Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran | A Complete Guide

What Are the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran?

Gone are the days when vegetarians and vegans could only prepare their favorite food at home—the days when no restaurant had food for these people and they missed going to a good restaurant. Now vegetarians and vegans can make themselves guests of the best vegetarian restaurants in Tehran and enjoy delicious and varied meals. Do you know a restaurant in Tehran that has a varied and delicious menu but without meat and animal protein? Even if you are not a vegetarian, you should not miss the experience of eating the different and exciting flavors of these restaurants. In this article, we are going to introduce the best vegetarian restaurants in Tehran.

What Is the Difference between Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran?

Before starting to introduce the restaurants, let’s first define the difference between these two lifestyles. Vegetarians only avoid meat in their diet. That means dairy products, eggs, honey, and any animal products are allowed for them. Only products that lead to the killing of an animal are prohibited for vegetarians. The main goal of vegetarianism is body health.

Next to vegetarians, there is a group called vegans. In addition to meat, vegans avoid eating and using animal products. For example, dairy products, honey, eggs, animal leather, animal fur and hair, health products with animal testing, and things like this have no place in the vegan lifestyle. As the vegans say, their main goal, in addition to maintaining body health, is to defend animal rights, protect the environment, prevent global warming and forest fires, and fight animal trafficking.

The Seven Vegetarian Groups

The number of vegetarian restaurants in Tehran is increasing. This means that the number of vegetarians and vegans is increasing. As a result, the demand for vegetarian food is also increasing. Thus, while people’s physical health improves, this can be good news for environmentalists.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran

These few restaurants that we are going to introduce to you will undoubtedly have a very bright future, especially since the quality of food and service of none of them has dropped during the previous years when they received more demand. Vegetarianism is one of the modern ways to eat healthy or protect the environment and prevent killing other animals for human nutrition, which has now gained many fans.

  • LACTO-VEGETARIAN: In addition to vegetarian food, they use dairy products except ice cream
  • OVO-VEGETARIAN: In addition to vegetarian food, they use eggs
  • LACTO-OVO-VEGETARIAN: In addition to vegetarian food, they use milk and eggs. This type of vegetarianism is the most common form of vegetarianism in the world
  • SEMI-VEGETARIAN: they only remove red meat from their diet. But they eat dairy products, eggs, chicken and fish. This type of diet is often considered for religious reasons, traditional patterns or to maintain health. This type of vegetarianism is actually a semi-vegetarian diet
  • VEGAN: They do not consume any kind of meat or animal products. The diet of these people includes vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruits. This group does not even use leather, wool, silk, or any products obtained from animals. This type of vegetarianism is, in fact, complete vegetarianism
  • PASCO-VEGETARIAN: they eat dairy products, eggs, and fish. But they don’t mix with other types of meat
  • FRUITARIAN: Uses only raw or dried fruits, nuts, honey, and olive oil and eats minimally cooked foods

Pure Vegetarian Cafe and Restaurant: Yousef-Abad, Tehran

Pure vegetarian restaurant is one of the good things of the times. The elegant and beautiful decor of the restaurant will remind you of the beautiful English summer houses in the movies. Pink flowers on the chairs, with cream wood make the space very warm and casual. Pure staff are some of the nicest and most motivated people you will ever meet. Pure restaurant has an open balcony area which is very cozy.

The Pure vegetarian restaurant, with decorations inspired by French cafes in a warm and beautiful environment full of flowers with diverse and delicious dishes, is one of the most popular restaurants for vegetarians, vegans, and raw vegetarians. You can also buy all kinds of herbal products from this store.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran

Pure’s menu serves a variety of vegetarian Italian dishes, from lasagnas to delicious Paninis. The prices are very fair and reasonable and the quality of the food is truly exemplary. If you happen to be on your way to Pure, be sure to try its vegetable plate and tempeh steak. You will love it! The Pure restaurant is downtown in the ASP residential complex. It’s possible to order online as well. Also, it offers both vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Pure Vegetarian Cafe and Restaurant on the map:

Madolounge Vegetarian Restaurant in Pasdaran, Tehran

Madolounge is both a vegetarian and a vegan restaurant. At Madulange, everything is completely vegetarian: from the pizza cheese to the drinks and the delicious sauces that we put on the food. The motto of the Madolounge is: “Stay Green”. Everything in Madolounge is full of energy. This restaurant welcomes guests with a relaxing interior full of light and a variety of vegetarian dishes, each of which has a special taste.

Meals are prepared daily in the Madolounge kitchen, and every day a rice dish, stew, soup, salad, dessert, and drink are prepared and served using fresh and quality vegetables and ingredients, apart from the fixed menu items.

Madolounge restaurant has a green and relaxing atmosphere and guests can enjoy healthy and vegetarian food in an atmosphere away from the crowd. At Madolounge, you can eat or order dishes such as vegetable grilled chloe, dolme, rice dumplings, chloe stew, lasagna, and vegetarian pasta.

Vitrine Vegetarian Kitchen: Elahiyeh (Sam Center), Tehran

Vitrine is another vegetarian restaurant that has proven that vegetarians don’t just eat vegetables! The menu of this restaurant includes the most diverse Iranian and foreign dishes in vegetarian form. The atmosphere of the cafe is also very pleasant and enjoyable. As soon as you enter this restaurant, you will be faced with a garden full of flowers that have climbed up the door and the wall.

The staff at Vitrine Vegetarian Restaurant are as gentle and friendly as their food. Tables and chairs have different shapes and are beautiful subjects for photography. The interior of the restaurant is also very relaxing and cozy. The music selection in this restaurant is unique. You can sit for hours and enjoy the music that fills the space while reading your favorite book or eating hearty food.

Vitrine Kitchen vegetarian restaurant on the map:

Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran

Zamin Vegan Restaurant: Shahrak Gharb, Tehran

The most interesting thing about Zamin Restaurant is its calm and casual atmosphere. When you enter this vegetarian restaurant, it is as if you have stepped into another world. If you go to this restaurant at night, the lights hanging from everywhere make the view doubly beautiful. Zamin restaurant staff are very friendly and hospitable and welcome you with open faces and smiles. Zemin vegetarian restaurant also has a vegetarian grocery store. You can buy any food you need from this store at a reasonable price. This store also accepts online orders and sends your purchase to your home.

The great thing about Zamin Restaurant is that it is free to bring pets. Yes! You can come to the restaurant with your dog, cat, or any other pet and enjoy their presence in the outdoor restaurant. In addition, there are some cute cats inside the restaurant and they live there peacefully.

Zamin restaurant menu is one of the most exciting menus you have seen in your life. From all kinds of pasta to vegetarian steaks with new and unique flavors, and all kinds of vegetarian kebabs, you can see them in this menu. Drinks are all natural and beer and soft drinks are not served here. Even the buttermilk and yogurt of this restaurant are vegetarian and very delicious. You have to see for yourself to believe.

Zamin vegetarian restaurant on the map:

House of Artists Vegetarian Restaurant: Taleghani St., Tehran

Khane-ye Honarmandan (House of Artists) restaurant cafe is one of the most famous restaurants for vegetarians, with a beautiful view of the artist’s house garden, it is a pleasant place to drink a cup of coffee or a delicious vegetarian meal.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran

This restaurant started its activity in 2000 to promote the culture of healthy food and became popular among those interested in this style of food and became a hangout for vegetarians. House of Artists restaurant has a full menu of all kinds of vegetarian food, including main dishes, Italian food, pizza, sandwiches, salads, snacks, and cold drinks.

House of Artists on the map:

Nav-ye Ghaza-ye Paak Vegetarian Restaurant: Sohrevardi St., Tehran

Nava-ye Ghaza-ye Paak Restaurant is another famous and quality vegetarian restaurant in Tehran, which has a daily menu and dishes are prepared and served daily with fresh and organic ingredients. This restaurant has a warm and friendly wooden arrangement and a special calmness is felt in its atmosphere. The menu of this restaurant changes daily and includes a variety of stews and Iranian food, burgers, lasagna, pizza, soup, potatoes, and vegetarian sausages, along with drinks, salads, and desserts to choose from.

Nav-ye Ghaza-ye Paak restaurant on the map:

Beed-e Majnoon Vegetarian Restaurant Cafe: Lavasan, Tehran

If you have visited Lavasan, you must have seen Beed-e Majnoon Cafe and Restaurant. A very intimate space with green chairs that convey the feeling of life to the guests. This restaurant is for vegetarians. For this reason, it is almost unrivaled in its surroundings. The staff of Beed-e Majnoon restaurant are also friendly and pleasant people. One of the advantages of this restaurant is that the staff and management always try to welcome and use the opinions of the guests to improve the service.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran

The quality and variety of food in this restaurant are very high. You can even eat vegetable sour kebab at Beed-e Majnoon. This restaurant is one of those tourist options that should not be missed. The calm atmosphere, good weather, and very professional service make most of the guests return to Beed-e Majnoon restaurant.

Beed-e Majnoon restaurant café on the map:,51.638503&z=12&t=m&hl=fa&gl=US&mapclient=embed

Mehr-e Mitra Vegetarian Restaurant: Lavasan, Tehran

Mehr-e Mitra vegetarian restaurant is one of the unique restaurants in Lavasan. Each dish in this restaurant has its personality and name, for example, the names of the salads are as follows:

  • I’m in the mood for love!
  • You are my spring!
  • Spring has come, dear!

Isn’t it interesting? Similarly, pizzas and kinds of pasta have interesting and creative names. So if you want to eat something in this restaurant, know that you are eating an original food with a special character!

Mehr-e Mitra is located a few hundred meters below Beed-e Majnoon vegetarian restaurant and serves vegetarian and vegan guests in Lavasanat. The staff of Mehr-e Mitra are very loving, creative, and friendly, like the food and the pleasant atmosphere of this restaurant. At first glance, the restaurant’s food is a bit expensive, but this price is because first-class ingredients are used in these dishes. So in effect, you will be paying for a quality meal.

On holidays, this restaurant gets crowded. Vegetarian food lovers come here from all around Lavasanat to taste their favorite dishes in a special and relaxed atmosphere. If you visit Mehr-e Mitra restaurant once, you will go there again, because you want to try all Mehr-e Mitra dishes.

Mehr-e Mitra vegetarian restaurant on the map:

Govinda Restaurant and Vegetable Shop: Pasdaran, Tehran

Govinda Vegetarian Restaurant is another restaurant that also has a vegetarian store. In Govinda, you can buy the products recommended by the consultant and the foods you want after getting advice from the vegetarian diet expert who is present there. The atmosphere of the restaurant is so beautiful that you will be delighted as soon as you get there. All the decor and walls are made of wood and glass frames are installed on the wall. The outer walls of Govinda vegetarian restaurant have thatched roofs and are decorated with hot bricks.

Food prices and shop product prices in Govinda are very fair and reasonable. While the prices are fair, the quality of Govinda’s food is unmatched. Govinda’s goal is to show that plant life means a healthy, diverse, and cheap life. With this vision, Govinda tries to invite more and more people to vegetarianism every day. Also, Govinda’s employees are either vegetarians or vegans themselves. So, you can use their experiences.

Govinda vegetarian restaurant on the map:

Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran

Vegetarian Restaurants in Tehran Give You Health!

If you are one of those who do not like to have meat or any kind of animal protein on your plate, you will be delighted to find a quality restaurant for vegetarians. In recent years, the number of vegetarians, vegans, and those who like to eat healthy vegetarian food or who do not harm other animals by eating them has increased. But there are still restaurants and foods for these people that are not enough for meat eaters. However, at present, quality restaurants have been launched that have a special menu for vegetarians and serve food according to the taste of these people in a relaxing atmosphere.

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