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Mazandaran Souvenirs

Mazandaran Souvenirs Have a Diverse Range

Mazandaran is a green province with warm and friendly people who will welcome you in their city. In addition to exciting and fun recreational attractions, Mazandaran province is full of various shops and markets and authentic Mazandaran foods that attract every domestic or foreign traveler. Also, the cities of Mazandaran province, in addition to tourist attractions such as numerous beach restaurants, and dense forests, have lasting handicrafts and valuable souvenirs that make it impossible to return from these destinations empty-handed. In this article, we are going to introduce Mazandaran souvenirs.

Mazandaran Souvenirs

Edible Souvenirs of Mazandaran Province

You may have heard of the delicious reputation of Iranian northern cuisine. Each of them excites the imagination to the point where most of the northern dishes have spread to most regions of Iran. They are cooked and served as the main course. Now imagine eating the delicious food of Mazandarani in a place where the birth certificate of the food belongs to the same place and they are prepared using food grown in the same province.

It has been a custom since time immemorial and perhaps it has become established that every person who went to the northern provinces of Iran would buy cookies for their loved ones on the way back as souvenirs from the north. From all kinds of rice and tea to olives and delicious pickles of this province, they are all available for you to buy in many shops. In the following, we would like to mention souvenirs that are available to tourists as old and local foods of this province.

Mazandaran Sesame Sohan

In the first introduction of Mazandaran’s famous souvenirs, we will talk about one of the most delicious and well-known sweets Sesame Sohan or Posht Zik in the local language. Sesame seeds are available everywhere in Iran, but it is obvious that eating them in Mazandaran is another pleasure. It is good to know that sugar, sesame, honey, walnuts, butter, saffron, and cardamom are used to prepare this sweet. Sesame Sohan is available everywhere in Mazandaran.

Mazandaran Souvenirs

Mazandaran Aghouznoun Sweets

Aghouznoun is a delicious and nourishing food souvenir that you will feel the taste of walnuts and sometimes sesame when you taste it. The appearance of Aghouznoun is similar to local bread, but it has a different taste and aroma. Due to the contents of Aghouznoun sweets, many nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, and iron enter the body and are very useful for children. It is good to know that in Mazandaran province they use Aghouznoun sweets for serving in native and local celebrations because everyone considers this sweet to be the best Mazandaran sweets. Aghouznoun, like a tradition, is seen on the tables of homes on Yalda night. If you travel to Mazandaran on vacation, be sure to buy this sweet as a souvenir.

Reshteh-Be-Reshteh Sweets

Another one of the most famous souvenirs of Mazandaran province is a type of sweet that looks similar to cotton wool but is a bit thicker in terms of thickness. After the Aghouznoun sweets, Reshteh-Be-Reshteh (literally meaning noodle upon noodle) is one of the most popular foods among the people of Mazandaran. If you intend to make this sweet at home, you can use walnuts, rice flour, oil, powdered sugar, and cardamom to prepare this sweet.

Mazandaran Souvenirs

Komaj Sweets

The Komaj sweet is one of the most delicious and popular edible souvenirs of Mazandaran province, which is similar to a cookie, but has a different appearance and taste. They make it from sugar, rice flour, saffron, eggs, vanilla, turmeric, rose water, and sugar. And it is easily found in every corner of this province. Keep in mind that you should postpone the purchase of Komaj until the last moments of your stay on the trip because due to the nature of this sweet, the ingredients inside may remain and it may not have its original taste.

Mazandaran Mountain Bread

Mountain bread or cottage bread is another delicious food that you can buy as a souvenir of this province during your trip to Mazandaran and enjoy tasting this local bread. Mountain bread is one of the traditional sweets of Mazandaran in Amol city. This authentic and local Mazandaran sweet is made from eggs, milk, sugar, butter, water, and flour and filled with sesame, walnuts, sugar, or egg yolk. It is good to know that this mountain sweet is one of the most popular foods sold among the people of Mazandaran.

Mazandaran Cookies

There are few people who do not enjoy cookies on their trip to the northern provinces of Iran and buy them as souvenirs for their loved ones. In the past, this was so well established among the people that anyone who saw a cookie knew that this product was bought from the north of the country. But today, thanks to the existence of many other factories, cookies can be found in all parts of Iran. But we should not easily ignore the fact that northern cookies have a different taste and aroma.

Mazandaran Souvenirs

Mazandaran’s Qomaq

Qomaq is another sweet that is known as an attractive and low-calorie souvenir in Mazandaran province. If you are on a diet or want to try a low-calorie dessert, Qomaq is the best choice. This sweet is found in abundance in all parts of Mazandaran, and if you go to this area for vacation, be sure to buy this sweet for breakfast from local vendors and taste its unique taste.

Mazandaran’s Mountain Honey

Another souvenir of Mazandaran province, which has a very high quality and is in high demand, is its mountain honey. Considering the nature of its preparation, this honey is of very high quality and contains many useful and healing benefits. If you are looking for a different and high-quality honey for breakfast, be sure to buy mountain honey from this province for yourself and as a souvenir for your loved ones during your trip to Mazandaran.

Mazandaran’s Syrups and Jams

In addition to sweets, all kinds of syrups and jams are also found in Mazandaran province with the best quality. When you travel to this province, you can find all kinds of natural syrups, various extracts, fruit jams, or flower nectar in the shops that sell edible souvenirs. For example, one of the most popular jams in Mazandaran province is the orange blossom jam.

Mazandaran Souvenirs

Pickles and Fruit Leather

It is interesting to say that all kinds of fruit leather are among the souvenirs of Mazandaran and can be found in abundance in this province. Very delicious fruit leathers are made from natural fruits, which make everyone’s heart crave. In this province, in addition to fruit leathers, you will encounter a large amount of homemade and industrial pickles, whose color and smell will blow your mind. In the northern provinces of Iran, you can buy fruit leather and various pickles, such as eggplant pickles, garlic pickles, lite pickles, and citrus pickles.

Fish and Caviar

Mazandaran province is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea. And most of its cities have entrances to the sea. So, fish and caviar or any other seafood can be found in this province in its freshest form. If you like seafood or are a fan of northern cuisine, then you are stepping into a great place. It is because white fish, duck fish, salmon, and Caspian Sea Sprat are some of the best fish that you can find in the north of Iran.

Olives, Tea, and Rice

Usually, when traveling to Mazandaran, people purchase some tea and rice and take them home, because they believe that the best of these products belong to the north of Iran. the moisture of the soil in these areas, all cultivated products are of very good quality. Another souvenir of Mazandaran is olive oil, which has a unique flavor. In most cases, you can test a few samples of olives when buying, and if you are satisfied with the taste, buy it. Don’t worry about health issues because all these olive boxes are covered and you only have to test them with a disposable spoon.

Mazandaran Souvenirs

Mazandaran’s Handiraft Souvenirs

Handicrafts of Mazandaran province are the narrator of the art and craft of the ancestors and the art and taste of the inhabitants of Mazandaran sea shore. They are the manifestation of a considerable part of the art and creativity of the people who deal with these crafts. The archeological excavations in this province found objects which belong to 6,000 BC. It indicates the awareness of the people of that era of the art of spinning and turning wool into thread. Also, the presence of stone artifacts, carved copper, clay, and golden bronze stones is a sign of the production of household appliances by the people of this province in the past. In the following, we will introduce you to the handicrafts as Mazandaran souvenirs.

Mat Weaving

It may be interesting for you to know that mats and wickers are among the first creations of early humans. You will probably see many wicker containers in the markets of Mazandaran province. It is good to know that in this province, mat weaving is made in the traditional way with the best quality and is sold with the best material.

Mazandaran’s Wooden Products

Due to the weather conditions and the atmosphere in the Northern provinces of the country, many wooden products have been made by the people of these provinces. And they have been welcomed by tourists. For example, many wooden jewelry boxes, chess boards and pieces, backgammon, milk cups and bowls, drinking spoons, sugar cans, animal statues wooden chests, and other items are souvenirs from Mazandaran. You can visit all of them during your trip to this region and buy them for yourself or your loved ones if needed.

Mazandaran Souvenirs

Mazandaran’s Pottery

Pottery dates back to thousands of years ago. Archeologists have realized this from the presence of pottery objects in the caves of Iran with an estimated lifespan of more than 7 thousand years. Currently, the art of pottery exists everywhere in Iran. But the warm-hearted people of Mazandaran have been decorating their houses with pottery for years. And now they sell it to tourists or residents of this province. It is good to know that the presence of clay in this area is one of the reasons for the increase of this industry in Mazandaran.

Felt Making

One of the ancient handicrafts of Mazandaran province is felt making, which dates back to several thousand years ago. According to the objects that have been found from excavations, it can be understood that Mazandaran province was one of the best areas for this industry.

Products such as hats, backpacks, blankets, felt showers, and felt carpets are among the felt products in Mazandaran, and you can buy some of these crafts as souvenirs during your trip to this province. Felt is made for production only by hand pressure and the combination of fibers and water, and no knitting is used in it. Sheep wool in its natural colors, which are white, black, and brown, is the main material of felt, and chemically dyed wool is used only for patterning. A piece of felt takes about a full day to make, and usually, a felt is the result of several people working on it.

Mazandaran Souvenirs

Mazandaran Textile Products

Textile weaving is one of the old handicrafts of Mazandaran province. It is an art that faded among people with the introduction of industrial machines. However, textile weaving artists in Mazandaran have kept this art alive and started producing cotton, silk, and woolen fabrics by spinning yarn. It is interesting to know that in the past, the name of each woven fabric was different from the other. For example, soft and cool cotton fabrics that were considered for summer were called Shamad. Usually in Mazandaran, silk fabrics are used for sewing women’s coats, and woolen fabrics are used for overcoats.

Wave Weaving

On your trip to Mazandaran, you can see blankets, Korsi, and bed sheets that Mazandarani artists have produced using wave weaving. If you are a lover of crafts, this industry can be very interesting for you. The products produced with this machine can be good souvenirs for people who have traditional homes. They can be equally good for those who are looking for nostalgic and traditional decor for a part of their home or workplace.

Jajim Weaving

Jajim is one of the important handicrafts of the villagers of Mazandaran province. It is usually used as an underlay, back cover, blanket, chair cover, etc. It is woven with colored wool or cotton threads. The dimensions of Mazandaran Jajims usually vary between 20 and 35 cm, and their length sometimes reaches 20 to 40 meters. To weave Jajims in larger dimensions, two or more woven Jajims of the existing width are connected together to make one Jajim.

Mazandaran Souvenirs Are the Best of the Both Worlds!

Like other cities of Iran, Mazandaran has numerous souvenirs and in this article, we introduced some of the most important souvenirs of Mazandaran. In the past, Mazandaran province was among the top five provinces in the country in the field of handicrafts. And until today, 20 handicrafts in the province have received national recognition. If you intend to travel to this Northern Province, be sure to buy some of its products as souvenirs.

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