is not bad to know that Petty One Pet Shop also has a specialized clinic and has a special place in the list of pet shops in West Tehran.
In fact, Petty One pet shop recognizes the needs of customers well and responds to the needs of customers and has become one of the best pet shops and has also presented itself as a pet shop with a reasonable price.
Address: Qaim, Aqakia, Ivank, Yadgar Imam highway
Phone: 00989390357864

Lolak Pet Shop

Although this pet shop was a little down in the market, but now it is among the best pet shops in Tehran that works well in this field.
Address: No. 27, Unit 5, Abbaspur North St. (Twanir North)
Phone: 00982188205244

 Half Halfo Pet Shop

 This pet shop is considered one of the best modern pet shops in Tehran, which offers very luxurious products to its customers, and it can be introduced as the best pet shop for cats in Tehran, as well as the best pet shop for dogs in Tehran. Considering that most of these products are luxury, they usually have a higher price compared to other pet shops. In fact, Half Half Pet Shop has its own customers who buy the products they need from this store.
Address: Geisha, between 13th and 15th streets, Fartak Passage, ground floor
Phone: 00982188287630

Hugo’s Pet Shop

This pet shop is one of the most equipped pet shops in Tehran, which has all the products needed in the field of pets, and if we want to provide a list of all the pet shops in Tehran, we must definitely mention it.
It should be noted that besides the fact that Hugo Pet Shop is very well equipped, it offers products that are of very good quality, and if you are looking for the address of a pet shop in Sattar Khan, you can use this well equipped pet shop.
Address: Sattar Khan, next to Alstom Electricity, No. ½, Jahani Nasab St
Phone: 88946077

Petastar Pet Shop

Pet Star, as the most reliable pet shop in Tehran, is the most complete pet supplies store in Tehran province, which provides pet owners with all the necessary supplies for animals at the best price. All accessories related to dogs, cats, birds, rodents and reptiles are available in the Pet Star pet store. All products have a health certificate and sales license in Iran. Note that consultation and sale of all products in Pet Star store is done by a veterinarian.
Some of the store’s products include: transport boxes with flight standards (IATA), sleeping pads, dry and canned foods, incentive foods, toys, educational supplies such as urine training drops, shampoos and detergents. Such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, disinfectants and mouth fresheners, types of supplements such as vitamins, minerals and antiparasitics, types of specialized brushes such as various hair straighteners, volumizers and… All kinds of beautiful clothes in different designs and colors, all kinds of collars, cat litter.
Address: Ekbatan settlement, Phase 1, Block A 1, Bazarche 1, No. 5
Phone: 00982144696174

List of the best veterinarians in Tehran

Also, the list of the best veterinarians in Tehran for emergency situations is given below:

Barsin Veterinary Clinic
Address: Shariati above Qaitariya metro – dead end, Mitra P2002, units 3 and 5
Phone: 02122240799 – 09122786781

Pasteur Veterinary Clinic
Address: Tawheed Square – Parham St. – not reaching Khosh Intersection – No. 96
Phone: 02166591603

Zhou Veterinary Clinic
Address: North Sohrvardi – Khorramshahr St. – in front of gas station – plate 51
Phone: 02188534782

Novin Pet Veterinary Clinic
Address: Below Nobnyad – Baharestan 6th – No. 17
Phone: 02126610265 – 09124965472

Phoenix Veterinary Clinic
Address: Shariati Zafar, in front of Shams Tabrizi, No. 119
Phone: 02122272002

Proshat Veterinary Clinic
Address: No. 5, Neda Alley, Gulzar St. to the south, Nobnyad, Sanyaat St
hone: 02122939787 – 09033468234

Geisha Veterinary Clinic
Address: Geisha – Baluchistan – Kuche Danesh – No. 4 – Unit 1
Phone: 02188246552 – 09122334677

Pulse Veterinary Clinic
Address: Mirdamad- Mader Square- Shah Nazari Street- Second Street- No. 16- Unit D1
|Phone: 02122901397 – 09128905368

Doctor Makram specialized veterinary clinic
Address: West side of Sattari highway – almost in front of Kurosh shopping center – not reaching West Prophet – corner of Shamlou alley – No. 92 – Unit 4
Phone: 02144017784 – 02144954092

Avid Veterinary Clinic
Address: Ekbatan phase 2 between blocks 15 and 17|
Phone: 02144640153

Pat Sunny
Address: South Dibaji St. – Taslimi St. – Pet Sani
Phone: 09121059086

Pet Shop Pet Abad
Address: Marzdaran St. – Itsar St. – Namdar 6th St. – Second Plate – Unit 6|
Phone: 02191017730

Rex 24-hour veterinary clinic
Address: Tawheed St., corner of Fasat Shirazi, plate 47, unit, upper floor of Iran Zamin Bank
Phone: 02166948171 – 09106610565

Dynamic veterinary clinic
Address: Zafaranieh – Ejazi Street (Asef) below Ejazi Square – Shahid Parviz Wahhabi Gharbi Street (Neshat) Plate 15 – Ring 3
Phone: 02122434233

Picha Clinic
Address: Ponk – Ashrafi Isfahani North – before Niayesh Sharq Exit – Ponk Boulevard – No. 15
|Phone: 02144403824 – 09124124379

Arghvan veterinary clinic
Address: Southern Dibaji – Mozhgan Street – Plate 9
hone: 02122772522

Veterinary Clinic Iran Pet
Address: Velenjak – Sasan St. – Corner of Shervin Plak 13 Alley
Phone: 0212626842 – 09120193619

Iranian Veterinary Hospital
Address: Pasdaran – Padayfarfard – No. 63, corner of Golestan 7th
Phone: 02122845227 – 02122843643

Panya veterinary clinic
Address: Shariati above Sadr Bridge – Mirzapur St. – Sertipi St. – Plate 30
Phone: 02126403571 – 09121579879

Mehrniyavaran veterinary clinic
Address: Niavaran – next to the gas station – corner of Shahid Rafii – cul-de-sac Kia – plate 3
Phone: 02122832519 – 09124986785

Aban Veterinary Clinic
Address: North Satari Highway – Mokhbari – West Mokhbari Intersection – Next to Aindeh Bank – Corner of Gol Lale Alley – Dead End 3 – No. 1 – Unit 1
Phone: 02144623064 – 09363157815

VIP Veterinary Clinic
Address: Velanjek – Student Blvd. – Gol Rizan St. – Golestan Alley – 5 Gharbi – Plate 30
Phone: 02126706472 – 09126958211

Vista Veterinary Clinic
Address: Shariati – below the Qolhak metro station – in front of the refrigerator street – on the corner of Naraghi alley – P. 1436
Phone: 02126412384 – 09212033965

Aqdasiya Veterinary Clinic
Address: Gharb Army Blvd. – not reaching Oshan Blvd. – Plate 141
Phone: 02122490902 – 09122886507

Ulka veterinary clinic
Address: Ekbatan – Nafisi Blvd., Corner of Hossein Khani Street – Plate 17
Phone: 02144695794

Dr. Pour Shaaban veterinary clinic
Address: Saadat Abad – Kohestan Boulevard – Ehsan Street – Bahonar Street – Plate 7
Phone: 02122066800 – 09126964936

Sepen veterinary clinic
Address: Geisha – corner of Pirouzi intersection – next to Zest mattress store – plaque 300
Phone: 02188242015 – 09128448068

Siren Veterinary Clinic
Address: Daulat St. – South Dibaji St. – Sanjabi St. – Mirfarshi K Ghaffari St. – P23 Zang on the right
Phone: 02126651377 – 09122899102

Dr. Zakarian veterinary clinic
Address:  Dolat Street, Shahid Kalahdoz – Pasdaran Crossroads – Dolat Street – Khordad Alley – Plate 18 – Unit 1
Phone: 02122570700 – 09362650995

Elixir Veterinary Clinic
Address: Saidkhandan – Jolfa Street – next to Arsbaran Cultural Center – Danesh Alley – Plate 12
Phone: 02126702483 – 09101921189

Farmanieh Veterinary Clinic
ddress: Farmaniyeh has not reached Pasdaran – between the club and Farmaniyeh hospital – plate 14
Phone: 02122288999 – 09120909675

Petty Mann Veterinary Clinic
Address: Saadat Abad – Qara Tepei Street (former 25) – Plate 61
Phone: 02188686046 – 09123226168

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