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Khavaran Furniture Market

Where to Buy Furniture in the Capital of Iran

In Tehran, there are a lot of different neighborhoods that each have their own distinct style of locally crafted furniture. There are also a few new brand furniture shops in Tehran that offer imported things in addition to those that are already mentioned. As a result of having spent a significant amount of time in Tehran, we are now able to offer you where to buy furniture in Tehran. Let’s see what your options are.

Khalij e Fars furniture shopp

Yaftabad District Is Home To The Best Furniture Shops In Tehran

The Yafatabad District is located in the southern part of Tehran and is home to the majority of furniture shops In Tehran. The district, which is one of the oldest districts of Iran’s capital, has a number of shopping malls and furniture shops that are priced to accommodate most low to medium budgets. There is also a rising number of shops that cater only to customers with higher-end budgets. These stores import many of the most elegant designs as well as padding from Turkey and other countries.

District 18 is home to a number of different furniture shops in Tehran, including the Khaleej Fars (Persian Gulf), Iran Furniture Mall 1,2,3, Pasargad Furniture Market, Sabk-e-No, and others. You’ll find the majority of the city’s retail establishments along Yaftabad Street, which is now lined on both sides with enormous businesses. We would suggest coming down to Yaftabad on a weekend if you are searching for furniture there since there are so many different shops that you would enjoy your time when walking in the Yaftabad district.

Yaft Abad Grand Furniture Market

Yaft Abad Grand Furniture Market, which is home to the best furniture shops in Tehran, is the largest furniture market in Iran as well. Although this bazaar has been considered for the production and sale of wooden crafts and all kinds of furniture for many years, from 15 to 20 years ago, Yaft Abad Grand Furniture Market became the most significant furniture buying and selling center in Tehran.

Yaft Abad Grand furniture shop

Shops in Yaft Abad Grand Furniture Market also send their goods to other cities in Iran and even other countries. Undoubtedly, once you visit Yaft Abad, you will be able to find the best furniture shop in Tehran and buy what you desire after some time. Yaft Abad Grand Furniture Market is considered one of the best dowry shopping centers too. There are more than 8000 furniture shops in Yaft Abad Grand Furniture Market. Furniture Shops in Tehran Yaft Abad Grand Bazaar:

  • Mobleman Takin +98 21 6621 5858
  • Chideman-e Kazhoo +98 21 6625 1575
  • Soltani Furniture +98 21 55 25 15 45
  • Anahita Gallery +98 21 66 24 11 90
  • Tehrani Furniture +98 21 666 42543
  • Alachigh Furniture +98 21 66 29 6620
  • Mahestan Furniture Gallery +98 21 666 90 892
  • Kamja Choob +98 21 66 67 45 66

How To Reach Yaft Abad District

The nearest metro station to Yaft Abad is Nematabad metro station and Azadegan metro station. These stations are located on Line 3 of the Tehran Metro, which is marked with blue color. After leaving the metro, you can easily take a taxi to the Yaft Abad, which is the hub for purchasing furniture in Tehran.

Iran Furniture Market 3

Since 2011, Iran Furniture Market 3 has been in operation with the purpose of developing modern commercial spaces and creating an environment that is secure and soothing for the purpose of shopping for a home and office furniture, curtains, fabrics, and furniture decorations across its 70,000 square meter floor space. This building has nine floors, six of which are used for commercial purposes and three of which are used for parking. It also features some of the most cutting-edge conveniences and accommodations available today, including five passenger elevators, one heavy-duty elevator, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and a conference hall.


Tat Investment Group is responsible for the design and operation of this complex, making it the third contemporary complex in the Yaft Abad area to have one-of-a-kind amenities. More than one hundred of the most well-known brands of home and business furniture may be found at Iran Furniture Market 3.

This enormous commercial building, which is home to a collection of furniture shops in Tehran, was constructed in collaboration with well-known Iranian and international brands in the furniture industry with the goal of catering to the requirements of Iranians regarding the availability of a comprehensive assortment of furniture shops in Tehran. It is possible to highlight a specialized exhibition of office furniture and accessories, domestic furniture manufacturers, chandeliers, and lighting as one of the elements of this furniture market’s ability to host seasonal exhibits. This is one of the qualities that makes this market unique.

List of Top Furniture Shops In Tehran Iran Furniture Market 3

Shop Location In Iran Furniture Market 3 Tel. No.
Midas B41 +98 21 66 19 31 85/86
Majan B40 021 66 19 31 91
Santia B35 021 66 19 31 73
Diana B33 021 66 19 30 52
Salooni B31 021 66 19 31 67
Gallery Parsa B30 021 66 19 31 87
Candida B26 021 66 19 3006
Farest Mobl G35 021 66 19 30 47

Iran Furniture Market 2

For the majority of Tehran residents, Iran Furniture Market 2, located in the Yaft Abad district, is the first furniture market that comes to mind whenever they consider making a purchase of furniture. This furniture market can be found to the southwest of the city and is comprised of a large number of furniture shops in Tehran. In this market, there are a significant number of furniture available in a wide variety of styles, models, and prices. The availability of various furniture is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial aspects of this market.

Yaft Abad Grand furniture shop

It is essential to be aware that the Iran Furniture Market 2 in Yaft Abad is divided into two sections. Shops on the first two floors of this mall are the most unique and vital furniture shops in Tehran as a whole. These sell a wide variety of home and office furniture to clients. There are hundreds of businesses and shops in this district that specialize in timber and furniture-related products as well.

Products related to furniture are available in the second section, which can be found on the other side of the highway. You’ll find workshops and factories producing various types of couches tucked away in almost every nook and cranny of this neighborhood’s surrounding streets and alleyways. If you look around the market for sofas just a little bit, you should be able to find the couch you want at a price that is within your budget.

Chahardangeh Furniture Market

Chahardangeh furniture market, located in Chahardangeh industrial town, is home to various furniture shops in Tehran. This market is located in the 19th district of Tehran, and its access is from the Azadegan highway, Tehran-Saveh highway, Tehran-Qom highway, and Saeedi highway. This bazaar is one of the biggest furniture markets in Iran. This area is close to the Yaft Abad furniture market, and if you plan to go to the Yaft Abad furniture market to buy furniture, you just need a 15-minute drive through the South Saeedi highway.

Chahardangeh furniture market can be considered one of the biggest markets of Chahardangeh industrial towns because many furniture manufacturing factories are working in this town. Chahardangeh industrial town has thousands of production centers, and almost a selection of all production and industrial activities in Iran can be seen in this area. A large part of the producers of this town is devoted to the furniture and wood industry, all of whom are active in the field of basic supplies needed for home interior decoration. Due to its proximity to Tehran, this town has always attracted the attention of various entrepreneurs. Also, entrepreneurs have always welcomed the establishment of their factories in this area.

Chahardangeh Furniture Market

This industrial town has been designed by the municipal business organization company in order to transfer and organize polluting businesses in Tehran. The mentioned project is on a land of 240 hectares, which includes 3500 units and 3000 furniture shops in Tehran.

Delavaran Furniture Market

Buying furniture is one of the most important purchases to complete the decoration of any home. Delavaran furniture market is one of the most famous furniture markets in Tehran, which is located on the street with the same name. In this furniture market, all kinds of furniture models are available at different prices, and there will be options for every budget.

There are many furniture shops in Tehran’s Delavaran Furniture Market. This market consists of six sections (three northern and three southern intersections). In this large market, there are modern and comfy furniture, royal furniture, classic furniture, and office furniture for different tastes. In addition to furniture, you can also find double bed sets, teenage bed sets, crib bedding sets, LCD TV tables, and dining tables in this market.

There are all kinds of modern and classic furniture at different prices in the Delavaran furniture market. Since there is a lot of competition in this enormous bazaar, the prices are fair. Customers can compare the prices of different furniture shops in Tehran Delavaran Market and make their purchases according to their budget, so they don’t leave this big market empty-handed.

Valiasr Furniture Market

Sofas, couches, and furniture have a significant effect on the interior decoration of every home and also affect the mood of people. Choosing the furniture style should be done according to the home decoration style. To buy furniture, you must be very careful and buy it from reliable markets in Tehran. One of the famous markets of furniture production in Tehran is Valiasr Furniture Market, which is one of the most critical Tehran furniture markets which is located in Valiasr Complex on Vahdat Street. All kinds of classic furniture and comfy sofas are produced and sold in these furniture shops in Tehran. The working hours of the furniture stores in Valiasr Market are from 8:30 AM to 10 PM.

Valiasr Furniture Market

The primary furniture manufacturers are located in Valiasr Market, and most of those who are looking to buy furniture from a manufacturer or are active in the furniture market and the owners of exhibitions and furniture sellers are definitely familiar with the furniture production in Valiasr Market. The furniture price in this market is very reasonable, and different models can be found at affordable prices for different budgets.

Khavaran Furniture Market

Khavaran Furniture Market is one of the furniture markets which is home to many furniture shops in Tehran. Furniture markets in Tehran, such as Khavaran Bazaar, Persian Gulf Furniture Bazaar, and Yaft Abad Furniture Bazaar, are top-rated because of their location and the role they play in exporting and supplying domestic needs. Khavaran Furniture Market was launched in 2012, and around this market, there are many workshops for producing wooden accessories and home and office furniture. The purpose of creating the Khavaran Market is to make it easier for buyers to connect with furniture factories in the Khavaran region, and with this, national productions are supported.

Khavaran Bazaar is located on Khavaran Road and has a large area, and all kinds of furniture with Iranian and foreign brands are available in its stores. The variety of products in this market is so great that every person with any taste won’t leave this market empty-handed and can use the unique array of products to buy the desired sofa. This exhibition has amenities such as parking, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Khavaran Furniture Market

Furniture designers, skilled carpenters, and woodcarving artists with a history of more than 30 years of experience in producing all kinds of furniture and wooden products in Khavaran, furniture manufacturers offer their products directly in this market. Many products are sold in this market, including comfortable sofas, steel sofas, semi-steel sofas, all kinds of bed sets for all ages, and dining tables for different tastes. There is a competitive atmosphere in this market, making it possible to find high-quality products at reasonable prices. In this collection, there are beautiful models of all kinds of classic sofas for those who like classic-style decorations, new models of Chester sofas, and there are also types of handwoven carpets.


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