Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran | A Place for Winter Fun

Tochal ski resort in Tehran

Why Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran Is So Popular?

One of the most popular winter activities in Tehran is going to the Tochal ski resort, where the white snow on the mountains has created a beautiful and dreamy atmosphere for winter fun. It doesn’t matter if you know how to ski or not, going to the ski resort and seeing the enthusiasm of others will automatically make you feel good. At the same time, a space has been designed for people who can enjoy snow sports without skis. In this article, we are going to introduce the Tochal ski resort in Tehran.

Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran: A Hangout for Those Who Love Snow

Tochal is a peak resort in the north of Tehran and a part of the Alborz mountain range. The southern slope of the resort is adjacent to Tehran and its peak overlooks this city. Tochal Peak is located in the south of the central Alborz mountain region, which leads from the east to the peaks of Lezun, Kolakchal, and Darabad, and from the west to Shahneshin Peak and Imamzadeh Dawood area.

The most famous and frequented shelters and refuges are Darabad, Kolakchal, Shervin, Shirpala, Tochal Peak Shelter, Amiri, Osun Hotel, the fifth station of the cable car, Speedcamer, and Plangchal, in order from east to west.

Tochal ski resort in Tehran

Where Is Tochal Ski Resort and How to Get There?

Tochal is a peak in the north of Tehran and is about 3,000 meters high. This peak is located at the foot of the Alborz mountain range and is not far from Tehran. In addition, it is adjacent to Imamzadeh Dawood and Lezun and Kolakchal peaks, and you can visit these areas as well. Here are different methods of getting to the Tochal ski resort in Tehran:

  • By car: To go to the resort ski resort, there are several ways ahead of you. If you want to go to this track with a private car, you have to go to Velenjak Street and then follow that road to the end to reach the resort parking lot. After parking your car in this area, you can walk the rest of the way or use electric cars that cover the entrance of the resort to Bam-e Tehran
  • By bus: If you plan to go to Tochal Ski Resort by bus, you can use the bus from Velanjak Square – Shahid Afshar Terminal and get off at the 17th station. You have to continue the path on foot or by passing cars to reach the entrance of the resort
  • By metro: know that you can also go to Tochal ski resort by metro in Tehran. It is enough to take line one (Kahrizak – Tajrish) and get off the metro at Tajrish station. Then, in Tajrish Square, take Tehran’s rooftop taxis to the resort
  • Tochal ski resort address: Tehran, Shahid Chamran Highway, Yemen St., at the end of Volenjak St.

Resort Recreation is not just for Mountaineers!

It doesn’t matter if you love to ski or just choose to walk in the snow—the resort’s ski slopes will not disappoint. At one time, this area was only a place for mountain climbing and people who loved to walk the mountains in winter chose the resort for their recreation, but now children to middle-aged and old people can go to the ski resort and enjoy the recreation of this area.

The Most Famous Pastime of Tochal Is Going to Its Ski Resort

Tochal ski resort in Tehran, with a height of nearly 1,200 meters, is one of the largest ski resorts in Iran, which is covered with snow in half of the year. Those who are skilled enough in skiing, usually come to this track every week and enjoy the weather of this area and of course its many facilities. It should be noted that the resort ski resort is not only for those who have enough skills in skiing. Among the facilities of this area, we can mention its educational space, which has included beginners in the list of fans of the ski resort.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy professional ski equipment and take it with you to the track. You can rent this equipment in this area and practice skiing. If you want to go to the resort ski resort on holidays, try to plan in such a way that you don’t get into traffic and you can get to the resort when the rental equipment for this recreation has not run out.

  • Working days: every day from morning to afternoon

Tochal ski resort in Tehran

Tochal Aerial Lift: the Longest Cable Car in the Middle East

Tochal aerial lift is one of the most famous attractions of Tochal. This cable car has three main lines and seven stations, one cable car line, and three cable car lines. The specifications of the cable car stations are as follows:

  • Station One at an altitude of 1,900 meters
  • Stations Two and Three at an altitude of 2,480 meters
  • Stations Five and Six at an altitude of 2,910 meters
  • Station Seven at an altitude of 3,680 meters

This cable car, with an approximate length of 7,500 meters, is one of the longest cable car lines in the world. By riding the cable car, you can experience a comfortable trip to a height of 3,680 meters above sea level. The best time to use the Tochal cable car is in the months of May, June, and November. Experience the resort’s ski resort with the fun of its cable cars.

  • Working days: The activity of the resort cable car is completely dependent on weather conditions. If the weather is not good, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the weekend or the middle of the week, the cable car will be inactive. But if the weather is good, it operates from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and Friday from 7:00 am to 11:00 am.

Snowmobile Resort: for Those Who Love Excitement!

A snowmobile, also called a snowmobile or ski-doo, is a small motorized vehicle that moves on snow or ice with skis on the front, controlled by the steering wheel of the car. Those who use snowmobiles like to have freedom of action and move in any direction without restrictions. This machine does not have the limitations of skis and ski poles.

One of the advantages of this machine is that it does not require special skills and anyone who can drive can easily use the snowmobile at the ski resort. At the seventh station of the cable car and right next to the Tochal ski resort in Tehran, the possibility of riding a snowmobile has been prepared for both men and women.

  • Working days: Saturday to Wednesday from 8:30 to 15:00

Tochal ski resort in Tehran

VR Simulator of the Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran

The simulator, which is clear from its name, simulates a space for you. Due to the proximity of the VR simulator to the ski resort, it has been tried to simulate a mountainous and snowy environment for you. In this way, when you enter this space, you see a 5-dimensional movie. Seeing the pictures, the sound of wind blowing and splashing water and snowdrops will give you the exact feeling of being in the mountains. This technology is made in Italy, which allows you to experience effects such as splashing water and falling snow, wind blowing on your face, thunder, chair movement in four directions, storms, etc.

  • Usable time: 3 to 5 minutes, you can enjoy this space

Tochal Sled: the Most Exciting and Longest Sled Track in Iran

Everyone knows sleigh with dogs and even Santa’s legendary reindeer. A vehicle with seats drawn by animals in cold regions. It is true that today we no longer need sleds to move, but its electric models are designed for those who would like to ride a sled but cannot. If you love excitement, be sure to experience the resort sledding.

Tochal ski resort in Tehran

This sled is the largest space designed by the Germans and can carry 250 people at the same time. Tochal sled is 1,420 meters long, and this long route is proof of the inexhaustible excitement. Our suggestion is to try the resort sledding at night. The experience of exciting entertainment at night is indescribable.

  • Working days: Saturday to Wednesday from 15:00 to 24:00 and Thursday and Friday from 9:00 to 24:00

A Unique View of Tehran with “Cheshmeh” Cable Car

The Cheshmeh cable car extends from the first station of the Tochal cable car to the Cheshmeh restaurant and offers you a unique view of the city of Tehran. Those who go to Tochal ski resort for walking and recreation can see the beautiful heights of Tehran from another angle by using this line. Our suggestion is that you must have a camera and take pictures the whole time. The cool breeze will caress your face the entire time you ride this cable car, which lasts exactly 10 minutes. Just like sitting in your favorite car, with the windows down and enjoying the fresh air outside.

  • Working days: Saturday to Wednesday from 15:00 to 23:00; Thursday and Friday from 9 to 24

Cube Club: A Space in Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran to Save Yourself!

If you have general information and a high speed of action, if your intelligence is exemplary and you like teamwork, be sure to visit Cube Club. By going to this escape room, you will feel like entering a crime story. You can play the role of a detective and uncover a major crime or immerse yourself in a new story.

Either way, what you are experiencing is excitement along with lovely fear. In this collection, three rooms with three different scenarios have been considered, which can be used in groups of 3 to 12 people.

Tochal ski resort in Tehran

Tochal Health Park: for Lovers of Hiking and Walking

The Tochal Health Park, which is close to the Tochal Ski Resort, is perfect for when you like to take a walk with your family or go on a picnic with your friends. It is very good to prepare your lunch from home and go to this garden. Due to the provision of recreational facilities such as a platform to sit and a place to walk, going on a picnic in Tochal Health Park will be a memorable experience.

Resort Archery Club, near Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran

Tochal Archery Club has an area of 1,500 square meters and is located on Health Road. This club is the only standard site in the country with the permission of the physical education organization. Although the duration of shooting is unlimited, you will only be allowed to shoot 10 arrows. Of course, let’s also say that all equipment is provided to people for free, and with free basic training, they can have a different experience. This complex has a lawn area, 15 shooting sables, and 20 shooting bows.

Play Billiards and Drink Coffee

The Billiard Cafe next to the Tochal ski resort in Tehran creates wonderful conditions for you. If you love billiards, be sure to experience the resort’s billiards cafe. This space is not only for billiard players, you can also enjoy other facilities such as having a coffee.

Tochal ski resort in Tehran

In addition to all this, the cozy and quiet environment of the cafe also gives you a sense of peace. There you can order a delicious meal and enjoy being at the resort’s billiards cafe. It is possible to use the billiard cafe for men, women, and families, and the basic training of the game will be free. To go to the Billiard Cafe, you need to go to the left side of the health road and a little above the shooting club.

Bam-e Tehran Needs no Introduction

Bam Tehran, as its name suggests, is a place where you can feel the whole of Tehran under your feet. Seeing Tehran, even at night when there is no pollution and abnormal sounds, has a purity that only those who have been to the roof of Tehran can understand. Due to the many chairs that are located in this place and you can rest on them, the presence of various restaurants and cafes has made many people visit this pleasant space. On holidays, this area is usually very crowded. Our suggestion is to choose other days of the week to go to Bam Tehran. Bam Tehran, near Tochal ski resort, has a spectacular atmosphere.

Tochal Hotel: A Hotel for All Seasons

Those who go to the Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran for skiing, usually stay overnight in the Tochal hotel. This hotel welcomes you with a variety of rooms, restaurants, and coffee shops. When you’ve spent the whole day in the cold of the track, it’s time to spend the night in the warmth of the resort hotel and get tired. Among the rooms of this hotel, we can mention double rooms (two people), single rooms, royal suites (three people), normal suites (three people), twin rooms (two people), and VIP rooms (two people). You need a doctor’s approval to stay overnight in a hotel; Because of the decrease in oxygen pressure at such a high altitude, the hotel doctor issues a permit to stay in the hotel after an examination.

Tochal ski resort in Tehran

Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran Always Welcomes You

Now that you know exactly what the resort is and what kind of entertainment and services it has, then don’t waste any more time and go there for sightseeing. Be sure that this collection with its high-quality facilities will create exciting moments for you and make your trip memorable.

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