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Rhinoplasty in Tehran

How to do Rhinoplasty in Tehran?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that is used to correct nose defects. Different types of this surgery can be performed according to the patient’s preference and the structure of the nose. Rhinoplasty can be exciting—a new nose can give you more confidence, harmonize your facial features, and subtly change your appearance. Today, many people are looking for a nose job in Tehran. Some of them ask, “Is the risk of rhinoplasty high? What care does nose surgery require? How to find a professional nose surgeon in Tehran for surgery?” In this article, we are going to explore the process of rhinoplasty in Tehran.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

The upper part of the nasal structure is bony and the lower part is cartilaginous. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery can change the bone, cartilage, skin, or all three. There are different methods for rhinoplasty, but the most common method involves a small incision on the root of the nasal septum and between the nostrils. This incision allows the surgeon to free the skin from the underlying bones and cartilage and then make the necessary changes in the bone and cartilage of the nose. After the Rhinoplasty, the skin can be put back in place.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Rhinoplasty changes the shape and appearance of the nose. The effect of a nose job on beauty is very high and that is why it is popular. This surgery is performed to fit the nose to the face. Rhinoplasty is also performed to solve respiratory disorders and solve structural defects in the nose. Septoplasty or nose deviation surgery is one of these surgeries. In general, the following disadvantages and problems can be solved with rhinoplasty:

  • Coordination between nose and face size
  • Reducing the width of the nose and correcting the position of the nostrils
  • A hump on the nasal septum or its depression
  • Correction of the tip of a large or drooping nose
  • Reducing the size of large nostrils
  • Correction of nasal asymmetry

In summary, rhinoplasty is a common surgery performed by a plastic surgeon or an otolaryngologist. This procedure does not require hospitalization, and you can perform nose surgery in the morning and return home by the afternoon. During rhinoplasty, the patient is under general anesthesia. For this reason, a person does not feel any pain during rhinoplasty surgery. Fortunately, there are skilled doctors in Tehran who can do this surgery for you in the best way possible.

Recovery after Rhinoplasty in Tehran

After Rhinoplasty in Tehran, a plastic or metal splint is placed on the person’s nose, which helps to maintain and improve its condition. The nose is vulnerable after surgery and the splint protects it. Also, tampons are placed inside the nose, which helps maintain the shape of the nostrils and prevents bleeding. Rhinoplasty in Tehran does not require hospitalization, and if you do not have any special problems, you can be discharged from the hospital or clinic on the same day.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran

If your nose has been operated on for the second time or more, you may have a more complicated condition and the reconstructive nose surgeon will probably take extra care of you. It is better to keep the bandage and splint on your nose for up to a week. If the stitches are not absorbable, visit your rhinoplasty doctor’s office one week after surgery to remove them and remove the dressing.

Swelling and redness around the nose and eyes are normal after the procedure and will disappear over time. You can use an ice pack to reduce redness and swelling. Also, take post-operative care seriously and do not fail to do them. According to doctors’ advice, you should avoid doing the following for a few weeks after rhinoplasty:

  • Running and heavy physical activities
  • Blowing your nose
  • Chewing and eating hard food such as carrots and cucumbers
  • Laughing or crying violently in a way that moves the facial muscles
  • Wearing glasses
  • Exposure to direct sunlight

Are You a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty in Tehran?

First, you should meet with your surgeon to discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty. The surgeon will talk to you about your intention to have a rhinoplasty and your desired result. The surgeon will review your medical history and ask about your current medications and medical conditions. If you have hemophilia (a disorder that causes excessive bleeding), your surgeon will likely discourage you from performing rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Your surgeon will perform a physical exam and closely examine the skin inside and outside your nose to determine what kinds of changes may be occurring in your nose. Your surgeon may order blood or other tests. The doctor will also check whether any additional surgeries should be performed at the same time. For example, some people have chin augmentation surgery at the same time as rhinoplasty, a procedure to improve the shape of your chin.

This consultation also includes photographing the nose from different angles. These photos are used to evaluate the long-term results of surgery and may be referred to during surgery. Smokers have more difficulty with rhinoplasty because smoking slows down the healing process. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, resulting in less oxygen and blood reaching the healing tissues. Quitting smoking before and after surgery can help the healing process.

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed in Tehran?

To perform rhinoplasty in Tehran, first, the patient is anesthetized. Medicines are prescribed for your comfort during surgery. Options include intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend you the best choice according to your health conditions. Other stages of rhinoplasty in Tehran are:

  • Cutting: Rhinoplasty is done in different ways. Closed rhinoplasty is a newer procedure where incisions are made from inside the nose. However, in the open procedure, an incision is made across the columella
  • Changing the structure of the nose: In this part of the surgery, changes are made in the structure of the nose. These changes all depend on the basic structure of the nose and the changes necessary to correct the shape of the nose. Large noses may be made smaller by removing bone or cartilage. Sometimes rhinoplasty may require a cartilage graft. In this case, the cartilage of the septum (partition in the middle of the nose) is usually used
  • Correction of nasal septum deviation: If the nasal septum is deviated, it can be straightened and the protrusions inside the nose can be reduced to improve breathing
  • Wound closure: After the underlying structure of the nose has been changed to the desired shape, the skin and tissue of the nose are returned to their place, and the incisions are sutured. Additional incisions may be made in the natural folds of the nostrils to resize them
  • Seeing the results: In a few days after the rhinoplasty operation, the nose may be supported using splints and bandages. After the operation, your nose will be swollen for some time. There are also bruises around the nose that take some time to heal. After the swelling of the nose is removed, you can see the final result of the operation
  • Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Health Tourism for Rhinoplasty in Tehran

The World Tourism Organization has defined medical tourism as follows: “The use of services that improve or increase a person’s health and spirit by using natural resources such as mineral waters, weather or medical prescriptions. Medical tourism is a service that is provided in a place outside of a person’s place of residence. It should be noted that the purpose of medical tourism is not only to use medical equipment or medical procedures. Rather, sometimes a person travels to that country to see the tourist attractions as well. In the following, we will get to know about some of the best health tourism companies for rhinoplasty in Tehran.


Medotrip started its activities with the aim of health tourism and has offered various medical treatments to tourists. In this company, the necessary medical coordination is done easily. Also, this country offers the best way for tourists to stay. Medotrip, as a medical tourism company, organizes a wide range of Iranian doctors. It also offers a variety of high-level services to applicants. This health tourism company has increased the activity of health tourism by operating in both Arabic and English languages.

MedoTrip offers a wide range of medical and cosmetic services including hair transplants, weight loss surgeries (gastric sleeve, bypass, balloon, plication), cosmetic dentistry surgeries, eye care treatments, fertility treatments, rhinoplasty, face lifting, liposuction, and many other selected services. MedoTrip also provides travel services for patients along with healthcare services. These services include booking flights and accommodations, Visas, dedicated airport transfer, pickups and drop-offs, interpreting and tour guiding services, specific nursing, sightseeing tours, and so on so forth.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran

MedoTrip cooperates with the most reliable, broadly certified, and professional specialists, doctors, hospitals, and clinics in Tehran. It is ready to offer the most authentic medical and cosmetic services to those international patients who choose their healthcare services very precisely along with all-inclusive travel and accommodation services for their pleasure. By choosing MedoTrip for performing your rhinoplasty in Tehran, you’ll benefit from the best surgeons along with all other broad-certified specialists who have a global reputation.

Salamat Parsian Health Tourism Company

Salamat Parsian is one of the best health tourism companies in Iran. Parsian provides a network of experienced staff to tourists. Also, this country helps foreign tourists with numerous medical services. It is interesting to know that Parsian Tourism Company has been operating in the field of medical tourism for more than 20 years. Also, many contracts have been signed with hospitals and medical clinics in Tehran. In this company, patients and tourists can get help from a translator during their trip and receive medical services efficiently.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Radina Salamat Health Tourism Company

Radina Salamat operates in various tourism. It has played a significant role in health tourism. It is interesting to know that this company is one of the special treatment tourism centers in the treatment of infertility. This company also has an official license from the Cultural Heritage Organization and has also received a service facilitation license from the Ministry of Health. Radina Salamat has permission to obtain a visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Radina Salamat company helps to improve the diseases of Iranian and foreign people. One of the advantages of this service is its cooperation with reputable medical centers.

Radina Salamat’s services to patients are very diverse. Some of these services include checking clinical documents, diagnosing the patient before traveling, estimating costs, arranging a visa, travel insurance, booking a hotel for patients, accompanying a translator, assisting the patient, making necessary arrangements with medical centers, performing necessary medical procedures, etc.

Radina Salamat’s activity in the field of infertility treatment is considered one of the main advantages of this country, because the new treatment trends in this company, in addition to domestic patients in foreign countries, have also provided reproductive health services.

Salamat Andishan Rah Abarisham Company

Salamat Andishan Rah Abrisham Company is also known by the brand name of Iran Medtour. This company is very experienced and has more than eight years of experience in health tourism. This company, like some companies, has started to operate by receiving a license from the Ministry of Health and Tourism Organization. The goal of this company is to introduce experienced doctors, provide medical services, and provide medical tourism centers and hospitals in Tehran. This company has successfully helped many foreign and Iranian patients in the field of health tourism.

Aria Medtour Health Tourism Company

Aria Medtour Company is another company operating in the field of medical tourism. As an active center, this company provides medical services and tourist accommodations for patients and tourists. This company offers various treatment and travel packages to patients. This company also introduces the best doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and clinics in Tehran to people and makes it easier to use medical services for foreigners. It should be noted that until today, Aria Medtour has focused its activities on marketing for medical services and cosmetic procedures.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Nikan Partow Abadis Company

This famous company is known as Irania Surgery. It should be noted that this company was initially active in attracting patients from Persian Gulf countries. Currently, this company provides consulting services. Nikan Partow Abadis is currently dealing with hundreds of patients. Also, this company is currently cooperating with many international medical centers. This country is always improving patients by providing many services. Connecting international patients with the best doctors and hospitals, estimating costs before travel, visa coordination, patient accommodation coordination, travel planning, providing insurance policies, etc. All of these services are offered by Nikan Partow Abadis Company.

Aito Azadi Health Tourism Company

The Azadi Iran Tour Company has more than twenty years of experience in the field of health tourism. This company is one of the best tourism and medical tourism companies in Tehran. It should be noted that this company is currently the largest Iranian company in the medical tourism industry. This company has started its activity in the field of health and hygiene since 2014.

Top Doctors for Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Some foreigners prefer to go directly to a doctor in Tehran for rhinoplasty without using the services of health tourism companies. Considering that nose surgery is one of the most popular and at the same time the most challenging cosmetic procedures, if this operation is not performed correctly and by a skilled doctor, in addition to not achieving the desired result, it may also cause breathing problems for the patient. Therefore, it is very important to choose the beauty doctor you want carefully and patiently. In the following, we introduce the top five doctors for rhinoplasty in Tehran.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Dr. Hamidreza Rasti: One of the Best Surgeons for Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Dr. Hamidreza Rasti is an ear, nose, and throat specialist and head and neck surgeon in Tehran. He has the National Board of Specialists and is a member of the Head and Neck Surgery Association in Tehran. He is one of the best-experienced surgeons in Tehran who has performed many cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Rasti has high expertise and skill in the field of cartilaginous nose surgery, cartilaginous (bony) nose, and semi-fantasy nose, deviated and fractured nose. Dr. Rasti’s surgical style is according to the current method of the world and is limited to the individual. They also perform nose surgery without tampons, in which case the person can breathe easily after the surgery. Other cosmetic surgery services provided by Dr. Hamidreza Rasti in Tehran are:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyelid cosmetic surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Head and neck surgery and facial plastic surgery
  • Ear cosmetic surgery (otoplasty)
  • Botox and gel injection

Dr. Ali Javadani

Dr. Ali Javadani has a subspecialty degree in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery in Tehran. After completing his 7-year general medicine course, he completed his specialty board of surgery (for 4 years) and his subspecialty board of plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery (for 3 years) at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and Iran University of Medical Sciences with honors and are currently members of the Iranian and American Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran

His many successful examples of rhinoplasty show his accuracy and delicacy in initial examinations, honest advice, and the use of his masterful techniques. All surgical procedures, including pre-operative consultation and analysis of the internal condition of the nose, surgery, post-operative care, and necessary training, are performed by him, which has a significant impact on the satisfaction of his clients.

Dr. Maryam Bahri: Another One of the Best Surgeons for Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Dr. Maryam Bahri is an ear, nose, and throat surgeon and specialist in Tehran. She is a member of the American and Iranian Head and Neck Surgery Association and has the highest rank on the specialized board from the University of Iran. She is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran who has skills and expertise in the field of surgery for all types of bony noses, fleshy noses, deviated and fractured noses, and respiratory problems. Dr. Bahri prioritizes correct and easy breathing in nose surgeries. Using the Natural Art method, Dr. Bahri shapes each person’s nose according to the angles and proportions of his face in such a way that the result of the surgery is accurate and unique to that person.

Dr. Arash Sharafian

Dr. Arash Sharafian is an ear, nose, and throat specialist in Tehran. He received the specialty of otolaryngology from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Isfahan and has performed more than 5000 rhinoplasty surgeries in the country. Currently, he is one of the best nose plastic surgery surgeons with the TIG technique and the natural style method, and his focus is on the slogan “Beyond beauty, my team and I take care of your breathing”. Dr. Sharafian is currently one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Tehran, and the satisfaction of his clients is high.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran

Dr. Khosrow Moqtader

Dr. Khosrow Moqtadar is an ear, nose, and throat surgeon and specialist in Tehran. He studied in a gifted school during his high school years and was accepted into the medical field at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran. Then they passed the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialty course with the top rank in the specialized board exam of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Dr. Moqtader has several medical articles in reputable websites and magazines, and with some innovative and special surgeries, he aroused the attention of other surgeons and was recognized as one of the best nose surgeons in Tehran. Among his educational activities and records, we can mention his participation in the Sepehr Danesh program. Dr. Moqtader prioritizes beautiful breathing in nose surgeries.

Rhinoplasty in Tehran Is Your Best Chance to Get More Beautiful

In this article, we reviewed rhinoplasty in Tehran and also introduced the best medical tourism centers and top doctors. Because Iran has very experienced doctors both in the field of beauty (such as rhinoplasty) and in the field of treatment, in recent years many people around the world have chosen Tehran for their surgery. The satisfaction of these people shows the superiority of Iranian doctors.

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