Health tourism in Iran | An affordable and popular option

Health tourism in Iran

Health tourism in Iran can be your ideal solution

Medical tourism is seen as a subset of the tourist sector. Health tourism is receiving a lot of attention in Iran these days since it makes healthcare services more accessible to individuals with varying financial and medical backgrounds. Iran is becoming one of the primary locations in the Middle East for obtaining various medical procedures, particularly plastic surgery, thanks to the growth of medical tourism in the nation. To apply for an Iran medical visa, make travel and lodging arrangements, and take advantage of the nation’s first-rate healthcare facilities, get in touch with one of the Iran health organizations. Stay with us in this article to introduce Health tourism in Iran services in Iran and the main centers that provide it.

What is health tourism?

Medical tourism, often referred to as health tourism or medical travel, is a quickly expanding sector of the travel business that involves people going to other nations, including Iran, to receive or offer medical care. Medical tourism has grown significantly in popularity during the past ten years, drawing in a large number of patients and physicians looking for cost-effective, high-quality treatment.

Health tourism in Iran

There are several factors contributing to this increase. First and foremost, a lot of people are now quite concerned about the growing prices of healthcare in several nations. A more economical option is sometimes found by seeking treatment overseas, which enables patients to save money and yet get a second passport or residence. Additionally, people are considering medical tourism as a feasible option due to lengthy waiting lists for specific operations in some countries. Now, it must be said that Health tourism in Iran has also found its way and many citizens of Persian Gulf countries and even countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, etc. go to Iran for medical services.

Benefits of Health Tourism in Iran

Currently, Iran is known as one of the main health tourism countries in the Middle East. For this reason, citizens of many Asian and even European countries travel to Iran to receive medical services. But why is Health Tourism in Iran popular and able to attract the opinion of many citizens of other countries? In the following, we will learn about the benefits of Health Tourism in Iran.

Cheap medical services

In general, one of the most important problems for people to receive medical services in their country is the high cost of these services. In many countries, people have to pay a huge amount of money to get medical services, which are generally not covered by people’s health insurance. One of the main goals of Health Tourism in Iran is to provide cheap medical services to citizens of foreign countries. Now, it should be said that considering the low value of Iran’s national currency and the allocation of subsidies to medical services in this country, you can receive Health Tourism in Iran services at a very reasonable cost. In many fields, medical expenses in Iran are one-tenth of other countries. As a result, you can safely receive the medical services you want in Iran due to the costs.

Health tourism in Iran

The best doctors and surgeons are working in Iran

Doctors and surgeons working in Iran are at a very high level in terms of experience, skills, and expertise, and these people can be considered among the best doctors and surgeons in the world. Many specialist doctors and cosmetic surgeons in European and American countries are also Iranians, which shows the high scientific level of medicine in Iran. As a result, it can be said that one of the most important benefits of Health Tourism in Iran is that you can receive medical services and cosmetic surgeries under the supervision of the best specialists and doctors.

No need to wait in long queues

In many countries, due to the high demand for special medical services such as surgeries, organ transplants, cosmetic surgeries, etc., people have to wait a long time to receive these services. In some countries, the waiting time for receiving medical services may reach several months. But there is no waiting line in Iran’s medical system. Rather, as soon as you enter Iran and complete the initial steps, you can receive the medical services you want in the shortest possible time.

Health tourism in Iran

High variety of medical and beauty services in Iran

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for medical treatment or cosmetic surgery, in any case, you can benefit from all the services in this field by choosing Health Tourism in Iran. For example, hair transplant services, cosmetic surgeries, organ transplants, brain surgery, kidney surgery, cancer treatment, dental services, gender reassignment services, etc. are provided in Iran. It should be noted that Health Tourism in Iran has a very high quality. This is precisely why many citizens of Arab and Asian countries choose Iran for health tourism.

Iran’s hospitals are well equipped

When choosing a destination for health tourism, it is very important that you go to a country that, in addition to having experienced doctors, also has advanced and well-equipped medical centers and hospitals. Because using modern equipment and performing sensitive surgeries in advanced hospitals is directly related to your health. Another advantage of Health Tourism in Iran is the well-equipped, advanced, and modern hospitals of this country. In all the main cities that are considered the destinations of Health Tourism in Iran, you will find hospitals that are fully equipped.

The equipment used in Iranian hospitals is also very modern and advanced. As a result, all the stages of your treatment will be carried out in the best possible way and you will not have to worry about the medical equipment. It should be noted that Iran is considered one of the best countries in the world in terms of well-equipped medical centers and hospitals.

Health tourism in Iran

Staying in Iran and visiting this beautiful country

Definitely, choosing Health Tourism in Iran is an ideal solution due to the reasonable cost and access to the best doctors and hospitals. But we should not forget that staying in Iran can also be an amazing experience for you. Because Iran is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you can visit the natural and historical attractions of this country during your stay to receive services in Iran. For example, many Shiites choose to stay in Mashhad in order to visit this religious city while receiving medical services. The cities of Isfahan, Tehran, and Yazd are also considered suitable options for health tourism and visiting Iran.

Types of Health Tourism in Iran

After learning about the benefits of Health Tourism in Iran, it is time to check the various services in this field. As mentioned, the variety of Health Tourism services in Iran is very large and you can travel to this country to receive any type of medical services or cosmetic surgeries. But Iran has made a lot of progress in some areas and that is why it is chosen by the citizens of foreign countries. In the following, we will get to know the different fields of Health Tourism in Iran.

Ophthalmology tourism

From the time when an Iranian lady adorned her face with an artificial eye in the burnt ancient city of Jiroft until today when the elderly patients of the Persian Gulf countries, their children, and even their grandchildren know the names of Iranian hospitals and eye surgeons well and refer to them. It has been around six thousand years. Eyeglasses are the inventions of Iranians. In his book “The Fine Arts of Iran”, Professor Pope has printed a photo of a pair of glasses that dates back to BC and was found in Iran.

Health tourism in Iran

Iran’s ophthalmology tourism is one of the main foundations and pillars of the country’s health tourism market, and due to the presence of many ophthalmology geniuses and elites in different cities, a large percentage of foreign patients visit Iran for the treatment of vision problems. In a way, it can be said that Iran’s new health tourism system owes to the world of ophthalmology, which made the light of this industry brighter in the country since the early 2000s, and over time, other fields of medicine in the country also became accepted by foreign patients.

It can be said that if you are looking for ophthalmology services and want to receive the best services, Iran can be an ideal destination for you. Professional ophthalmologists, well-equipped hospitals, and very reasonable cost of ophthalmology services are among the reasons that highlight health and ophthalmology tourism in Iran.

Dental tourism; One of the most popular Health tourism services in Iran

One of the most expensive medical services in the world is dental services. In fact, many citizens of European and American countries do not have the ability to pay dental fees and therefore cannot guarantee their oral health. High dental costs in Arab and Asian countries also apply. For this reason, many people are looking for dental assistants at a reasonable cost. This is where Health Tourism in Iran shines once again. Iran is known as one of the main poles of dentistry in Asia and even the world. The best dentists are working in Iran and the best medical centers are also located in Iran.

Health tourism in Iran

A very important point about dental tourism in Iran is the low dental costs in this country. By choosing Iran as a health tourism destination, you can get dental services at the lowest cost and highest quality.

Sex reassignment tourism

Gender reassignment surgery, which is abbreviated as SCS or GCS and usually SRS, is a set of operations or operations that cause physical and functional changes in the characteristics and sexual organs of a person to adapt to their gender identity, and Medium includes five changes and surgical procedures. The conditions of gender reassignment surgeries are different in different countries and are largely subject to cultural, social, and sometimes religious conditions and laws, and these difficult conditions for patients in some societies cause applicants to travel to other countries for gender reassignment. becomes

In the legal texts of the country of Iran, the relevant provisions regarding gender reassignment and change are under the jurisdiction of the courts of justice and usually the family court, and in terms of jurisprudence, some (not all) religious authorities of Iran are allowed to perform the procedure for qualified patients under certain conditions. have known In addition, unlike other Muslim societies, SRS surgeries in Iran are open to every qualified applicant who has passed diagnostic examinations, psychiatric tests, and initial hormone therapy courses that last an average of one year after going through administrative and legal procedures. It can be done in forensic medicine and justice.

The expertise of Iranian surgeons and the reasonable cost of such operations in Iran have caused many patients from other countries to travel to Iran to perform SRS operations, and for this reason, Iran ranks next to competitors such as Thailand, China, Hungary, Morocco, and Serbia. Leading countries in this field of medical science. So, if you are looking for gender reassignment surgery and want to do this process in a safe and professional environment, we suggest that you choose Iran as your health tourism destination.

Health tourism in Iran

Infertility treatment; One of the most popular Health tourism services in Iran

Infertility is one of the main problems of people in the modern world. Nearly 10% of couples in the world are facing this very big problem, and that’s why infertility treatment services are in high demand. However, due to the complexity of the infertility treatment process, its cost is very high and most couples cannot afford it. As a result, the field of infertility treatment has become very popular in health tourism. It should be said that Iran is also one of the leading countries in the field of infertility treatment. For example, currently, more than 70 infertility centers are operating in Iran, most of them are located in the cities of Yazd and Shiraz. In fact, the city of Yazd can be considered the hub of infertility treatment in the world!

If you are looking for infertility treatment and want to solve this problem at the lowest cost and in the fastest possible time, we suggest you travel to Iran. It should be noted that the success rate of Iranian doctors in treating infertility is very high and you can solve this problem with a high probability.

Organ Transplant Tourism in Iran

Another service of Health Tourism in Iran is organ transplantation. Iran’s treatment and medical system is the leader in the world in the field of organ transplants such as kidney, heart, liver, etc., and therefore, if you need such surgeries, we recommend traveling to Iran.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery tourism

Another area where Health Tourism in Iran shines is cosmetic and plastic surgeries. In fact, Iran can be considered the hub of nose surgery in the world. Many celebrities travel to Iran for nose surgery. Therefore, if you want to have a natural and beautiful nose, we suggest you travel to Iran. It should be noted that other types of cosmetic surgery such as eyebrow transplant, filler injection, Botox injection, liposuction, slimming surgery, gastric balloon, gastric sleeve, etc. can also be performed in Iran. These surgeries are performed under the supervision of the best doctors and their cost is very affordable.

Health tourism in Iran

Hair transplant tourism in Iran

Hair transplant tourism in Iran is another service that you can get by traveling to Iran. In fact, Iran is considered one of the best in the field of hair transplant, and the best hair transplant centers are located in Iran. The number of hair transplant clinics in Iran is very large. As a result, you will have many choices for hair transplant. It should be noted that various hair transplant methods are also offered in Iran and you can choose any of these methods depending on your conditions and budget. The cities of Shiraz and Tehran are the main cities providing hair transplant services in Iran. It should be noted that the cost of hair transplantation in Iran is also very affordable and is much lower than in other countries.

The main centers of Health Tourism in Iran

The number of medical centers that provide Health Tourism services in Iran is very large. These centers are located in different cities such as Mashhad, Shiraz, and Tehran, which are the hubs of Health Tourism in Iran. In the following, we will get to know these centers:

Health Tourism Centers in Tehran:

  • Moheb Kosar Hospital
  • Pastor Hospital
  • Rita Hospital
  • Rrfan Hospital
  • Gandhi Hospital
  • Khatam Al Anbia Hospital
  • Nikan Hospital
  • Mustafa Khomeini Hospital
  • Bahman Hospital
  • Moheb Mehr Hospital
  • Noor Hospital
  • Bina Hospital
  • Kasra Hospital
  • Parsian Hospital
  • Jam Hospital
  • Apadana Hospital
  • Yamaristan, Tehran
  • Rajaei Hospital
  • Tehran Heart Center
  • Jamaran Hospital
  • Nikan Hospital
  • Ibn Sina Hospital
  • Arash Hospital
  • Royan Hospital

Best Centers in Shiraz:

  • MRI Central Hospital
  • Mir Hosseini Hospital
  • Kosar Hospital
  • Ordibehesht Hospital
  • Dana Hospital
  • Mir Hospital
  • Khodadoost Hospital
  • Ghadir Hospital
  • Al-Zahra Hospital

Best centers in Mashhad:

  • Razavi Hospital
  • Bint Al Hadi Hospital
  • Aria Hospital
  • Mehr Hospital
  • Ghaem Hospital
  • Javad Alaimah Hospital
  • Taleghani Hospital

Health tourism in Iran

Popular Cities of Health Tourism in Iran

Health Tourism in Iran services are provided in different cities. But the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, and Mashhad are the main cities that health tourists travel to. But what services do each of these cities offer in the field of health tourism and what are their conditions? In the following, we will get to know these cities and the conditions for providing health tourism services in them:

  • Tehran: Tehran, as the capital of Iran, hosts many advanced hospitals in this country. In Tehran, you can get dental, ophthalmology, orthopedics, physiotherapy, hair transplant, and dozens of other medical services at the lowest cost and best conditions. It should be noted that the conditions for traveling to Tehran are very easy and you can travel to Tehran by direct flight from different countries. Also, the conditions of renting a house are very suitable for citizens of foreign countries in this city
  • Yazd: Yazd is also one of the famous cities in Iran’s health tourism. In addition to providing all kinds of common medical services in Yazd, this city can be considered the hub of infertility treatment in Iran and even the world. Therefore, if you are looking for infertility treatment and want to receive cheap and high-quality services, we suggest you travel to Yazd
  • Shiraz: In the field of hair transplant, Shiraz is one of the prominent health tourism cities in Iran. Of course, due to the proximity of Shiraz to the south of Iran, many citizens of Arab countries choose this city to receive medical services
  • Mashhad: Mashhad is also one of the other well-equipped cities in Iran in the field of health tourism. In this city, you can get all kinds of medical services at the lowest cost. Mashhad is also considered a religious destination for Shiites

Tehran Offers is by your side when traveling to Iran

In this article, we learned about Health Tourism in Iran and its benefits. We also introduced some of the main centers active in this field in Iran. In general, low cost, high-quality of medical services, well-equipped hospitals and medical centers, professional and skilled doctors and surgeons, and high security are the most important advantages of choosing Iran as a health tourism destination.

If you need to rent a house to receive medical services during your stay in Iran, you can use the services of Tehran Offers. As the top real estate agency for foreign citizens in Iran, we provide house rental services. For more information, we suggest you contact our experts at Tehran Offers.

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