Where to go shopping in Tehran?

Tehran Shopping Centers

The buying process is a set of steps to turn the consumer into a customer. The goal of businesses is to meet the needs of their customers through their products or services. Each customer’s journey begins from this stage.
If businesses can successfully increase their customer numbers, they must ensure the purchase process is as simple as possible.
There are thousands of shops available that you can go shopping in Iran, but there are some shops like grand bazaars or luxurious malls waiting for you to visit them and hopefully change your mood to 100% happiness.
If you plan to travel to Iran, I suggest you visit shopping centers in any city you are in.

History of Shopping 

The history of shopping malls and stores dates back 1,000 years. In ancient times ports and streets were used as shopping malls.
In different eras, times or passages, by placing cells and shops inside them, played the role of a bazaar or shopping center.
Due to the industry’s growth, shopping centers were built to high standards and evolved with the further development of the shopping center industry.
Today, malls are located within a building or a collection of buildings. They include a variety of stores, and related corridors make it easy for customers to use the stores. Today’s passages are usually multi-story, and the halls are on different floors. Today, malls have become shopping malls, and Shopping centers have been set up daily in other areas and have been very well received.
It is a collection of retail stores, restaurants, photography studios, beauty salons, and other shopping mall businesses.
It is a collection of retail stores, restaurants, photography studios, beauty salons, and other businesses called shopping malls. Today, in addition to shops and stores, entertainment services and facilities are also provided in these centers to attract customers. There are shopping malls all over the World, and they can be a travel destination for those who enjoy shopping.
Generally, people like to visit shopping malls due to the existence of various shops as well as ancillary facilities. On the other hand, they can access a variety of goods and services by spending less time and more efficiently.

How does shopping make us happy?

For many people, a certain kind of excitement and pleasure comes with shopping for new things.
The obvious thing is that when you are stressed or have a hard day, buying the perfect outfit can give you a good mood and a way to make you feel happy.
Shopping can keep your mind off your problems, whether online or in your favorite store. you have to think about what you want or need and Then choose the most appropriate option close to it to buy; you can focus on your desires instead of thinking about the problems in your life. The fact that the act of shopping does something to us to make us feel happy. The phrase ‘retail therapy’ is often used, and it makes sense because shopping can be a kind of therapy for some people. There are various reasons why shopping might lead to happiness and contentment. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction, and you can spare some time for self-love.
In the following, we want to mention why buying makes us feel better.

Shopping Reflects Your Real Self And Boosts Confidence

Finding the perfect piece of clothing or item of jewelry or makeup can make you feel utterly unique. It is also the fact that you could find exactly what you wanted, that you bought it, that you took it home and you knew you looked beautiful in it. On top of this, being able to go out and buy things offers us a feeling of freedom that we might not always feel when we are ‘hemmed in’ by work and other responsibilities.

It Brings About Change

We might want to go shopping because it’s time to change something about ourselves. Maybe we have experienced a significant life event that means we look at the World differently, or perhaps we want other people to see us differently. This can be both fulfilling and exciting.

Shopping Makes Hard Times Easier

Things are often not going how we wanted them to, and we are upset. Failures confront us in many ways possible in our day-to-day busy life. But we must keep ourselves happy and cheerful amidst all the losses and backlogs. This is where shopping comes to the rescue. it is a scientifically proven fact that shopping helps you to feel better at times when everything is going wrong

More Control

When you walk into a store, no matter what sector it is in or what it sells, you are the one in control of the situation. This kind of complete control doesn’t always happen in other aspects of life, so when the opportunity presents itself to be able to take control, it is essential to do so. It will also prove that you can do what you want and what you need to do.

Shopping Acts A Stress Reliever

stress over a prolonged period can lead to further health ailments, too. When we go shopping, we can take the opportunity to forget all the things that are causing us stress and worrying and instead focus on the task at hand. It would help if you concentrated on finding excellent bargains or an outfit that will work perfectly with your shoes, for example. You need to compare some items to others and determine the best for you. You need to calculate costs and remember to include your coupons from Stylinity or another favorite store. This will take your focus away from the problems and reduce the stress.

Shopping center in Iran

Finding a shopping center in Tehran is not tricky. Since all facilities are easy to access in the capital, it is not difficult to reach a shopping center. You just need general information about the shopping malls and their address.
The city is filled with large and small commercial complexes, some of which have become so popular in recent years. Tehran is the largest shopping center in the north and northwest of the city, but the rest of Tehran has not been left without these shopping centers.
Here we suggest a list of the top most popular and modern spots in Tehran that offers you a variety of choices for buying souvenirs before you head to Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Best Shopping Centers in Tehran

Here, we first examine the essential shopping centers of Tehran and then introduce the two old and traditional markets of Tehran.

Palladium Mall

Palladium Mall
Palladium Mall

Palladium Shopping Mall started its activity in the year 2012. Palladium is a luxurious, modern, and chic complex built on international standards. Its amenities include Clothing, Furniture, home accessories, cosmetics and beauty products, jewelry stores, equipped GYM, food courts, and several luxury restaurants.


Palladium Shopping Mall includes office and commercial units that started their activities to create a pleasant, authentic, purposeful, and customer-oriented environment and providing better service to guests.
Palladium is built in an area of 10,000 square meters and an infrastructure of 100,000 square meters. With 13 floors on the south side, 11 floors on the north side and six floors below the ground floor, the complex includes a full range of facilities and services:

  • 150 commercial units
  • 120 stores and service units
  • A total of 25 restaurants, coffee shops, and food courts in vast


  • Modern & equipped supermarket
  • Luxurious & equipped gym & swimming pool
  • 150 administrative units
  • 1,000 parking spaces on six floors for guests’ convenience
  • 200 storage units and a dedicated space for food preparation


  • Safe & stable architectural and structural design, along with smart & disciplined management
  • Careful selection and layout of units to suit various applications
  • Using the most modern scientific & technological methods in

Construction and management of the complex

For more information and to visit the floor maps, please click on the link below:

Address: Orouzi Street, Alef Sq, Moghadas Ardibili St, Zafarniyeh
Telephone: (+9821) 22 01 06 00
Website: www.palladiummall.com
Instagram: @palladiummallfan
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/6nGMf1FTKAvhMAPB9

Ava Center

Ava Center
Ava Center

Ava Center Commercial Complex, located in Aghdasiyah, began its activity in 2018. This commercial center combines an unrivaled, an architectural and modern environment with a selection of the best and most famous brands of clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and food, and offers the best and the highest level of services to dear customers.
Ava Center is committed to meeting all the current needs of this popular area of Tehran, at the highest quality and service delivery level, with its planned brand management. These services include:
branded clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, electronic services and digital products, supermarkets, specialty products, bakery & confectionary, and many other distinguished services and products.

Ava shop

Reputable and up-to-date fashion and clothing, gold, jewelry, etc. brands are placed alongside each other here in Ava Center with exact and specialized harmony, coupled with a harmonious layout, in a modern and exemplary space to display a new experience with the best quality.

Ava fashion

Bedding imbued with creativity for the creation of modernist ideas together with the newest qualitative methods and attention to pictures of life and environment is the main reason for the presence of creative fashion designers in Ava Center, which have materialized the best prices, quality, and profit, in a model named “Concept Store.”

Ava beauty

The beautiful harmony of reputable and quality cosmetic brands alongside each other in Ava Center creates a beautiful Ground floor.

Ava art

Modern exhibition spaces are a base for putting beautiful artworks and exemplary performances on display in Ava Center which is constructed with an artistic perspective that considers the unique position of art and artists.

Ava food

A combination of organic food, a variety of salads, grilled dishes, and fast food brands are located in an underground city, at -2 floor of Ava Center.

Ava restaurant

Well-known and unique restaurants on the 9th floor make your moments memorable and happier, with a fantastic view of the city and the mountains and modern indoor and outdoor spaces for all four seasons of the year.

Ava services

A collection of special services that may be required daily are presented desirably on the – 1.5 floor. Services such as ATM, Wi-Fi, tailoring, dry cleaning, shoe repair, gift wrap, pet shop, and nail spa, in addition to a ten-story parking lot, valet parking services, parking – café, and carwash, are among the exceptional services offered in Ava Center.
Also, children can spend their time in an educational and pleasant environment to make this shopping experience more interesting for you and your dear child.

Address: Ava Center, Corner of Firouzbakhsh St, Movahed Danesh Ave.
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/fC9qw3vS6shSG2xf7

Galleria center

Galleria center
Galleria center

Galleria Shopping Center started its activity in the year 2017. This luxurious shopping center welcomes dear guests with a selection of world’s top brands in various fields of clothing, bags and shoes, jewelry, digital appliances, carpets, home appliances, and decoration and coffee shop, as well as a diverse and appealing food court and a magnificent and luxuriant restaurant.


With an area of approximately 4000 square meters, Galleria Commercial and Office complex has 55 commercial units on five floors and two floors of food units dedicated to Shandiz Galleria Persian restaurant located on the 6th floor with an elegant and vast indoor space and a beautiful terrace, as well as Galleria’s luxurious food court, offering the best brands of Iranian and international cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, American Burger, and Asian meals, located on the 5th floor.
The renowned Sahih Al-Nassab Engineering Group carried out the construction of the magnificent and elegant Galleria Shopping Center. This luxurious shopping center is built according to the highest global standards and safety features, and the finest and highest quality materials have been used in its construction.
Middle East’s most enormous handmade chandelier has given this elegant shopping center an exceptional resplendence. This vast Art Deco-style artwork is designed and inspired by nature.


  • Number of 550 parking lots on eight floors
  • Use of BMS intelligent and energy-saving systems
  • Intelligent parking management
  • 55 commercial units
  • Seven administrative floor

Address: Galleria Shopping Center, 13th St, Velenjak
Telephone: 22 43 30 40
Website: www.galleriatehran.ir
Instagram: galleriatehran
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/wz9eBwVjUMXPpr4d8



By utilizing the expertise and experiences of accredited architectural and structural engineering consultants and applying the most up-to-date building materials and the latest industrial construction technologies, Opal Commercial Center is one of Tehran’s newest and most modern commercial projects in recent years and one of the most thriving business centers of Iran. This retail center opened in the year 2019.
From fashion and apparel to celebration supplies, jewelry to home decor and electronics to everyday shopping needs, all come together at this mall to provide a varied and enjoyable experience for dear guests.

Features & amenities

Opal Shopping Center is located a 7216 square meters and, with 14 modern floors above the ground level and seven underground floors, Opal is one of the biggest shopping centers in Tehran. Features over 850 commercial units with a variety of credible Iranian and world-class brands, spacious 7-story parking with 1800 parking spaces, a giant hypermarket, an exciting game world for children and teenagers, luxury car fair, world-class food court & coffee shops, pleasant restaurants and green garden, international business units in 2 floors, VIP restaurants, cheerful VIP club, modern passage, and helipad & many more, Opal Shopping Center is considered as one of the most prosperous shopping centers in northwest Tehran. Also, with its unique design, Opal Center has transportation facilities on all its floors with ten 21-person lifts, a car lift, and 56 modern escalators.

Address: Koohestan Blvd, Farahzadi Blvd., Shahrak e Gharb
Website: www.opalshoppingcenter.com
Instagram: @opal_shopping_center
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/xJQbt6Uq6Tjrqmku8

Sam Center

Sam Center
Sam Center

Sam Commercial Complex was established in 2011 to define and manufacture a dynamic space within a noble framework in Tehran. With its unique architectural structure and high focus on presenting World’s most valid and famous brands, Sam Center strives to meet all its customer’s requirements in the best way possible.


Sam Center is a luxurious complex that brings together the customers’ specific requirements. The supreme mission of Sam Center is to offer unique and distinguished services to welcome perspicacious guests.
Sam Center’s unique features are the presence of credible and famous brands in the field of clothing, bags and shoes, complementary items and accessories, gold, jewelry and watches, cosmetics, and Perfume.
With a beautiful view of the Alborz Mountains, Sam Center has four restaurants offering delicious cuisine of different nationalities and a modern café offering the guests a full coffee shop menu and exceptional coffee tastes. This complex is easily accessible through Fereshteh St. and Modarres Highway also provide a convenient and standard parking spaces.

Address: #106, Sam Center, Fereshteh
Telephone: 22 01 75 34
Website: www.samcenter.com
Instagram: samcenter_official
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/L32LmJmcJWU2386VA

Melal boutique mall

Melal boutique mall
Melal boutique mall

With an area of 1700 m2, Melal Boutique Mall is located in Tehran’s Elahieh area. This unique shopping center combines a selection of the World’s top brands, including clothing, bags and shoes, perfumes and cosmetics, jewelry, and more, in a modern and charming environment.


Today’s modern World has created its own needs, and as a result, many complexes with special categories and audiences of specific styles are constructed. Based on this attitude, years of experience, and endless endeavor in the field of hospitality, Melal Group has invested in the direction of engineering and management of an up-to-date shopping complex and hopes to create a utile foundation for raising the levels of its audience’s lifestyle.
With beautiful and unique architecture, Melal Boutique Mall is constructed on nine floors, including four commercial units, four parking floors, and one restaurant floor. Also, Melal mall has 50 retail units, bringing together a diverse range of the World’s luxury brands in the field of clothing, home furniture and accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, food, etc.
In addition, several Luxurious and high-quality restaurants and cafés are located in Melal Boutique Mall, and guests can experience unforgettable and enjoyable moments with family and friends after a day of shopping.

Address: Bosnia & Herzegovina St, Fayyazi (Fereshteh) St
Telephone: 22 65 32 65
Instagram: Melalmall
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/8ZAdXX5Ft4u9RhdH6

Sana Center

Sana Center
Sana Center

The word “SANA” means easy and convenient. Sana Shopping Center started its activity in 2017 with various unique features and the introduction of world-renowned stores and brands. The goal of this shopping center is to provide a simple, refreshing, and accessible environment and at the same time fashionable for shopping and leisure time and also responsive to the various tastes and interests of its large group of guests.


Sana Center creates an enjoyable shopping experience and a fresh look of leisure and recreation moments in a luxurious, modern and intimate environment. In this way, we have set world standards and international experiences as our core business epigraph to make the dream of pleasant shopping a permanent fact.

Sana shopping center includes:

  • 10500 m2 of a commercial unit
  • 9400 m2 of the administrative unit
  • 3000 m2 of restaurant & food court (including indoor & outdoor spaces)

Convenient & spacious parking lot

The most important features of this shopping center include:

  • Creating a unique and enjoyable experience for the customers.
  • Using innovative equipment and implementations.
  • Inspecting and monitoring the quality of public spaces.
  • Servicing business units.
  • Controlling the effective communication of our colleagues with customers.

This shopping center, which is considered one of the most prestigious and sought-after shopping centers in north Tehran, is a combination of modern architecture, superior building technologies, and high-quality customer service.
This shopping center is a safe and secure environment for customers to shop and spend some quality time in, and by considering the the convenience of its guests, it has provided quality facilities such as wheelchairs, carriages, lost and found the center, baby changing stations, prayer rooms, ATMs, mobile phone charging boots, guiding maps, 24/7 security, special services for the disabled, healthcare, free internet, smart parking, etc.

Address: Btw Alavi & Zamani Streets, Andarzgoo Blvd.
Telephone: 74 43 81 11
Website: www.sanashoppingcenter.com
Instagram: sanashoppingcenter
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/pKFFGxLbkYquBSYT7

Bamland shopping mall

Bamland shopping mall
Bamland shopping mall

Bamland Shopping & Recreational Complex, with 65000 square meters of the land area & 4 floors (on the ground), includes 30000 square meters of commercial space consisting of 20 to 650 square meters units and about 900 parking spaces. This complex, divided into three zones, is located in Chitgar, Tehran. Bam Land is the first open-air strip mall in Iran.


In terms of the location, Bamland is situated in a unique area, like no other shopping facility in Tehran or Iran as a whole.
Shoppers can enjoy a variety of brands all under one roof and choose from different restaurants and cafes where they can enjoy the food and relax. They will be able to participate in various indoor and outdoor activities and entertainments at Bamland.
The architects and designers of Bam Land Center have implemented elements of traditional Iranian architecture and culture and have combined them with modern and luxurious details. A shopping Center located near the lake, mountains, and forest at the same time is something rarely seen in a big city like Tehran.
Bamland is the perfect place for guests to escape from the hustle and bustle of our busy city and spend an entire day here.


  • Maps for customers to quickly locate and access all areas
  • Custom-made carts for shoppers
  • Safebox counter
  • Concierge & information desks
  • Tour maps for the Chitgar lake area
  • Sightseeing areas
  • Ability to see Immigrant Bird
  • Tour boats for the Chitgar lake area
  • Three public parks
  • Pedestrian path surrounding the lake
  • Horse riding grounds located next to the shopping center
  • Business lounge
  • VIP and business shuttle bus services
  • Exclusive parking spaces
  • ATMs
  • Kids playing area, including sand pits and a carousel
  • Kids carts
  • Washroom & baby changing facilities
  • Prayer rooms
  • Mobile food stands

Address: Moj Blvd, Moj Sq, Chitgar Lake, Hemmat Hgwy.
Instagram: bamlandmall.ir
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/vkUaEwApnWrpsJZt7

Aren shopping center

Aren shopping center
Aren shopping center

Aren Shopping Center started its activity west of Tehran in the winter of 2016. Aren is a collection of prime brands of clothing, handbags, shoes, sporting goods, furniture, and beauty products available in Tehran, as well as a large food court located on its last floor, with the best fast food brands present.


Aren Mall is a luxurious and modern shopping center with eight floors. It has brought together more than 60 of Tehran’s top brands and is one of Tehran’s most successful malls. Its stores are dedicated to top cafés & restaurants, furniture, home decoration, toys and children’s clothing, bags and shoes, apparel, sporting goods, cosmetics, and a book shop.
Aren Mall’s most important feature is its food court on the 3rd floor. Its quiet ambiance and beautiful design, plus the variety of famous fast food and restaurants giving high-quality services to customers have attracted the attention of many guests.
For more information and to visit the floor maps, please click on the

Link below:

Address: Fakhar Moghadam St, Hafezi St, Farahzadi Blvd, Shahrak Gharb
Telephone: (+9821) 22 38 28 96
Website: www.arenmall.com
Instagram: arenshoppingcenter
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/SaGidyRR8vnvkdWp6

Sky center mall

Sky center mall
Sky center mall

Sky Center Mall is a unique commercial complex, unlike any other mall in Tehran. The classical design and the unique architecture of the complex is the symbol of the art and skills of the intelligent engineers in classical architecture. The beautiful landscape of the Latian dam and lake surrounded by mountains, feeling the beautiful nature behind the frameless windows while climbing up the escalator and enjoying memorable moments in Sky Center’s luxurious restaurant multiplies the joy of an ideal shopping experience.


In Iran, a shopping center is a place with low ceilings and narrow passageways to make more room for commercial purposes.
In Sky Center Mall, we offer a new shopping center definition. Using bright spaces, having a naturally beautiful landscape, and more public passageways under a glass dome make the customers forget the closed area of a typical shopping center. Our great attempt is based on using the most modern facilities for shoppers’ convenience while shopping in Sky Center Mall.


  • GROUND -5 TO -2:

There are 4 Parking lots and two elevators in Sky Center. The escalators, which start on the -5 floor and end on the 7th floor, allow shoppers to pass through the floors easily. The number of 200 parking spaces is one of the outstanding advantages of Sky Center Mall.

  • FLOOR -1:

A shopping unit with an area of about 1400 square meters, located on this floor, is an ideal space for a department store. There are also three other shopping units, in addition to this space on the -1 floor.


The most exciting feature of Sky Center is the unique design of the shops on the ground floor. This center’s tremendous and stunning entrance hall and a corridor with its attractive sky roof will make the customers’ visit more enjoyable.

  • FLOOR 1:

Looking at the great view of the latian dam through the glass wall of the escalators while moving from the ground floor to the first floor and being close to the glass roof, broad passageways, and the beautiful façade of the shopping units are the essential features of Sky Center.


The luxury hall of Sky Center, built based on international standards, is one of Sky Center’s most important features and is an ideal place for hosting your ceremonies and events. Its luxurious and elegant interior design marks memorable moments for guests.


Located on the highest floor of the mall is Sky Center’s luxurious restaurant where visitors can relax, have a cup of tea or a delicious meal and enjoy the astonishing view of Lavasan.

Address: #1, Golha Street, Imam Khomeini Blvd, Lavasan
Telephone: (+9821) 26 54 38 80 – 1
Website: www.skycenter.ir
Instagram: skycenter.ir
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/8nYfULyNN6voY1CJ9

Modern elahieh complex

Modern elahieh complex
Modern elahieh complex

Modern Elahieh Complex is a luxurious and modern shopping center that opened in 2011 and is located in the Elahieh region. This Commercial Complex is a collection of famous international brands in clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, and accessories.


The modern Elahieh building is set up on a total land area of 1915 Sq2 in North Africa Blvd., Corner of Modaress Highway, with an, overlook to Elahieh highland in Tehran. The building area is about 17000 Sq2 and has been developed into 11 stories.
Modern Elahieh is the first commercial complex in Tehran’s elahieh region, which is established with unique and contemporary attention to design and implementation and to gather together the most prestigious brands in the World.
The commercial section of the complex has an area of 3000 sq2 and three floors. It includes 40 stores in various regions and is designed according to the appetency of the customers to shop from the official representative of famous international brands. This section also includes two coffee shops and restaurants.
There is also a royal floor located on the 5th floor, which is the newest addition to the commercial section and includes several boutiques, jewelry galleries, and a modern, luxurious outdoor coffee shop and restaurant.

  • Total of 28 office units
  • Total of 40 Commercial units
  • 4 Storey Parking area with the competent capacity of 218 cars
  • Seminar & Guest Hall with a minimum capacity of 250 guests

Address: Across from Golnar street, North Africa Blvd., Elahieh
Telephone: (+9821) 220 36 995
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/vAqjNHQK5RE8tjNU6

Arg commercial center

Arg commercial center
Arg commercial center

Arg Commercial complex is a complete collection of the most famous brands in Iran, including clothes, cosmetics, home appliances, electronics and kitchen, Perfume, jewelry, carpets and rugs, glasses, and Rhinestones, all in a fun & modern environment.


The most important features of this big commercial complex include an amusement park, theater, restaurants, food court, coffee shops, and green roof garden, which will be ready to use in early 2015. Several 200 commercial units and 1000 parking spaces welcome all guests between 10:00 to 23:00.

Address: Arg Commercial Complex, Saad Abad St., Tajrish Square
Telephone: (+9821) 227 27 165 – 7
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/EXB8frWwUnzWHeu17

Charsou Bazar

Charsou Bazar
Charsou Bazar

Charsou Bazar opened in the year 2014. This well-designed media mall has an area of 5700 square meters and seven floors. With its modern architecture, Charsou Bazar is located in the heart of downtown Tehran and among many historic landmarks and cultural areas. Charsou cine-complex is located on Charsou Bazar’s 7th floor and has five professional movie theaters equipped with the latest audio, video, and digital cinema technology.


The idea of Charsou Bazar was formed based on the latent capacity of this part of Tehran and its resurgence through creating a commercial center with an integrated approach to business, culture, and recreation. Being located at the intersection of Jomhouri & Hafez streets as a component index of the city and in the middle of the exchange of goods such as mobile phones, audio, and video equipment, household appliances, computers, and accessories on the one hand and by emphasizing on the performance of different units inside the complex, such as restaurants, movie theaters, sales of cultural products, coffee shops, and children’s playing area, on the other hand, all indicate the importance of the location of this Bazar in this specific part of Tehran.

  • 15000 meters of commercial space
  • 330 stores (Mobile Phones, Computers, Audio, Household Appliances)
  • 1000 parking spaces
  • Food Court
  • Five movie theaters with 900 seats
  • Eight elevators with a capacity of 8 to 15 people
  • 16 escalators throughout the floors

For more information and to visit the floor maps, please click on the link below:

Address: Southeast of Hafez St. & Jomhouri St. intersection
Telephone: (+9821) 66 71 50 45
Website: www.charsou.com
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/oTtQQrhCy1PaTeN96

Mega Mall

Mega Mall
Mega Mall

Iran’s first Megamall is located within 19 hectares of land of a mixed development project southwest of Tehran. Tehran Megamall has 5 floors of shopping arcade with a gross area of 200,000 square meters. A 4-star international hotel, Grand restaurant hall, The children’s playground and more than 2800 covered parking spaces are other facilities of this complex.


Tehran Megamall is the first Iranian Megamall built according to world standards. “Big Bazar” is this shopping center’s Persian name which has been selected to emphasize its immensity and spaciousness without forgetting the traditions of the Iranian malls.

  • Beautiful entrances from all directions.
  • Multi-level parking with a capacity of 2800 cars.

Only 15 percent of the total 206,000 square meters of the Megamall has been allocated to store & business spaces. The rest (85%) of the area has been given to the public, sporting, recreational and cultural activities.

  • Classification of goods and services to facilitate shopping and avoid wasting time
  • Chain stores on three floors with an area of 14000 square meters consisted of food, clothing, cosmetics, furniture, and home appliances departments.
  • Women’s World consisted of dress shops, cosmetics, and beauty salons specially designed for ladies where they can enjoy tranquility and friendliness.
  • The Cine complex includes six halls and 1200 seats, with the capability of showing six movies simultaneously or separately.
  • The food court, fast foods, and international restaurants are among the most pleasant and desirable sections of “Mega Mall.”
  • Having five glass elevators in an open space and numerous escalators

For more information and to visit the floor maps, please click on the link below:

Address: Ekbatan, Sattari Highway
Website: www.megamall.ir
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/bhHv6qvzbYXieswV7

Kourosh complex

Kourosh complex
Kourosh complex

Kourosh Complex, with more than 500 business units on 17 floors, is a collection of the biggest and best commercial, cultural, and entertainment sections. Due to the presence of multiple brands, several business units, and the variety of products and services, Kourosh Complex is the best choice for those who want to experience the best.


Modern architecture with a minimal finish, the proportions of volumes and surfaces, emphasis on human movement in space, and harmonic design of color and light, are the basis for constructing this complex. Attractive perspectives, soothing fountain, fluent circulation, Terrarium, and especially the vast void between a floor that is visible through hallways, stairs and elevators and panoramic elevators are the most distinctive focal points of this complex.
In addition to the modern design of the interior and exterior of the complex, The opening of the country’s largest cineplex, one of the most modern family entertainment & health centers (Jupiter: family Entertainment center), cultural centers (cinema gallery), kindergarten (Kids club), Food Court, restaurants, and many coffee shops, have made the Kourosh complex into a unique, modern, and distinctive commercial center in the west of Tehran.
The commercial section of the Kourosh complex, with more than 500 business units on 9 floors, is a collection of various stores, including clothing, bags and shoes, jewelry, electronic appliances, cosmetics, home and kitchen appliances, and a hypermarket.
For more information and to visit the floor maps, please click on the link below:

Address: Kourosh Complex, North Sattari Highway
Website: www.kouroshmall.com
Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/uHEymLRUXgQghsbC7

Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar
Tehran Grand Bazaar

Visiting the oldest bazaar in Tehran would sound incredible. Its traditional architecture provides great visual pleasure for its visitors. Furthermore, it is the only wholesale center in Tehran. Nevertheless, it does not mean you cannot do retail shopping here. It distributes almost all sorts of products to other shops around Tehran.
Moreover, for those who care about economical prices, this bazaar is the best place for shopping. Keep in mind that it has separate small bazaars that each sell a prearticular product. Therefore, you should determine the specific section you want to buy things from. There are also many famous restaurants with unbelievably delicious Iranian dishes around.

Location of Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Grand Bazaar is an old bazaar in downtown Tehran. It has Molavi Street in its southern part, Mostafa Khomeini Street in the east, Panzdah-e Khordad Street in the north, and Khayyam Street in the west.
Suppose you are eager to visit more attractions in the area. In that case, We suggest you see Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli, Negarestan Garden, Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Mary, Golestan Palace, Ebrat Museum, National Museum of Iran, Moghadam Museum, and Masoudieh Palace.

History of Tehran Grand Bazaar

Agha Mohammad Khan, the founder of the Qajar dynasty, selected Tehran as Iran’s capital city in the 19th century. But they did not construct many new changes in the texture of Tehran. Therefore, except for some royal palaces, mosques, a gate, and the Shams-Ol-Emareh mansion, the Grand Bazaar is another reminiscent of this era. The interesting point is that the architecture of many regions is not Iranian. Naser ad-Din Shah asked a team of French architects to design some crucial gates and areas in his 50-year-old reign. The hot summer weather in Tehran is the most critical reason that a ceiling has recently been made for this bazaar. Hence, people would not feel irritated while shopping.
Since the 19th century, tourists have acknowledged this bazaar as the most vital attraction of Tehran. This bazaar used to be the only available place for domestic products and imported goods trade. Later, it became the center of political, economic, and social movements. However, it was a challenging mission to capture the protestors because of the particular architecture of this bazaar, as there are too many alleys. All these alleys have kept horrible memories within.

The architecture of Tehran Grand Bazaar

For the time being, Tehran Grand Bazaar has a unique and complicated architecture. Eye-catching arches, labyrinthine corridors, and traditional air-conditioning systems have added to its beauty. There are also some old and new places for entertainment. Some examples are traditional teahouses, Zoor Khaneh (Traditional Persian Gymnasium), public bathrooms, mosques, and other religious monuments. After a while, there emerged various regions called “Bazaarcheh” or small bazaars for each commodity; for instance, a particular area designated for gold, beauty products, etc.

Shopping in Tehran Grand Bazaar

Time for shopping! You can buy everything you can think of in Tehran Grand Bazaar. However, you should know where exactly to go for each product. Here is a listing of these areas to help you reach where you want.
-Nuts: Find fresh and dried grapes, fresh and dried vegetables, and nuts in Chahar Suq Bazaar.
-Women’s Clothes: Buy scarves, gloves, hats, etc., in Jafari Bazaar, one of the most crowded parts. Remarkably, the prices of this bazaar are almost 50% cheaper than the stores in Tehran.
-Gold, Jewelry, Watch: Zargarha Bazaar is a suitable place that offers low wages for gold compared to other gold shops.
-Home Décor/Home Accessories: Hajeb Ol-Dolleh Bazaar surprises you with its wide range of products and, of course, the low prices.
-Beauty Products: If you want to buy high-quality makeup stuff at reasonable prices, Koocheh Marvi or Marvi Alley is the best place.
-Stationery: Buy the writing or designing implements from Bein-Ol-Haramein Bazaar. There are distinct brands for every single thing you might need.
-Bags: Find party bags, backpacks, sports bags, kids’ bags, luggage, and suitcase in Moshir Khalvat. The thing is, all the stores in this department are wholesale. Therefore, you might confront difficulties in buying just one bag. However, you know that nothing is impossible! So no need to worry.

Where to Eat near Tehran Grand Bazaar

Some famous restaurants are ready to welcome you to Tehran Grand Bazaar, in which you can taste the excellent taste of Persian meals and incredibly different types of Kebab. Some of these restaurants are about a century old. Their names are Nayeb, Shamshiri, Moslem, Haj Morshed, Sharaf al-Eslami, Javan, and others.

Where to Stay near Tehran Grand Bazaar

As Tehran Grand Bazaar is located in downtown Tehran, many accommodations are nearby. Therefore, you do not need to worry about where you want to stay. We offer a wide range of choices for everyone with all sorts of economic statuses. Tehran Traditional Airan Hostel, Amirkabir Hotel (2-Star), Okhovvat Hotel (1-Star), Ziba Hotel (2-Star), Fars Hotel (2-Star), Samen Hotel (1-Star), Ferdowsi Grand Hotel (4-Star), Shiraz Hotel (3-Star), Khayyam Hotel (1-Star), Golestan Hotel (2-Star), Arman Hotel (2-Star), and Asia Hotel (1-Star) are the best hotels near Tehran Grand Bazaar. Feel free to make an online reservation for each hotel you find suitable.

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/5wjY5LXxjkSBZwAr9

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar
Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar is an old, colorful bazaar that gives everyone a sense of walking in old Tehran. Its architecture has been developed through the years. However, the actual old texture has been preserved. Some colorful fruits and vegetables catch attention. Of course, this bazaar offers several other things for sale. Make sure to have money in your pockets because you will not leave this bazaar empty-handed! The irresistibly precious commodities are great Persian souvenirs for those you love.

Location of Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar is in the northern part of Tehran in Shemiran resort. Its location has contributed a lot to its easy access from any part of the city. As a result, you will not have difficulties getting to this beautiful bazaar.
Other attractions that you might like visiting while in the region are Sa’adabad Complex, Niavaran Palace Complex, Milad Tower, and Tabiat Bridge.

History of Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar is the oldest bazaar in the north of Tehran. It is a small bazaar simulated from Tehran Grand Bazaar. Its construction dated back 70 years ago. However, some old salesmen say it is 150 years old.
Tajrish used to include big houses with gardens, small villages, and summer houses. People used to choose this area for their holidays to enjoy the weather and nature. Some workers used to go there to be of help to garden owners in spring and summer. After a while, they decided to settle down in Tajrish forever. Consequently, the population of Tajrish grew little by little. As Reza Shah Pahlavi chose this area to spend his leisure time, it began to undergo modern developments. The construction of roads and public transportation designated allowed people to visit this region more than before. The gathering of people caused the locals to think of selling the products of their gardens. Hence, some small shops emerged in Tajrish, and what we know today as Tajrish Traditional Bazaar is the developed version of those stores. The salespeople built a ceiling over their heads to avoid the destruction of their commodities and for the sake of the people’s comfort. Later on, the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization constructed the fascinating and traditional shelter and added some other creative decorations to the present bazaar.

The architecture of Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish Traditional Bazaar is about 700 meters long and has 400 stores inside. Its architecture reminds everyone of the old Tehran. Moreover, there are spectacular arches with the names of stores carved on them above each store. Above all, this bazaar’s traditional fretwork and tiling are too magnificent to ignore.

Shopping in Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

If you are into shopping or simply window shopping, satisfy your needs in Tajrish Traditional Bazaar! The main difference between this bazaar and Tehran Grand Bazaar is that its stores are retail. But Tehran Grand Bazaar is the wholesale center of Tehran. There are colorful fruits and vegetables, breath-taking handicrafts, fresh traditional bread, nuts and dried fruits, various condiments and herbal medicines, artificial jewelry, fabrics with all sorts of materials, and so on. Furthermore, some shops sell all kinds of tasty Torshi (vegetables or fruits kept in vinegar for a while and are eaten as a side dish). You can also buy things to eat while shopping in many small places.

Where to Eat near Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

Some of the perfect places to try delicious meals are Heeva Cafe Kebab and Shemroon Kabab, which are famous for the quality of the kababs they serve. You can also try the snacks and feasts of the cafes in Bagh Ferdows. If you prefer to have an Italian dish, the most excellent offer is the Élysée Restaurant on the rooftop of Tandis Shopping Mall.

Where to Stay near Tajrish Traditional Bazaar

We offer you to stay in some selected hotels with different choices. You can choose among the hotels that are near Tajrish Traditional Bazaar. These hotels are Diamond Hotel (3-Star), Sepehr AP Hotel (4-Star), and Diplomat Suite Hotel (3-Star).

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/pAdCwyzK164ak8Bh6

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