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Walking in Tehran

About walking

Walking allows you to, in addition to keeping your health healthy, enjoy regular routes, everyday events between people, and seeing the scenery. Also, walking can improve your health in more ways than you might expect. Walking is fun, can significantly improve your mental and emotional health, and help with everything from stress to sleep.
If we want to tell you more benefits of walking, you will be surprised to know it. Be sure; sometimes it is necessary to choose to walk in the direction instead of using vehicles. We will explain some of its advantages to you.

Increases immune function

Walking can reduce the risk of catching a cold or flu. One study followed 1,000 adults during the flu season. Those who walked an average of 30-45 minutes a day had 43 percent fewer sick days and fewer upper respiratory infections. If they get sick, their symptoms are also reduced. The study compared sedentary adults.

Improve your mood

Walking can help your mental health. Studies trusted sources show it can help reduce anxiety, depression, and a negative mood. It can also boost self-esteem and reduce symptoms of social withdrawal. To experience these benefits, aim for 30 minutes of brisk walking or moderate-intensity exercise three days a week. You can also break it up into three 10-minute walks.

Tone your legs

Walking can strengthen your leg muscles. To build strength, walk on a hilly surface or an incline treadmill. Or find a way with stairs. Also, alternate with other forms of exercise, such as walking or cycling. You can also do resistance exercises like squats, lunges, and leg curls to further tone and strengthen your leg muscles.

Walking keeps your blood sugar under control

A meta-analysis of more than 300,000 participants made an important discovery: those who walked regularly had a 30 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes because walking can help control or lower blood sugar.

It eases joint pain

Several studies have found that walking reduces the pain associated with arthritis and that walking five to six miles per week can prevent arthritis from occurring in the first place. Walking protects the joints (especially the knees and hips, more prone to osteoarthritis) by lubricating them and strengthening the muscles that support them.
After staying in Tehran, be sure to go for a tour of this crowded city. We recommend that you try walking the beautiful streets of Tehran. If you still don’t know which roads are suitable for walking in Tehran, stay with us in this article.

Walking in Tehran

There are many different streets in Tehran; streets suitable for walking, and every person with any taste and purpose can choose a road for walking on. This variety and abundance in Tehran and many easy accesses cause a street for walking every season and every hour of the day and night. The streets of Tehran are considered to be one of the sightseeing places in Tehran.
Various streets and simple and pleasant entertainment while walking are advantages that make Tehran more beautiful and unique for tourists and hiking lovers. People-watching, showcases, restaurants, cafes, and bookstores are some of the things that separate the streets of Tehran. In addition to this diverse urban space, walking is the easiest and cheapest recreation that all people of different ages can use—a pursuit whose place and time depend on an effortless choice and decision to walk.

Best streets in Tehran for walking

In some cities, their streets tell of their history .streets that have witnessed various events in the past and today are among the memorable streets of the town. In addition to that, some streets are considered the best option for walking or sightseeing due to their beauty.

Walking on vali-e-asr street

Vali-e-Asr Street
Vali-e-Asr Street

Route: in a comprehensive longitudinal line from north to south in the center of Tehran
Street length: nearly 18 kilometers
Urban areas of Tehran: located in districts  1, 3, 6, 11
Features of vali-e-asr street: commercial, historical, cultural, and suitable for walking in parks

vali-e-asr street is one of the most famous in Iran and the middle east. This Street is about 18 kilometers long and is the longest tree-planted Street in Tehran. Vali-e-asrstreet starts from railway square and continues to tajrish square. This Street connects the southernmost point of Tehran to the northernmost point of Tehran. Vali-e-asr street was built by order of pahlavi I to connect marmar palace with saadabad palace. Although some of the plane trees on vali-e-asr street have disappeared over the years and their number has decreased, the plane trees on valiasr street are still considered one of this Street’s attractions.
Walking on this route takes about an hour, and along this route, you can visit many attractive tourist attractions. Access to vali-e-asr street is easy, and you can use public transportation to reach it.
Along vali-e-asr street, from railway square to tajrish square, many sights can be spent hours on. Many large shopping malls, public parks, restaurants, museums, and cultural centers are located on this Street. This Street is also one of Tehran’s traditional shopping-tourist centers; mellat and saei large parks are located on this Street. Among other important cultural and entertainment centers on valiasr street, we can mention safavieh bazaar, daneshjoo park, city theater, and marmar palace. Vali-e-asr st Has been registered in the list of national works on 28 December 2011.

Walking on 30 Tir street

30 tir street
30 tir street

Route: a north-south street in the center of Tehran
Street length: three kilometers
Urban areas of Tehran: district 12 of Tehran
Traffic plan of 30Tir street: the scope of the traffic plan, one way to the north
Characteristics of 30 Tir street: historical and recreational and suitable for walking; the first street food in Tehran

30 tir street is one of the oldest streets in Tehran, and it was called qavam os-saltaneh Street before the people’s uprising on 21 July 1952. This Street is located in district 12 of Tehran. 30 Tir street starts from imam Khomeini street in the south and ends in the north at the intersection of jommouri Street and mirza kuchak khan street. 30 tir street is also known as religions street; because of saint peter’s evangelical holiness church, haim synagogue, and the Adrian Zoroastrian fire temple on this Street. 30 Tir street has been an inseparable part of the tourist attractions of Tehran in the past.
One of the most important places to visit on si tir street is the national museum of Iran. This museum is 60 years old and is considered the largest archeology and history museum in Iran. The next museum worth visiting is the glassware and ceramic museum of Iran. This building is a historic house and is related to the Qajar era. This museum is one of the most visited museums in Tehran.
The next building you should pay attention to on 30 Tir street is saint peter’s evangelical holiness church, with European and Iranian architectural designs dating back to the Qajar period.
Since 30 Tir street is known for walking and street food, perhaps visiting gol rezaieh restaurant & cafe is not without pleasure. The number of old cafes in Tehran is not tiny. Still, gol rezaieh restaurant & cafe on 30 tir street is essential both from the point of view of its history and because it was the hangout of famous people such as Sadegh Hedayat and thorough farrokhzad. This cafe started operating in 1922 and has a cozy and peaceful place gol rezaieh restaurant & cafe are always busy, and first of all, it welcomes you with a plate of vegetables, bread, and cheese. So you can easily enjoy being there.

Walking on Enghelab street

Enghelab street
Enghelab street

Route: an east-west street in the city center
Street length: five kilometers
Urban areas of Tehran: located on the border between District 6, haft, 11, 12
Traffic plan of enghelab street: from the wooden bridge to the west within the traffic plan
The characteristics of enghelab street: historical, cultural, and commercial and suitable for walking, visiting cafes, and shopping; the gathering center of educational centers, universities, and publishing offices

Enghelab street is one of the most critical streets in downtown Tehran. It continues to connect to Azadi street. Enghelab street is one of the most crucial streets in Tehran because of the existence of Tehran university and large bookstores and publications.
Enghelab street is from south to jomhouri avenue, east to vali-e-asr Street, and in the west, it is restricted to the more prominent Street. There are many educational and cultural centers on enghelab street. Enghelab street is the largest production center, buying and selling cultural products. There are many prestigious bookstores and publishing offices in enghelab revolution square, so it is trendy among students and enthusiasts of books and cultural centers on enghelab street. Also, the entrance to the university of Tehran, which has a beautiful structure, is one of the symbols of enghelab revolution street.
Enghelab street is very active and busy on weekdays. There are many historical and cultural sights along this Street, but we can mention Tehran university, daneshjoo park, and the city theater building inside daneshjoo park.

Walking on Panzdah-e-Khordad street

Panzdah-e-Khordad street
Panzdah-e-Khordad street

Route: an east-west street in the city center
Street length: 2.7 km
Urban areas of Tehran: located in areas 11 and 12
Traffic plan of the panzdah-e-Khordad Street: located in the traffic plan area
Features of the panzdah-e-Khordad Street: historical-cultural, commercial, and suitable for sightseeing and shopping; the location of retail centers and the grand bazaar of Tehran

Panda-e-Khordad street is one of the most critical streets in Tehran, known as bozarjmehr in the past. This Street is located in District 12. On the south side of this Street is the grand bazaar of Tehran.
Panda-e-Khordad street starts from vahdat-e-Islami Street in the west and continues to the shahid mahalati highway. Along its route, it intersects with well-known streets such as Rey, Khayyam, Nasser khosrow, pamenar, and Mostafa Khomeini.
Panzdah-e-khordad st. It is one of the busiest streets in Tehran due to the presence of the Tehran bazaar, but the company of many shopping malls and famous restaurants has encouraged many tourists to go to the Street. Over the past few years, vehicles have been banned from entering the Street.
In addition, by making and creating cobblestones, pedestrian access and walking in it is more accessible. With the traffic of old cars and shops, the traditional space of panzdah-e-Khordad Street and Tehran grand bazaar has an ancient and beautiful face. Among the most important sightseeing and entertainment shopping centers on panzdah-e-Khordad Street we can are Tehran’s grand bazaar, Golestan palace (north side of arg square), and shams ol-emareh.

Walking on Sepahsalar Garden street

Sepahsalar Garden street
Sepahsalar Garden street

Route: short north-south Street in the center of Tehran
Street length: 500 meters
Urban areas of Tehran: district 12 of Tehran
Characteristics of sepahsalar garden street: historical, commercial, and suitable for walking and shopping; shopping center and production of bags and shoes

For several years sepahsalar garden street has been paved as a pedestrian path, and vehicles are not allowed to pass through it. For this reason, walking on this Street and looking at the showcases has become more enjoyable.
Sepahsalar garden street is full of shops, shopping centers, and even women’s bag and shoe manufacturing. For those interested in sightseeing in historical and traditional places, this Street can be a beautiful walking environment. This Street is busy and full of traffic all week, but on the last days of the year and the days close to Nowruz eid, the crowd on sepahsalar garden street increases.
On sepahsalar garden street, there are cafes, restaurants, and stone benches for resting, where you can rest or eat after sightseeing and shopping. There are many historical sights around sepahsalar that you can also visit. Among the most important historical places and recreational attractions around sepahsalar garden street are, masoudiyeh mansion, ostad saba museum, the museum of painting behind the glass, the gate of the national garden, the jewelry museum, and the glassware and ceramic museum of Iran can be mentioned.

Walking on Villa street

Villa street
Villa street

Route: short north-south Street in the city center
Street length: street length: 1.5 km
Urban areas of Tehran: district 6 of Tehran
Traffic plan of Master Nejatollahi street: located in the traffic plan area
Characteristics of ostad Nejatollahi street: historical, commercial, and suitable for walking and shopping; crafts shopping center

There is an opportunity to see and learn about all kinds of handicrafts uniquely on vila street. This Street is one of the central streets of Tehran. This Street is north-south and starts from enghelab street on the south side and leads to sarv street on the north side. In addition, this Street is parallel to shahid qarani and Hafez streets. Master nejatollahi street is one of Tehran’s essential handicraft and art sales centers. This Street is one of the suitable streets for walking for those interested in handicrafts, walking, and watching the showcases.

Walking on Darband street

Darband street
Darband street

Route: north-south Street in the north of the city
Urban areas of Tehran: district 1 of Tehran
Characteristics of darband street: nature walks, suitable for walking and visiting restaurants

Darband is one of the busiest streets in Tehran; a charming area with an excellent location for recreation, sightseeing, and walking. Although darband is the beginning of one of the main ways for climbers to climb central Alborz, for many people, it is the first choice for a little walk and eating and receiving domestic and foreign guests.
Usually, the walk does not start from the beginning of darband street, and everyone starts from darband square to start this way. Many spend their weekends in darband with friends, family, and loved ones. Walking on the winding path and generally uphill in this pleasant area and watching and spending time in traditional restaurants, cafes, and canteens continue at all hours from morning to night. Walking in darband can take several hours; because this area has all the conditions of comfort and leisure.

Walking in the alleys of Lavasan


Lavasan is another place with an atmosphere similar to Warband, with the difference that Warband is more mountainous. This area, a valley in the past, gives you a beautiful view of the Latyan dam. In this area, beautiful old trees, houses, and excellent restaurants and cafes are waiting for you.
But walking in this area is more enjoyable on holidays and with friends. Leave the alleys and alleys of Lavasan for a group walk with your friends in Tehran!
Lavasan is one of the summer resorts in Tehran. Lavasan is one of the luxury areas around Tehran. On the main Street of Lavasan, there are only cafes and restaurants; but for walking, you can visit the back alleys of Lavasan. You can drive to the middle part of Lavasan by car. All the streets that go to the north and the mountain have a beautiful texture.
These streets have their beauty in four seasons. In spring, you can enjoy the pleasant weather of Lavasan. In the summer, there is no heat at all. So you can take refuge in Lavasan from the heat of the capital city. In autumn, Lavasan alleys become very romantic. So you can walk on the leaves of a thousand autumn colors and enjoy its beauty. Even in the winter, if you love silence and snow, you will still love Lavasan.

Walking on Keshavarz boulevard

Keshavarz boulevard
Keshavarz boulevard

Route: east-west boulevard in the city center
Length of the boulevard: approximately 2.2 km
Urban areas of Tehran: located in district 6 of Tehran
Traffic plan: Street situated on the traffic plan area
Characteristics of keshavarz boulevard: historical-cultural and suitable for walking; registered in the list of national monuments of Iran

Keshavarz boulevard, with the former name of Elizabeth boulevard, is one of the old streets of Tehran. This Street has been famous since ancient times because of a large and abundant river, which was once used to irrigate Tehran’s gardens and water for people’s consumption. Of course, the fame of keshavarz boulevard is also due to the green trees in the middle and around the boulevard. This advantage has turned keshavarz boulevard into a recreation area. Now, with this beautiful space, it is a suitable street for walking.
Keshavarz boulevard is two kilometers long and leads from one side to dr. Gharib street and from the other side to valiasr square. There are beautiful views and different sightseeing and tourist attractions on this Street; but the most important thing is walking on this Street. In addition, this Street is registered in the list of national monuments. Among the most important tourist attractions in keshavarz boulevard are Laleh park, Laleh’s self-employed bazaar, contemporary art museum, and carpet museum.

Walking on Andarzgo boulevard

Andarzgo boulevard
Andarzgo boulevard

Route: east-west short Street in the northeast of Tehran
Street length: three kilometers
Urban areas of Tehran: district 1 of Tehran
Features of andarzgo boulevard: sightseeing, shopping, shopping, and walking

Like many places in the north of Tehran, andarzgo combines old and modern textures; for this reason, you may see a very tall and newly built building next to a small two-story building or a villa in the streets of this neighborhood. Next to this old neighborhood and on the edge of andarzgo boulevard, there are many juice shops, ice cream cafes, restaurants, cozy cafes, and fast food. Therefore, this Street has become one of the leading centers for night outings of Tehrani youth.
Andarzgo boulevard is a hangout for young people, and the nightlife is going on there. Andarzgo street is alive and busy until midnight and sometimes has a significantly heavy traffic load. Still, this issue has not reduced the desire of young people and people interested in going out at night. Large and modern commercial complexes in this Street and neighborhood are also attractions attracting people. Most famous and reputable brands have branches in these commercial complexes.

Walking on Ayat street (haft howz)

Ayat street
Ayat street

Route: north-south Street
Urban areas of Tehran: district 8 of Tehran
Characteristics of ayat street: commercial and suitable for walking and shopping

Ayat street is the most crucial Street in the narmak neighborhood. This Street starts from emamat square in the south and is connected with 100 sq. Of narmak from the north. Resalat highway also passes through it.
Access to ayat street is effortless. Line 2 of the Tehran metro has a sarsabz station on ayat street. The BRT line (elm-o-sanaat – khavaran terminal) also passes through this Street.
Ayat street is one of the best places in Tehran for sightseeing for those interested in walking and looking at showcases, and of course, for those who are into shopping. In the middle of ayat street, it reaches haft howz (nabovat) square. Haft howz or sarsabz is the name of a square in Tehran that is famous for its reasonable prices. This square is located in the northeast of Tehran in the old neighborhood of narmak or 100 sq. Along ayat street, besides a wide variety of clothing and jewelry stores, there are restaurants and cafes. In fact, after shopping and walking, you can eat.


Street walking is one thing that makes walking enjoyable, and you spend more hours doing this sport. Choosing the right walking street significantly impacts increasing enthusiasm and time spent walking. Listening to your favorite music, walking in a group, and walking on the Street are among the things that stimulate you to increase the hours of walking and, of course, the number of benefits you receive from this sport.

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