Sport complexes and gyms in Tehran

If sport is one in all vital a part of your life, you could decide upon an area or community for dwelling wherein is near sport complicated which has your favourite sport. Since tehran offers real estate specialists care approximately the life-style in their customers, therefore, we can make you acquainted with a few expert and famous sport complexes in north of tehran. Since our overseas customers pay plenty of interest to pleasant of the sport places, so we can introduce excessive pleasant sport complexes with the very best standards.

Club Title Area Website
Enghelab Sport Complex North of Tehran Link
Palladium fitness club North of Tehran Link
Zendegi health & spa complex Center of Tehran Link
Oxygen royal North of Tehran Link
R8 fitness North of Tehran Link
Paad fitness & wellness club North of Tehran Link
Raspina sport & wellness center North of Tehran NA
Arikeh Iranian Sport Complex North of Tehran Link
Tirazheh bowling Club West of Tehran Link
Chamran Sports Complex North of Tehran Link
Jannat Abad Paragliding flight club West of Tehran NA
Abbas Abad Horse Riding Club North of Tehran NA
Koohak Horse Riding Club West of Tehran NA
Hero Sports Complex North of Tehran NA

History of sports

Most sports of today only developed in their current form in the 19th and 20th centuries, though many take their origins from more primitive sports and pastimes of ancient times.
sports, physical contests pursued for the goals and challenges they entail. Sports are part of every culture past and present, but each culture has its own definition of sports. The most useful definitions are those that clarify the relationship of sports to play, games, and contests.
Although it is impossible to know for sure, it is usually considered that wrestling and boxing were the first sports ever played. Competitions using the simple mode of human transport, running, would also have been among the first sports played. Competitions involving hitting, kicking, throwing a ball-like object, as well as sports related to hunting and throwing would also be expected to have been played in early times. Many sports have developed as competitions from means of early transportation, such as horse riding and canoeing, and from military activities such as rifle shooting and archery.
Some of the sports in the past are not played anymore as they became superseded with a better version or changed due to improved technology, while some are lost altogether as sporting and leisure trends come and go.

History of sports in iran

Sport is played all around the world, in many different forms. Some countries have their own national sports that are played just locally, while there are other sports that are played in nearly every country around the world. Iranian sport is more ancient in some fields. In ancient Greece, the Olympics included running, wrestling, boxing, horse racing, and chariots.
But in Iran, while some of these sports have a longer history, sports such as archery, canoeing, etc. have been common.  Iranians considered exercise and physical fitness and body health as a very important tool to build a strong and invincible army, and It in Iran is rooted in the customs, traditions, culture and ethics of Iranians.
Sport in ancient Iran was formed with the aim of health, vitality and readiness to defend the homeland, and its main purpose was to educate the youth. They saw physical training as a means of empowerment and strength to help the disabled, not to coerce. According to the ancient Iranians, a better life, community health and development, requires a healthy mind and a healthy body.
Hunting and hunting grounds were also considered schools for practicing combat skills, and young people learned mental preparation and agility in hunting, waking up, walking patience, and running and shooting. In addition, the sport of zurkhaneh, the sport of polo has been the focus of many ancient Iranians. In Zurkhaneh sport, due to the great attention to high physical strength, to overcome enemies in wars, it has a special value and has been a part of men’s daily activities. Cultivation of soul and body along with that is the motto of this ancient sport. Zurkhaneh or ancient sport, according to historical evidence, dates back to the early seventh century AH.

Top sport complexes in tehran

Enghelab Sport Complex

Enghelab Sport Complex
Enghelab Sport Complex

The Enghelab Sport Complex of Tehran, also known as the Enghelab Sports Complex, was first established in 2000 and was given to the country’s Physical Education Organization.
Enghelab Sport Complex was initially only 130 hectares and most of its activities include horse riding, tennis and golf, and these few facilities were not open to the public.
The Enghelab Sport Complex is now 60 hectares of indoor and outdoor space as well as a separate cultural space.
This family complex offers the best entertainment, including fishing, soccer, bodybuilding, martial arts, sauna, car rides, golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and squash.
Also, the Enghelab Sport Complex has an excellent geographical location in the north of Tehran.
One of the most popular parts of this sports complex is the health road. This road has a spectacular view of a green tunnel, towering trees, creek, and waterfront, as well as golf courses, has many fans among the people of Tehran.
In this section, we introduce and explain the different parts of this sport club so that interested people get familiar with the environment and decide which part they are interested in.

The swimming pool
The next attractive part is the indoor and outdoor pool for men and women.
Tehran Enghelab Sports Complex provides the pool with the best facilities for those interested. Indoor and outdoor pools for women have Jacuzzi, gym, traditional bath, massage, etc.
The gentleman’s pool is much more attractive than the ladies’ pool and has a buffet, a basketball court, a cold water pool, Jacuzzi, beach volleyball, sports shop and more.

Tennis court
The Tehran Enghelab Sports Complex has 30 outdoor red clay tennis courts and 7 indoor courts, which is the best place to practice and learn this sport. Of course, we should not forget the facilities such as 6 stadiums with 1530 seats and the central stadium with 1430 seats, that is why Enghelab Tennis Club is considered to be the largest tennis club in the Middle East.

The game started in 2009 in Iran and was the first indoor paintball club in Tehran Enghelab sports complex.
Enghelab Sports Complex’s Paintball has a cave, hiding place, suspension bridge, river, etc. which doubles the excitement of the game for the participants.

Natural and Artificial Grass Football Field
 Tehran’s Enghelab Sports Complex has provided natural and artificial grass fields for the fan of this sport field. In addition to facilities such as showers, restrooms, it training courses for all ages.
Artificial Grass field of this complex has amenities such as a cloakroom, restrooms, hot showers, two large and small fields, and a projector used for playing at night.

Basketball and Volleyball Club
The Enghelab Sports Complex also dedicated a part to volleyball and basketball in 1983 as well as volleyball and basketball halls such as Yadegar Imam Hall, Si Negin Hall, Hall No. 13 hall and Family Hall for fans to enjoy watching these exciting sports at the Tehran Enghelab Sports Complex.

Squash field
The Squash of Enghelab Sports Complex was built in the north of the club in 1994, including 5 salons with two rooms, a sports shop and 4 rows of spectators, as well as 3 bathrooms with a cloakroom room for women. Those interested in this sport can go to Tehran Enghelab Sport Complex to experience it.

The gym
The Enghelab Sports Complex of Tehran is one of the best clubs in the country with the highest standard and the best bodybuilding equipment that provides the best facilities for ladies and gentlemen in different parts of the gym.

Bowling Club
Bowling Club of Enghelab Sports Complex was built and operated in 2006, it has 24 automatic bowling lines and automatic turning ball mechanism and automatic scoring system. The club competes with modern clubs in the world in terms of quality and high technology.

Billiard lounge
The Enghelab Sports Complex has dedicated a 500-meter space to this game, having 20 eight ball and snooker tables for men as well as four tables for women. The lounge also has a coffee shop.

Golf and mini-golf
The best golf course in the country is the golf course of the Enghelab Sport Complex. It has 44 hectares, a range field and 13 squares. Every year, many interested people start learning this sport with the help of experienced coaches at the Enghelab Sports Complex.
The mini-golf course has a 2000-meter space with carpet flooring, lighting, a four-seasonal restaurant, and a beautiful green area.

Skating rink
Skating is always a fun sport for people, especially children. In the parks and open spaces, we see many young people and children skating. If you are looking for a professional skating rink, the best place for you is the Skating rink of Enghelab Sports Complex, which has many amenities like a salon for hockey, show, speed and open-air rinks with 5 ramps.

Rock Climbing Club
Are you interested in height and love excitement? The best offer for you is rock or stone climbing. Stone or rock climbing refers to climbing up and down a rock or special walls with special tools.
he Rock Climbing Club of the Enghelab Sports Complex has many specialized facilities and outstanding instructors to teach people.

Shooting Club
Shooting Club of Enghelab Sports Complex provides many facilities for men and women of all ages. The club has 6 Falling Target Machines, Electric Targets, and 9 Fixed Target Lines.

Futsal club
Enghelab Sports Complex is an 800m long salon for futsal which has many features such as green space, shops, parking, heating, water cooler, cloakroom and more.

The fishing pool
If you are interested in fishing, you find it fun and entertaining and the environment around you is not suitable for fishing, a fishing pool is the best place. There is a fishing pool in the Enghelab sport complex surrounded by greenery that visitors can enjoy in this area. The pool includes carp and salmon, and people can prepare their fish after fishing at the pool’s buffet.

A special hall for women
By visiting this complex and entering the specialized hall, ladies can have a great time. It has 700 meters of outdoor space and 2500 meters of indoor space with amenities like spa, massage, beauty salon, water treatment, a large gym with up-to-date facilities and equipment and more.

Badminton club
Badminton Club of the Tehran Enghelab Sports Complex is held in the Yadegar hall, which can be used both for playing and learning.

Ping Pong Club
The table tennis club at Enghelab Sports Complex has a variety of facilities that enthusiasts of this sport can visit to learn or play.

Bubble Football Club
In this sport, people have to get inside the bubbles like the bubbles of Zorbing so that the upper half of the body is inside the bubble. Enghelab Sports Complex has dedicated a salon to this emerging sport. People who enjoy excitement and leisure activities by visiting the Tehran Enghelab Sports Complex.

Paddle Club
Comparing to many emerging sports fields, Paddle sport is something special, it is a racket sport like badminton, squash and ping pong. Today, it’s got a lot of fans.
The sport entered Iran in 2005 and the first paddle field was built in Tehran’s Enghelab Sports Complex. This 10*20 area has amenities such as air conditioning and a cloakroom that provides a comfortable environment for visitors.

Address: Niyayesh Hwy. (Valiasr Ave.), Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Phone: +98 21 2621 6152

Palladium fitness club

Palladium fitness club
Palladium fitness club

Palladium sports club started its activity in year 2014 in order to Provide professional services in a vast space of over 2000 meters and To create a luxurious and relaxing environment for its guest. All Members have the benefit of using the most modern fitness equipment Under the supervision of trained coaches while enjoying a beautiful View of great tehran.


Group exercise studio
In group exercise classes of palladium fitness club, you could burn more calories, improve your cardiovascular device in addition to enjoying you exercise session together along with your friends.

Spinning studio
Spinning is an excellent manner to burn energy and support your muscle tissues in a brief time. Spinning is certainly considered one among the  maximum famous institution physical games in current years, provided via way of means of skilled teachers in palladium fitness club with the equal global quality.

Fitness gym
The delight of walking on treadmills or lifting weights in a big and steeply-priced surroundings at the same time as looking out a completely unique view of tehran, is one the one-of-a-kind functions of palladium fitness club. Personal training beneathneath supervision of expert teachers is every other value added.

Aquatic centre
You can revel in swimming on pinnacle of tehran’s roof in palladium fitness club with easy and clean water together with jacuzzi, dry & steam sauna and bloodless waterfall.

Vacumed room
Vacumed is a hi-tech and present day sports – medicine equipment which makes your body loosen up with the aid of using growing vacuum and bad pressure withinside the tissues. It applies bad stress to the decrease extremity of the frame and reduces the cramps due to exercising.

Spa & massage
Massage location on a separate ground with numerous character rooms, providing greater than 2 hundred extraordinary sorts of massages (inclusive of thai, swedish, warm stones, etc.) By expert masseurs.

Sports medicine centre
In this facility a sports medicine specialist will identify your strengths and weaknesses by assessing your physical fitness and health parameters for customizing a personalized training program.


  • Pleasure of exercising in a club located on the roof of tehran with a great view of the city
  • Facilities equipped with the most modern sports equipment and under the supervision of well-trained coaches
  • A quiet and pleasant environment for eliminating the tensions of a busy day
  • Providing professional services by experienced and welcoming staff
  • Performing different kinds of massages by professional masseurs
  • Warm and intimate environment for hanging out with friends and guests
  • Offering a peculiar menu of drinks and healthy food prepared by organic substances
  • Private parking spaces for members
  • Free wi-fi for all the members

Address: sixth floor, palladium mall, moghadas ardebili st, Zaferaniyeh
Telephone: (+9821)  22 66 77 08, 22 66 77 10
Instagram: palladium_fitness_club

Zendegi health & spa complex

Zendegi health & spa complex
Zendegi health & spa complex

Located within the heart of the most dynamic business district of Tehran, the ‘zendegi’ health and spa complex, boasts a luxury and An unmatched environment where you will experience an extraordinary Feeling of pleasure and well-being. You can explore wide range of Precious sources in order to rejuvenate both body and soul by applying Natural approaches. You will have the benefit of a personalized Attention from our knowledgeable health experts and caring staff Members who help you expand your boundaries, revive your spirit and Find greater balance in life.


  • Has the highest score among the top fitness centers in tehran
  • Selected as the third iranian luxury brands and services among top 63 brands
  • Members can take advantage of the facilities of over 1,000 prestigious sports complex in fifty countries, with 50 to 100 rebate at the time of travel
  • Healthy, relaxed and luxurious complex
  • Special attention to complex’s maintenance, order and health
  • Mountain quality air-conditioning
  • High quality and transparency of swimming pools and jacuzzi
  • Variety of membership packages


  • Medical monitoring clinic
  • Women’s gym
  • Fitness room
  • Spa, offering massage and skin care services(facials, foot care, hand care)
  • Traditional hammam
  • Sauna & steam bath
  • Snow room
  • Swimming pool
  • Hydrotherapy pools (static & dynamic)
  • Four different types of saunas
  • Whirlpool (jacuzzi) with 50 water jets
  • Cold water cascade with color light therapy technology
  • Group exercise studio (women only)
  • Huber machines
  • Café & restaurant (varied menu of foods and drinks)
  • Barber shop
  • Valet parking
  • Car wash
  • Private lockers
  • Gift cards

Address: #8, west 10th st, beyhaqi blvd, argentina sq.
Telephone: (+9821)  88 50 70 80
Telegram & instagram: zendegicomplex

Oxygen royal

Oxygen royal
Oxygen royal

Oxygen health and fitness center opened its first branch in year 2003 With the aim of providing the highest standards of sports’ services And facilities. It also managed to win wide success in tehran province Such as earning the title of “the best health & fitness club” as well As iso 9001: 2008 quality management and 5s certificates.


Oxygen health and fitness center is designed specifically for workout alongside one of the relaxation facilities. Oxygen royal is a unique complex that satisfies any demand of every taste through using advanced instruments, employing educated trainers & cultured staff in a fancy setting.

Oxygen royal services

  • All inclusive health advisor, trainers and nutritionist services
  • Royal oxygen buffet’s special menu and cocktails
  • Secure locker system
  • Wi-fi coverage throughout the complex
  • Relaxing spa and thai massage services
  • Lpg services
  • Special designed swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi
  • Barber’s and beauty services
  • Vip & business room
  • Use of life fitnesssmart fitness instruments and wellness software
  • Online shopping services of sports goods

Oxygen home
Oxygen home brings health & fitness services from the gym into our clients’ home. These services include sending out a professional coach into your houses in the form of health & fitness packages, medical and nutritional consulting, massage, swimming lessons, yoga, meditation, etc…. For men and women.

Address: #1, banafsheh alley, sarallah st., moghadas ardebili st., Zaferaniyeh ave.
Telephone: (+9821) 22 40 85 00
Central phone number: 021 75021
Instagram: oxygenfamily

R8 fitness

R8 fitness
R8 fitness

R8 health & fitness club, located in niavaran region, started its Activity in year 2016 with the aim of providing the best fitness and Health services to gentlemen.  This club is a symbol of a modern Sports complex in terms of architecture and sports equipment. Dear Athletes can experience their best work out by r8 club’s best and Most modern sports facilities.


With an area of 1400 m2 r8 fitness club is located on rosha Complex’s 8th floor. Dear athletes can enjoy the beautiful view of Tehran while exercising. R8 club provides a wide range of advanced facilities, classes and Trained coaches in order to make any decision making and planning easy For our athletes.


Professional & experienced coaches
R8 trained and experienced coaches, all with championship records, Will guide you through the latest fitness methods and techniques

Advanced equipment
R8 fitness club provides the most modern and versatile fitness Equipment for its athletes

Professional classes
By joining r8 club’s professional and special classes you find Yourself reaching your fitness goals sooner than you think. Among These classes we can refer to our queenax classes, under the Supervision of our master coach and being introduced for the first Time in tehran.

Address: 8th floor, rosha complex, corner of ammar st, niavaran
Telephone: 021 22 75 99 51
Instagram: r8fitness

Paad fitness & wellness club

Paad fitness & wellness club
Paad fitness & wellness club

Paad club, located in dezashib sports complex, has been established With a brilliant history in the field of health, which is based Since2009 on the knowledge and standards of european and iranian Culture. This “club has” modern and numerous sports equipment; along With the intimate and energetic environment, it has attracted the Attention of many audiences and sports fans so far; in addition to the Experienced staff, the paad sports complex also offers a variety of Classes, both presence and virtual, so that you can easily exercise in Any location and situation.

Paad club sports
In the paad, in addition to a well-equipped gym, there are zumba, Pilates, functional, aerial silk, rock climbing, ballet, kickboxing, Gymnastics, and many more. It is also possible to hold private, and Semi-private sports classes at the club.

Other facilities
Certified trainers, nutritionists, and consultants; health coach; Unique food plans for each person; various tools and equipment; mental Health professionals; spa, relaxation, and cafe restaurants.

Working hours (saturday to thursday): 7:00 to 15:00 ladies / 16:00 to 23:00 gentlemen

Fridays and holidays: 10:00 to 15:30 ladies / 16:00 to 19:30 gentlemen
Contact number: 02122800468
Address: dezashib sport complex, mehr alley, ammar alley, niavaran Street,tehran, iran
Instagram: ,

Raspina sport & wellness center

Raspina sport & wellness center
Raspina sport & wellness center


Raspina sport and wellness center started its activity in year 2000 with the aim of providing distinct services and in accordance With international standards. Raspina opened its diamond branch by Paying more attention to health and health-oriented activities. In Raspina gym our trained coaches and skilled sports medicine Specialists strive to provide high quality services to our guests and Athletes.

Features & facilities

Raspina center’s design and architecture is done adequately and According to modern architectural patterns and standards. In this Complex we aim to create a sense of comfort in a luxurious environment For our guests.
This complex’s most highlighted features include offering a variety Of professional sports programs by our qualified and trained coaches, Medical sports services and professional spa and massage services in a Luxurious and modern surrounding.

  • Medical sports clinic
  • Equipped fitness hall
  • Group classes
  • Wall climbing
  • Martial arts classes
  • Indoor cycling hall
  • Personal training
  • Spa services
  • Massage rooms
  • Physiotherapy clinic
  • Convenient parking
  • Sport shop
  • Health buffet
  • Restaurant
  • Carwash

Raspina sport & wellness center’s working hours: ladies: 8:30 to 15:30 / gentlemen: 16:00 to 24:00
Address: koohestan complex, sadeghi ghomi st, niavaran
Telephone: 021 26 10 36 93, 021 26 10 33 90
Instagram: raspina_wellness
Telegram: @raspina

Arikeh Iranian Sport Complex

Arikeh Iranian Sport Complex
Arikeh Iranian Sport Complex

One of the recreational facilities embedded in the large eight-storied Arikeh Complex is a bowling salon located in the northwest of Tehran in the Saadat Abad neighborhood.
The club was founded in 2006 with the construction of the Arikeh Iranian complex and is now considered one of the oldest bowling clubs in the capital.
Apart from its cheerful and attractive atmosphere, the Arikeh Club has 12 standard lines with advanced automatic scoring systems and gives positive energy by playing music.
At the top of each of the 12 lines of the Tehran Bowling Club, the highest scores are recorded, which motivates more and more players to score better and higher points.
Arikeh Iranian Complex has other amenities like billiards and snooker, cinema, swimming pool, dormitory and so on. After bowling, you can visit them too.

Address: Arikeh Iranian Cultural Complex, Farahzadi Boulevard, Shahrak Gharb.

Tirazheh bowling Club

Tirazheh bowling Club
Tirazheh bowling Club

Tirazheh Bowling Club is one of the good bowling clubs in Tehran located in the west of the capital and in the Tirazheh shopping center.
The club has a mini-lounge and a full-lounge for adults. The adult bowling lines are fully equipped and provide a happy and family environment.
In the mini-bowling section of the club, all adult bowling specifications, such as the rules of the game and the number of pins, are respected and only the size and dimensions of the lines and pins are smaller than the standard.
The Tiger complex is best known for its wonderland amusement park, which is why it is also known as Wonderland Bowling.

Address: Tirazheh Bowling, Tirazheh shopping Center, after Punak, Kashani Highway.

Chamran Sports Complex

Chamran Sports Complex
Chamran Sports Complex

The Abdou Bowling Complex, now known as the Chamran Sports Cultural Complex, is an old complex built by Ali Abdou about 50 years ago.The hall originally had 20 bowling lanes that were considered to be the largest in Asia, but the club suffered a devastating fire in 1979 that lost all its facilities.
However, the Tehran Bowling Club was later renamed Chamran Complex and is now one of the best clubs in Tehran and Iran, with 8 lines that meet international standards.
Chamran Complex also has many facilities, including several movie theaters, amusement parks, sports halls, swimming pools, food courts and more.

Address: After Sadr Bridge, Shariati St.

Jannat Abad Paragliding flight club

Jannat Abad Paragliding flight club
Jannat Abad Paragliding flight club

You can fly in the sky and enjoy its indescribable fun with a skilled pilot and a two-seater paraglider that can handle at least 140 kg and up to 220 kg weight.
You are immersed in the sky with the paraglider flight with no cabin, like a real bird, and you enjoy the real fun of flying.
You are on a leisure flight for at least a quarter to a maximum of half an hour and even more in better weather conditions.
The duration of your flight depends on the exact weather conditions of the flight.

Address: Blue Sky Flight Site, the end of North Janet Abad next to the Simon Bolivar.

Abbas Abad Horse Riding Club

Abbas Abad Horse Riding Club
Abbas Abad Horse Riding Club

Abbas Abad Horse Riding Club is a well-equipped center that has a female trainer for women and male trainer for men. So if you are looking for a dedicated women’s trainer, just travel to Tehran and head to the Abbas Abad complex.

Address: South Didar Street, Haghani intersection

Koohak Horse Riding Club

Koohak Horse Riding Club
Koohak Horse Riding Club

Koohak Horse Riding Club is a club with various equipment and facilities that have made it a perfect club for children and adults. Both beginners and professionals can be trained in this club. Easy access to the club is one of the other reasons why fans from all over the city can visit the club.

Address: West Side of Azadi Stadium

Hero Sports Complex

Hero Sports Complex
Hero Sports Complex

 It is one of the best equipped and the best sports complex for women in Farmanieh neighborhood, Tehran. This sport complex was founded with the aim of providing health and sports services to the ladies of the highest level. Hero sports complex, with the help of experts and well-trained coaches along with the most advanced sports facilities and equipment, has taken an important step towards achieving the health of the sport fans. It also has a cozy restaurant and café. This sport complex has amenities like:

  • Aerobic, Pilates, Yoga and Zumba courses from introductory to advanced
  • Aerial Dance and Chair Dance courses for the first time in Iran
  • Several well-equipped lounges including a fitness center, a fully equipped bike spinning lounge and a fully equipped solarium
  • Massage services including Thai, Slimming, Swedish massage, relaxation and Spa services.

Address: No.2, Izad deadend, 7th Abkooh, Pourdad St., Aghaee St., Farmanieh, Tehran

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