Iran Mall Shopping Center in Tehran | The Largest Shopping Center in the World

Iran mall shopping center in Tehran

Iran Mall Shopping Center in Tehran Attracts Many Tourists

Iran Mall or Big Bazaar of Iran, is located in District 22 of Tehran. It is one of the most important commercial centers of the country, which, in addition to numerous stores, also has various amenities and entertainment facilities, such as an amusement park, a cinema campus, a sports complex, and a hotel. Iran Mall is one of the top five malls in the world and one of the largest commercial, cultural, and social projects in Iran and the Middle East, which is one of the sights of Tehran at night. This complex is both a place for shopping and entertainment. In this article, we are going to introduce Iran Mall in Tehran.

Where Is Iran Mall?

Iran Mall is located between Tehran and Karaj and in the neighborhood of the beautiful Chitgar Park and Persian Gulf Lake. More precisely, this complex was built in the northwest of Tehran, District 22, and at the end of Shahid Hemmat and Shahid Kharrazi Highways with an area of 317,000 square meters. It is surrounded by 3 airports: Mehrabad, Payam, and Imam Khomeini. There are different ways to reach Iran. You can go there by your own car or use public transportation such as subway or taxi. To get there by your car, there are four ways:

  • Northern access: Shahid Kharrazi Highway
  • South access: Chaahaar-Bagh St.
  • Western access: Iran Khodro St.
  • Eastern access: Tabi’at (Nature) Boulevard

Iran Mall’s Floors Guide

As it was said, the Iran Mall shopping center in Tehran is one of the largest shopping centers in Tehran and provides various groups of goods and services, each of its floors is assigned to a branch for easier access. For this reason, you can experience pleasant shopping by accessing similar goods and services on the same floor. The guide to the floors of Iran Mall in Tehran at a glance is as follows:

  • Ground floor (G0): taxi station, parking lot, mall administrative offices, mosque, recreation center, water fountain
  • First floor (G1): Hyperstar, entertainment center, ice rink (skating), sports club, car exhibition, food court
  • Second floor (G2): Book Garden (Jandishapur Library of Iran), Mahan Garden, Didar Garden, Traditional Bazaar (Timcheh Haj Ali Akbar), Cinema Cafe, Emergency Department
  • Third floor (G3): Family entertainment center (amusement park), gallery, cinema, food court
  • Rooftop (RG): Exhibition, parking, sports complex, squash court, health road

Iran mall shopping center in Tehran

A Look at the Sights of Iran Mall Shopping Center in Tehran

Although Iran Mall is one of the most comprehensive and largest shopping centers in Tehran, it is not only a commercial and shopping center. This market has attractions and spectacular parts that were designed and built with inspiration from the architecture of traditional and authentic Iranian buildings and create the feeling of the past in a modern place. We suggest that for whatever purpose you go to Iran Mall, be sure to visit the attractions of this market. In the following, we will introduce the sightseeing places of Iran Mall in Tehran.

Iranian Garden in the Heart of Iran Mall Shopping Center in Tehran

The Iranian garden was inspired by the “Shazdeh Mahan Garden of Kerman”. The atmosphere of this garden is so stunning that it is as if you have stepped into paradise. Wherever you look in this garden, you will be reminded of the splendor of spectacular Iranian gardens.

Glass entrances, a musical lake and water feature, diverse plants, a river flowing in the north-south direction, a roof made of membrane coverings (ETFE) to control the radiation of the sun’s rays, and the proper growth of plants next to four international restaurants on the way to this garden, make an original, luxurious, and attractive space for visitors have created.

Iran mall shopping center in Tehran

The Musical Lake and Fountain of Iran Mall Shopping Center in Tehran

Watching light and water dance with music is one of the experiences you can have in Iran. The lake and the musical fountain of the Grand Bazaar of Iran is a space with an area of 14,000 square meters that connects the east to the west of Iran. To access the lake and musical fountain of Iran Mall, you have to go to the south side and G0 floor of the complex. This fountain, which can be seen from everywhere in the complex, has become one of Tehran’s attractions today, which has made the Mall of Iran crowded and busy at night.

The musical fountain of Iran Mall, known as Aab-Navaa (meaning musical water), is an advanced fountain equipped with the latest lighting technology, which shows its original effect on tourists at night. The lake is full of restaurants and you can enjoy watching the dance of water, light, and music while sitting in one of the restaurants.

A Garden to Meet Modernity in a Traditional Atmosphere

Iran Mall Garden serves as a bridge between the traditional and modern worlds. The atmosphere of Bagh-e Didar is modern and its proximity to the traditional market of this complex has provided a different atmosphere for visitors. Three thousand square meters space, 14 meters height, glass roof, eye-catching water feature and California palm trees, use of architectural brick patterns of Yazd and Kashan, stepped waterfall and glass bridge are just some of the features that can be described by Tehran’s Bazaar Garden.

Iran mall shopping center in Tehran

Traditional Market to Revive Iranian Culture

Hearing expressions like “Timcheh Haj Ali Akbar” reminds one of the traditional markets of Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Qazvin, Kashan, Qom, etc., but this time you are going to see this Timcheh in Iran Mall shopping center in Tehran. The traditional market of the Iran Mall complex with an area of about 10,000 square meters is built as a different and impressive place on the second floor. Some of the subcategories of this bazaar are Mirror Hall, Sharbat-Khaneh, Rasteh Bazaar, Hojreh, and Chaharsoo.

The arabesque (Islimi) designs and positions, tile work, and plastering are among the unique decorations used in the traditional market of Iran Mall. Also, Chaahaar-sooq is the center of the market, which divides the market into four parts:

  • Firouzeh Exhibition (Hall of Iranian Arts and Crafts): the center for the supply of Iranian handicrafts such as enamelware, pottery, inlay, and mirrorwork
  • Emerald Exhibition: Iranian handwoven carpet supply center
  • Agate Exhibition: Antiques and Antiques Supply Center of Nations
  • Diamond Exhibition: the souvenir supply center of all Iranian cities

The Hall of Mirrors: A Bridge to the Past

The Hall of Mirrors is one of the most spectacular parts of the traditional market of Iran Mall, which is modeled after the Hall of Mirrors of Iran’s National Parliament. This hall leads to the main street of the traditional bazaar with a five-door sash. The walls and ceilings of the hall are delicately mirrored so that more than 38 million pieces of mirror were used in the construction of this section.

Iran mall shopping center in Tehran

Also, this space is decorated with a vase and the taste of Nishaburi artists. This exquisite carpet has an area of 126 square meters. The wooden doors of this hall are another beauty of it. It is interesting to know that many directors rent this hall for filming locations.

A Pantry with a Pleasant Atmosphere for Visitors

Ancient Iranians used to read the Shah-Nameh and exchange ideas in the space of the storerooms. Now, in the modern era, you can have such an experience in the south-eastern side of Iran’s traditional bazaar. The space of 250 square meters of the pantry is peaceful and decorated with the art of Iranian-Islamic tile work. The floor of the pantry is made of colorful tiles with an eye-catching pattern, which is as beautiful and elegant as the carpet. In this section, the table and chairs also have a classic look that matches with other decoration elements.

The Nations Garden Restaurant: Here Instead of Everywhere

The name “The Nations Garden Restaurant” speaks of the diversity of global food in the Iran mall shopping center in Tehran. You can go to this garden restaurant and get to know another manifestation of the culture of different nations. In fact, the food of different nations is offered in this restaurant in an atmosphere inspired by the architecture of each country. This garden restaurant is designed in such a way that the people present in it can feel themselves in the alleys and streets of different countries without the journey. By the way, good news for people who come to this restaurant with children: a part of the Nations Garden Restaurant is specially designed to meet the needs of children, which can satisfy the parents.

Iran mall shopping center in Tehran

Gundeshapur Library in the cultural heart of Iran Mall

If you want to see a luxurious or rather legendary library, you just need to visit the Iran Mall Library, also known as Iran’s Book Garden or Gundeshapur Library. This huge library has an area of 3,300 square meters and with its special Iranian-European architecture, it can make you stare for hours. The features of this library, such as considering a store for the supply of domestic and foreign books, the unveiling and presentation of exquisite books, and the unique design of this space, have made this space popular.

There are more than 50,000 books in different fields and languages in this library. Comfortable chairs, wooden decorations, 350-meter Kashan carpet as a floor covering, wonderful lighting, etc., have provided a comprehensive library on three floors. The design of this library is inspired by the Oxford Library and is very similar to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry library in the Harry Potter books. The study hall of Gundeshapur at the Iran Mall Library is working from Saturday to Wednesday from 12:00 to 19:00 and Thursday from 12:00 to 17:00.

Iran Mall’s Diamond Hall

Diamond Hall of Iran Mall can be considered one of the great achievements of Iranian engineering. This hall is a structure that looks like a diamond from the outside and can be seen from all floors. In the design of Iran Mall, the focal points of the building are considered a place for the gathering of special and luxury brands, and the Diamond Hall is considered one of the important focal points due to its unique structure. Inspired by the shining angles of diamonds, this hall has created a different and luxurious space to show the stores in this part of Iran Mall more specifically.

Iran mall shopping center in Tehran

Shopping Centers at Iran Mall in Tehran

Iran Mall is not limited to sightseeing. As one of the largest shopping centers in the Middle East and the world, Iran Mall is one of the best places to do shopping. You can find whatever you need in the shopping centers of this mall. Next, we will introduce Iran Mall shopping centers in Tehran.

Shopping at Hyperstar Iran Mall in Tehran

Hyperstar is the name of a shopping center familiar to the people of big cities in Iran like Tehran and Isfahan, where you can find everything. One branch of this store is located on the G1 floor of Iran Mall with an area of about 17 thousand square meters.

The variety of products (more than 38,000 items in various categories), the service of more than 800 workforce from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and seven thousand free dedicated parking spaces have provided conditions for buyers to easily get their daily necessities without worry. With 40 cashiers, this is one of the best, biggest, and of course the fastest branches of this chain store.

Clothing, Fashion and Sports Equipment

Iran Mall has thought of all tastes and needs in providing its services and shopping centers, and that’s why no one comes out of this market empty-handed. It is one of the best shopping centers for getting various clothes from domestic and foreign brands with various price ranges. But the sales of clothes in this collection are not limited to everyday and formal clothes, and sports lovers can also buy the most diverse sports clothes here.

For easier access, on the G3 floor and near the sports complex, there are business units selling sports clothing and accessories. It is good to know that on this floor, cultural and recreational products such as musical instruments, publications, children’s toys, and adult entertainment items are offered.

Iran mall shopping center in Tehran

Bags, Shoes, and Leather Products

If you are thinking of buying bags, shoes, and leather products, Iran Mall shopping centers are among the best ones in Tehran. In Iran Mall, you can see dozens of stores with reputable brands of bags and shoes and find what you want among the various products. Most of these stores can be found on floors G3 and G0.

Beauty and Health Products

If you are one of those who care about the health and beauty of their skin and hair and are looking for a reliable shopping center that offers you high-quality goods from major brands, Iran Mall will definitely attract your attention. In this market, you can buy a variety of cosmetic, health, perfume, cologne, and pharmaceutical products in different sections of G1, G2, and G3 classes.

Jewelry, Watches and Ornaments

And if there is a turn, the turn now comes to the luxury markets of gold, jewelry, watches, etc. Iran Mall is a place that brings together a world of jewelry for women, men, and even children to meet the needs of a wide range of visitors. If you are also looking for a reliable market with original and beautiful goods to buy watches, gold, etc., just visit Iran’s G0 and G1 floors.

Iran mall shopping center in Tehran

Home Accessories and Decorations

Another popular and attractive part of the Iran Mall shopping center in Tehran belongs to accessories and home decoration. In this market, you can find everything from furniture and carpets to chandeliers and home decorations or even sleep products. Undoubtedly, you can finalize your purchase easily and according to your taste. Remember to go to one of the floors G0, G1, or G2 (Timcheh Haj Ali Akbar) to buy household appliances and furniture.

Digital Goods

If you visit the G0 floor of Iran Mall, you will see digital goods stores. These stores represent various brands of digital devices that offer you many options for shopping by offering a variety of domestic and foreign products.

Iran Mall Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Iran Mall is not only a shopping center, but also a large entertainment center that can entertain you for a whole day and is one of the must-see places in Tehran. Shopping centers, entertainment centers, and beautiful, and different architecture are among the attractions that have increased its popularity among people since its opening until today.

We suggest that even if you don’t intend to shop or visit Iran Mall’s tourist attractions, you should hold business meetings, friendly meetings, and family gatherings in this space. So, you can give yourself and your companions the taste of various foods from the five continents of the world.

Be Sure to Visit Iran Mall Shopping Center in Tehran!

Iran Mall is not only a shopping center, but also a large entertainment center that can entertain you for a whole day and is one of the must-see places in Tehran. Shopping centers, entertainment centers, and beautiful, and different architecture are among the attractions that have increased its popularity among people since its opening until today.

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