Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy | Edible or Hand-Made Ones?

Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

What Are the Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy?

Isfahan is a historical city in Iran with unique attractions. Therefore, the souvenirs of Isfahan must be unique and special. Like other Iranian cities, Isfahan has various souvenirs. Buying souvenirs is one of the attractive parts of the trip, and by preparing souvenirs, you can remember sweet memories for yourself, your loved ones, or your friends. Isfahan souvenirs are generally divided into two categories. The first category is edible souvenirs and delicious sweets of Isfahan, and the second category is handicrafts and carved containers. Do you intend to visit Isfahan and spend a few days there? In this article, we are going to introduce the top Isfahan souvenirs to buy.

The Most Delicious Souvenirs of Isfahan to Buy

Well, first of all, we are going to talk about the edible souvenirs of Isfahan. There are all kinds of traditional sweets in this city. All these sweets are incredibly delicious. In the following, we will introduce you to the best edibles of Isfahan.

Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

Gaz: The Most Famous Souvenir of Isfahan to Buy

Most of us know Isfahan Gaz. There is hardly anyone who does not enjoy the taste of Gaz. Gaz is a traditional sweet. This sweet is about 450 years old. During the Safavid era, Gaz was used for offering to the kings. And today, Gaz is considered a very luxurious sweet.

Manna is used to make this sweet. It is a very, very rare plant and can be found mostly in the border areas of the desert. Currently, unfortunately, this plant is on the verge of extinction. For this reason, many Gazes are no longer available from Manna. It is interesting to know that there are some texts about Manna in the Torah.

Gaz has pistachio and almond varieties. Gaz’s quality is classified based on the percentage of pistachios and almonds in it. For example, 32% Gaz has 32% pistachios. Gaz has types of flour, Poolaki, etc., and has a wide price range. Isfahan Flour Gaz is available with pistachio and almond nuts. Some believe that the best Gaz of Isfahan is the Mozafari Gaz. However, some other brands such as Shirin Gaz or Kermani Gaz are also introduced as the best Gazes of Isfahan. We recommend that you don’t consider serving flour Gaz at your parties so that your house would not be full of flour!

Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

Poolaki: Another Good Isfahan Souvenir to Buy

Poolaki is also one of the most famous edible souvenirs of Isfahan. It is candy. To prepare this Poolaki, water, sugar, and a small amount of white vinegar are first mixed. Then this mixture is placed on the flame for 45 minutes.

After most of its water has evaporated, the liquid is spread on a large tray. Meanwhile, people add different additives to it based on their taste. The most popular additions include sesame seeds, pistachios, coconut powder, dried lime, and saffron.

Kaak Sweets

Kaak is one of the common sweets between Isfahan, Shiraz, and Kermanshah. It is also known as Yookheh and is one of the traditional sweets of Iran. No special ingredients are used in Yookheh. Wheat flour, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, cardamom, and oil are used to prepare it. However, it is very difficult to prepare. Yookheh has different layers, you have to roll the dough very thin, and then stack the layers. This sweet is cooked with the help of teak. Kaak or Yookheh has a unique taste. So, Kaak can also be a good option for Isfahan souvenirs to buy.

Sohan Asali

Sohan Asali is another delicious Isfahan sweet. It is considered a traditional product of Isfahan. Sohan originally belongs to Qom. Nevertheless, the people of Isfahan have taken some initiative to prepare Sohan Asali. Hard honey, almond slices or nuts, sugar, saffron, and oil are used to prepare the Sohan Asali. In theory, making Sohan Asali is very simple. You need to pour the mixture of honey, sugar, and saffron on all kinds of nuts and put them on the heat. Then allow the honey to harden and the whole mixture becomes uniform. In the next step, it is cut into small pieces.

Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

Currently, there are types of Sohan Asali with cashew nuts, pistachio, almond, peanut, kernel nut, etc. Of course, originally, Sohan Asali is prepared with almond slices without skin. This product is relatively expensive and has a unique taste. It should be noted that the Sohan Asali has a long lifespan. Therefore, you can bring it as a souvenir to your friends without worrying about it getting damaged or expired.

Rock Candy

There are excellent and delicious vegetables in many cities in Iran. Maybe you consider rock candy, or Nabaat, as a souvenir of Mashhad. However, the delicious and excellent Nabaats of Isfahan are also very famous. Unlike Mashhad rock candies, which are mostly saffron, Isfahan rock candies have different flavors. Isfahan rock candies can be seen in different colors. For example, cinnamon brown, cardamom green, pink, and chrysanthemum rock candies. In this way, when you put the candy in the tea, you will have flavored candy tea. Some candies have very stylish and beautiful packaging. These types of rock candies are more expensive compared to other products of Isfahan.

Fereydunshahr Honey

Although Isfahan is a city on the edge of the desert, it also has many green areas. Feridunshahr is located in the west of Isfahan. It is interesting to know that Fereydunshahr is nominated as the safest city in the world by UNESCO. This city, with an altitude of 2,532 meters above sea level, is considered one of the mountainous areas of Isfahan province with a unique climate. That’s why you can see all kinds of medicinal plants growing in this area.

Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

The presence of medicinal plants has made local people think of placing beehives in this area. For this reason, Feridunshahr honey is considered one of the best kinds of honey in Iran. You can buy Astragalus honey, Qanaqol, or Zoul as souvenirs of Isfahan from Fereydunshahr. Of course, if you plan to buy this souvenir, it is better to get some jars for yourself, too. This honey has unique medicinal properties.

Nutmeg: One of the Most Delicious Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

Nutmeg is one of the most expensive souvenirs of Isfahan. It is very sweet and has a special taste. Local fruit is used to prepare nutmeg. This fruit is called Alag and it grows only in the Isfahan region. Alag is a type of local peach. To prepare nutmeg, first, you remove the core of the peach. Then you fill the core with walnut kernels and powdered sugar. Finally, allow this fruit to dry in the open air. Of course, in different cities, nutmeg is also prepared from other local fruits. However, the main method of preparing nutmeg is with Alag. These Isfahan souvenirs are not recommended for diabetics due to their high sugar content. So take care of your health.

The Best Handicraft Souvenirs of Isfahan to Buy

All over the world, the people of Isfahan are known for their art and culture, and Isfahan’s handicrafts are the flagship of Iran’s cultural heritage. Therefore, handicrafts are considered one of the most important souvenirs of Isfahan. Enameling, inlaying, penmanship, tile making, etc. are handicrafts specific to the people of Isfahan. In the following, we will introduce you to the types of handicrafts of the people of Isfahan that make excellent souvenirs to buy.

Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

Vitreous Enamel: Top and Beautiful Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

Vitreous enamel is one of the authentic handicrafts of Isfahan. You may see enamel in other cities, but Isfahan is the cradle of Iran’s Vitreous enamel which has become one of the tourist attractions of Isfahan. Many foreign tourists go to this city just to see vitreous enameling up close, which is a very delicate craft.

Vitreous is a type of glass material that is placed on tiles and all kinds of metals. Usually, this glass is made of lapis lazuli. It is interesting to know that vitreous enameling dates back to the Parthian and Sasanian eras. Enamelware is very difficult to make. Because of this, they are very expensive. Nevertheless, if we want to choose the best handicrafts of Isfahan, vitreous enamel will be our first choice. There are different industrial types of vitreous enameling, which are considered counterfeit products. So be careful if you intend to buy the original vitreous enamel product, make your purchase from a reputable store.

Khatam-Made Products of Isfahan

Khatam-made (inlaid) products are one of the best and most expensive souvenirs to buy in Isfahan, which are handmade. It takes several hours of continuous work for a simple Khatam vessel. Khatam vessels are made of wood. Different metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, brass, etc. are used in making Khatams. Even the wood chosen for Khatam is important. Masters usually use orange, ebony, jujube, or betel wood. In addition to metals, you can also see camel or horse bones in Khatams.

Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

For this reason, an original Khatam has a high price. Khatam-making dates back to the Safavid era. The artisan people of Isfahan are very skilled in making these containers. In a way, Isfahan can be considered the cradle of Khatam-making in Iran. Just remember that there are also fake types of Khatams in the market. In order not to get into trouble, it is better to make your purchases from reliable stores in Isfahan.

Top Isfahan Kalamkari Textiles Souvenirs to Buy

Kalamkari textile is a kind of art of printing on cloth. It is a historical art that dates back to the era of Shah Abbas Safavid. Around the 11th century AH, courtiers were very interested in this industry. For this reason, during the Safavid era, this art spread rapidly.

In theory, Kalamkari is very simple. In this method, a template is designed first. This template has different patterns. It can be considered similar to today’s embossed seals. Then, each time, they put this template in ink and put it on the cloth. The variety of patterns makes different fabrics to be produced. At present, all kinds of tablecloths are produced in this way.

Kalamkari is the art of hand. Sometimes, for a design to have multiple colors, several molds are prepared from one design. Each design puts a layer of color onto the fabric. That’s why Kalamkari requires a lot of precision and Kalamkari textiles are expensive. They can be one of the best souvenirs of Isfahan to buy.

Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

Toreutics Products

Toreutics is another art of the Isfahan people. They create spectacular patterns on various metal objects with a pen and a hammer. You can see a variety of trays, dishes, vases, photo frames, etc. made with Toreutics in the shops of Isfahan. Isfahani artists risk their lives and health to create these works.

If you take a look at the fingers of the artists who create these works, you will undoubtedly understand the reason why these works are so expensive. Don’t forget that there are also fake Toreutics on the market. To find the best type of authentic Toreutics, you can visit Isfahan Traditional Market, Naqsh-Jahan Square, and Chahar-Bagh Street.

Filigree Works

Filigree is an ancient Iranian art. Many researchers attribute this art to the years 300 to 500 BC. Filigree is a branch of metalwork art. This art is popular among the cities of Ardabil, Zanjan, Borujerd, and Isfahan. In Filigree, art masters create very beautiful and delicate objects with silver. As you know, silver is not very valuable compared to gold, but artists turn it into a valuable commodity with their handiwork.

In Filigree, motifs such as paisley design, leaf, double twists, triple twists, etc. are used. Don’t forget that Filigree products are worth a lot. This value is not because of the silver, but because they are handmade. For this reason, Filigree can be considered one of the best and most beautiful souvenirs of Isfahan to buy.

Top Isfahan Tile-Made Souvenirs to Buy

If you look at the architecture of the Seljuk and Safavid periods, you will see turquoise-colored tiles. There are always different designs on these tiles. The elegance of these motifs is such that it can only be done by Isfahani artists. You may wonder how tiles can be a kind of souvenir. Currently, blue containers with chiaroscuro designs are produced with the help of this technique. These containers are completely handmade and have expensive price tags. If you intend to bring an original product as a souvenir from Isfahan, you can choose these tiles.

Top Isfahan Souvenirs to Buy

Do Not Forget to Buy the Best Souvenirs While Visiting Isfahan!

Isfahan is one of the most popular cities among domestic and foreign tourists. It is commonly known as “half of the world” because of its valuable historical monuments and rich history. After visiting the sights of Isfahan, take a tour of the city’s markets and buy souvenirs and make your loved ones happy. If you are interested in finding out about lovely souvenirs from other beautiful cities of Iran, read Top Iranian Souvenirs to Buy.

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